You will surely learn how to make money on Vinted from reading this very helpful article.

It reveals as many as 25 powerfully helpful ways and tips for really earning money on Vinted.



The day has finally arrived.

You have decided that enough is enough and that you’re putting off this particular chore weekend after weekend is not getting you anywhere.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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It is time to clean out your wardrobe closet.

It seems that you can almost arrange your clothes for decades as they have been around that long and haven’t been worn.

Before you pack up your items and give them to charity or give them away consider Vinted.

Looking into Vinted may be the motivation you need by listing your clothes on this website for sale and earning money in the process while thinning out those clothes you no longer wear.

Sorting through your cleaned and pressed clothes pick up your camera and begin to go into the used retailed clothing market by accessing Vinted and learn how to maximize sales.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money on Vinted


1. Know all about Vinted

An online marketplace that is everything fashion related is known as Vinted.

What makes this retail website where the purchase of gently used clothes, fashion accessories, shoes, etc. unique is that it utilizes a peer-to-peer business model.


2. Know all about how it Works

An individual who has clothes that they wish to sell can list these items through their registered account and offer these items for sale and when purchased the shipping of the item is processed.

The option of giving items away is also a possibility.


3. Purchase

If a user when searching the site sees something to their liking and agrees to the price that has been set by the individual offering the item then the purchase arrangement can be made.


4. Exchange

The other involvement of the website is to take care of the payment process and any refunds that are required.

Also, Vinted ensures that the buyer receives their product in as expeditious manner as possible.


5. Sale

Vinted will help facilitate the shipping of the item to the buyer by providing a prepaid shipping label.

This makes the whole process as easy as possible in making the sale of the clothing item or accessories to the buyer.


6. Items for Sales

The items that can be listed for sale can include:

  • All types of clothing
  • Different types of shoes
  • Handbags
  • Fashion accessories (watches, sunglasses, belts, jewelry, etc.)
  • Beauty products
  • Entertainment items


7. Categories

IF you have several items it is important to properly categorize them.

A dress is a dress, shoes are shoes, and so forth.

Each of these items should be put into the proper category that is provided for you when listing the items.

This will help the potential customer to locate the items that you have for sale more easily found which ultimately will lead to more sales.

Also See: Other sites Like Brainly, Websites Like Pixabay & Websites Like Appen.


8. Pictures

One of the critical components in displaying your items for sale is the quality of the photographs that you take of the items.

Therefore, it is important to:

  • Utilize good lighting
  • Take a picture with and without the Flash
  • Modeling the item if at all possible
  • Use a good backdrop
  • Providing the best angle possible


9. Clean & Pressed

In preparation for taking the photographs and obviously before shipping the sold items, it is important that the clothes be clean and pressed.


10. Seasonal Clothes

An important part of your retail strategy is to remember that certain clothes are more in demand at certain times of the year.

You can categorize the clothing that you have for sale or other products seasonally.

In addition, you can increase your asking price for these items because the potential of being in greater demand is possibility.


11. Detailed Descriptions

Another important component of selling your items is to give a complete and accurate description of what you are selling.

It is important to use hashtags so that they can help facilitate the user with their searches.

When describing the item it is valuable to describe the material used to manufacture the item, the brand, the condition of the clothing item, and any other fabrics used in its manufacturing.

Also, listing the significant dimensions of the item is important.

Specifically, that would include the waist size, the length of the skirt or dress, the measurement of the hip area, etc.


12. Pricing

When it comes to pricing your items for sale being fair and yet competitive are the guidelines that you should adhere to.

A good way to determine what a fair price would be is to do your research on the item that you have to sell and by looking online and finding out what the price range is of that item.

Vinted will also give you guidance on what items that are similar to yours are being sold for.

Other considerations would include the condition of what you are selling with a newer or unused item selling for more.


13. Bundle

If you have many items that you are selling a sales strategy would be to group the items or bundle them at a discount if an individual is interested.

This will save the customer money on reduced shipping costs and perhaps a discount can be offered to the buyer.

Taking advantage of the bundling feature can be found in the section of Vinted in the selling tools section.


14. Shipping

To manage the cost of shipping it is best to purchase a shipping envelope that is padded as well as self-sealing.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

If your involvement with Vinted is going to be extensive then a good idea would be to buy these shipping envelopes, 6×9, in bulk.

One of the better places to buy these envelopes at a reasonable cost would be through Amazon Prime.


15. Respond

A key to providing good service through this retail marketplace is to ensure that your communication is as prompt as possible.

Your attentive and quick communication will help build your customer base for potential future sales.


16. Adjust Prices

An option for a buyer when looking for items that they wish to purchase use the filter on Vinted as it relates to price.

When setting your price for an item you want to make sure that you obtain a profit.

A psychological way of securing a sale is to keep this in mind and reduce your asking price so that it is close to what you want the item to sell for and yet seems like it is less expensive to purchase.

For example, if you want a dress to sell for $20 it would be better to list the price as $19.99.

This would seem to the buyer that they are getting a better deal and most likely will stay within the filtered price range that they are using to search.


17. Family Clothes

if you are finding that your current wardrobe is being depleted and you are selling the items that you wanted to sell, the question is what other items can you offer as listings.

One option is to approach your family and friends to ask if they have items that they wish to sell and you could work out an arrangement with them to share in the profit.


18. Forum

A marketing strategy that you can utilize is to be involved in various forums.

These forums will allow establish customers on Vinted to see any special offers that you are providing.

On these forums, you can upload pictures of your items for sale along with the price.

You can also utilize your blog to accomplish this strategy as well.


19. Ratings

As part of the transactions conducted on Vinted, there is an opportunity for customers to post ratings of their experience with those that sell products.

The more positive your ratings are the greater will be your reputation and the possibility of people trusting you to conduct further business.


20. Accept Offers

Often a buyer will try to get a reduction in the price of the items that you have for sale.

This is strictly up to you whether you want to consider any offers or counter offers that a potential customer provides.

Perhaps the best way to think about any possible discounts is that the item that you’re selling is something that you are willing to part with.

If the offer is within the acceptable range of you’re asking price then perhaps it is best to accept the offer and both you and the customer will be happy.


21. Discounts

When you have made a sale and you are shipping out your product to the customer it is important to continue to make a connection with that customer.

This can be accomplished by putting in a thank you for their support as well as possibly offering a discount on their next purchase from your store.


22. Small Gift

Another added Classy Touch is to include a small gift in with the items that have been purchased and you are shipping to your customer.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive but just a way of saying thank you to the customer.

An example of a small gift could include a:

  • Keychain
  • Piece of wrapped hard candy
  • A small bracelet,
  • A thank you note with a drawn heart or smiley face


23. Model

In the majority of fashion magazines or on websites the clothing is usually modeled by an individual so that the potential buyer can see what the article of clothing will look like on an individual.

The same is true for Vinted and any opportunity that you can take and provide to model your clothing or have someone else model that particular item is going to help enhance any sales.


24. What Can’t Be Sold

As part of your integrity in selling items on Vinted and maximizing your earnings, it is important to understand that certain items cannot be sold on this platform.

Some of those items include:

  • Counterfeit items.
  • Medicines or liquids
  • Samples of products
  • Intimate Apparel
  • Phones
  • Cameras
  • Books
  • And more


25. Social Media Platforms

Another way to market the clothes and accessories that you will be selling through Vinted is to be involved in your social media platforms.

This not only means indicating to your followers of available clothing and accessories for sale but also following others and your customers as well.


Personal Story

I have never been one to shop at second-hand stores or stores that are defined as carrying clothes that are gently used.

On the other hand, my wife used to shop at these stores religiously and had a keen eye for spotting quality clothes in various colors.

When she tried them on it looked like they were made specifically for her.

All that to say is that used clothing still has a lot to offer to individuals and although it may be used to us it is new to other people.


Making Money on Vinted FAQs


What Are the Fees Associated With Utilizing Vinted?

There are no fees associated with selling your clothes on Vinted.

Anything that you sell all of the money that you make is yours in its entirety.


How Does Vinted Make Money?

Vinted makes money with the Buyer Protection Service that they offer.

The buyer pays a fee to this website for services such as insurance, tracking shipping, customer support, etc.


You Can Do It

You have clothes in your wardrobe closet that you have not worn for a considerable period.

Each time you go into your closet you get frustrated and vow that this weekend will be the weekend that you sort out your clothes and give away what you don’t want.

Rather than seeing your clothes as a nuisance and a chore that needs to be accomplished, perhaps taking on the perspective of seeing your clothes attached with dollar signs might be incentive enough for you to sort out your clothes and utilize Vinted.



The clothes that you have hanging in your wardrobe closet, if not used, are not serving anyone any usefulness including yourself.

Why not take advantage of an online selling used clothing website and put the clothes back into service and make money in the process.

One of those used clothing websites is Vinted which is a reputable site and in particular, there is no charge to you to list these clothing items and realize the full payment by individuals who wish to wear your clothing that is just “hanging” around.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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