Yes, you can indeed make money in Virtual Reality!

This article reveals the secrets to how it works, the best ways and tips to help you earn money in Virtual Reality, even if you consider yourself a newbie.


Why Try to Make Money in Virtual Reality?

As if living in our reality is not exciting or “real” enough, as television viewers, we have a craving and a hunger for watching reality TV shows.

One would think that the first real reality TV show was the broadcasting of Survivor.

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However, reality shows were airing on TV far before the beginning of the Survivor series.

Many individuals point back to the original Candid Camera show as a reality TV broadcast that put ordinary people into real-life situations.

Additionally, many point to the year 1992 in which MTV broadcasted a program called “The Real World.”

This was a television series about what happens when strangers who live together stop being polite and start being honest with each other.


Importance of Virtual Reality

Added to the mix of reality, as if our reality or reality TV is not enough, comes the component of virtual reality.

Virtual reality to the quality experience that is virtually based engages the individual’s brain, emotions, physical being, etc. but is often based on reality to use of technology.

For the best for painting.

Of course, like everything else, that is new and advanced, individuals look for ways to make money.

Virtual reality is no different so let us, therefore, look at ways that individuals can monetize virtual reality.


Personal Story 

Several Christmases past we were invited to a friend’s home and the teenagers in the family had received some of the latest gadgetry and technology.

One of the devices was a virtual reality headset and when they had the gear placed over their eyes and on their head, it seems like they were enjoying themselves.

I commented that everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves, and one of the family members invited me to try it out.

Of course, always up for a new adventure and not wishing to appear timid, I tried on the headset and the virtual reality began.

The experience was a roller coaster ride.

I’m not fond of rolling coasters.

However, not wishing to be rude and to show my bravery, I continued with the virtual-reality experience until the real sounds of the roller coaster climbing to the top of the structure before the plunge, and the various voices in the background, all combined to increase my heart rate, being apprehensive and with sweaty palms, I immediately bailed.

That was my first time using virtual reality and is my last experience as it relates to taking a virtual ride on a virtual roller coaster.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Earn Real Money off of Virtual Reality


1. Know All About Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an artificial or simulated environment that is experienced through the human senses of sight and sound.

The 3-D experience is generated by a computer and software and is significantly real to the individual involved.

Another way of thinking of the definition of virtual reality is that virtual is defined as close to or being near reality.


2. Have the Right Equipment 

The equipment involved in providing a virtual reality experience includes virtual-reality goggles or classes, a connection to a computer or cell phone to run the apps and games, and headphones.

Optional equipment could include data gloves, suits, workbenches, and joysticks.


3. Advertising 

One of the initial ways to make money in virtual reality is through advertisement.

Currently, many virtual-reality companies are looking for ways to increase awareness about virtual-reality content and products and advertise accordingly.

The advertisement can occur on an individual’s virtual-reality blog, social media pages, website, etc.

Advertising, at this stage in the virtual-reality process, can be fairly lucrative as some advertisers offer a 15% commission to advertise on some of these sites.


4. Editorial Content 

Another strong possibility of earning revenue through virtual reality involvement is by providing written commentary.

An individual can start a virtual-reality blog and generate significant interest from their followers who in turn may support them as well as through advertising and possible sponsorship.

Some of the topics or subjects that can be written as it relates to virtual reality could include the various available products, recommendations on what to buy, product reviews, etc.


5. Investing 

A standard way of realizing money through virtual reality is by investing.

Many startups reality companies, such as game developers, graphic design firms, and manufacturers, are looking for capital funds.

After conducting one’s research and being convinced of the potential of virtual reality, this may be an optimum way to invest funds and realize a quality return on that investment.


6. Cardboard Headsets 

To make a virtual-reality experience more affordable, enterprising companies have come up with cardboard headsets.

These headsets provide the needed equipment to experience the virtual-reality process but also allow for advertising on these headsets by a variety of companies.

Specifically, these companies can print their logos and patterns on the headsets and give them out at a variety of events which is affordable to the company and provides marketing and potential sales.

Just an example of how the technology can be modified and monetized.


7. Use YouTube 

Another way that virtual reality can be utilized to obtain money back through investment is with the combination of a 360° YouTube channel.

Through this technology and 360° video capabilities, the YouTube videos can give a full display of the visual rather than just offering a limited dimensional video.

With this increased technology, many you tubers are capitalizing on this virtual-reality process and creating simulation videos that take on the effect of being on a roller coaster, in a virtual home or taking city tours, etc.

This cutting-edge approach and new dimension to YouTube can be a plus as it relates to investment and marketing dollars.


8. Careers 

With this wide-open door disclosing virtual reality comes the opportunity of employment.

As a competent and knowledgeable individual as it relates to virtual reality, you can obtain a job or work on a contract basis utilizing your skills, competency, and knowledge.

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9. Training & Education 

In addition to finding employment opportunities, is the need for individuals who are trained and educated in virtual reality to train and educate others.

The training and education opportunities become presents possibilities of being a tutor, teacher, or lecturer as it relates to the courses that are required.

Those courses would include mathematics, animation, software engineering, etc.

The possibility of this becoming a curriculum path at universities and colleges is a strong possibility.

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10. Start-Up

With the strides being made in virtual reality technology, it may be the prime time to begin an associated business that deals with virtual reality.

Products that can be produced through a startup company could include virtual-reality apps, equipment, different types of headsets, etc.


11. Use the right Apps 

A critical component of the world of virtual reality is the use of apps.

Therefore, if you have a propensity or a desire to learn how to develop apps this would be a good investment of your time and resources.

The apps that can be developed include the areas of games, utilities, and tools.

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These apps can be developed and sold through stores such as Apple App Store, Oculus Store, Google Play, etc.



12. Beocme a Freelancer

Another possibility of being involved in making money in virtual reality is through the world of being a freelancer.

By being a freelancer, you are not subjected to the rules of a business or organization and have the freedom of time and energy to devote to the various projects that are of interest to you.

Freelance opportunities would include the development of technology, apps, hardware, etc.


13. Write e-Book s

Another opportunity that would present itself with earning money through virtual reality is the writing of an e-Book on this fairly new area of technology.

If you have a good to a great understanding of virtual reality as well as experience, you can share your knowledge with others through this digital format option.

You can publish your book or you can go through a site such as Amazon Kindle Store.


14. Become an Affiliate 

If wishing to be involved in making money in the virtual-reality market but do not have the time or other resources to be involved at a significant level, you can partner with an affiliate program.

This process entails the joining of the program in which you promote others and the products or services that they are offering as it relates to this technology and allows the customer or the buyer to buy the product or service.

In this way, you are involved and can earn money through a commission.


15. Start Blogging 

If you have a writing flair that you can couple with significant knowledge about virtual reality, you can start a blog site.

An individual who is knowledgeable and can share their knowledge in a concise written format through a blog would be in great demand and individuals who follow your site may support you through such websites as or obtain an affiliate market or possible a sponsorship for the blog site.

You can establish yourself as a go-to individual as it relates to the newest releases of virtual reality technology or review products, etc.


16. Do Event Management 

A low-key way of making money through virtual reality is to use multiple pieces of virtual reality equipment that you may own.

With this virtual reality equipment, you can do various events and earn money such as having a virtual reality party or another type of activity.


17. Rent Equipment 

An individual who is new to the world of virtual reality may choose to hold off and purchase equipment but are still interested in determining whether virtual reality is for them.

If you have several pieces of virtual reality equipment you can rent out the equipment to others who are interested so that they can get a feel of how the process works and whether there’s something that resonates with them to where they would want to invest in their equipment.


18. Become a Streamer 

If you enjoy the world of gaming, there is a golden opportunity to earn some serious money by involving yourself in virtual reality games.

These individuals are known as Streamers, and they broadcast themselves online through a live stream while playing a video game.

Support comes from individuals who follow their playing of the game as well as affiliate advertising and sponsors of virtual reality products. one such website is known as


19. Get into Stocks 

With the strong possibilities of virtual reality becoming a significant part of an individual’s life in the future, one may wish to invest some of their portfolio money into stocks.

It may take some time to get a quality return on investment, but certainly, technology is steadily moving forward, and the investment of your money may be a good return in the future.

Some of the stocks that an individual can invest in as it relates to Virtual Reality would include Facebook, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Sony.


20. Become a Virtual Content Creator 

Another money-making opportunity as it relates to virtual reality is to create your virtual reality content.

The content can be formulated to be viewed as 180° or 360° content.

For example, a virtual tour of a city or home on the market can be viewed using this technology.

Once it has been created, the content can be published and supported on virtual real websites such as Oculus TV or YouTube.

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21. Become a Speaker 

Another way that you can monetarily capitalize on your virtual reality experience is by being a speaker at various events.

Some of those events could be at a seminar, webinar, or forum.

People will want to know about this new technology and would want to hear from an individual who is well versed in the area.

As a speaker, you could ask for an honorarium from the organizer for your time and sharing of knowledge.


22. Get into Photography 

Another option to earn money is to take and sell any pictures that you have about virtual reality or other related items with this technology to various websites.

Two of those particular websites would be Pixabay or Shutterstock.


23. Get Into Real Estate 

if you have a particular occupation that can be transferred to the virtual reality world, you have the opportunity to earn money.

For example, if you are an architect, you can design virtual reality buildings or create real estate within the various virtual reality games or programs.

The adjusted thinking needed would be in the area of using voxels rather than pixels and 3D rather than two dimension creations.


24. Become a Social Media Influencer 

The virtual reality industry is going to need social media influencers and if you have a passion and significant knowledge about virtual reality you can be that influencer.

You can create a significant following through your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, YouTube, etc.

In addition, as an influencer, you will be able to generate income through sponsors who need individuals to influence others and especially as it relates to purchasing products.


25. Sell Tickets 

If you have a band, can put on a play, or other types of entertainment, you can sell tickets to a virtual reality event.

Through virtual reality, you can sell tickets and each of the tickets can be a front-row seat.



Making Money in Virtual Reality FAQs


What is Metaverse?

The word metaverse was first used by an author.

Neal Stephenson mentioned this word in his 1992 science fiction novel entitled Snow Crash.

The metaverse world is a three-dimensional version of what an individual will find on the Internet utilizing their computer.

In theory, it is a virtual world in which people can meet, conduct business, view art, attend concerts, etc.


What Are the Financial Projections of Virtual Reality?

According to Statista, the financial projections for the virtual reality market by the year 2023 will be at 160 billion dollars.


You Can Do It 

Technology is never stagnant but continues to evolve and move forward.

The area of virtual reality is gaining in popularity and can be utilized for more than just the playing of games as indicated through the popularity or exploration of the metaverse.

Therefore, standing on the edge of this new technology may provide a good opportunity for you to make money by moving forward and taking advantage of the move to engage individuals and customers in the realm of virtual reality.



There are many realities in our lives.

The real-life reality and the experiences of day-to-day living and all that it entails with the joy, challenges, and real-life issues that we experience are certainly real enough.

Another area of reality is in the entertainment world as individuals are thrust into a situation that calls for the full display of human interaction caught on camera.

Presented now in the area of virtual reality that simulates real-life and brings the growing opportunity of capitalizing on this dimension of simulated life activities.

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