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In the late 1950s and into the 1960s, there was a popular TV show known as Candid Camera.

The premise of this show was to film individuals in different types of scenarios without their knowing that they were being filmed and to get a there candid or spontaneous reactions.

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The show was cutting-edge and was funny.

In the 1960s and 1970s and even beyond, another popular show that captured the onstage antics of individuals was known as America’s Funniest Videos.

The antics and unrehearsed behaviors of individuals were captured originally on the then-popular camcorders and on through the decades when the videos were captured on smartphone cameras.

The television program proved to be quality family entertainment as we laughed at the hits to the head, the spills and falls of those filmed, the countless hits to the private area, etc.

Today, we are still enthralled by the various videos that are captured.

The added dimension today, through technology, is the ability to watch adorable cats play the piano, dogs howl to the singing of their owners, the fun actions and reactions of babies, etc.

Additionally, added to the mix is the opportunity to be rewarded with cash when viewing these videos or uploading them.

A fairly new video platform has arrived on the scene.

The platform is Rumble and the opportunity to earn better money is available with this app.

Let us pick up our cameras and take a look.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money With Rumble


1. Know all about Rumble

Rumble brings together creators of videos with online publishers along with advertisers being the third component of this video platform.

Rumble has significantly changed the world of social videos that are viewed.

This transformation has not only been demonstrated in the way the videos are delivered for viewing but how the videos can provide money as they are viewed and evaluated for content.

Rumble offers the video producers a percentage of their revenue by linking viewers of the content through platforms such as Facebook, AOL, MSN, YouTube, etc.


2. Subscribe

The site is free to use and only requires that the individual subscribe.

The registration process requires a name, selection of a user name, creation of a password, e-mail address, and country of residency. Additional information required includes address, city, zip code, phone number, and birth date.

You also have the option of signing up for a publisher or business account.

An e-mail will be generated to your e-mail address provided. A link within the e-mail needs to be clicked to verify your information.


3. Know How Rumble Works

Once registered and the app is downloaded, users can upload videos to the platform.

These videos are licensed through Rumble’s partners (Yahoo, MSN, etc.) and any money that is made from these videos is directly deposited into the account of the user.

Also, there is a daily drawing in which an individual can be entered by swiping on the smartphone screen right or left when voting on the videos.

Also, the user earns tickets.


4. Voting

Once registered you access the app and begin to move between the images and videos.

Upon viewing the video you can click on several buttons that reflect your vote for the video.

The most votes that you can cast in a day is five which would provide you earnings.

For each vote you cast you get $.05 or the possibility of total earnings of $.25 per day.


5. Rumble vs YouTube

A quick comparison between Rumble and YouTube would reveal that more money can be earned utilizing Rumble rather than YouTube.

The ratio of more money earned utilizing Rumble can be up to 8 to 10 times more.

It is also important to note that some videos get more views but earn less while the reverse can also be true.


6. Rumble Viral

To further understand how Rumble interacts with other platforms, it is important to understand this interaction process.

One of the channels that Rumble is involved with is a YouTube channel and the name of the channel is Rumble viral.

Rumble viral indicates that approximately 1.8 million subscribers are involved in sorting through 15,000 video clips.

The categories that they are trying to focus on include animals, pets, and candy moments.


7. Jr Tech

A separate channel that Rumble is involved with as it relates to YouTube is known as Jr. Tech.

These videos are categorized as having anything and everything to do with technology.

With this channel, the individual searching for the video can find a variety of presentations that have to do with reviews of various technology products.


8. Neroku

Neroku is a gaming category or channel that has $124,000 subscribers.

This channel focuses on videos as it relates to playing games and provides great video presentations on how to play the various games, unique gaming moments, or anything to do with being a gamer.

If you upload a game-related video to Rumble from this channel, and it is used, the percentage of revenue that you earn from the video will be 60%.


9. Rumbledotcom

Another channel located on YouTube is Rumbledotcom.

This channel has close to 109,000 subscribers and the focus of this channel is on a lower-quality clip that can be defined as having gone viral.

Through this channel, most content creators can post content if they receive approval.


10. Rumble Español

This particular YouTube channel focuses on the Spanish audience.

As of this writing, there are 60,000 subscribers but the channel is open and currently wanting more Spanish viral content.


11. Videos De Risa de Rumble

This YouTube channel also focuses on the Spanish-speaking audience.

Currently, this channel has 308,000 subscribers.

The focus of the videos is on interesting video content.


12. Facebook

The relationship between Rumble and Facebook is also a dynamic one in which video content is searched for.

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There are four video categories associated with Facebook.

Those four categories include:

  • 1 million followers associated with the Rumble video
  • 372,000 followers associated with Rumble cats
  • 172,000 followers associated with Rumble dogs
  • 150,000 followers associated with Rumble babies


13. Algorithm

One would want to think that the videos that are selected and are popularized are selected by a group of people in some back room.

The reality is there are just too many videos and so Rumble depends upon an algorithm.

Part of the algorithm includes catchy titles, number of views, upload date, and the particular category or niche in which the video has been placed.

Additionally, more likely than not, it would be the catchy title of a video that would be more prone to catch a viewer’s attention and therefore for the individual to watch the video.


14. Finding Videos

The best place to find videos to upload to Rumble is to go to

Here you will find many assorted videos categorized in various niches.

For example, it could be funny animals, cats, babies, etc.

The search can be conducted by clicking the search icon and then typing in the category of video you wish to view.

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15. Creative Commons

The next step is to click on the upper right side of the page and click on the search filter.

There amongst all of the available filters is one labeled Creative Commons.

The videos then displayed can be used if you give credit to the creator of the video when you upload the video to Rumble.


16. Download

Once this process has reached this point you can download the video to your mobile device or your computer and then select the video that you think will be the most appealing to the audience and will create the most interest.

To download a YouTube video you copy the URL of the video from the address bar and then you paste the URL into the software that you have downloaded.

The remainder of the work will be done by the software.

You should select the high resolution and once that has been selected the video should begin downloading.


17. Edit

Once the video has been downloaded you may need to edit it by removing any uninteresting parts.

This editing can be done on an app such as the Canva app or at


18. Title

Remember, it is important to have a catchy title.

The catchy title will resonate with the potential viewer so that they will want to open it up because their curiosity has gotten the better of them.


19. Description

As you upload the video to Rumble you will be given a chance to fill in the description of what the video is about.

The description should be detailed enough so that the potential viewer will know what the video is about.


20. Thumbnail

You will also be allowed to upload a customized thumbnail of the video.

The thumbnail that you choose should be engaging and be a representative picture of what the video contains and a scene that is eye-catching and will draw the viewer in.


21. Tags

As a final step in the download process of the video, you will be able to submit several tags.

These tags will serve as search engine optimization so that when the individual is looking for funny cat videos, those words would be part of your tagline.


22. Maximize

To maximize your money-making efforts on Rumble it is important to upload at least one or more videos every day.


23. Withdrawing Money

When you begin to earn money, the Rumble app gives you two specific ways to make that happen.

One way is through PayPal and the other way is through Payoneer.

As an added note, the minimum amount in your account that needs to be achieved is at least $50 to draw out money.


24. Additional Money

For each video that is accepted by the staff at Rumble, you will earn $10.

In addition, for each uploaded image that is accepted by the staff, you will receive a payment of $5.

To be accepted and considered by the staff also requires many views from the users in the very first days after the picture or the video has been uploaded.


25. Most Popular Videos

The most popular videos that get the most significant views and therefore the greater opportunity to receive money from Rumble include:

  • Cute cats
  • Darling animals
  • Life hacks
  • Cute babies
  • Singing videos
  • Funny videos
  • Miracle stories

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Personal Story

My wife’s medical condition would often create anxiety for her when we tried to do simple things on her behalf.

We finally learned that the best way to help through these times was to utilize various means of distraction to get her mind off of what was going on and on to something else.

A few adjustments later, we realized that the best way to divert her attention was to have her look at videos and in particular videos in which babies would be involved in episodes of baby laughter.

To hear the baby giggling over the silliest of things was truly medicine for all of us.

Her daughter and I found that we were both engaged in the laughter of the baby which helped reduce our stress levels and anxiety as well as for my wife.

As we viewed the videos together my wife eventually would start smiling and then laugh along with everyone else.

The videos truly proved to be one of the better medications that she was taking.


Make Money With Rumble FAQs


What is the Value of Rumble?

According to The Wall Street Journal the value of Rumble is currently valued at $500 million.


Do I Have to Make My Video to Download on Rumble?

No, the videos that you download are free to use and have no license.


You Can Do It

If you come across a video clip that you enjoy immensely and it brightens up your day, then the chances are that that same video clip will do the same for others.

Why not, therefore, if there are no restrictions, submit that video clip to Rumble and possibly earn some money in the process to enhance your joy even further.



The appetite from Internet users for videos that are cute, adorable, and make us laugh is in high demand.

It would appear that we have always been entertained by movies and is a great way to express our laughter at the expense of others when things go a little bit haywire in their lives.

It is most likely because we can associate with what they are experiencing as we have been in their place at one time or another.

Now, through such Internet sites and applications as Rumble, not only can we enjoy these short movie clips but can be part of the enjoyment process by being paid as well.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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