Yes, you can really make money on SoundCloud, thanks to several techniques that can work for just about anyone who loves SoundCloud.

This article reveals a lot about SoundCloud and some of the very best ways to make money.


Why Try to Make Money From SoundCloud?

As a music act looking to gain more traction and monetize your tracks, you must have heard about SoundCloud.

It’s one of the largest music streaming platforms with 180+ million users monthly.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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This makes the platform a great avenue to increase your awareness as an independent artist and showcase your music to millions of people.

However, making money from SoundCloud goes beyond merely uploading your tracks and expecting magic, you need to follow some guidelines and tips.

This article is set to bring you all that you need to know about monetizing the SoundCloud platform.


How Does SoundCloud Work?

The platform comes with four (iv) different tiers, which include Partner, Pro, Pro Unlimited, and Premier.

The Partner tier is the only free level of membership that doesn’t require any monetary commitment from the artist.

Below is how each level of membership on the platform works:


This free tier of using SoundCloud allows you a 3hrs limit of uploading content.

It comes with online support and basic metrics like play counts, numbers of downloads, likes & comments, etc.

It’s a great tier to start as an up-and-coming independent artist, but you can’t dwell on it for long if you’re looking to make money from the platform.


The Pro tier is an upgrade to being a partner.

One of the major differences is that it allows you a 6hrs limit of the content upload, and a ‘Quiet mode’ feature which allows you efficiently manage your track stats.

Also, the Pro tier allows you to spotlight your best track or playlist, to make it easy to locate, thereby increasing its awareness and engagement.

It’s a paid level, and you’re required to pay $6/month or $55/annual.

Pro Unlimited

As the name implies, this tier offers you unlimited hours of content upload.

In addition to all the benefits you enjoy with the Pro tier, you also get access to some statics perks.

These include data on the social media platform providing you the most engagement and traffic, the cities/countries/states you’re having the most streams and presence, monitor who’s streaming or downloading your songs, amongst others.

The paid level comes at the rate of $15/month, and $135/annual. However, just like others, it doesn’t come with revenue-sharing benefits.


This is the topmost tier of the SoundCloud level. It is the tier that involves revenue sharing and you can make money from track upload.

However, this tier is limited to specific artists. This limited artiste pool increases your earning chances.


How to Make Money on SoundCloud

The ideal way streamlined for you to earn from the SoundCloud platform is through the SoundCloud premier.

Nonetheless, we’ve also highlighted other alternatives you can explore, and why the Premier package isn’t the most profitable.

Here are ways you can make money from SoundCloud:


1. Earn 55% Through SoundCloud Premier

This is a direct means of making money from SoundCloud as an artist.

The platform gives you 55% of every revenue generated from your track while giving your track more awareness due to its plenitude of users monthly.

However, certain requirements need to be met before being eligible for this opportunity. These criteria are discussed below.

Criteria For Premier Tier Eligibility

To be eligible for verification as a Premier SoundCloud user, certain requirements need to be met.

These requirements include you uploading only 100% original track, and the most important one is having at least 5000 plays in the previous month from countries where advertising and subscription of SoundCloud are available.

This implies that you won’t be eligible for sharing revenue even if you have a million streams outside of these countries monthly.

The countries with available SoundCloud subscriptions and availability include Australia, U.S, France, Germany, Puerto Rico, Ireland, amongst others.

These requirements make depending on SoundCloud premier not so profitable.

Beyond the requirements, your earnings are dependent on the platform’s revenue — low revenue means low earnings and vice versa.

While streaming is free, the platform generates revenue from ads and subscriptions.

Audio ads with partner brands may be infused in your songs when using the SoundCloud premier.

Also, a 45% commission from the platform is more on the high side, making it advisable for you to explore alternative means.


2. Sell Your Songs Using SoundCloud

SoundCloud exposes your song as an artist to millions of people monthly. It gives you the platform to grow your fanbase, bringing more awareness to your craft.

Leveraging these advantages is a smart decision to make, as you can use SoundCloud as a medium to sell your songs on external sites.

This can be achieved by adding an external link to your profile and using other mediums to promote it.

Adding this external link to your SoundCloud can be achieved in three different ways, either including it in your track decision, your bio, or as a buy-link.

You can achieve optimum lead generation by adding your external link to your bio, provided you have a solid fan base that’s interested in you as an artist already.

It’s the most efficient place to add your link, and with proper promotion from other mediums, you’re likely to have more converted leads.

It’s also noteworthy to state that only Pro Unlimited users can add external links as a buy-link.

Stellify is one of the popular external platforms you can sell your songs on, through SoundCloud.

All that’s required of you is listing your intellectual properties for sale on the platform, and having a verified means of receiving payment, most times PayPal.

These means are available to everyone, and it doesn’t require you to share your generated revenue with anyone.


3. Make Money With SoundCloud As an Influencer

Yes! You heard that right. You don’t necessarily have to be an artist to earn from SoundCloud, this is why it’s an alternative means of earning.

You can generate revenue for yourself by helping independent artists increase their streams, downloads, and play hours on the platform, by running a series of paid ads campaigns on their behalf.

Beyond the stream numbers, it can also be to promote the external link to their online store, thereby increasing generated leads and revenue concurrently.

As an influencer, you can use various platforms to achieve your objectives.

All that’s required of you is strong proficiency in social media use, a large follower base, and experience in running ads campaigns.

You can earn from this either by getting paid outrightly or by earning a certain commission on each sale.

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4. Earn With SoundCloud As a Writer

The role of a writer can never be undermined in any endeavor one wants to venture in.

As a writer, you can join SoundCloud by offering track description services for artists.

Uploading a track on SoundCloud requires artists to add a short description of their track.

An optimized description can increase streaming, downloads, and other engagements with the track.

This is where the need for your service as a writer comes in.

Crafting a crisp, catchy, and concise for various tracks can be your alternative way of earning on SoundCloud.

This hustle isn’t that popular yet, and you can be among the frontiers earning from it.


5. Get Paid From SoundCloud As a Reviewer

Here’s another avenue for you to earn alternatively from SoundCloud. You can get hired to write reviews for various independent artists.

This is a way of improving their awareness and credibility on the platform.

Reviews and comments spur new users to listen to songs, which in turn increases streaming numbers.

An increase in streams is a win for both the SoundCloud platform and the artist.

You also have the streaming statistics, as you’ll be required to listen to the songs carefully before writing a review.


6. Monetize SoundCloud As a Producer/Instrumentalist

Songs aren’t the only thing you can upload on SoundCloud to gain streams, build a fanbase, or earn money.

Your beats and instrumentals also suffice.

You can earn with these things the same way you earn from songs — either through SoundCloud premier or selling on external links Via SoundCloud.


7. Earn Money With SoundCloud As a Podcaster

Making money isn’t restricted to a particular way, and the ability to deviate from the norms helps you stand out and earn more.

While the majority of users on the SoundCloud platform deals with music and other related genres, you can carve a niche for yourself as a Podcaster and earn through any of the methods available.

Read this for more tips on how money is made with podcasting.


5 Best Tips On How to Optimize Your Presence On SoundCloud

As an artist on the platform, some certain tips and guides can help you make the best out of SoundCloud. They include: 


1. Optimize Your Profile

Your profile is very important to your success on the SoundCloud platform.

A well-optimized profile helps you gain more traction.

Optimizing your profile cut across using appropriate display pictures, using a Profile name that aligns with your stage name, and applying some SEO tips in styling your profile name.

This includes spacing two different names and using repetition of names in your profile URL.

All these help your profile gain more visibility and increase your traction.


2. Link Your Profile with Other Medium

To increase your earnings and traction on SoundCloud, you need to have more engagements and build more awareness.

Linking your SoundCloud profile to other social media is one easy way to achieve that.

Ensure you constantly push your SoundCloud profile on other mediums, to give it the exposure it deserves.


How to Make Money on SoundCloud


3. Use Tags

Song tagging helps listeners identify the genre of your track.

It increases the ease of searching for your track and locating it in the search result.

SoundCloud allows you to input the main genre, additional genre, and mood that fits the track.

Effectively utilizing this feature boosts your tracks feasibility and stats.


4. Use Catchy & Concise Track Description

You might want to employ the service of an affiliate service provider like writers to help you craft a crisp description.

Apart from the catchy caption, necessary information like your social media links and purchase links should also be added.


5. Utilize the Spotlight Feature

Every feature on SoundCloud is there to help you gain better traction.

You can highlight your best track, new tracks, playlists, and more.

You can click on the ‘Edit Spotlight’ button on your profile and follow the prompt to add any track you desire.

By putting all these into practice, you’ll notice positive improvements in your traction and engagements gradually.

This puts you in a greater position to earn from SoundCloud.


How to Monetize SoundCloud FAQs


Is Everyone Eligible to Earn From SoundCloud?

Earning from SoundCloud directly is a streamlined process with certain requirements.

These requirements include you being from territories that the platform monetizes, having a verified account, and being eligible to use the SoundCloud premier.


Can You Make Money on Soundcloud?

Of course you can, thanks to the several techniques revealed in this article. Some of the best ways to make money on SoundCloud include:

  • Earn 55% Through SoundCloud Premier
  • Sell Your Songs Using SoundCloud
  • Make Money With SoundCloud As an Influencer
  • Earn With SoundCloud As a Writer
  • Get Paid From SoundCloud As a Reviewer
  • Monetize SoundCloud As a Producer/Instrumentalist
  • Earn Money With SoundCloud As a Podcaster

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What Are the Requirements for SoundCloud Profile Verification?

The platform holds the right to verify or not verify a profile after their streamlined process of verification, however, the certain requirements your account needs to meet are:

  • It must belong to a popular and/or frequently searched artist, label, DJ, Podcaster, or Curator.
  • Your Account must be unique and distinct from fans or impersonators account.
  • Your account must contain only valid information and must be in line with SoundCloud’s terms & conditions of use.
  • Your account must contain a bio, an appropriate profile picture, and the least of a single uploaded track.


How Long Does It Take to Monetize My SoundCloud Profile?

On average, it takes within 3-7 days to have the ‘Monetization’ tag on your profile, after opting for your profile to be monetized.

After your profile is monetized, you can go ahead to monetize your track, by taking the following steps:

  • Upload your track
  • Add Basic info
  • Add the Metadata particularly the ISRC (International Standard Recording Code). If this is left blank, your track won’t be monetized.
  • Add Monetization Rules
  • Wait for approval for Publishing from SoundCloud (this may take 2-5 days).



As this article has shown, there are indeed several legit and even easy ways to make money from SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is by far the most beneficial platform for independent artists in terms of giving them an avenue to showcase their talents.

The platform connects talented individuals with millions of people giving them massive exposure.

However, beyond the exposure, monetization is also important which is why we’ve helped you analyze how to go about it with this article.

Either as an artist or an affiliate service provider, everyone can utilize this platform to earn a living.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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