You can really make money on KIK, as you will learn from this very helpful article.

It contains 26 best ways and tips to really making money on KIK.



You could conduct an interesting study about the various ways that individuals historically through the ages endeavored to communicate with one another.

You could talk about the use of carrier pigeons, writing of letters, telegraph, phone, cellular phone, emails, and now on up to text messages and messaging apps.

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It seems that new technology is multiplying at a rate that it is hard to stay current with and all that is going on.

A new app that has been created and is being utilized is KIK.

Of course, as is the American way, whenever anything ever new comes to the public’s knowledge, one of the first thoughts is how to make money off of the new item.

In utilizing this new messaging app we can communicate by learning about the possibilities of earning money through this messaging technology, learning about the app, some of the precautions associated with its use, and then ways that the app can be utilized to not only communicate but earn money in the process.


26 Best Ways & Tips to Making Money on KIK


1. Know all about Kik

Kik is a messaging app that was originally a Canadian company that was created in 2009.

The creators were a group of students from the University of Waterloo.

Their intent was to create new technologies for use on mobile smartphones.

When the app was released, in a matter of a couple of weeks, there were 1 million user registrations.

The name Kik is derived from the receiving of a message which indicates something to the effect of kick or kick me.

It is simply therefore a request to add you to the messaging app.


2. App

The original creation was in the form of an app and was known as Kik messenger.

The app was designed to be used on both Android and iPhone smart devices.

The app is similar to Viper and Whatsapp but has some additional functionality that differentiates it from these other messaging apps.

One of those different functions is that has an Internet browser which encourages users to spend more time within the application.

Although it performs like other messaging apps and also provides the opportunity for the users to send images, images, gifts, and sketches.

Also, the option to be engaged in live video chats is available.


3. Know what KIK is Used For

The basic function of Kik is the instant messaging service that it provides.

This application used for communicating with friends allows for group chats as well as direct messages.

Connection with family and friends can be accomplished by searching for their usernames, scanning a Kik code, or allowing individuals to access your address book.


4. Cost

There is no cost associated with using it and the downloading of the app is at no charge.


5. Banned

Kik has gone through a number of legal issues based on how the app performs and how it can be used.

Specifically, Kik allows the opportunity to search a variety of public groups to find individuals that have the same tastes and interests as you.

Some groups are specifically set up for people looking for love.

Because of this option, Kik ran into legal difficulty because the app allowed users to search by age. Therefore the concern was raised about sexual predators and engaging with underage minors.

Consequently, the security of the app was given a significantly low rating because of the involvement of minors and the potential of explicit content.

Due to all of the swirling issues surrounding this messaging app, it was announced in 2019 that the company would shut business operations.

In that same year, a company from Los Angeles purchased the company.


6. Registering

The app performs just like other instant messaging services and requires an email address and password.

The messaging app is a popular app utilized by anyone over the age of 13 who owns a smartphone.

It is the smartphone messenger that lets you connect with your friends and family members, converse with each other and explore.

Also, utilizing the app does not require any authentication of birthdays or the names of the individual.

The good thing is that the information that is available cannot be, for the most part, traced.


7. No Phone Number

There is no need for a phone number to register as a user of the Kik app.

These features or lack of these features make the use of Kik a popular program because it preserves the user’s anonymity in fact even the email address that is required is not validated.


8. Full-Screen

One of the attractive features of Kik is the ability to gain the full screen on the technological device.

To access the full screen you toggle the video chat button when you are involved with a chat. You then swipe left to change to the full-screen video mode.


9. Photos

Another feature that Kik is equipped with is the sending and receiving of pictures and also videos.

These videos and pictures can be saved to your phone to print out or also they can be uploaded to other social media platforms.

The picture on the video can be saved by simply pressing the pictorial, open picture, and a menu will appear on your screen.

You then can save the picture.


10. Messages

Kik messages can also be saved and are stored within the app

For chats conducted on the iPhone or iPod that have occurred in the last 48 hours the opportunity to see the last 1000 messages is made available.

For chats, with a longer timeframe, you can see the last 500 messages.

For chats made on an android device, the last 600 messages can be viewed within the 48-hour timeframe, and for older chats, you’ll have the opportunity to view the last 200 messages.


11. Record 15 Seconds

On the Kik app is also the ability to video record.

Underneath the chat box is a small camera icon.

Once this icon is tapped, access to the camera is given and the video can be recorded.

Once you hit okay select the image or video then that video or image can be sent.

Also, along with the video or picture you can type a message to go with the content.


12. Anti-Bullying

To their credit, Kik partnered with the AdCouncil on anti-bullying.

They became part of the campaign and supported the efforts of the AdCouncil and their supporters in fighting against the bullying tactics of individuals.

This occurred in 2015.


13. Bots

Kik has within its application a browser but it’s not as simple as clicking on the browser of your desktop and typing in a URL.

Through Kik, the browser works through bots that are designed and programmed to focus and drive the chats.

The web history can be viewed by clicking on the grid icon at the lower portion of a conversation

A bot is automated and built into the program

To access these bots, you go to the plus sign and then open up discover bots and search on whatever topic you wish to view.

The chats driven by bots can be identified because they will have a purple bolt underneath.

For example, if you wanted to check the weather, the weather forecast will appear on your application.

Or if you’re interested in astronomy, you can utilize that bot to direct information to you about astronomical activities or features.

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14. Why Teens like KIK

Recent statistics indicate that over 15 million users are involved with this application.

The user base is primarily teenagers and young adults in the countries of America and the European area.

The reason why teens like Kik so much is because of the anonymity and the ability to converse with individuals that they don’t know.

For those who are concerned about the safety of teenagers and young people, this is an issue but for a young person, this is a draw because it is an opportunity to meet new people.


15. How Does KIK Make Money?

Kik only recently began to monetize its users.

The money that they realize in support is earned through advertising and digital currency.

When users interact with the ads or the brands that are portrayed on the app, the individual can earn “Kik points.”

These Kik points can be used to buy digital stickers.


16. Precaution

As parents, it is important that we do all within our power to maintain the safety of our children especially as it relates to their involvement with technology.

With Kik, it is important that you monitor your family member’s activity as much as you can and understand that you can block someone by just clicking on their name at the top of the chat.

This is part of the precautionary method measure and parents teach the child how to do that and of course, educate them on their interaction with strangers.


Making Money


17. KIK Live

One of the newly added features on Kik is the opportunity to go live or stream a video chat in real-time.

The benefit of going live is that you can reach a larger audience and you do not need to add the users to the live stream.

In this way, anyone who finds your stream live and is interested can join the conversation.

It is a perfect way to meet new people and communicate.

As an added caution, anyone who is under age, according to their registered birthday, cannot use the live stream feature.

For those individuals under age, this functionality has been disabled.


18. Diamonds

Kik diamonds are equal in value to $50 if you accumulate 10,000 diamonds.

In doing the math, $100 can be redeemed when 20,000 diamonds have been attained.


19. Broadcasters

Through you can make an application to become a Kik streamer.

If you have a large following this may be a good option for you if you enjoy utilizing this app.

Upon joining Kik as a Fame Broadcaster you will be given a boost to help put your stream in front of additional viewers.

With this process, there are no daily or monthly requirements so the individual can stream as frequently as they wish.

Upon filling out the form and if you are accepted, you can make money with Fame Agency by recruiting and the offering per recruit can be $50-$5000 per recruit.


20. Bonus

As a first-time user of Kik and you register your account, you will receive a welcome bonus.

This welcome bonus can be part of your accumulation of points towards making purchases once enough points have been accumulated.


21. Spin the Wheel

On the Kik platform, there is a game that can be played every day for a chance to win points and smileys.

The game is a spin-to-win game and bonus points or Kik points can be earned.

With the proper accumulation of points, they can be redeemed for rewards in cash.


22. Facebook

If the current Kik user shares their involvement with Kik on Facebook, Kik will award that individual 250 points for just telling others through their Facebook account.


23. Gifts

When an individual live streams their video from Kik, an appreciation from the viewers may provide a gift to the individual.

The gift can take all sorts of forms from the giving of pizza, not to hamburgers to whatever.

These life streamers or broadcasters then can cash in those gifts through

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24. Referrals

Another way to earn points is by referring friends to the app and for each friend that subscribes, you are awarded 250 points.

Also, the referred friend will also receive 25 L.E towards their first purchase.


25. Business

A good way to earn money by utilizing CAC is if you are involved in a visit to a business.

The more that your business is engaged in social media platforms the greater the opportunity in driving business to your website to allow for the selling of the product or provision of the service.


26. Subscriptions

Those that live stream on Kik can make money from subscriptions or ads.

The process involved is when you are in a conversation you tap the top icon at the top of your conversation list.

You then tap promote and you will know that the account is the real deal when you see a star that is green assigned with the profile picture.

At this point then you are talking to someone associated with the brands you love and get updates from them on Kik.

Once this connection has been made, periodically, a brand will send you updates, videos, pics, stories, and more with perhaps the opportunity to receive gifts.


Personal Story

As I increasingly grow older, I have noticed a significant number of changes in my body.

For one thing, I get extremely tired and find that I am now welcoming and not fighting taking naps in the afternoon.

In addition, my eyesight has changed significantly, and I noticed little particles floating around in my eyes and realize that need to be addressed along with getting a change in prescription.

Lately, I have noticed that my hearing is not what it used to be.

Rather than bore you with a litany of items that are declining within my body, suffice it to say that with my hearing comes the difficulty of listening to communication and trying to understand what people are saying.

In addition to using the subtitles on television, I now try to listen intently to what others are saying but often miss out on keywords that are being said.

Rather than admit to myself that my hearing may need attention, I take my cue from the individual’s voice inflection, facial features, and tone of their voice to try to fill in the missing words that I’m not understanding.


Making Money on KIK FAQs


What Are the Legal Issues That KIK is Experiencing?

KIK was acquired by a Los Angeles company by the name of MediaLab in 2019.

The messaging app stunned the technology world when it announced it would be closing up shop in 2019 due to a number of legal issues that they were experiencing.

Part of the legal accusations was their failure to monitor the site as well as allegations of child abuse by users of the messaging app.

Even as of this writing there are rumors swirling around KIK’s demise.


Should a User of Kik Use Their Real Name?

Kik never utilizes an individual’s real name nor do they share personal information.

The name that an individual goes by on this app is the way that individuals can communicate with each other.

But using your real name is not required.


You Can Do It

Messaging is important and in today’s day and age we have all of the tools for expressing thoughts and ideas to one another than in previous generations.

We have a variety of ways that we can talk to one another including our smartphones, and various apps on those phones devoted to messaging people, and having the message delivered immediately.

With the messaging app known as Kik, is another arrow in the communication quiver but it is important to realize and understand that, like anything else, it can be abused, and therefore caution needs to be the watchword.



In today’s day and age, there really is no excuse for not communicating or messaging one another.

There is an abundance of ways that we can talk with one another.

The important aspect of the messaging, however, is what messages are we communicating.

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