If you want to know how to make money knitting, this article will be very helpful.

It shows how making money knitting works and the best sources and companies that help.


There’s More to Knitting than Meets the Needle

For many, the word and imagery that the mind creates when needles are talked about can range anywhere from a negative response to a positive response.

So often, when we think about needles we think about laboratory tests.

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The scenario played out in the lab, is when the technician will produce what seems like an extraordinary long needle, apply a tourniquet to the upper arm and then start feeling for a vein.

They will then proceed to inject the needle into the vein and draw out blood.

On the other hand, needles can have a positive connotation in that often medications that we receive in the hospital are infused into our body through a needle.

This is a good thing as often the medicine that is prescribed by the doctor and medical staff aids in our healing process.

On the other hand, a more passive image may cross our minds as we think about that person in the rocking chair in the corner of their room and using knitting needles to fashion together pieces of yarn to create a sweater, pair of socks, scarf, etc.


Importance of Knitting

Knitting is an ancient art.

Those who have delved into the origins of knitting have indicated that the oldest garments that were knitted together date back to the nation of Egypt between the years of 500 A.D. and 1200 A.D.

The articles that were found in ancient tombs and were knitted were a pair of socks.

Knitting from that time forward has been an important part of a family’s personal life and also has spilled over into the commercial setting.

They were and are an important part of commerce and the trade industry.

Eventually, the Industrial Revolution took the place of knitting needles as large knitting machines were invented and modernized the knitting process.

Today knitting is still popular and many people, as a hobby, still utilize the personal knitting needles to create various woven garments woven together.

Also, today, personalized knitting machines have become recently popularized and are available for the individual who wishes to fast-track the knitting process.


Making Money Knitting – My Personal Story

Growing up in a household of 3 sisters and a mother who each enjoyed knitting I was the beneficiary of many nicely woven woolen articles of clothing.

However, at the time, I didn’t fully appreciate wearing woolen socks to school as these socks with patterns were not considered cool.

On the other hand, the wearing of a knitted sweater with a hockey player patterned on the back of the woolen sweater was greatly appreciated.

Not only did I enjoy the game of hockey but the sweater kept me warm during those cold, cold Wisconsin days.


10 Best Sources that Help You Make Money Knitting

Business “Knitch”


1. Etsy 

Etsy is the very popular online marketplace that is similar to Amazon but mainly for handmade products.

The beauty of this website is that it is a place where potential customers can browse items that are created by independent artists and individuals who have created a crafted product.

In essence, it is like a craft fair where individuals can “walk-around” without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Some of the featured items on this website include handcrafted jewelry, clothing, items associated with the holidays, skillfully crafted toys, etc.

The benefits of shopping this website include not only the purchasing of quality made products but reducing the costs of significant overhead.

This overhead reduction is realized because the business model of this website is that the customer buys directly from the creator of the item.

In addition to potentially finding a quality item at a bargain price, it promotes small businesses and independent business owners.

Specific information on listing and selling items on this website can be found at here on Etsy.

Check out the following for more tips on selling on Etsy:


2. Ravelry

Ravelry is a website that is devoted to everything about knitting. Specifically, it is a website designed around knitters, spinners, weavers, dyers, and crocheters.

The site boasts over 9,000,000 members and provides different opportunities for knitters to gather together in virtual spaces to talk about knitting-related issues.

Some of those topics could include various knitting patterns, projects, local events that are happening and even allows for the deviation from the participants to talk about other subjects.

Obviously, through the course of discussions and insights, there can be many takeaways from this online involvement.

The generation of new ideas, the sharing of creative projects, questions about knitting and patterns, etc. can all be part of the community interaction on this website devoted to knitting.

Of course, the benefit to an individual wishing to make money can be subtly accomplished by talking about patterns and giving creative ideas.

Also, one can make money by selling any developed patterns through this website. There is a small fee associated with this privilege and is generally facilitated through PayPal.

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3. Facebook

Never underestimate the power of social media, especially with the power of social media like Facebook.

Therefore, a way that an individual can earn money associated with pattern development or crafts or knitted crafts that they have created is by utilizing Facebook.

By going to Facebook, a page devoted to either your knitting business or you as an experienced knitter can be created.

On the Facebook page, you can post various videos or make written narrative entries that talk about your knitting process, a special pattern that you may have come across, or the creation of a unique and crafty knitted item.

Facebook also allows for the selling of products manufactured by a business.

The seller needs to create a Facebook business page for their business, set up their commerce manager by following all of the steps and prompts, decide if they want to sell on the social media platform, and then add products to their catalog.

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4. Your Blog

Another way that one can make money through an online process is by blogging.

A blog is simply a narrative that captures the thinking and actions of an individual who wishes to share their experience with other readers.

As a knitter, one can blog about trying out a new pattern that they recently purchased, a different type of yarn that they found at their local hobby shop, any challenges they may have experienced and to demonstrate ultimately the finished product.

Through this process, a following can be developed and people can support your blog in several ways.

Readers can follow you by reading your posts, support them through social media outlets, like their content, click on any links that are embedded in the blog, and purchase brands that sponsor the blog.


5. e-Bay

Another very effective way to make money from your knitting is through eBay.

The three-step process may be effective in selling items that you have knitted and possibly create a following of future knitting projects that come to life.

The first action step in preparation for selling items on eBay is to list those items that are going to be sold.

Included in this process are the important factors of knowing what you can sell, how to capture a photograph of the item, describing the item, and then pricing.

The second step is that once an item is sold it is up to you as the seller to ship the item to the buyer.

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eBay offers explicit instructions on how to pack the item with the label and then make the shipping happen.

Finally, when cash is earned it is up to the seller to determine how they want to be paid.

To learn more about selling what you have created on eBay the individual can go to ebay.com


6. Your Own Knitting Company

What better company would there be to sell your knitted and lovingly created items than your own business?

By taking time to put into words what your vision would be for your own successful business, who you would be marketing to, coming up with a financial plan of action, creating a logo and a business name, setting up a separate business checking account, etc., you will be well on your way to earning a profit.

Of course, as with all things, the “devil is in the details.”

Therefore, it is prudent for the potential new business owner to delve into the ins and outs of creating a business and other tips, policies, and procedures that should be in place before venturing out on this exciting project.


How to Make Money Knitting


7. YouTube

Another online company that can support your love for knitting is YouTube.

The individual can take to this platform and create a variety of videos that will resonate with other like-minded lovers of knitting.

The videos can range anywhere from helping the most novice of knitters on up to the most experienced.

Suggestions of videos could also include the purchase of a new pattern and walking the viewer through the process of selecting the yarn, knitting the patterned item, and taking it to its completion.

This would be a lengthy process but perhaps time-lapse photography can be helpful.

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Another possibility of a video would be the demonstration of a knitting machine versus the standard knitting needles.

The beauty of using YouTube is that viewers will watch the presentation and give thumbs up or thumbs down as to what they’ve seen.

Also, they can provide monetary support for your efforts with creating the YouTube video and can also purchase items that you have created.

If a person is hesitant about starting a YouTube channel or doesn’t know much about this valuable venue, they can find all sorts of tutorials online as well as possibly contacting somebody to help them through the process and with the taping of the presentation.


8. Local Shops

An additional option for an individual to promote and sell their knitted items is to contact local shops in their community.

Often, there are hobby shops or shops that specialize in stocking knitting materials for their customer base.

It is suggested then that the individual go to the shops and talk to the owner or manager to see if some of their completed knitted items can be put on display.

To sweeten the possibility of the manager doing this, an arrangement can be made where part of the sales can go back to the manager who is providing the space to display these items.

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Another option that would help both entities is for the knitter to set up a knitting nook in the store and have set evenings or times of the day.

The intent is to provide where they can provide a service to the local store’s customer base by providing knitting instructions or just a get-together to talk about patterns and other knitting-related issues.

Of course, you may benefit financially as well.


9. Writing Contributor

If an individual is experienced in the knitting world and has a flair for writing, perhaps they can write articles for magazines for remuneration.

The possible “hook” for the knitting magazine to consider the acceptance of knitting articles would be writing about a difficult pattern that was chosen and all of the challenges that the contributing writer (knitter) faced.

Or the writer could simply share their personal story about their love, any historical perspective about knitting, and their family, and their desire to pass on their knitting love and knowledge to future generations.

This could be a significant human interest story.


10. Community College

Many communities in which we reside have a community college or a junior college.

Often in the evening, many electives are offered to individuals that will either enhance their education or just provide an option for them to learn a new skill.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to approach a faculty member of one of these educational institutions to talk about offering the elective of knitting.

Knitting is certainly a relaxing hobby as well as one in which various creations can be sold to others who appreciate the craft and time and effort put into the creation of the knitted object.

Consequently, the elective of knitting could be offered to the community as not only a way to relieve stress, learning a new hobby but also a possibility of generating extra income for the household.

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Following a Pattern for Extra Revenue

You love the feel of the yarn coming across your fingertips, you thrill to the clicking sounds of the knitting needles and you delight in following a pattern and creating something beautiful and useful.

Also, unashamedly, you enjoy the money.

Why not combine the two by working with various companies to promote your hobby, instruct others and generate some income in the process.

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