Yes, you can really make money on Fiverr without skills, if you know what to do and tips to help you.

Thankfully reading this article will provide you with very helpful tips on exactly how and what you need to do to make money on Fiverr, even if you think you don’t have the right skills.          


Why Try to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills?

There are many ways that you can earn an income.

One of those ways is through employment where an employer hires you to do a particular job and pays you a fair wage for the completion of that job.

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Payment is made at set times during the month.

Another way that you can earn an income is by owning your own business and providing a service or a product in which an individual or company pays you when that service is provided.

As of late, and during the recent pandemic, individuals looked for other ways in which they could earn an income.

One of those ways was to become a freelancer.

A freelancer is an individual who has certain skills or talents that they can provide to companies that can be accomplished on a one-time basis or over a short interval.

As a freelancer the individual works as a self-employed and independent contractor and as such as responsible for their benefits and payment of taxes.

A freelancer is not an employee of a company.

There are many benefits to being a freelancer.

Some of those benefits include :

  • Set their schedule
  • Set their pay rate
  • Work from wherever they choose
  • Work as little or as much as they want

To accommodate the popularity of freelancing today, many online websites provide freelancing opportunities.

One of those freelancing websites is Fiverr.

In particular, let us look at this website and explore ways of making money even if you don’t have a set skill or talent.


Personal Story 

I have been involved with several freelancing apps and websites such as Upwork and Fiverr for the last 15 years.

My search on these sites is to look for writing opportunities.

Some of those writing opportunities included creative writing, search engine optimization, grant writing, etc.

The work has been consistent, and the pay was moderate and helped to pay some of our monthly bills.

Curiously, the higher-paying jobs that I took on through some of these websites had nothing to do with the talents or skills that I may possess as it relates to writing.

For example, I received payment for taking a survey that took about 15 minutes and received a payment of $30. not a lot of money but concerning my writing, it was considerably more based on the amount and the time spent in conducting the survey.

On one other occasion, I did some voice-over work that took about an hour, and I received $100.

All that to say is that there are money making opportunities on these legit websites where one does not need to have a specific talent or skill but can still earn a fairly decent amount of money for their time involvement.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills


1. Know All You Can About Fiverr 

Fiverr is an online connection service that offers freelancing opportunities.

The site allows for individuals or companies looking to hire a freelancer or for a freelancer to register and begin their search for freelancing opportunities.


2. Know All You Can About How It Works 

Both businesses and employers can create an account and when created, Fiverr will automatically label the person as a buyer account.

They then have the option of listing various work that needs to be performed by a freelancer who has registered on this site.

The jobs that need to be performed cover a broad range of opportunities.

As a registered buyer, you can purchase gigs and this is called an order.

As a buyer, you can request specific services or entertain offers by sellers.

To be a freelancer through Fiverr, you are required to set up or register your profile, and then you can begin looking for freelancing opportunities.

This searching for work is defined as a gig and the gig states that you, as a freelancer, will do something as it relates to what you can offer for a set amount of money.


3. Be Inspired 

Initially, one may think that utilizing this website can be exploited as individuals wanting to have a job done will simply utilize someone at a significantly lower rate and therefore have the job completed but take advantage of the individual wishing to do that particular order.

This may be true.

However, there are instances in which individuals have received significant amounts of money with some of those individuals earning six-figure numbers that didn’t necessarily require super-specialized skills but perhaps a small investment of tools or particular software that was useful in completing the job.

The point x I on a throne is that Fiverr is an opportunity to work as much and as hard as you want and be rewarded with income.

Working on Fiverr and other freelance websites has been significant for some and we can take this as an inspiration.


4. Know About Creating a Gig 

On Fiverr, the way to market yourself and what you are bringing to the freelancing table is the creation of a gig.

A gig can be defined as a particular service that you can offer to potential employees through this site.

It is a reflection of the talents and skills that you bring to fires on the site.

To learn more about creating your gate and you can click here.


5. Know About the Fees 

The fees associated with Fiverr revolve around the gigs that are created.

Placement of a gig requires a minimum bid of five dollars but you can always amend your rates.

As a freelancer, you can offer three different packages that reflect different rates.

Those three separate packages are defined as :

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

It is also important to remember that when considering your fees the website takes 20% off of any money that you receive as part of their commission in making a freelance opportunity available.


6. Know About Profile Pictures 

Another important part of obtaining freelance opportunities is to have a quality profile listed on the site.

Your profile should be written in simple terms and not necessarily use impressive vocabulary.

It is also important to remember not to have any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Also, your profile allows you to upload a picture.

You want the picture to be professional-looking as possible and not have any clothing depicted that can be deemed as controversial.


7. Create the Right Profile 

Your profile should include a short introduction of yourself and who and what you are capable of doing, any relevant experience to the services that you are providing, a listing of any certification and educational degrees received that are pertinent to the services that you provide, and encourage the buyers to reach out to you.


8. Beta Reading 

A specific way in which you can earn money on Fiverr without a specialized skillset is by being a proofreader.

Being a proofreader or a beta reader is an individual who will take a document read the content and proofread and edit the document and when completed submit it for payment.

This is a good opportunity for an individual who likes to read and yet still has a density for capturing errors within the document.

The reality is that this is one of the best freelancing jobs because it doesn’t require any skills beyond those capabilities of being able to read and communicate with others.


9. Social Media 

If you enjoy social media and take an active interest in reading and participating in these platforms, there is there are freelancing opportunities for you as it relates to social media sharing.

You can be an influencer for buyers who are looking for an individual with a strong social media presence.

All that is required to participate in this freelancing opportunity is the enjoyment of social media, a significant number of followers, and the commitment to spreading someone else’s message as it relates to business products or marketing.



10. Spokesperson 

Another freelancing opportunity that presents itself frequently on Fiverr is the opportunity to be a spokesperson.

This job does not require a specific skill set or talent but just the confidence of speaking in front of the camera.

Often, the job requires an individual who appears friendly, has a good voice, a great smile, and is comfortable standing in front of the camera.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

To accomplish this freelancing opportunity, one would need a camera or a good smartphone, the use of a tripod, and the willingness to record and disperse messages on behalf of people or companies.

Interestingly, the average spokesperson within the United States makes approximately $75,000 a year.


11. Testimonials 

Another gig that is popular and is often offered on this website is the providing of video testimonials.

A video testimonial is an opportunity for a customer to give positive feedback on a variety of products or services.

When this testimonial is captured on video it engages the other potential customers more powerfully.

To satisfy the requirements of this gig it would take a nice smile, happy facial features, convoys, and enthusiasm about a product or service that you’re helping to get other individuals to purchase because of your words.


12. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is that opportunity when the link is on the individual’s blog or other social media platforms and when followers or individuals come across your site and click on that link and purchase the item, you receive money back.

These opportunities are available on Fiverr and only require that the individual allow the different companies to place the link on your site.

Often, you are given a special code or a specific link that you can share with other people to track the percentage of sales that you will receive.


13. Tag Lines 

A tagline is used by marketing individuals to help sell their products.

It can also be defined as a slogan and is often utilized when a product is promoted and then a short sentence is shared with the listener about the product that hopefully is witty, catchy, and will stick with the individual when they hear the tagline.

Providing this service does not require a set skill or talent and just can be provided with an individual’s imagination and a little time devoted to thinking about hypothetical slogans or taglines.

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14. Collages 

A collage is a group of photographs that are all combined with possibly a theme or perhaps just several family members together.

An individual that takes on this freelance opportunity will put together a collage or a photo book for the individual employing their services.

Two complete this job does not require any specific skills or the use of any special tools or software.

Having said all that one could always use a free software program such as


15. Videos 

Downloading videos is another freelance opportunity provided through Fiverr in which individuals want to save copies of videos that have been produced.

You can provide the service, at a cost, by utilizing a free download program that allows us to happen.

Often these individuals don’t have the time or the skills necessary to accomplish this action.

One such program can be downloaded from


16. Write Comments 

Writing comments is another way that you can get paid through Fiverr and doesn’t require a polished writing talent or skill.

The comments will be posted on social media sites, blogs, and other social platforms.

The job involves the writing of comments to help provide endorsement to a brand, credibility to a page, or make a positive statement about a product or service.


17. Data Entry 

Data entry is a straightforward job that is often available through Fiverr and simply involves the accurate recording of data into software programs.

Some of the software programs could be Microsoft Excel or Word.

No special skills are required just attention to detail and the ability to type.


18. Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant is an individual that works remotely and performs office duties as would an individual within an office setting.

The position does not require any specialized skill and often, the job description involves keeping people’s schedules, and answer emails, possibly phone calls, making travel arrangements, and perhaps a little bookkeeping work.


19. Subtitles 

The typing out of subtitles for a project requires the ability of the individual to be able to listen intently to what is being said and then type out the words or transcribe the words into a document.

Also, to help in this process, are services that are provided at no charge through YouTube and Facebook which create automatic subtitles when you upload a video.

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20. Travel 

Another opportunity to earn freelance money through Fiverr is to help individuals with their travel plans.

The only criteria would be that you would enjoy planning excursions and have a personality that enjoys being detailed.

This particular service can be provided to a buyer as it relates to making travel arrangements locally or international destinations and finding the best places to lodge, acquiring airfare, etc.


21. Software Testing 

A freelance opportunity that doesn’t take any special skills or talents is to test software for companies and get paid.

These companies want to test out websites as it relates to user-friendliness, various apps, software, and other technology.

Utilizing Fiverr you can post a gig indicating your willingness to provide this software testing service and if accepted, the buyers will provide instructions on how to proceed.


22. Phone Calls 

An in-demand freelance employment opportunity is to make calls to individuals that you do not know.

With these calls you are representing a variety of companies or distribution services and the intent is to engage the individual on the other end of the phone line and either sell something or ask for feedback.

No specific skill or talent is required except the ability to not be intimidated through this cold calling process.


23. Transcription 

Many companies need individuals who can type accurately.

The audio that is presented to them is typed and incorporated into a word processing document.

No special skills or talents are needed except the ability to type accurately what is being spoken.

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24. Surveys 

An employment opportunity that may present itself is a company or a marketing firm looking for someone to be involved in a survey.

Sometimes they will go to a freelancing website and ask an individual who has posted a gig about taking surveys to conduct or be involved in such a process.

Often these money making surveys are easy to complete and have questions in which the individual is asked to select the answer that they are most in agreement with.


25. Voice Over 

A natural ability that you may have and is sometimes in demand is the use of your voice.

Sometimes, new software is being rolled out and the production company wants a variety of individuals to speak certain words to capture their intonation and dialect to get the best response for the software’s use.

Also, some freelance opportunities involve the use of a unique voice to provide a certain accent, tone, gender, etc.

Taking such a gig does not require any special training or talent.

Just the utilization of your natural voice.

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Making Money on Fiverr Without Skills FAQs


How Many Registered Sellers Are on the Fiverr Website?

According to, there are 830,000 freelancers registered on this site.


How Much Does the Average Freelancer Make in a Month on Fiverr?

According to Priceeanomics, the sellers on Fiverr make less than $100 a month.


You Can Do It 

Freelancing is a great opportunity for an individual to earn money on their terms by setting their schedule and being as aggressive or not aggressive as they want.

Fiverr is a platform that can be fully utilized for you to make your freelancing productive and help earn money.



There are many freelancing opportunities available on a variety of freelancing websites.

One of those websites is Fiverr which is a bit unique in the way that the buyer and seller interact.

The reality is that there are many specialized freelancing opportunities available and just as many if not more freelance opportunities that don’t require a special skill or talent.

For the most part, money can be earned and it’s not whether you have the skills or talents but whether you have the determination and drive to earn freelance money.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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