If you want to know how to make money on the road, this article will really help.

It reveals all the tips to getting paid and earning on the road and the very best companies that can help you get paid.


Why Make Money on the Road?

Because roads and traveling on roads have always been a fascination for Americans.

From the beginnings of our history, roads were always taking travelers and pioneers to a better way of life and possible fulfillment of their dreams.

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Horace Greeley advised a young man to go West young man go West.

This physical fascination with roads has always been to achieve our destiny, make a better life for ourselves, and our loved ones.

In addition, authors, writers, and poets have also talked about roads.

One famous poem penned by Robert Frost talked about the road not taken. In his poem, he talked about two roads appearing and going in separate directions.

He contemplated both roads. One road, the poet could tell, was greatly traveled while the other was not.

Ultimately, and dramatically the poet shares that “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”



The importance of the role of roads and Americans who travel cannot be underestimated or minimized.

Roads are those passageways that take us to our positions of employment, well-earned vacations, family trips, and help us to explore areas of this great land that we have never taken in.

Metaphorically speaking, roads are also important to Americans because they represent opportunities.

Opportunities that may lead the traveler to a better paying position, educational opportunity, or a road to other meaningful future events in our lives.

A powerful combination is an individual who wishes to make money on the road.

Not only are they fulfilling their dream of being an American by traveling but also by engaging in road-related employment to fulfill their financial dreams as well as benefiting others through the road that they travel on.

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Many Roads

There is an expression that all roads lead to Rome.

In other words at the height of the Roman Empire and all of the nations that they conquered, they built roads to travel from Rome to those conquered nations.

Consequently, any road that was taken led ultimately to Rome the destination point.

So it is for those who wish to make money on the road.

Those roads that they travel on to earn an income do not lead to Rome but lead to the strengthening of America’s economy and adding to their finances.


6 Best Ways to Make Money on the Road


1. Renting Your Car

When you think about how much time your car is normally parked, your monthly car payment, and insurance paid, perhaps it’s time to put your car on the road and get paid.

Why not rent your car to others? A website that can offer your car for rent and provide a rental fee to you is www.turo.com.

To list your car one would go to the website and attach photos. Also, dates of availability would need to be kept current.

Insurance, theft and damage protection, and roadside assistance are provided by Turo.

When a customer chooses your vehicle to rent, the customer is met, a license check is made and they are on their way.

The rent of the vehicle is set by you the provider of the car and the Turo website offers a calculator to suggest what you might charge.

Also, the owner of the vehicle determines the maximum mileage.


2. Mobile Advertising

Want to earn money by just driving normally?

Consider the opportunity to do so presented by Wrapify.

Wrapify will pay the owner of a vehicle through a process that allows advertisers to use your car as a mobile billboard.

The driver is required to be at least 21 years of age, have a smartphone, a driving record with no blemishes, and drive a car manufactured in 2008 or higher.

The potential driver registers at Wrapify.com. If the car is chosen, advertisers will then place their ads on the vehicle.

Being chosen as a rolling billboard is dependent upon where the client lives and the type of car they drive.

Also, the percentage of your car space that is used for advertisement is proportionate to your pay or rental commission.

The more miles driven will add to the rental payment.

The average payment to a Wrapify client is between $196 and $280 per month.


3. Odd Driving Jobs

If you happen to own a pickup, an excellent way of making quick cash is to put your truck into service.

Many people clean their backyard, declutter their garage, or need to have large objects moved from one location to another location.

Why not rent out your truck by driving for these individuals, helping them out with their errands, and getting paid in the process.

You can go through such websites as Taskrabbit.com or advertise on your own as a “Have Truck Will Travel” service.

Advertisement as an independent worker hiring out their vehicle can be done through local posters in the neighborhood, advertisement through the classified section of the local newspaper, word-of-mouth, etc.

You can determine your rate which could include being paid by the mileage plus your hourly wage or just by setting a flat fee.

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4. Long-Haul Trucking

Another obvious way of making money by taking to the road is becoming a long-haul truck driver.

The trucking industry is in great demand and is always looking for qualified drivers to be part of a trucking company.

Also, a trucker can be an independent contractor and work with various companies by utilizing their self-owned truck in transporting cargo from one location to another.

If wishing to work for a trucking company, the individual would need to qualify as a trucker. This can be accomplished by presenting certification, a clean driving record, and experience as a trucker.

If needing certification the interested individual can enroll in a truck driver training school.

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Upon successful completion of this course, they would need to obtain a commercial driver’s license and then make applications with various trucking firms.

An independent driver would also need to have their commercial driver’s license and could work with various companies to ship items across the country or locally.

They of course would need to have the needed insurance coverage.

Some trucking companies are in desperate need of drivers that they offer a bonus to sign on and then indicate what the average pay may be for a driver.

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One trucking company advertises their recruitment for drivers by offering the bonus and suggesting that the annual pay could be $85,000 a year.


5. Delivering Jobs

Yes, you can also make money doing driving around to deliver stuff.

You too can do delivery jobs and get paid. You can use your vehicle – a car, a truck, a bicycle, etc., – to deliver foods from the restaurant or retail store to customers.

You can deliver foods like pizza, burgers, groceries, and others from restaurants to the homes of customers or clients. Some companies like Amazon or Instacart can pay you to deliver items to their customers.

Some of the best companies like Shipt and Instacart that will help you make money in this side hustle include:


6. Insurance Company

Although not technically a payment that you receive for driving, working with your insurance company to reduce premiums is a way to add extra income to the household.

By contacting your insurance company you may be able to leverage less time spent on the road to reduce your insurance premium.

These low mileage discounts can be provided if the car’s owner’s annual mileage is lower than the average number of miles driven by insurance customers.

Also, if a driver is part of a carpool, they may be able to negotiate a lower premium due to fewer commuting miles.


6 Best Companies that Pay You to Make Money on the Road


1. Uber

Uber is a delivery service that provides transportation for people, food, packages, etc. It is a technology-powered platform with the customer using the Uber App and requesting service.

The Uber driver utilizes their vehicle to provide for the transportation needs of the customer.

To become a Uber driver requires the passing of background and criminal checks initiated by Uber, be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license, meet car insurance minimums, and have to drive a car approved by Uber.

The hourly wage for an Uber driver varies from community to community with the average being around $15.60 per hour.

The Uber driver can select a driving schedule that works for them.


How to Make Money on the Road


2. UberEats

A business arm of Uber is UberEats which concentrates on the delivery of food from a variety of restaurants.

The customer downloads the app, creates an account, and can begin to search for restaurants in their area that partner with this food-delivery service.

The app provides for the hungry customer to view the menu, place their food order and make payment with a credit or debit card.

Then seamlessly, the driver picks up the food and delivers it to the customer’s address of choice.

The app allows for a no-cash exchange and the customer can even track the progress of their food order.

An UberEats driver can earn an hourly wage ranging from $8 to $12 per hour with the possibility of tips.

To be a driver requires that the individual be at least 19 years of age, have a current driver’s licenses, proof of insurance, be properly registered with the DMV in their state, and own a smartphone.

Different requirements are needed for the driver of a scooter or bicycle.

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3. Instacart

Online grocery shopping and delivery are accomplished by the customer through the grocery provider’s website.

The checkout icon is clicked and the Instacart shopping service goes into action.

The shopper/driver shops on your behalf at the grocery store check out and deliver your requested food order to the address indicated.

Additionally, text messages are received indicating the start of the process, any substitutions, and when delivery is on the way.

An Instacart shopper/driver must be at least 18 years old, have a valid Social Security Number, smartphone, functional vehicle, and be able to lift a minimum of 40 pounds.

Pay for an Instacart driver/shopper is a minimum of $10 per order and the opportunity to earn tips.


4. DoorDash

Customers wanting to have their restaurant order delivered have the option of using DoorDash.

Through the DoorDash app or Website, the dining out a customer can browse a list of restaurants in their area.

Filters also allow for the eateries to be categorized by location, times of delivery, and types of food.

Once the customer decides on their restaurant and menu item, they place and pay for the order.

The chosen restaurant prepares the order and DoorDash takes over from there by delivering the food.

Requirements to be a driver include being at least 18 years of age or older, valid driver’s license, Social Security Number, and give permission for a background check.

The average hourly wage for a DoorDash driver is $14.75.

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5. Amazon

The successful business model of Amazon is ever increasing.

As product sales continue to soar and the business model utilizing door-to-door delivery increases the need for delivery drivers increases as well.

One option of being a delivery driver for Amazon is by being an Amazon Flex delivery driver.

This is a part-time position that requires a few hours a week devoted to making deliveries. The average pay ranges from $18 to $25 an hour.

Driver requirements include the individual using their vehicle, absorbing fuel costs and other maintenance costs, having vehicle insurance, and a state-registered vehicle.

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6. Roadie

If an individual loves to travel and would like to see various parts of the United States, then perhaps being a courier is the answer.

If an individual’s interest is peak by this possibility, they can read in greater length about this adventure by logging onto Roadie.com.

The service provides two options to its drivers. One of those opposite options is local opportunities that are called trips and long-distance deliveries.

The pay for local courier deliveries ranges anywhere from $8 to $20 and longer trips can pay the driver up to $400.

As one would expect, several requirements need to be met to be part of this career process.

Part of those requirements including being 18 years or older, have a Social Security Number, have in one’s possession a valid driver’s license, and be able to pass a background check.

Additionally, the individual, utilizing their vehicle, would have to have the proper insurance coverage.

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As this article has shown, there are different ways to make money on the road… driving for dollars, so to speak.

Today, the reality is that not all roads lead to Rome.

However, for the American today owning a car and a license to drive can put you on a road that can lead to earning extra cash.

Why not get behind the steering wheel, put your gear shift lever into D for drive and fill up your banking account with extra cash.

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