Bamboo is an investment app that’s great for investing in many different sectors.

Whether you’re investing in stocks, ETFs, or in crypto, they have you covered.

Here are some ways to make money on Bamboo, and tips to help you with investing correctly using this app.


25 Legit Ways & Tips to Make Money on Bamboo App

You can invest as large or as little as you desire into this app, so you don’t have to totally go all-in.

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Here are 25 amazing ways to get started with investments on Bamboo.


1. Make Sure You’re in a Place That Offers This

While this app is usually used in Africa and Australia, it is coming to the US.

If you’re in California, Illinois, Missouri, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Montana, a new Hampshire, and Texas, you can get early access to using this site.

Before you begin, make sure that you’re able to use this site, and you can sign up for this.


2. Have a Phone That Uses This

If you’re looking to actually start using this, you need to have some kind of smartphone.

Android and iOS devices can use this app, so make sure that you have one or the other when you’re going to use this service.


3. Register

You do need to register an account.

In order to actually start trading, you need to provide the following:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Phone number
  • Email address


4. Verify Your Identity

If you’re going to use Bamboo, you need to verify this, and make sure that your ID and bank account numbers and national ID number are correct for using it.

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5. Fund It

The only way for you to start investing is if you’re able to fund the wallet.

You should make sure that the currency cards are able to be converted in this case, and make sure that all funding is in place before you start to invest with Bamboo.


6. Consider Using Barter

Some people who use this may pay through Barter, which is a type of borderless payment that you can use.

Barter lets you create virtual money that works everywhere, and it’s a good way if your current money is unable to fund this.

You can only do this if you have a flutter wave account though, so make sure that you can do this before you’re able to transfer that money.


7. USD to Naira Conversion

One thing to keep in mind, is that if you’re going to be transferring from USD to naira, the amount does change.

Bamboo does allow Naira transfers, and if you use USD accounts, it accepts these too.

The conversions do vary, and it might take a bit longer, but do be mindful of how much you’re putting in, since it will impact how much you have within your account.


8. Wait a Bit

The waiting game is a part of this.

While it isn’t long, it’s usually about 1-2 business days before you’re allowed to start investing.

However, depending on the method, it could be shorter.

If you’re signing up and funding with Naira for example, since it is a Nigerian company, you’ll be able to get started faster.

For USD users, this will take a bit longer.

Barter doesn’t take all that long.


9. Be Mindful of the Withdrawals

This is mostly applicable to Naira and USD users, but if you plant to deposit to naira, you’ll only be able to withdraw to an account that’s in naira.

The same will happen with USD payment options, and if you want to withdraw, it will only be able to be done in USD.

Keep this in mind if you work in both types of currency, as this will impact the way you do this.


10. Search for Stocks

Some people have certain stocks that are worth investing in.

You should do your research, and make sure that the stock is actually worth investing in.

Tap on them and read the detail page if you plant to sell with this.

You can choose how you want to buy when the time is done but searching and looking for stocks that are worth investing, is worth it.



11. You Can Wait to Buy

One thing that Bamboo does different than others, is that you can wait to buy.

You have the option to buy right away, but you can also buy when the price increases, or decreases.

You can choose when you want to purchase all of this, and from there, you can choose when you want to make a move.

This is good for stocks you believe will go down in price, because you can buy and then wait for it to increase.  Obviously, the market is a bit volatile, so be mindful of this.


12. The Buyer Transactions

Another thing that’s different with Bamboo, is that if you do buy after hours, when the market closes up, you technically will not have this execute until it opens up the next day.

This will impact the price.

If it goes up during the night, you will have to pay the price that it opens at.

It’s important that if you try to pay for this, you also make sure that you do this when the market is opened up, and also, be mindful of this as well.


13. Consider Factions

One thing that a lot of people actually can invest in, is all of the different companies it isn’t just US or African companies, but there are also mutual funds, ETFs, and the like.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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There’s a ton of great options for those who are new to investing, so don’t be afraid to get your feet wet and consider the investing in other stocks.

If you’re not a fan of buying and selling stocks, then use this in order to buy ETFs and mutual funds.


14. They Offer the Basics for Investing

If you’re someone who is brand new to the process of investing, you’re not alone.

When you’re buying and selling stock, Bamboo teaches the person directly the way to invest.

This is great for newbies to the stock market, who aren’t sure whether or not they can do this.

For those brand new and unable to really know the ins and out of it, including what’s a good deal, this is a good way to learn the ropes.

Lots of people begin investing afterwards, and there is no shame in making sure you understand the game before partaking in it.


15. Use a BVN

A BVN will help you verify it, and if you’re someone who is struggling to get noticed, you should utilize a BVN.

The BVN is something that’s unique to people, and Bamboo will not share this, so if you’re hesitant upon getting that or using it, this is a way to prevent those worries from plaguing you too much.


16. It’s Not Like Other Places

There are some places where you can put in one amount and then get double.

Bamboo isn’t like that.

The value of this is based on how good or bad a company is doing, and you can figure out whether a company is worth investing in by going to the resources section.

Do your research before investing, since it will help you do well with Bamboo.


17. Consider Stock Gifting

Some people like to gift stocks to others, and the cool thing about this, is that you can gift it to just about anyone.

You can give it to practically anyone who uses the app.

Provided they’ve signed up; you can use this.

Lots of people like this, as it can help you with improving your chances of a stock increasing, and plus, it’s a good way to give people more money.


18. You Can Go for Low Startup Investments

Some companies are low in startups, and if you’re looking to invest in US firms that are potentially worth investing, you can.

You do need to make sure that you also track the investments and maintain a good eye on them.

This is because, if there are different possibilities of what might happen, and it’ll let you make the right changes for the investments that are at hand there.


19. Know that Every Investment is Risky

This works with practically any sort of investment activity, but whatever you invest in, know the risk.

The investments on Bamboo can be risky, so make sure that you look at the risk.

The stocks on here to do change and are volatile, and the value of this does change a lot, so you might get less from the investment initially.


20. Look at Interest Rates

Interest rates on stocks are another thing as well.

Some of them are higher than others.

Every corporation is different, which is why, if you plan to invest, make sure that the interest rates are worthwhile, and if the company looks like they’re growing and are worth it, know that the payout will definitely be worth it in the long run.


21. Use ETFs For Quick Diversifying

This applies to all stocks and trading, but ETFs are great for diversifying the stock.

If you’re not sure of the stocks that you feel like buying, you should look at the index.

The S&P 500 for example, tracks many of the ETFs and a lot of the economy in the US.

From there, you can choose whether you want to invest in something, and it will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Plus, Bamboo helps those who are starting out by giving them management tips as well.


22. Integrate the Application

Some people like Bamboo because you can integrate the application and build it as well to other products to help with trading.

If you have a trading platform, or want to use other tools provided by Bamboo, this is a great way to do it.

If you’re the one managing the stocks and clients on Bamboo, you can also crate reports based on the trades of this with the application capabilities of this.


23. The Returns Are Fixed

Bamboo offers fixed returns.

Basically, it’s a very fixed sort of investment that gives you returns up to 8% every single year.

If you want to diversify the portfolio and also help you get cash without doing much, tis is the way to do it.

This is great as well if you know that a company isn’t going anywhere, and you want to invest money, let it sit, and then grow, it helps to do just that.

Portfolio diversifying is one of the key factors of Bamboo, so making sure you have this isn’t just a suggestion, it’s vital to your success.


24. Selling Stocks Effectively

Some stocks are ready to be sold, and you can sell these at any time.

You basically go to the stock and check out the information.

You can then sell, choose the option to sell, and then review and confirm.

If you do this when the market is not open, the next day the transaction will go through, so be mindful of that.


25. Check the Stock Watchlist

There is a Watchlist option on Bamboo you can use.

This is a feature that offers users a chance to watch stocks closely.

If you’re looking to buy a stock, then you can check this, monitor the way that they’re moving, and then choose whether you’d like to sell the stock, or buy it.

You can add as many stocks as you want, but usually having a few on the radar is a good way to ensure that the transactions aren’t missed.



Bamboo is a great app for learning about stocks and is a great way for Nigerians to start buying and selling stocks.

While it is expanding to different areas, this is a great app that’ll help you with ensuring that you don’t miss out on any important stocks.

If you’ve ever wanted to invest, start today, and try out the Bamboo app to see if it’s right for you.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE