Hay Day is a popular farm game, and it can be a good way for you to actively and easily make some serious money.

Yes, you can make money fast on Hay Day!

Instead of just few ways and tips, this article actually contains 25 powerfully effective ways and tips to help you make that possible!

These are ways to make money with hay day, the best ways to start making some cash, and without too much trouble either.


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What is Hay Day?

Hay Day is basically a farming game that lets you raise animals, plant some trees, and then you sell stuff to make money.

You may feel tempted to put money into it, but you can make money real fast with this game.


25 Ways & Tricks for Making Money Fast on Hay Day


1. Bacon and Eggs Are the Most Expensive Items Up to Level 17

If you’re someone looking to make quick money, go for bacon and eggs.

They’re simple to make, and they net you 201 coins.

This can rack up fast, and if you have it set up to make lots of money, then you’re in luck.


2. Make a Bacon Pie After Level 18

The most expensive item that you can make from the point of level 18 onwards is thew bacon pie.

If you know how to make those, you can make them, and then sell them, and you’ll be able to make some quick money real fast.


3. Consider Upgrading the Silo Storage

Some people don’t consider their silo storage, but if you want to have more space to help hold items, you’re going to want to make sure to upgrade this right away.

You can do this immediately, or down the line once you’ve until a silo in Hay Day.


4. Plant a Ton of Trees

This is something that nets you real quick money real fast.

If you don’t have the resources to make bacon and eggs, just plant a bunch of trees.

You can then, after a couple of days, get the fruits that come off of this, and then sell them to where you want to sell them.

This is very cheap at the beginning, but also be mindful that you’re going to have a bunch of dead trees, so make sure to also buy a few axes and saws with this.


5. Sell Them at the Roadside Shop

Some people may be tempted to sell with the trucks since they are orders coming in.

That’s not the way to do it.

They don’t net you the total money.

You’re missing out on huge profits early on if you do this.

So, every time an order like that shows up, just ignore it, and then sell them at the roadside shop to others, and you can sell them for the largest price.


6. Use Wheat

You can actually earn some pretty fast cash with some wheat.

Wheat is something that you can quickly plant, and ten sell.

It takes a couple of minutes to plant the wheat, and the growing is pretty quickly.

It’s definitely something that you can also make some fast cash with.


7. Get Rid of All Items BUT Wheat

But wait, doesn’t that ruin your game?

Not necessarily.

This involves you only having wheat in your inventory.

Then, when the people come to the roadside shop, they’re forced to buy the wheat if you’ve gotten rid of everything.

You then can manipulate the price and selling it however you want is a good way to make some fast money.


8. Keep the Prices Reasonable

While it might be tempting to charge an arm and a leg to your roadside shop, it’s better to keep the prices mostly reasonable.

This may be tempting if you’re someone who wants to just make a ton of cash real fast.

But an affordable price is what sells.

Even if you’re just selling wheat, people will buy it, so long as you’re not overcharging them or ripping them off.


9. Expand the Land

You’re running a farm, and the faster you expand, the faster that you’re able to plant a lot more crops.

If you have wheat on there, this is something that works swell.

You can expand your farm, just plant land, and then sell it, and people will definitely buy it.


10. Newspaper Trading

This is one that does require you to have about 5000 coins to make it happen, so you should do the farming first before you start with this.

What you want to do is you want to open this up, and then look for cheap items.

Buy them, and then resell them.

This is a very quick way to make some fast cash, but keep in mind that it’s a lot more tedious, and it does make some players feel that they have to purchase items.


11. Use Rare Items Smartly

Use rare items to make sure that you also expand the land out, do proper building upgrades, or for mining.

You shouldn’t use your rare items for anything else.

This is something that a lot of times will be a major problem, and some don’t realize it until it’s too late.

You can get all of your rare items when you plant wheat, and always put the rare items into upgrades for the best results.


12. Consider Earning Diamonds

Diamonds are something that you can actually earn whenever you’re trying to get sme fast cash on hay day.

You can earn these through different global events and achievements.

Every time you level up, you earn diamonds too, so this is an incentive for a lot of people to level up quickly too.


13. Use Boat and Truck Orders to Your Advantage

When starting out, it’s better to sell on the roadside shop.

Once you get to a certain point though, it’s better to also use the boats and trucks to your advantage.

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You can complete these orders, and from there, get some nice coinage too.

When you complete these you’ll get coins, and from there, you’ll be able to buy more items.

Don’t start out with just boat and truck orders, but once you’ve got a shop, you’ll be able to definitely start earning much faster cash.


14. Plant the Slow-growing Crops When Not Playing

If you want to make some cash when you’re not playing Hay Day, plant crops that grow slowly.

From there, you can leave, go to work, or do whatever.

When you come back, they’ll grow.

While wheat is a great beginner crop, it’s not one that’s viable after a certain point.

If you want to earn lots of cash for those building upgrades, you need to let time take its time to do what it must do.

If you’re willing to wait, this can be a great way to get some cash real fast.


15. Use Tom

Tom is basically your best friend in this.

He’s a guy who runs your errands, and you can use him to get some of those real expensive items.

You do need to get gems for you to do this.

He gives you the goodies, and then, you can sell these out.

You can also get the guy for free too, especially since he does come around often, and they do offer a Tom card that’s usable to summon him.


16. Mass Produce Expensive Items

Some people also use the trick of mass producing anything that’s super expensive, depending on the level.

While bacon and eggs is considered one of the most profitable, you can also use other items as well depending on the level.

Some profitable items are better than others.

If you’re going to do this, make sure that it’s also not going to impact your money.


17. Rose and Earnest

These are two of the best people to turn to when you’re not playing the game.

They basically are the guys who are producing everything that is made when you’re gone.

Hire these two as early as you can, have slow-going, expensive crops in there and then when you get back, you’ll be able to make some fast cash for them.

The free way is to collect gems, but they also have cards, and you can also wait to use their services.


18. Check in Frequently With Tom

Sometimes, Tom comes back fast, and sometimes he’s a bit slower.

You should have a window of about 2 hours or so if you’re going to use him.

Check back in 2 hours, grab his stuff, and then sell this directly at the roadside shop for the most expensive prices possible.

Remember he’s coming back with the nice goods, and you should definitely also be mindful of the expensive stuff depending on what level you are and sell those first.


19. Be Mindful of What You Send Tom to Get

Some people will send tom to get fruits and such early on.

While good, it’s not the best way to make money.

You should send him only after stuff that’ll make a nice profit.

You should definitely make sure that it’s worthwhile items, and not just mere fruits and berries.


20. Ignore Those Visitors

You get visitors who come to your farm that beg you to sell to them.

Know what you should do? Ignore them.

Visitors don’t actually pay the top dollar for the items that you’re selling, and most will try to nickel and dime you to selling cheaper.

You’re not getting the full profit off it.

Instead, ignore them, and sell to the roadside shop.


21. Change the Game’s Language

This is a rare hack, but it’s one that works.

Sometimes, your game will have different items depending on the language that you play in.

If you’re curious about possibly getting items that are better, you can change the language of this, and then, look at the display.

When they’re better and new, you can then buy them, and they’ll still be there when you switch back to the original language


22. Watch Some Ads

This is basically that little cinema item that appears by the mailbox.

You press it, and then, you watch a few ads.

While a bit tedious, this does get you come tickets.

You just have to watch a few ads, and then, you’ll get some cool coinage from this.


23. Say No

Some orders are just not going to be profitable to you.

There are boats and trucks which will come in, and they’ll ask for you to fulfill these orders.

You’re allowed to say no however you want to, and Hay day actually encourage you to say no sometimes.

Remember it’s okay to say no.


24. Store Excess in Silos

If you have a lot of excess wheat or coal, or even food, you can toss this into a silo.

It doesn’t go bad, so don’t be afraid to actually use these.

Lots of players will sandbag a bunch of these and then, when they need it, they’ll pull it out to sell for a mega profit.

It’s a great way to use any excess you might have.


25. Be Balanced

Some people will not look at the way the money is enhancing the experience.

What you want to do is look at every transaction and see if it does balance out the money directly with the experiences that are there.

If the item or something is worth the investment, then put it in.

But if it’s just tossing money, you’re better off doing something else with that, so play smartly.



Hay day is a fun game, and sometimes, it’s a challenge to get money in this one.

It does require a bit of time and effort to do so.

With that said, don’t be afraid to use these tips and tricks to make it possible to make money with Hay day, and you’ll see for yourself just what in the world will happen next.

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