If you to know how to make money off your land, this comprehensive and informative article is really going to help.

It reveals as many as 15 powerful ways and tips to help you make money off your land.


Why Try to Make Money Off Your Land?

Why not, right?

Especially when it’s indeed possible and easy, as you will see from reading the rest of this article.

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Seriously though…

From the food that we eat to the clothes that we wear to just about everything that touches our lives all have one thing in common. The common denominator is that these products and necessities of life are derived from the ground or land.

Nations would set sail, armies would march to war and explorers would venture out to find new land to claim.

Today, the value of land has only increased as it seems that the world is diminishing in size.

Therefore, if an individual owns the land, they can consider themselves as truly blessed as it would appear that they own the ultimate asset.

And so, if a landowner, what are the best uses of that asset to preserve the land and still capitalize on its value?

I once lived in a home owned by the church. It was a modest home, but it was comfortable and we were blessed.

However, in the back of the home, was an undeveloped plot of land. We called it the back 40, and it was overgrown with shrubs, weeds, etc.

Trying to be good stewards, my wife planted a garden, and I took to the hand-pushed lawnmower to clear the area.

Most saw the land as an out-of-control nightmare of land gone wild. I saw it as an opportunity for youth groups to congregate and play volleyball and other such outdoor activities.

Assets always have the potential for a good return either financially or in lives touched.


15 Best Ways to Make Money Off Your Land that Work


1. Community Garden

Many individuals are realizing the importance of getting back to literally and figuratively in getting back to their roots.

In doing so, many individuals realize the importance of eating foods that are organic and are not grown utilizing herbicides or pesticides.

Consequently, individuals are looking for land that they can utilize to cultivate their gardens.

Being a landowner, therefore, creates the opportunity for the individual to utilize their asset and rent out portions of their land for these community gardens.

Another added benefit of creating community gardens is that individuals can raise their crops for their personal use as well as helping to stock local food banks.

The foods cultivated and harvested can be given to those underserved individuals and families whose budget or situation does not allow them to have access to this nutritional food.


2. Beehive

Having land presents another opportunity for an individual to generate income by setting up beehives on their land or allowing others to rent hives for this purpose.

Of course, beehives are important to the agricultural industry in enhancing the cross-pollination process.

Another money-raising opportunity, in addition to providing beehives for use in agriculture, is that the creation of beehives can be an educational opportunity to teach others to do this sort of activity on their own.

Therefore, the hives that are created on an individual’s land can be an opportunity to provide instruction for others on generating their beehive.

The entire process can then generate additional revenue off of the land that the owner provides for this purpose.

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3. Make Honey

In addition to utilizing the beehives for the cross-pollination process, hives can be set up to produce honey.

This honey can be harvested and marketed to various grocery outlets or individual buyers for profit.


4. Sell Plants and Flowers

An activity that resonates with many individuals, especially those who enjoy plants and flowers, is to plant a variety of these favorites.

A certain portion of the land can be set aside for the seeds to be planted and cultivated.

Once the plants and flowers have taken root or are blossoming, they can be harvested and sold to greenhouses, or offered for sale at various farmers’ markets that may be held throughout the community.


5. Raise Chickens

People realize the importance of eggs and chickens that are defined as being range-free.

The individual owning the land could gather these eggs and sell them to various grocery stores, by the roadside, or at farmers’ markets.


6. Grow Fruit

Another optimum way to utilize land is to grow various types of fruit.

Depending upon the climate and where the land is situated, a variety of fruits and nuts can be grown and harvested.

Individuals and grocery stores are always looking for fresh produce and these harvested fruits and nuts can be sold to individuals or grocery stores.


7. Herbs

Restaurants, individuals, and other food providers often are in the market for various herbs to enhance their food.

Consequently, creating a herb garden would be a popular product to provide to one’s community as well as allowing the individual landowner to create a profitable income off of their efforts.

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8. Rent for Garden Growing

Sometimes, individuals need to downsize their homes.

This can be based on a variety of reasons ranging from being empty-nesters to affordability to simply wishing to live a simpler lifestyle.

It stands to reason, that some of these individuals who downsize also lose any land that their home may be residing on.

Consequently, an individual who loves gardening but does not have land to garden on would be still wishing to fulfill that passion.

If an individual has land then perhaps a gardening opportunity can be afforded to individuals wishing to garden.

They could rent out different size plots on the land that would be strictly theirs to garden as they wish.

Some of those particular gardening options would include the planting of flowers, plants, or a garden.


9. Rent to RVer’s

Storage space for individuals who own a recreational vehicle is often a challenge to find.

An individual who owns land can utilize their land for RVers to store their recreational vehicles.

The landowner can either build storage facilities for the renter to keep their RV or just provide the open land.

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This will allow the recreational vehicle owner a place to store their unit and protect it from the element.

The landowner would charge a monthly rental fee for the use of his or her land in this way.

As an added benefit they could include security through an installed security system or have an onsite presence.


10. Hunting

Many individuals who live in the city still enjoy the hobby and pleasure of hunting.

If a landowner has land that is conducive to hunting, they can rent out particular areas of their land to those who enjoy the sport.

It is important to note as well, that there are a variety of hunting seasons that are indulged in throughout the year.

Some of those reasons could include pheasant hunting, duck hunting, deer hunting, etc.

Additionally, there are different seasons set aside for ways in which a hunter hunts.

For example, some hunters choose to use a bow and arrow while some hunters choose to use a firearm of some sort.

Consequently, this could be a multi-seasonal revenue-generating enterprise for the landowner.

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How to Make Money Off Your Land


11. Special Events

There are a variety of special occasions that we celebrated in life.

People are always looking for unique venues to host their celebrations.

In addition to the uniqueness that they are looking for, they are looking for opportunities that are more affordable and offer a venue for a broad range of activities.

Therefore, as a landowner, you may have a barn or storage area that would be just the venue that a wedding, anniversary, or other celebration is looking for.

Specifically, the celebration would bring in their caterers, chairs, tables, etc. All that the landowner would need to do is provide the venue.

This could be a good opportunity to raise or charge a rental fee for their use.


12. Petting Zoo

If the land is a working farm, an opportunity that might avail itself to the landowner is to operate a petting zoo.

Parents are always looking for quality educational opportunities for their children to learn and grow.

A petting zoo of farm animals would be just that perfect opportunity for the parents and family to have a day outing and enjoy farm life.

They would be able to touch the animals that are part of the farm.


13. Raise Goats

In our current climate environment, land management is always looking for an opportunity to get rid of vegetation that is a prime source of wildfires.

The landowner can seize the opportunity to raise goats and rent those goats out to land management bureaus to control the overgrown vegetation.

This would not only help the landowner to raise some additional revenue but help to minimize wildfires in the area.


14. Outdoor Shooting Range

There are quite a few Americans that enjoy owning a firearm and teaching family members about respect for firearms and training them in the proper use.

A good opportunity to capitalize on some Americans’ love for guns is to operate a shooting range.

Being in the outdoors would be a prime opportunity for gun owners to enjoy practicing and teaching about firearm safety as well as being outside in the elements.

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15. Storage

Utilizing land as a storage facility would be a good moneymaking opportunity for a landowner.

A simple structure can be erected on the land at a minimal cost. The storage building could be individualized and provided and built with different dimensions of storage space.

Most people, have an accumulation of an abundance of things and are always looking for places to store their items.

By building a storage unit, the perfect match would be provided. That match being storage units for individuals who have an abundance of items to be stored.

This would be a good revenue-generating use of the land with little involvement.


Make Money off Your Land FAQs


What if I Have a Home on the Land?

If an individual has a home on the property and resides in that home, a possible opportunity that may present itself to make money off of one’s land is to turn the home into a bed and breakfast.

People are always looking for unique and quaint ways to reconnect with the earth and enjoy a time of getting away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Through a bed-and-breakfast on one’s land, this would be a perfect opportunity to attract those types of customers who are looking for countryside living opportunities for a few days.

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What Are Some Fun Things to Allow to Happen on One’s Land for Money?

In addition, to operating a petting zoo, several other fun things can occur on your land that people and families will pay to allow you to make happen.

Some examples of fun activities on one’s land would be to allow others to take a walk on your property, make a scarecrow, if materials are available, use your land as a backdrop for the family Christmas card, have a pumpkin patch, or have a drive-in type experience for families.


You Can Do It

There are many assets that an individual can own or possess as part of their portfolio.

These assets are valuable just simply because they are worth money, and they stand alone in their value and worth.

Additionally, some assets can be utilized to realize increased revenue or opportunities to generate additional money.

Examples would be the use of one’s asset to generate additional revenue would be the use of one’s car, their asset, in delivering for various delivering services.

Or, an individual can use the asset of money and invest in the stock market and hopefully get a return on their investment.

Another prime example of utilizing an asset for a good return is to utilize various moneymaking opportunities off of one’s land.

It is important to remember that having an asset is valuable but putting that asset into income revenue-generating mode is optimal.



The possible uses of utilizing one’s land have wonderful opportunities in generating additional revenue.

In addition to being a revenue-generating opportunity, the use of land afforded to others can be a significant memory and experience in their lives as well.

It can be argued that the greatest asset that an individual can have is the ownership of land.

Now it’s time to plant your revenue-generating flag on your land and utilize this asset to its fullest.

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