Learning how to make money on Wattpad is going to be easy from reading this very helpful article.

It reveals as many as 26 helpful ways and tips for really earning money on Wattpad.



There are many important cities in America.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the city known as the home of the Declaration of Independence, the city of New York is known as the financial hub of the world, Gettysburg Pennsylvania is the site of one of the most destructive battles on American soil, Pearl Harbor is known as the city involved with the day of infamy, etc.

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Another important city is St Louis, Missouri.

This city is known as the gateway to the west.

An arch known as the Gateway Arch was constructed in St Louis in 1965 to symbolize the starting point of the settlement of the western part of the United States as St Louis was the starting point for those travelers.

Today, there is another gateway that is a golden gateway and it is an archway that can be entered into with wonderful opportunities awaiting on the other side.

That gateway leading to adventure and new possibilities is the gateway of the internet.

Through the gateway, we can conduct financial matters, be informed globally as to what is happening, communicate with others, and above all have a multitude of opportunities being made available to us.

One specific archway opportunity on the Internet is through a site known as Wattpad.

This site involves writers sharing stories with readers and readers being inspired and motivated to hear these authors share from their hearts and mind.

Let us take a look at the opportunity of Wattpad and not only understand what this site can mean to so many people but the reality of earning money as well.


26 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money on Wattpad


1. Know all about Wattpad

Wattpad is an app that allows the individual who has downloaded this on their smartphone to upload and share written content with other members of the Wattpad community.

The platform allows writers to share their stories and for readers to read those stories and enjoy the great creativity of the authors.


2. Know the Purpose

The purpose of the app is to provide this venue so that an individual who wishes to share their imaginative stories, poems, stories of nonfiction, etc. with others.

Consequently, it is a powerful opportunity for writers to be recognized, encouraged, and for readers to be entertained.

It is also an opportunity for the writer to receive positive feedback on their stories and potentially make any adjustments in their writing style or the story itself.


3. Know How to Become a Wattpad Writer

Becoming involved in Wattpad is a straightforward process.

The minimum age is 13 years old and a signup process is required that utilizes your email or any social media account that you are involved with.

Once you have registered you are then on your way to getting paid as a writer.

The basic requirements of getting paid for a story is that you must be:

  • A Wattpad star or a Watty’s winner
  • Publish the story on Wattpad
  • The story must be a minimum of 50,000 words
  • Meet the category requirement
  • Have included a book cover


4. Get Featured

Getting featured, as part of the process towards getting paid, requires that the story distinguish itself.

The first step in the process is for your story to be noticed by the editors.

Characteristics of a good story would include the use of proper grammar, plot development, a clear storyline, development, etc.

The editors primarily look for entertaining stories.

Your part, as a writer, would also be to submit a request to the site and use a hashtag that captures a particular feature that would resonate with the tags that the editors are looking for.


5. Wattpad Star

An opportunity to earn money through Wattpad is by joining the Wattpad Stars program.

Being part of this program means that you can charge money for your stories and enjoy the benefits of advertising related to your stories as they are featured on the site.

This program has an associated fee which is $4 a month.

With that investment of $4, you receive several benefits such as special discounts, involvement in contests, and more.


6. Coins

A way that you as a writer can be supported by readers is through the purchasing of coins.

Coins are given to authors in appreciation of their work and are purchased by readers through the Wattpad app.

Readers and others can purchase coins in the following increments:

  • 9 coins – $0.99
  • 66 coins – $2.99
  • 120 coins – $4.99
  • 230 coins – $7.99

These coins can be used by the reader to buy either the entire narrative or just certain chapters of the book.

The author will then receive a specific percentage of the coins that are utilized to purchase all or parts of the book.


7. Eligibility

To be considered for the Wattpad Star Program certain writing eligibility requirements need to be adhered to.

Those requirements include:

  • The writer must have started a story within the last year
  • The writer must demonstrate that the story has been modified within the past 6 months
  • The writer must have been engaged with Wattpad within the previous 60 days

The application form can be found here.


8. What Writing is Not Eligible

When writing and placing your writing on Wattpad it is important to know what is eligible narrative and what is not.

The specific writings that are not eligible to be considered as a Wattpad star include:

  • Fanfiction
  • Classics
  • Non-fiction
  • Poetry

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9. Books

An additional program that Wattpad offers where writers can earn money is through the publishing of books.

Wattpad takes certain stories and publishes those stories into paperback books.

The selection process involves data collection and the Wattpad community casting votes on which stories would be ideal candidates for publication.

Wattpad will then contact the authors of the various stories for the book’s possible publication and work out any contractual business deals.


10. Studio

The studio is the paid opportunity that Wattpad offers and adapting your narrative into a movie or a series.

The process involves Wattpad deciding on who gets licensing deals for potential media production.

The leading factors to be considered and noticed by the editors include:

  • Well written titles
  • High ratings from followers


11. Promote

It is important for a writer who wishes to get paid for their writing on this platform that they conduct the promotion of their book.


12. Follow Other Writers

Being noticed on Wattpad is critical to promoting your book or writing, to getting paid.

One of the ways that this can be accomplished is by following other writers and liking their stories and being active on the Wattpad app.


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13. Responding

The more that you are actively engaged in Wattpad and being engaged the greater your opportunities will be to get noticed along with your writing.

Also, it is important to respond to any comments that you receive and continue that dialogue with the comments that have been offered.

This response or engagement with others will continue to invite readers to support your writing and in turn, be recommended so that others will become involved in reading your stories.


14. Show Appreciation

Part of the strategy of promoting your book and your writing, which hopefully is genuine, is to be grateful for responses that you receive from others.

Therefore, it is important to express your appreciation to your followers for any messages or critical analysis that they may offer.


15. Like

Another way of promoting your story is through your social media accounts and linking your Wattpad account and story on those platforms.


16. Joining Discussions

Another way to be actively involved in this platform and to continue to evolve as a writer and gain recognition is to join the various discussion opportunities.

Various Wattpad clubs are associated with this app and the writing process and you can get to know other users and tell them your story as well as listen to theirs.


17. Book Cover

It is important not to underestimate the value of not only reading a good story and narrative but also having other senses engaged as well.

In particular, a way to engage and distinguish yourself as an author is by incorporating a quality book cover.

The book cover should be unique, gain the reader’s attention and promote a curiosity about what the book may be about.


18. Mobile Reading

As an author, it is important to keep in mind your targeted audience and the variety of ways that they may read your book, how, and when.

As an author, it is a good idea to consider the reader that is on the go and who will most likely read their book from you on a mobile device.

When structuring your writing it is good to “chunk” you’re writing down to $1,000 to 2,000 words per chapter.

This will help facilitate the reading involvement of individuals using their mobile devices.


19. Patreon

Patreon.com is a site where you can set up an account for your readers and supporters to provide you with monetary donations.

In addition to this monthly support in appreciation of the author’s writing, an aspect of the support can be exclusive content delivered to those who support you through this website.


20. Ads

Wattpad is supported monetarily through advertising that they sell and appears on their site.

In addition, you can also buy an ad package to promote yourself and even promote other people’s stories.

If you purchase an ad package for another individual who has a significant following and is popular amongst their readers, by buying your ad package you would be helping them as well as promoting your work.


21. Audio

To earn extra income through Wattpad you can also provide an audio version of your book.

This can be accomplished by using Audible or Amazon or another resource.

The value of having your book available for listening is that your followers can listen to your work while on the go.

There are several websites available that will convert your text into video.


22. Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate advertising is a good way of gaining support from those who follow you on your various social media sites and website.

By making arrangements with an affiliate advertiser a link is placed on your various sites and when that link is clicked and a purchase is made you receive a commission.


23. Selling Merchandise

An opportunity that presents itself to a writer who provides content on this app is the possibility of selling merchandise.

Many writers sell merchandise such as posters, t-shirts, and other products through sites such as Teespring and Zazzle.

Also, if you have your website, your readers can be directed back to this website where you can have a listing of any merchandise that you have available for sale.


24. How Much Can You Make?

According to Wattpad the potential authors, utilizing all of the various strategies, can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 a month.


25. Outside Publishers

In addition to the in-house editing staff of Whatpad being interested in publishing your work is the possibility of outside publishing companies showing interest.


26. Schedule

There are some writers who rather than upload the entire book will work on chapters and when those chapters are completed they will upload them to Wattpad.

If this is your strategy in uploading your writing to Wattpad you must be consistent.

Whether you upload a chapter once a week or every two weeks it is just critical that you keep your followers informed so that they know when to expect the next chapter.

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Personal Story

My first Archway experience of submitting writing on the internet was with a weekly contest that was held on a Christian website.

Each week a topic was posted as to what the writing was to be focused on and then by Friday of that week the article needed to be uploaded.

Other writers would weigh in as it related to offering helpful suggestions, ways the story could have been improved, etc.

The other component of the submitted writing was that readers had an opportunity to cast a vote for their favorite writing.

On one occasion I submitted writing and I think, thanks to a lot of family and friends, my writing came in third place.

There was no monetary award but the reward that I received from those that offered suggestions and those that voted for my story was reward enough.

Their response encouraged me to keep on practicing and hone any natural talents that I had for writing.

This was an Archway experience for me.


Making Money on Wattpad FAQs


How Many People Utilize Wattpad?

It is estimated that more than 90 million people per month utilize Wattpad.


What Are the Demographics of People Who Use This Site?

The ages of individuals on this site generally range from 13 years old to 35.

The majority of the users are female.


You Can Do It

If you have a love for writing, enjoy the way words come together, and see your imagination come to life through your document software then this may be the opportunity to take advantage of.

Wattpad is not only a platform for both readers and writers alike but also offers the possibility of self-publishing.

Through this app, you can begin the journey of being an author.



Wattpad can be a beginning or archway experience for individuals as young as 13 years of age to as old as 35.

It is an online app opportunity for writers and readers alike.

Who knows whether the next Ernest Hemmingway, John Grisham, or J.K. Rowling will be discovered and featured on this website/app.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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