Betway is a very popular online gambling platform that allows you to make online betting matches.

What’s the best way to make money?

While it does require you to also place bets and make smart decisions, there’s a few things you can do to make this easier.

Here are 25 tips and ways to make money on Betway, especially if you’re new to betting.


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25 Easy Ways to Make Money With Betway

Here are 25 different ways to make Betway bets worth it.


1. Do Sports Betting

This is the best location to start, since sports betting is usually the easiest to work with.

Tons of people like to do sports betting because it’s pretty easy.

Most people can learn the game before they make bets.

Soccer, football, or whatever sports betting you decide to do are all valid options.


2. Consider Poker if You’re Good With This

This is something to look at only if you know what you’re doing.

Not everyone is good at poker, but poker is also a game that lets you win big on Betway.

The best ones to choose are usually the easy ones, but the list below is what you should consider

  • Lucky 5
  • Lucky 6
  • Lucky 7
  • Regular poker


3. You Won’t Win Every Bat

But the thing is, you absolutely don’t have to.

You just have to win enough to make it in the black with Betway.

You can try different bets, and some may work, some may not work.

You’re not going to win every single one, but you can win many of them, and that of course, will put you directly on the winning pathway.


4. Make Sure to Sign Up

Obviously, you need to sign up for Betway to use it.

You want to make sure that you do log in and sign up here before you begin.

Signing up before you place bets will help you get to them faster and make different bets that actually offer wins too.


5. Be Mindful of Match Selection

Some of the matches that you’ll see on Betway may be smart decisions, others not so much.

Some matches, including home and away matches, are located on the page.

When choosing teams, you want to make sure that you choose whether it’s a home game or an away game.

This is important, because it could impact how you choose matches.

If you’re someone who struggles with making correct matches, always make sure it’s for the right game, and the right team.


6. Know How They’re Mentioned

Similar to being mindful of the match selections, home will be the first type of team that’s mentioned, and away is the second one that’ll be mentioned directly within the app.

Make sure that you read these correctly, as you may end up betting for the wrong team.

Make sure before you bet, you double check it, and make sure that you’re betting correctly. The team matters, but how it’s listed will help you as well.


7. Favorite/Winning

This is something that a lot of people don’t realize.

Betway is always going to put the favorited team there but that doesn’t mean you have to bet like this.

Instead, you should bet based on the knowledge that you have, and if you know that a team does better against a certain team, you can adjust your bets as needed.

The cool thing is, when it’s not favorited, you can always win more!


8. Please Do Your Research Before a Bett

This is obvious, but if you’re going to put any money on a bet when you’re betting on Betway, it’s best to have an idea of what you’re going to be working with.

You should know beforehand if the predictions are correct.

Look at the history of the team, current stats, and from there, gather the information. From there, you can choose what you want to do with this.


9. Stay Updated

Many players change, especially with how long they’ve been in the league, any injuries, or differences with trading.

Sometimes, equipment, or even the location of the game can affect how they play.

If they recently experienced some mental trauma, it also may impact the way that they play.

This is important, since it can impact how well bets go.


10. Don’t Just go for Best Batting Average

When betting on baseball, one thing people do is they think that they should go for the person with the highest batting average.

But this is an average.

You should put your bets on those who are consistent.

Just because they have a high average doesn’t mean they’re going to do well particularly.


11. Try Live Betting

Live betting is a better place to start when you begin to do betting on Betway.

This offers you a chance to make predictions better, and you see how the coin tosses, which is made by the person who wins.

A lot of games are played like this, including football and cricket.

This means that the winner in the toss is the one that passes during the first bet, and it usually means that they’re trying to intimidate, so make sure you have the correct strategy in place.


12. Don’t Follow Your Heart

If you’re always placing your bets based on what the heart thinks, you’re going to have a bad time.

While you want the team that you root for to do well, you should also be a realist when placing bets on Betway.

This also can impact the odds, so keep that in mind when you’re trying to do this.


13. Try to Stake

This is something that you should always make sure that you keep.

You should stake and bet when you can, and if you go away from this type of betting, that’s when trouble happens.

You should also stick to the same staking, and don’t try to change things up.

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If you start to follow your losses, you’re going to end up with, well, losses.

Be mindful of this.


14. Determine Beforehand When You’re Betting

A big thing about this is managing money.

If you manage the money and figure out beforehand how much you’re willing to risk, this reduces the chances of bets going awry.

You should also try to look at possibly betting on multiple people.

It’s a valid strategy, you can win from this alone.


15. Don’t Get Emotional

Emotions are dangerous in the realm of betting, and on Betway, that’s no exception.

You shouldn’t just run around and celebrate with each win or think that it’s the end of the world with every single loss.

Instead, you should keep your head cool, and go to the next kind of bet that you can.

Lots of people struggle with this, as it can be a major problem early on.

But if you learn to maintain coolness and composure, you’re going to do a whole lot better.


16. Work With What You Know Best

People who are successful on Betway don’t just chase those bets that are weird or strange.

What they do is stick with what’s correct for them.

Remember, there are tons of various options, and you should also work with the types of bets that you know you can pull off.

Know your worth, but also know what you’re going to be staking in beforehand.


17. Consider Self Half Bets

Second half bets are actually great if you think you messed up.

While the first half may not be in your best interest, what some people do is look to second half bets.

This is better for those who would like to make some money back.

While it won’t give you everything, it’s still a valid option.


18. Try Matched Bets

A lot of people will actually do matched bets too.

This is where you can match with others and is a good option if you think you’ve done this wrong.

Matched bets also reduce the possible losses that occur with this too.

Lots of beginner better swill utilize matched bets.


19. Get a Little Adventurous Switch Bets

That isn’t to say, chase losses, but if you know that it’s a possible good bet to go for them against certain teams because they play well against it, don’t take it.

The odds will be lower, and you’re basically betting on the odds that the other team will lose.

This also appreciates the wins by a lot, which is something that you want to do when you’re choosing bets with Betway.


20. Place It Only When Certain

When betting, don’t immediately bet and assume if you wait, you’re going to lose.

You should instead place these with the intent that if you do it, it’ll pay for itself.

It’s better to wait for better opportunities than to place bets where it won’t work.


21. Bet on Favorite to Win

This is better than underdog.

This is based off the plus-minus system, and you’re going to get the same amounts whatever way possible.

This also will help too if you know that the over-under scores are kind of close.

Lots of people actually do well with matched betting that’s done like this, and less on inconsistent betting.


22. Learn the Sport You Bet on

If you’re not good at sports betting, learn it.

Take some time to get familiarized with the sports betting that’s out there.

Get familiar with each of the games, and learn it based off what the internet says, magazines, books, or whatever is out there.

Learning sports will help you early on, and you’ll be able to get the information that’s there.


23. Don’t Just Bet on Home Teams

If you’re someone that always bets on the home team, tha’ts going to be a problem.

That’s because you’re just betting on biases.

While the home team may have a higher chance of winning, that isn’t totally guaranteed.

You want to look at the team that is consistent, and look at the way they perform, and less from the location of where they are currently, and their rankings.

Remember home field may be an advantage, but that may not apply to all teams, so be mindful when making home team bets.


24. Don’t Go With Away Odds

While there is a chance that you can make some money, you should be mindful of the away odds bets, and you should also look at whether or not you can make money.

Some people make the time when there is an away game, and while they may have a chance, be mindful of the bets.

Away bets aren’t going to net you money likely, and it’s not as consistent.


25. Betting With a 9/10 Probability

Finally, there is a way that you can bet with a 9/10 probability on Betway.

The first thing is you want to figure out the match to place a bet on.

Then, look to see if it’s flat.

That’s code word for there is no favorite.

You can then choose a singular team, and from there, place the bet.

Halfway through the match completion, and if the rate is able to different, you should place this next on another team.

This means that you place bets on each side, under the specific condition that you either draw or win.

You can apply this directly to the favorited team as well.

Of course, you want to make sur that the match rate is correct before betting, but this is a surefire way to win.

Lots of people do benefit from this type of playing, and it can help you ensure that you get the most out of this as well.



When playing on Betway, learning sports betting can take a while.

But when you learn it correctly, you’ll be able to be much more successful.

So go out there, do some sports betting, and see the results of this today! You’ll be glad that you did.

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