If you want to know exactly how to make money on Upwork, this article is going to really help you.

It reveals very important details on making money on Upwork and powerful tips that can make you more successful than other freelancers on this freelance platform.


Why try to Make Money On Upwork?

Why not, when it can really help bring you extra money!

And who doesn’t need extra money?

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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With the extra money, we can pay down our credit card debts, pay off our mortgages quicker, save for our future, use the money to purchase those items that we dream of, etc.

Additionally, as Americans, we don’t want this money handed to us. We want to earn our keep. We are industrious, hard-working, and focused.


What is Upwork?

One convenient resource available to individuals who wish to add to their current level of income is through the ease of an employment website.

Upwork is one such site.

As an internet-based employment venue, this online employment opportunity portal connects potential employers with employees. The site can be accessed here: Upwork.com.

Through these sites, different employers needing to have a job accomplished will post a variety of work opportunities.

The postings will include what is needed to be done, employee requirements, and what the pay range for the job is.

The working agreement can be defined as an independent contractual relationship.

The Upwork worker registers on the website by providing personal information, identifying to Upwork what their job strengths are, complete a variety of skill assessment tests, and indicate their proposed pay rate.

When the employment positions are posted the individual worker can make an application.

This is accomplished by writing a cover letter, answering any questions, propose their working salary, attach samples of their work, and click the submit button.

After a set time, the potential employer may or may not reach out to the applicant. If the working opportunity is offered and accepted the work begins.

When the work is completed satisfactorily, the individual posting the position will authorize the payment, held in escrow, to be released.

It may take anywhere from five days or more to receive payment directly into one’s bank account.

Once that particular job is completed, reviews of the work and working relationship are graded.


Personal Story of Earning Money on Upwork

Who hasn’t taken on an extra job or two to meet current expenses, make extra money to cover the impending holidays, or have extra cash to meet additional expenses associated with our families?

Being a three-month newlywed, we discovered we were going to be a family of three in less than nine months.

Having a pay grade of E-3 in the Navy, I realized quickly that we would need additional income coming into our modest home.

Consequently, I went to work freelancing on Upwork during my off-duty hours to earn additional money.

Money was needed for baby furniture, clothes, and other related baby supplies.

Perhaps you have had to do this at one point or another in your early lives and maybe even now.

The upside was the extra income. The downside was time away from my expectant wife.


11 Powerful Tips to Standing out and Making Money on Upwork


1: Bio

There are two particular methods to land an employment opportunity with Upwork.

One way is to search for particular opportunities by using keywords. If the job looks promising, the applicant will submit their desire to be hired.

This simply means that you take the initiative and try to be the one that is hired.

The other way is for you to be noticed. This means the potential employer is looking for you or to be more exact looking for your skills to match their needs.

They will use the Upwork search engine and look for individuals who match the job skills they are requiring.

In either case, the common denominator is to have a well-written bio, uses keywords, a powerful tagline, and will sell yourself to potential employers.

Your chances of being hired are greater if they find you rather than the opposite.

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2: Reviews

As part of the full employment experience with Upwork, the opportunity to evaluate is presented. The person who utilized your skills and talents will evaluate you and vice versa.

Therefore, it is important for you as it relates to possible future jobs that you attain the highest rating possible.

The maximum rating that both individuals can attain is five stars or 5.

The rating for the one employed is based on several factors including quality of work, skills, availability, communication, cooperation, and meeting deadlines.

Potential employers will review the profile of the individual and pay close attention to ratings.


3: Outstanding Work

In addition to the opportunity to assess the work of the Upwork worker, the individual utilizing their skills can add appropriate comments.

Some of those comments may include their satisfaction with the job accomplished and may say that they recommend the individual or work with them again.

The reverse may also be true as the employer may express dissatisfaction with the work.

Consequently, it is important to provide quality work and address any negative situations or issues before the completion of the work.

Your reviews are an important reflection of your work and the way you approach the job.


4: Filters

Rather than go through all of the available job postings it is best to take advantage of filters offered through the platform.

Some of those filters include search by country, filters specific to your skills, dates of a job posting, etc.

In addition, if your skill is writing, as an example, you can further identify specific work in this skill category by entering other keywords such as poetry or Christian.

This refinement of your job searches will save time and provide a laser focus job identification of potential opportunities available.

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5: Stay in Your Lane

As the popularity of freelancing gathers steam, the individual needs to distinguish themselves from others.

It is important to bring to the Upwork table one or two particular aspects of your skillset that sets you apart.

For example, if you state on your bio that you are a writer, what kind of writing do you excel at?

Do you have a special flair for creative writing or the nitty-gritty writing of preparing grants or do you specialize in writing novels?

Therefore, it is important to grab a specific freelancing lane and stay in that lane.


6: Check Frequently

The individual new to Upwork will be amazed at the frequency in which new opportunities are afforded to the individual seeking employment.

The pace is rapid and many of the entries that reflect the posting of the position to be filled indicate when the posting occurred.

This measurement of time can be days, hours, and minutes.

Therefore, it is a good idea to frequently revisit the site and look for any new postings under the “Find Jobs” heading.


How to Make Money on Upwork


7: Really Use the Platform 

The Upwork platform is fairly robust. There are a variety of tools, opportunities for additional learning, and profile statistics for the individual Upworker.

Some of the mechanics of the site include a comprehensive help link, notification, and messaging page, a component to provide statistics to the worker, previous listings of contracts applied for and completed, etc.

The site is intended to promote the success of the freelancer, maintain satisfied customers who post employment opportunities, and, of course, keep the Upwork online website productive.

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8: Research Clients

Another valuable link that is embedded in job postings is the opportunity afforded to the job applicant to review the history of the potential employer.

The statistics revealed indicate their evaluation rating, where they are located, total jobs posted, and money spent on projects.

Also, on this same page, the interested individual looking at the opportunity can be shown how many proposals have been submitted thus far, whether anyone is being interviewed, and any invites sent.

All of this information can inform the potential applicant as to whether they wish to pursue this job.

This is important because to make an application a certain number of “connects” need to be expended.

Connects are purchased by the freelancer and are needed to make applications towards the various posted jobs.


9: Be Persistent

As with anything else, persistence is the watchword and the key to being successful.

If new to this platform, you may need to establish your working record by taking a few low entry paying jobs to get your freelancing feet wet.

Additionally, seasoned workers may find the competition stiff. Again, keep at it and the opportunities will present themselves.


10: Seminars

From time-to-time Upwork staff and guest professionals will offer classes, seminars, and tutorial opportunities online.

Often successful attendance at these classes can prove to be most rewarding and sometimes certifications are presented.

Some topics of these seminars have included “How to Use Upwork to Make a Living” or “The Freelancers Cheat sheet: Make Upwork Clients CHASE YOU!”

Taking advantage of virtually attending such seminars will educate you and possibly increase your money-making ability.


11: Respond to Invitations

As a professional courtesy and to enhance your online reputation as a freelancer on Upwork it is important to respond to invitations when invited to apply.

You may occasionally receive such an invitation. It is important to review the job posting and simply decline the invite or pursue the opportunity.

It is important due to the tracking of this action being reflected on “My Stats” that reflect your dependability and professionalism to potential clients.

This in turn will enhance your goal of taking on more jobs and earning more pay.


You Can Do It

The employment landscape of America is shifting.

In today’s workplace, businesses are continuously exploring ways that they can increase the bottom line of their income and expense sheets.

Many managers and executives are cutting back on benefits that once were afforded to employees, downsizing their workforce, and offering early retirement for individuals who have been with the company for a long time.

All of these efforts are expended to minimize the greatest expense of running a company. Generally, the greatest expense for a company is its employees.

Also, as part of the employee restructuring strategy is the emphasis on outsourcing employment opportunities to freelancers.

Workplace jobs that once were traditionally accomplished by employees who dedicated their working lives to accomplishing their job description at the worksite

Consequently, Upwork and other related freelancing forums offer not only to those individuals but other individuals an opportunity to earn an income by picking and choosing which jobs that match their skill set.

The other added benefit is the advantage of working from home.



As this article has shown, it’s actually easy to make good money on Upwork if you know what to do and do things correctly.

So yes, good money can be earned through Upwork.

It can be accomplished in two ways.

Through volume and taking on many jobs or finding one particular job that will pay you the hourly salary that you are worth.

The beauty of such online websites is that more power and choices are provided to the individual wishing to supplement their income or make this their primary source of income.

Like everything else in America, competition is the driving force. By utilizing this freelancing website, it is no different.

The freelancer needs to maximize this opportunity and distinguish themselves from the rest of the freelancing pool.

Through hard work, determination, and incorporating some of these additional tips you are well on your way to being a successful freelancer.

Freelancing opportunities to earn a steady income or supplement your current income abound. The only limitations are the limited number of hours in the day.

As a freelancer, you are the boss. Most likely this boss is the hardest boss that you have worked for and yet is the most invested in your employment future.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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