YouTube has some great ways to make money, but a lot of it involves recording videos.

Is there a way to make money on YouTube without making videos?

There sure is!

Here, you’ll find out 15 different tips to help you make money on YouTube without making videos, and what types of things to consider when you do this as well.


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Is it Possible to Earn Money on YouTube Without Videos?

Yes, it’s indeed possible.

There is something called Creative Commons which basically is a whole library of different videos that people allow others to use.

That means they can literally publish them and also optimize them too, so you can get more traffic and also get some money out of it.

It is legit, it just also is something you should be mindful of.


15 Best Tips on How to Make Money on YouTube Without Doing Videos

This is good for some people that either don’t have the time, nor do they want to publish content.

It does involve using the creative commons licenses content, but at that point, you definitely want to be mindful, and here, you’ll learn 15 amazing tips to do this.


1. Get the Right Niche

People don’t like to watch channels with a whole hodgepodge of different content.

If you’re going to use the creative commons, you should have everything based on a niche, and also reupload these in that similar niche.

You want to make sure that you don’t fall out of the niche, and instead have it be a focus channel.


2. Do That Keyword Research

This is vital!

You can never go wrong with using ahrefs to find the keywords for your YouTube videos.

If you’re using other people’s content, the correct keywords will help direct these same users to your content.

Remember as well that while there are those with high CPC and high returns and volume exist, it’s hard to rank, so be mindful of both.


3. Make the Channel

When you’re building this kind of channel, you want to make sure it tells people about what they’re seeing, the types of content, and of course, make sure that you have the relevant keywords

You want to do this though without sounding like you’re stuffing so that bots don’t really look into this too hard and then flag you.


4. Filter the Video Options

When you choose to get the videos that you want to reupload to your channel, you want to make sure that you filter this.

Use the keywords that we mentioned before in the previous section and type them in, and then go to the left side of the video and press filters.

You then want to choose “creative commons” videos so that you don’t accidentally take the wrong content.


5. Utilize Clickbait

Clickbait is probably the best thing for you to use to get people to go to your videos.

It’s important to use because this is how you drive traffic.

Clickbait is content that gets people to click, “baiting” them to doing so, to increase the traffic to the website.

It’s not always good to use, but it does increase your traffic, so don’t be afraid to use this when you’re making money on YouTube.


6. Edit It to Make It Better

If you notice that there is a little bit at the end that just doesn’t need to be there, since you’re allowed to reupload, you can edit this.

It helps you stand out, and also you can add that it’s been edited for quality, which gets users interested since they’re not just sitting there sifting through videos that have a lot of extraneous additions to this.

Also See: How to Make Money Editing Videos.


7. Create a Good Image for This

The key to getting people interested in content and clicking on this is to literally just add good thumbnail images.

Thumbnails are what people see, and when it’s something interesting, that gets them to click on it.

Also, it offers a high-quality, really good video that improves the engagement of users, and offers higher video ratings too for your videos.

Also See: How to Make Money and Get Paid to Video Call & Get Paid Captioning Videos.


8. Put Captions In

Want to boost your traffic easily?

Add captions!

That’s because captions automatically get indexed in the algorithm, which increases the density and diversity of the keywords, and they of course, help to push the search results in YouTube.

The automatic captions don’t get indexed, so you should make sure to add them whenever you can.

Adding captions does add more words to it, but also give you more indexable searches, and also gets the keywords to the right place.

This does affect how it shows up, how it hits the SEO correctly, and it also get you better views as well.


9. Check That Engagement Ratio

What’s the engagement ratio?

This is the total views and engagement based on the amount of content and views.

So let’s say you’re getting 10 million views on something.

If you use AdSense with this, you should create about $5000 in those earnings alone.

Big views and engagement are vital, and you need to make sure that you do have a good ratio of engagement, and also get people interested in watching it for longer and longer.



10. Use AdSense!

Okay we mentioned this earlier, but you need to use AdSense to get the best revenue off of this.

You can have ad space and ads run on your website, which generates more revenue for you.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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It also is properly optimized, and they do have the ads tailored to the layout.

AdSense gets you more money than just the regular monetization, which does take longer.

But you can even just have the ads tailored to the type of channel so that people stick around.

With AdSense you’re basically letting people bid for space, allowing you to be more in control of the types of ads, to help gauge and build traffic, and also offer you more money.

For high-profile videos that do get a lot of views, this is absolutely vital for you to do.


11. Affiliate Links

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to have ads run on your channel, then fine, you can actually have affiliate links at the bottom, or you can include this in the video.

If you have different affiliate products that fit your videos, then by all means, add them to the bottom of the video, in the description, or even at the beginning or the end before they get to the content.

You can make this short, but it does push for people to invest in the service, and also gives you more chances to make money.

The best place to find these campaigns is Clickfunnel, since they offer a variety of different affiliate programs for you to add to your channel.


12. Don’t Forget the Description

A big part of why videos might not rank is because well…their description is really bad.

If you want to be successful, you need to sit down and give it a good description which involves telling other people what this is, and also including the appropriate keywords necessary to get results.

The description is also how it ranks too, since that, along with the title, will help curate and boost your content as well.

Make sure to fine-tune this before publishing, that way you’re not spending time appealing to the wrong audiences for this.


13. Be Consistent

Consistent uploads are the way to grow a YouTube channel.

Those creators who don’t post for a bit do suffer, since the algorithm does reward those who are consistent.

It’s good to have a schedule.

Maybe a weekly, or twice a week upload schedule is right for you.

That gives you enough time to search for videos for the month, download, edit them as needed, and of course, properly optimize them.

If you’re consistent with this, it gets people interested, and more and more will stick around.

Don’t let this sit around not worked on for too long, but just keep at it, and you’ll see the monetization of this.


14. Sell Ebooks, Courses, and Merchandise

Just because the content wasn’t originally created by you doesn’t mean you can’t sell your content!

This is a great strategy for those who have physical products and services, or maybe an eBook or course they want to promote but don’t want to just make videos.

The creative commons content for a nice can be used, and from here, you can then include your links to your own stuff.

That way, you’re getting paid not just from AdSense, but also from those who buy your stuff.

It’s really useful, especially if you have good content, but you don’t want to spend time trying to sell it yourself, but instead you can use other creative licenses to do the work for you.


15. Use Google Trends

How in the know are you on current trends?

Well now you can figure that out and use it for your videos by adding Google trends to your searches.

Google trends shows you the best trending topics, and this does change quite often.

For example, if you need to garden, there are a lot of differ topics, including when it hits the highest and lowest points.

So if you’re a channel based on plants and such, having gardening content in the summer, and less in say, April or October may be a good idea.

Google trends makes it easy, so it’s a great tool to use.


Making Money on YouTube Without Making Videos FAQs


Is It Hard to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos?

It really depends upon the niche that you go into, and how you choose to use it.

In a way, it’s almost easier for some people, since it doesn’t involve the creation of content.

But don’t think it involves you doing nothing either.

It isn’t just downloading and reposting, there’s a lot that goes into it, and that’s what makes it a challenge.


What Do I Need to Be Successful With YouTube Creative Commons?

You should minimally know basic YouTube SEO and how to properly optimize this for your videos and brand.

You also want to make sure that you know how to properly edit and write clickbait video titles.

You also should be good at designing good, high-quality thumbnails that get your audience to look at.

Finally, you should know how to use keywords so that you’re not stuffing, but properly optimizing the videos for the site.


How Many Subscribers Do I Need Before I Can Be Monetized?

You need 1000 subscribers to apply to be monetized, and 4000 watch hours in the last year.

There are different monetization strategies that you can use, and there are some great ways to boost this.

You’ll probably get to monetization fast.

You also should be mindful of the content published so you can be monetized.


How Much Money Can You Make With Youtube?

It ultimately depends.

Some channels make a few bucks a month, which is nice, but some can make thousands just from this alone.

If you’re looking to add the effort into it, then definitely you’ll see some changes, and you’ll most definitely see a lot of results if you’re posting bigger videos.


How Much Money Can a Million Views on Youtube Make Me?

It can get you anywhere from $3400 to $40,000, depending on how much engagement there is with the video, and also how optimized the video is for AdSense.

It takes a while to get to a million views on a single video, but if you make good content that’s a little bit clickbait-y.

Also, viral content relevant to the trends, you’ll see the results from this immediately when you do.



For those looking to make money on YouTube without creating videos, it is possible.

It does involve some work on your end, depending on the type of content you want to make, but it can be a worthwhile venture if you know what you’re doing and are mindful of the content posted on the channel.

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