Yes, you can indeed make money on Instagram without selling anything!

This article reveals the secrets to how it works, the best ways and tips to help you earn money on Instagram without having to sell anything to anyone.


Why Try to Make Money on Instagram Without Selling Anything?

Why not, right?

Especially if you are one who doesn’t really like selling anything but still want to make money.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tik-Tok, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, and WhatsApp are all social media platforms that serve a specific purpose and offer a specific service.

It’s hard to imagine life today without these social media websites and apps in which we can communicate, share our stories, demonstrate our creativity, talk about our private and professional life, etc.

As human beings, we are social animals and these platforms are just what we need to be social.

Added to the mix is another social media platform known as Instagram.

Interestingly, Instagram is used by 75% of the individuals that fall in the age range of 18 to 25 years of age.

In addition, 67% of Generation Z use Instagram and 57% of Millennials use the app daily.

Instagram is a popular social media platform and one therefore that if the right content and connections are made, the possibility of monetizing your Instagram account is a strong possibility.

Let us open up the app and see how we can make money without even selling a product or a service directly.


Personal Story 

I have never been one for social media platforms.

In a moment of weakness I did sign up for a Facebook account but when I saw all of the activities that all of my “friends”, were experiencing, I realized that I led a boring life.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the app but getting friend requests from people that I had no idea who they were was strange.

I received a friend request from an individual on the East Coast who was old enough to be my daughter and I had no idea why she would want to have me as a friend.

We had nothing in common.

It was then and there, that I realized that social media was not a good match for me.

All that to say is social media is a powerful platform and can be of great interest if one has the time, commitment, and lifestyle in which they wish to share with others.

However, for me, social media involvement was just not who I am.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Make Money on Instagram Without Selling Anything


1. Know All About Instagram

Instagram was founded in 2010 by co-creators Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

The platform was designed for users to upload media such as photos and videos and allow the uploaded items to be edited with various filters, use of hashtags, and geographical tagging.

The post could be shared publicly or only to preapproved individuals that were designated as followers.

The company was eventually acquired by Facebook.


2. Become an Influencer

One of the ways that an individual can use Instagram and make money without selling anything is by becoming an influencer.

This marketing dynamic has come into its own lately among many social media marketers.

By being an influencer, money can be made by just obtaining several followers and sharing your particular likes and dislikes and lifestyle.


3. Know All about Being an Influencer

An influencer influences other individuals.

There are a variety of lifestyles that can be attractive to other individuals and when shared and other individuals consider embracing that lifestyle or trying out a product or other item that is being promoted, that is being part of the influencing process.

There are many ways that an influencer can have an impact on their followers through Instagram.

They can talk about the music that they like, their physical fitness routine or equipment that they use, their love for traveling and places they have been to, and another possibility is the type of food that they eat.

For example, an influencer can decide to go vegan and talk about all the different recipes, the benefits of this healthy way of eating, etc. and share through Instagram.

This is an influencing process and may get the followers or other people to try a vegan lifestyle.


4. Know How To Become An Influencer

Becoming an influencer is not a difficult process.

It’s just a matter of taking something that you enjoy or have a passion for and then simply telling your story.

Utilizing Instagram you can be creative, take a variety of unique photos, and share consistently.


5. Making Money As an Influencer 

The earning of money can now come into the picture as you build a following who appreciates what you have to say and the pictures in which you display in saying or talking about your passion for an item.

Companies take notice of their brands that are being displayed on Instagram and your “endorsement” of these items in trying to get people to utilize them as well.

Subsequently, these companies will pay you to share your continued posts by sponsoring you as part of their marketing strategy and increasing customers to purchase their products.

You just share what you love.

If it is a brand then mention that brand and as your following increases, companies will take notice and pay you for being an influencer.

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6. Shout Out 

Earning money on an Instagram without selling anything and also be accomplished through the process known as a “shout out.”

This process involves the use of your Instagram account and the considerable number of followers that you have.

A company or a brand will pay you money to build a high-profile account and use websites like ShoutCart.

The person or the product that you are bringing to the attention of your followers, shout out, is mentioned and you tag them on your Instagram post.

This process then continues as they will get followers because you have given them a shout-out or you have introduced them to others.

As a reward, you are paid in return.


7. Affiliate Programs 

Another way to earn money on Instagram without selling any items is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a moneymaking process in which you earn a commission by selling the products or services of other individuals.

If a link is embedded into your Instagram account and someone clicks on that link and purchases something, you receive a commission or you get paid a percentage of what that individual buys.


8. Know How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

The process and becoming an affiliate marketer is to first find a product that you wish to promote and be associated with your account.

These products or services can be found on such marketing platforms as Amazon, CJ, ShareASale, Click Bank, etc.

Once you sign up for a product a referral link is created, and you are assigned a unique identification code that is provided to every affiliate when you sign up.

Revenue is then generated as you promote the product and earn a commission when the product is sold through your link.

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9. Know the Number of Followers Needed

As a general rule of thumb, to earn money on Instagram, the range of money that you can earn per the number of followers that you have can be anywhere from $10 per 1000 followers up to $500 for every 1000 followers.

The broad range is dependent upon the niche that you have chosen to promote as well as the engagement of your followers.


10. Write Captions 

As part of the marketing of products through Instagram, there is a need for imaginative individuals who are creative and can provide writing services for the companies.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

This writing service is the involvement in the production of captions for the company’s products and providing that service without charging too much money.

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11. Make Instagram Stories 

Another service that you can render to companies for their use on Instagram is to create masks and filters.

These masks and filters are utilized to enhance a company’s products and help to not only promote them but make sales.

Some companies have internal designers who produce the filters while others will freelance out this option to individuals who are interested and have the creativity to design and create these filters and masks.



12. Be a Consultant 

If you have an above-average knowledge about Instagram and the possibilities that this social media platform can bring to an individual’s business, you can utilize that knowledge as a consultant and share it with others.

You could charge a consultancy fee to evaluate the individual’s Instagram platform, make suggestions, offer some different ways or techniques that the site might be possibly enhanced, and charge an hourly or flat fee for your services.


13. Be a Creator

A new initiative being unveiled by Facebook is its commitment to invest $1 billion in programs that allow creators of content to earn money.

One of the programs, in particular, is known as Creator Fund which allows you to earn money with your content through a variety of processes.

Those processes include

  • IGTV Ads
  • Instagram Live badges
  • Bonuses


14. IGTV Ads 

Through Instagram TV a new revenue sharing option is being made available to Instagram account holders.

This revenue will be earned from advertisements that are shown in your video.

The commitment will be to pay the individual Instagram account holder 55% of the ad revenue generated for the IGTV view.

The more views you get the greater will be your revenue earned.


15. Live Badges   

The philosophy of Instagram is not just about the published content but also takes into account the content creator and their relationship with their followers.

This was the thinking or the impetus behind creating live badges which is a feature on an individual’s Instagram account.

The live badges process works like a virtual “tip” that people can give to creators of content on their Instagram accounts during a live stream presentation.

The live badge is in the shape of a heart and can be purchased by viewers of Instagram accounts in packages that sell in the range of $.99 to $4.99.

This feature can be added to your account when you go to your profile, click professional dashboard, grow your business, and then select badges.

The badges or tips are then given to the creator of the content.


16. Bonuses 

If you are an eligible creator, you may receive a notification from Instagram to move forward and set up bonuses on the professional dashboard.

Bonuses are only available to businesses or creators and branded content is not currently eligible for these bonuses.

If you receive such a notification, go to your app, review, and accept the terms.

Once you select your country and your business type you can move forward to the payout method and follow all of the prompts to activate your bonus option.


17. Drive Traffic to Your Website 

A recent survey conducted indicated that 80% of Instagram users were made aware of new products or services.

It stands to reason then that the more people that see your brand on Instagram the better the sales potential of your products or services will be as people will check out your website.


18. Offer Exclusive Content 

Perhaps you are thinking about offering an online course and making this course available to interested participants.

You can use Instagram to market the course that you are creating and earn money as individuals register to be taught what you know.


19. Dropship Products 

A great way to start a business and sell items without the hassle of having an inventory is through dropshipping.

By starting this type of business, you can utilize several suppliers with a variety of products ranging anywhere from books, mugs, pills, t-shirts, etc.

Once you are ready to start your business, you can create a separate Instagram page that will allow you to display your products, market your site and ultimately increase sales.


20. Feature Account 

Another opportunity available with Instagram is known as feature accounts.

These accounts act as centers in which particular photos can be showcased by a variety of creators within a specific area or niche.

For example, an area of interest could be dogs and perhaps Chihuahuas in particular.

This feature account would show photos of these particular dogs.

The potential money that could be realized is that once the account has grown to a fairly decent size, you can provide spots to users who want to be part of this account and they would have to pay to do so.


21. Choose a Niche 

One of the strategies to be successful on Instagram is to choose a specific area that you are familiar with or choose a niche to focus on and provide expert involvement.

Once you have a particular niche, this will allow for a greater following and possible brand partnerships.


22. Build a Strong Following 

It is important to build a robust following.

This means not only having people follow you and commenting and like what you have posted but doing the same for others.


23. Add Tags 

Instagram is designed and created to allow for users and those that are posting to maximize the use of hashtags, tag brands, and geotags.

It is therefore important to utilize these options.


24. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket 

It is important to remember that there are many social media sites and ways that you can communicate with others and potential customers.

In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket and strictly use one over the other.

Instagram along with the other social media websites should be integrated and all of your accounts should be interconnected.


25. Link to Your Blog 

Another important tip when utilizing Instagram is to always make sure that you have a link provided back to your other sites and especially if you have a blog page.


Making Money on Instagram Without Selling Anything


What is the Most Popular Social Media Platform?

The most popular social media platform is Facebook with over 2.5 billion registered users.


How Popular is Instagram or How Many People Are Registered Users?

Answer   To date, there are over 1 billion individuals who use Instagram every month.


You Can Do It 

Instagram is a popular social media platform that can be monetized, and individuals can earn money without even really selling any product or offering any service.

By maximizing its potential and through the gathering of followers, you can earn money on an ongoing basis.



Who would have ever thought with the beginning of Instagram that the posting of pictures and videos and utilizing a variety of filters and tags would become so popular?

The reality is that there are many creative people in this world, and they can use a social media platform such as Instagram to provide content that becomes so popular that thousands of followers will eagerly wait to see what will be coming next.

Companies and marketing firms see the value of this process and leverage the popularity of these Instagram accounts to reach out to new customers to market their products and in the process provide the Instagram account holder revenue for their involvement.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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