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Many games can be played that can provide several benefits to those who participate.

For example, outdoor activities for children can include games such as tag, red rover, kickball, baseball, etc.

In addition to these games being fun, there are other added benefits.

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Those added benefits include working as a team, competition, good sportsmanship, and of course, the benefits of physical exercise.

Today, many would argue that computer games foster a sedentary lifestyle and that the adults and children that play these games on the computer are not getting exercise and there aren’t any benefits.

The reality is, it could be argued, that the playing of computer games provides a different type of benefit.

Those benefits could include increased motor skills, fostering quick thinking, helping one’s reflexes, thinking processes, etc.

Another game that is beneficial and has an element of fun and competition is the game of Township.

In addition to all of the fun involved in the competition, is the teaching of reality as it relates to working hard, seeing things grow, and the rewards that are realized in working hard.

With the game of Township, there’s an opportunity for all of these benefits to be incorporated along with earning money.

Let us look at some of those ways that money can be earned through the game of Township.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money in Township Game


1. Know All about Township

The game Township is developed by a company by the name of Playrix and was released in 2011.

Within the game, an animated personality by the name of Ernie will provide tutorials and help in the process of working towards your goal of building your Township.


2. Know the Purpose of the Game

The purpose of the game is to take an area of simulated land, harvest crops, create consumable goods, build factories and create a city.

The idea is to take your undeveloped area and build it into something significant, prosperous, and vibrant.


3. Know the Cost

The game is free to play however, to work towards the success of the creation of the town, the opportunity is afforded to players to spend money on gold coins and banknotes.


4. Why is Money Needed

Money needs to be obtained and earned in Township so that you can grow your town.

Through the accumulation of money, you can buy items or materials that you need that can be reinvested back into the town to provide for its growth and realize the purpose of the game.


5. Construct Buildings

One of the ways to make money in Township is to construct buildings.

You realize the money every time a new building is constructed and as a way of thanking you for your involvement in growing the town, the fellow residents extend their appreciation to you by giving you Township cash as a reward.


6. 2x Helicopter Booster

One of the easier ways to make money is when you have money available to buy a 2x helicopter booster and then accomplish as many tasks utilizing the helicopter as you can within 2 days.

An added dimension to increase your moneymaking capability is using the helicopter booster in conjunction with the vibrant market booster.

This combination will earn you even more coins.

You know that the booster is in effect when the coins turn to the color pink which represents double the value of the coins for that particular order.

Once the order has been fulfilled, and payment is made you will notice that your coins received will be regular coins plus the pink bonus coins that you earned.


7. Exchange Gifts

Another way that you can receive Township cash is through the exchange of gifts with your friends within the game.


8. Earn Achievements

There are certain opportunities within the game in which you earn achievements.

This is accomplished in the town hall setting.

The harder the achievement that you have attained the more Township cash you will receive in appreciation and as a reward.


9. Artifacts

As with any town, Township is no different and so there is an emphasis on culture.

The culture in Township is represented by the central museum.

Every time a collection of artifacts has been gathered together, a system of rewards is provided for that collection that translates into money for you.


10. Treasure Chests

A mysterious and exciting part of the game is the finding of treasure chests.

These treasure chests are found in the mine within the game as well as through your friend’s towns.

Also, treasure chests can be brought from different islands by ships that dock in your town.

In these treasure chests are valuable items along with cash.


11. House of Luck

The Township game also includes an area in which you can try out your luck.

By playing at the house of luck, you can win Township cash when you are lucky and receive these prizes.


12. Regattas

On a weekly basis, there are regattas that are held in the city.

If you fare well in these races and have a strong finish, you may receive a reward in the form of Township cash.


13. Buy Township Cash

An option within the game setting in order to increase your cash available is to actually purchase Township cash.

This can be accomplished in the in-game store as an in-app purchase.

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14. Sell Milk

One of the initial ways to start earning money in Township is by marketing the milk that is produced from your cows.

The milk can be sent to the dairy factory and additional products can be made from that milk.

Some of those additional products would include cheese, butter, cream cheese, etc.


15. T-cash

T cash can be earned in a number of ways.

Some of those ways include:

  • Logging on to the game utilizing your Facebook account
  • Visiting the town hall
  • Participating in the house of luck
  • Adding buildings


16. Wheat, Jasmine & Strawberries

In the game of township, there are a number of goods that can be produced or harvested and can be sold for Township cash.

250 Goods to be exact with one of those goods being wheat.

The benefit of planting and harvesting wheat is that there is no charge outside of the game and you receive one coin.

Some of the other products that you can grow and earn Township money are by planting strawberries rather than say the product of Jasmine.

By planting strawberries and harvesting them you will earn five times more in profit than what you would earn with Jasmine.

Additionally, it would be even more profitable to grow corn.

In addition, rather than just selling the raw product, if you utilize these ingredients in the making of other goods, that significantly increases your profit.


17. Eggs

A way to earn Township money is through the production of eggs.

The power of egg production is that the eggs can be sold separately as is or can be also used to fulfill orders as they are converted into other products by being part of the recipe.


18. Fulfilling Orders

In the game of township, you earn gold coins by working with the residents of your town in the completion of orders that are made.

You can check out the orders in the helipad area to see what is being requested.

Some of these orders can be simple while others may be complex and require the use of multiple products.


19. Level Up

As your city increases in size, due to the various activities that you have performed, by accomplishing these tasks you earn experience points.

These experience points will help you to “level up” in the game.

Once you reach the next level new items will be able to be unlocked and you will receive Township money.


20. Joining Facebook Event

An opportunity to earn 50 to 250 Township cash coins is by joining a Township Facebook event.


21. Community Events

To promote your Township citizenry, you are offered 3 to 12 Township cash coins when you join various community events that are offered.


22. Hot Air Balloons

During the playing of the game on a periodic basis, hot air balloons will appear that will float over the town.

In these hot air balloons are special chests and if you capture one of those balloons you might be rewarded with some gold coins.

  • Ernie’s balloons – appear once a day
  • Friend’s balloons – can appear up to five times a day and have gifts and coins from friends
  • Friend’s balloons for events – similar to friends balloons but are sent in conjunction with ongoing events
  • Friend balloons for Valentines – sent on Valentine’s Day only
  • Golden balloons – these balloons appear once at no charge and three times if you use Township cash to unlock each balloon. Also, these balloons can contain building materials, mining tools, cash, etc.


23. Daily Bonus

In order to entice you to play the game daily, there is a daily bonus that is provided through the game.

Each time you log in, you are awarded these daily bonuses which will bring a good quantity of gold coins to you.


24. Five Days

In addition, if you log in for five straight days, you will be awarded the opportunity to unlock a prize that has a significant number of “goodies.”


25. The surplus in Barn

Make sure you check out your barn and if you have any surplus items in that structure, you can receive a number of gold coins that can be sold in exchange for the spare items that you have in your possession.


Personal Story

I always looked forward to the times that we spent together as a family during the holidays.

It was during these times that everyone came home for the holidays to enjoy the specialness of the year and spend time with family.

One of the Hallmark activities that we would be involved with would be the playing of the famous game of Monopoly.

Through this game, it started as friendly and cordial but then our competitiveness kicked in as we became ruthless and cutthroat as it related to the owning and selling of property and trying to gain someone else’s assets.

Despite the aggressiveness of play, it was always a fun activity and one that had deep and meaningful lessons for all involved.

Those lessons being the harsh reality of life, eeking out a living, but above all, when it was all done and said, the way the family came together and helped out others within the family unit to help survive some of the financial attacks.


How to Earn Money in Township Game FAQs


What is the Highest Level of Township?

In earlier versions of this game, the maximum level was set at 38.

Now the maximum level that you can reach in the game of Township is 90.


How Do You Know That You Are Succeeding in This Game?

Indicators of success in the playing of the game of Township include:

  • Maintaining a steady production of goods
  • Collecting coins
  • Adding new buildings
  • Sending orders by train an airplane
  • Upgrading the barn as often as possible.


You Can Do It

A creative way of utilizing some of your spare time is to be involved in the game of Township.

It is a fun activity and one that is not just a matter of luck but takes strategy and the proper use of all of the products at your disposal to not only build your own personal wealth but build a town in the process.

It is a fun activity to see the town come to live and grow and become a vibrant metropolis.



The game of Township parallels real life you start out in life with minimal assets and then through hard work, creativity, and being industrious, you begin to earn money.

The money is then reinvested an additional five, building up your assets, and continuing the cycle.

The added dimension of Township is that not only are you building up your own particular personal assets, but you are building a town in the process.

Welcome to the city of Township.

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