A street is an interesting place where a lot of things happen.

Even more interesting are the side hustles that abound on the street.

There are many things you can do to get some extra dollars into your pocket.

This article has all the necessary information you need to earn money from the street.


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Why Do People Make Money on the Streets?

People make money on the street because:

  • They provide value. Usually, money gets exchanged for value. When you provide what someone needs, you get paid for it.
  • They make life easier for other people. Every day, people need assistance in getting things done.
  • It may be to deliver goods, or get to their destinations, or carry their bags. Whatever it is, when you render help, you get paid for it.
  • They make things accessible to people. When you sell some items in the streets, people are ready to buy them because they are easily accessible.


15 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money on the Streets


1. Sell Fruits

If you have an apple tree or any other fruit tree with ripened fruits, you can make some money from selling them.

Instead of letting the birds have a free day with your fruits, you can get into the street with them and make some money.

Fruits are an easy sell when they are in season.

Aside from rural areas where this is a common way to make money in the street, you can also sell fruits in urban areas.

People like it when they can quickly access things they want to buy instead of getting to a specific location like the market.


2. Sell Newspapers, Magazines, and Used Books

These items are usually sold in the street, and you can be one of the sellers and make cool money each day.

You can buy these items at cheaper rates and sell them in the street.

You can take advantage of busy areas and high-traffic street fairs.

You can also go to parks where you have people boarding vehicles.

You can get used books from people who wish to clear their shelves.


3. Sell Your Artworks

If you have a flair for drawing and are good at painting, you can make money off the streets.

You can sell your artworks to passers-by, both pedestrians and people in vehicles.

Some people buy artworks from people who sell in the street because they are often cheaper and unique.

Considering that people may not carry enough money to buy artworks, you should consider selling your creations at low prices.

The designs will not be so elaborate but should be beautiful enough to attract attention.

You can offer to sell multiple paintings and photographs for discount prices.

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4. Sell Cookware and Kitchen Items

You can make some money selling cookware, cups, plates, and vases in the streets.

These items often attract people’s attention, and people patronize sellers because they usually come at lower prices.

You can add some clay and sculpture creations to the mix.

If you make these items, you can be creative with the designs to attract attention.


5. Sell Crafts

People appreciate craftworks and creativity expressed in items.

You can make money off crafts like leather works, woodworks, and sculptures.

These items are bestsellers during fairs and popular gatherings like festivals.

If the items are well crafted and designed, they will draw more sales.

You can offer cheap deals on different crafts put together to attract more sales.

For instance, you can throw in some woodworks and leather works together as a single package.

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6. Perform Puppet Play

The performance of puppet plays is famous in the street, and the street can use one more performer.

During outdoor events like music or dance festivals, spectators will appreciate a small performance from you.

Some people value puppet performance to the extent of following the narrative if there is any.


7. Become a Street Dancer or Singer

You might have come across people dancing in the street and earning some dollars from viewers’ pockets.

Well, that can be you too.

People enjoy street views and would want to drop some money for the performer.

If you have some smooth moves up your heels, you can work out some dollars from your talent.

The same goes for singers.

If your talent is in your voice, you can sing some dollars into your pocket.

People enjoy street singing, especially when accompanied by a dance.

You can put a smile on passers-by faces, and you too smile your way to the bank.


8. Perform Tricks

Some people call it magic, but we know there are not all magical.

If you have a trick or two up your sleeves, you can find your way to the street and get some money from them.

People of all ages like tricks.



9. Carry Bags for Tourists

Another way you can get money from the street is to carry bags for tourists.

If you are in a busy city where tourists visit, you can earn some cool cash from carrying bags for them.

Some tourists visit with plans to stay for some days or weeks.

They will be glad to have someone take the burden of carrying their bags off their shoulders.

You can get the bags to the hotels they will be lodging in and get paid for it.

If the tourists are satisfied, they can tip you more than you ever expect.


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10. Show Tourists Around

Living in an area frequently visited by tourists has its advantages.

One of them is that you can show these tourists around and earn cool cash from it.

Tourists often need help locating famous museums and exotic historical places.

And, of course, they tip locals for showing them around.

In this age of technological innovation, people can locate wherever they are going with Google maps.

However, they still need locals to ask a question or two.

If you are an indigene, you can talk some dollars into your pocket.

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11. Be a Waiter

If you live in a busy street with restaurants and bars, you can earn some money by waiting tables in restaurants and bars.

These places usually need extra hands daily.

They have customers coming and going in busy locations and would always need helping hands getting tables served.

You can work during busy hours for as long as you want to.

These outfits are usually local and not as exotic and enclosed as restaurants and bars.

However, you can still get some tips from buoyant customers.


12. Sell Fast Food

Fast foods sell fast in the street.

People are there to hustle.

Most of them do not have the time to fix a meal.

If you sell snacks, water, and drinks, you will earn cool cash for the street.

The people in the streets are busy and will appreciate you bringing food to them.

When the sun is high, and the weather is hot, anyone will appreciate a bottle of cold water and some snacks to replenish their strength.


13. Deliver Groceries and Foods

Food delivery is an excellent and fast way to make money in the street.

Busy restaurants and shops need extra hands getting food and groceries across to customers.

This is one side hustle you can do at anytime and anywhere.

This hustle affords the flexibility of working on your own terms completely.

While the shops and restaurants will pay you for the work, the customers might also tip you some dollars.


14. Change Money

When people go to parties or attend carnivals, they may need changes.

People need small money to drop when necessary.

They need small amounts to give the street performers, for instance.

You can be there to change their money for them.

While helping them split big money into smaller notes, you can earn some dollars for it.

You can get clients for this side hustle at parties, concert venues, and places where people will need to change dollar notes into smaller values.


15. Carnival Games

When people go to carnivals, they are out to have fun.

Aside from the main carnival, people patronize carnival games as well.

You can make money off these games.

When people play, they expect to win the prices.

Before they win the big dolls and other prices, they will have to pay some dollars off their hands into yours or buy those prices outrightly.

Either way, you earn some money.


Making Money on the Streets FAQs


Where Are the Best Locations to Sell Things in the Streets?

It is not just enough to sell in the street; you have to look at strategic positions to make more sales.

Here are some suggestions on the best places to sell in the street:

  • Busy areas. Locate areas where there is high traffic. This way, more people will have to see your goods and patronize you.
  • Also, locate area square there is movement late into the night. In some places, people do not stay up late.
  • Sell in safe places. Ensure that where you are making your sales, there is security to avoid running into challenges.
  • Locate open areas. Ensure that there is no ban in the area where you plan to make your sales. Ensure that wherever you are, it is legal to be there.
  • The place should be convenient for you. Ensure to get a spot that is convenient for your sales. For instance, get a place where you do not have to stay under the sun all day. If you have to move as you sell, make provision for limited exposure to the sun.


What Are the Tips for Making Money in the Street?

While selling in the street is good, you need some tips to keep your guided.

Here are some of them:

  • If you are selling things in the street, ensure that you sell only legal items. If you do not want the law on your heels, you should avoid any illegal item in your area. This way, you will be able to sell in peace and keep all the profits for yourself.
  • Be security alert. Ensure that you do not run into moving vehicles if your sales involve being mobile.
  • Be careful of pick-pockets. In busy areas and street fairs, some persons are there to steal. Some people take stealing as a way of making money in the street.
  • Be vigilant and mindful of yourself and your belongings.
  • Avoid brawls. The street is not always safe. If there is a reason to leave, like a brawl, do not hesitate to leave for safety reasons.


Are There Illegal Ways to Make Money in the Street?

There are several illegal means of making money in the street.

Some of them are selling fake products, prostitution, and picking pockets.

These activities are illegals in almost every location and can get you into trouble.

The best way is to harness the other suggestions here and make cash peacefully.


Who Can Make Money in the Street?

Anyone can make money in the street.

So long as you find something to do, you can earn from the street.

Some street side hustles do not limit anyone of any age from doing them.

For instance, anyone can sell fast food.

The side hustles suggested here are suitable for both males and females.


Can I Sell My Personal Items in the Street?

You can sell some personal belongings in the street and earn some money.

If you have books you will not use again, you can sell them to buy new ones.

You can sell some items like dolls and furniture.

You will always find someone who needs the things you want to sell.



The street is open for anyone to make some cool cash from side hustles.

These hustles are easy to start and are suitable for anyone, both male and female.

You should locate a convenient spot and sell.

You can combine two or more of the options suggested here to make more money from the street.

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