The towing business is a profitable one.

However, getting towing leads is competitive, given the number of towing businesses around.

With the right information, you can profit from your towing business despite the competitors around you.

With the correct information, you can put your best foot forward and be glad you did.

There are ways you can make money in the towing business, and companies will help you get paid.

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This article provides you with all the necessary information.


Why Get Paid To Tow Vehicles?

People will pay you to tow their vehicle because:

  • You are a towing company. People will pay you for doing your job. When people all for towing company and you show up, you will get paid for doing what you do.
  • They are satisfied with your work. If someone uses your services once and is satisfied, they will want to work with you again. And, of course, pay you for it.
  • You did a great job. Some people can tip you and pay more than they ought to if they are satisfied with your work.

Some people appreciate work done with their money. This is why it is essential to put forth your best services always.


10 Best Ways to Make Money in the Towing Business 


1. Create a Website for Your Business

A website is essential to have a wider reach for your business.

If you want to succeed as a towing company, you have to be known.

Your business can be visible to people who would not have met you with a website.

You can reach out to more people within your target market with a website.


2. Create Informative Content

Aside from creating a website, you need to upload great content to draw your customers’ attention.

If you create informative content on aspects of customers’ towing needs, you position yourself for success.

It shows you are a professional at what you do and build your customers’ trust in your services.

Informative content also helps your customers make informed decisions, which holds them to your services.


3. Use Traditional Advertising

The presence of Google and everything online has not ruled out the relevance of traditional advertising.

People still read newspapers and magazines and listen to the radio.

Advertising your business on radio and television is a way to reach your target market.

If people see your company mentioned in the papers, they can contact you and list your services.

This remains a great way to make money as a towing company.


4. Join Motor Clubs

Motor clubs will avail you with relevant information in the business.

You will expand your reach and meet with potential customers and colleagues in the business.

It is a place where you can get valuable information and even get referrals and leads.

It is an avenue for you to put your business out there.


5. Ask For Reviews

One customer can bring in many customers.

A good word spoken about your business can be why some people will want to do business with you.

You can ask your clients to leave a positive review on your website.

Even with the competition in the market, you can get dedicated customers if they see the positive review on your website and the expertise of your handwork.


6. Create A Good Customer Service Policy

A satisfied customer can bring more customers.

If you have satisfactory customer service, you can grow your business with dedicated customers.

Have a policy that puts your customers first. Your success depends on your customers.

So, treating them right is a recipe for business growth. And this means more money.


7.Invest In SEO

SEO is essential for business growth.

With SEO, your business will rank for the relevant keywords.

This will help to increase your chances of getting customers and growing your business.

You can either hire an SEO company or go the DIY way.

To do it your way, you can start writing original SEO-optimized content for your website.


8.Use Social Media

The social still hold an important place in business growth.

With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others, you can reach a whole lot of people.

Most people would like to see what your website and social media platform look like.

Ensure that you have your business represented across these platforms and let it look professional.


9. Get A Business Card

A business is ever relevant for business growth.

A complimentary card shows that you mean business.

It shows your professionalism and projects you as someone customers can trust and work with.

With a complimentary card, you can network and grow your reach.

A business card is essential for publicizing your brand.


10. Network

Networking is essential to any business’s success.

Forge a relationship with other professionals in areas related to yours.

For instance, you can partner with insurance companies to get towing jobs.

Also, you can have an understanding and relationship with auto repair shops and agree to help each other.

When you have customers in need of repairs, you refer them to the auto repair shops.

If they have customers who need towing, they will refer them to you.



10 Best Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid in the Towing Business


1. The Tow Academy  

The Tow Academy is dedicated to helping tow companies make money from their services.

They are committed to helping towers earn money without relying entirely on motor clubs.

They will call you up for towing jobs if you are registered with them.

They offer services to towing companies, from newbies to established names.


2.  Copart 

Copart offers many businesses is an opportunity to partner with them.

This company has an authoritative presence in Canada and the United States.

It is one of the successful auto auction businesses around.

The schedule is flexible, and payment is made weekly.

This is an opportunity for towing businesses to get paid doing their jobs.

Click here to check out Copart


3. AAA 

If AAA approves you as a towing contractor, they will give you towing contracts.

AA is an insurance company that has been in business for many years and has created a reputable name for itself.

AAA covers the cost of towing the vehicle and pays you for doing the towing.

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Sign up and tender your photo ID and membership card to get started.

Click here to check out AAA


4. Superior Towing 

Superior towing has been in the towing business for a long time and has garnered an impressive reputation for its services.

They hire competent towing contractors.

This company will help you get paid for towing vehicles if you work with them.

You have to fill a form and present your license and other essentials to get started.

When you get approved, you will start making money from towing contract.

Click here to check out Super Towing

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5. Ace Towing  

This company is one of the best we can work with in the towing business.

Whatever specialty area you are in, you will get towing contracts from this company.

They offer towing services around the clock.

Working with Ace Towing means you can get contracts and start making money from what you love doing.

Click here to check out Ace Towing


6. Tow Panda 

Panda is a company that helps contractors get leads directly from customers.

They deliver direct calls to towing businesses.

If you sign up for this company, you get customers to call you directly, and you will charge your usual rates.

You will receive your payment from customers directly and not the company.

There are no setup costs involved, and you can opt-out at any time.

Click here to check out Tow Panda

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7. Towing Leads Pay Per Call Program 

The towing lead pay per call program lets you receive calls from customers who need towing services.

The company links you directly to your customers and helps you start earning.

You have to fill out the form and provide essential details to get started on this platform.

The company will access your information and give you the call rates for your location.

Click here to check out Towing Leads


8. Tow Truck Near Me 

Tow truck near me will help you get towing leads for your towing business.

They can generate leads for you irrespective of your niche, whether lightweight, medium, or heavyweight towing.

You have to sign up with them and ensure your licenses are in order to get started.

Then you start getting leads.

Click here to check out Tow Truck Near Me


9. TowingLess.Com will help you get leads for your towing business.

This company lets you try them out with a free trial.

If you are satisfied, you sign up for monthly payments and start getting leads for your business.

They have a customer support system that answers your questions if you have any.

Click here to check out TowingLess


10. Kosella 

Kosella boasts of over 11,000 towing leads per month.

The company will charge you weekly payment for getting the tow leads.

It works on a no-contract basis, and you can opt-out at any time you wish.

You have to sign up and ensure that you are well assured and licensed to get started with this company.

Click here to check out Kosella


Making Money in the Towing Business FAQs


How Can I Become a Successful Towing Company?

To become a successful towing company, you have to be ready every time.

To be ready, you need to have a suitable vehicle.

Your vehicle should be ready to hit the road at any time without any delay.

Also, it would help if you had an excellent customer service policy.

Your business growth depends on how well you can satisfy your customers.

And people always return where they are satisfied.

Putting your customers first is a formula for success.

Increase your business sources as well.

Do not rely on only one channel.


How Do I Make More Profit From My Towing Business?

To make more money from your towing business, you have to increase your business sources.

Aside from having private vehicle owners call you, you can also agree with other professionals to help one another.

Also, have excellent customer service.

It will help you get recommendations and referrals.

Additionally, ask for positive reviews from your clients.

If they are satisfied with your job, ask them to write a review on your website.

You can also ask them for recommendations.


How Much Can I Make as a Towing Company?

You can earn up to $120 when you tow a vehicle.

If you keep your client’s vehicle with you, you can charge them about $20 for having their vehicle sit on your property.

You will make more money from them if you offer additional roadside services.

Putting all these together, you can earn much from a single towing service.


How Much Will I Spend To Start A Towing Business?

The expense involved in starting a towing business is mainly the towing truck.

The kind and capacity of the truck you get will determine your amount on it.

While some trucks can handle heavy-duty towing jobs, some are meant for lightweight jobs.

Other expenses include recurring necessities like fuel, insurance, repairs, and marketing.

If you have a team, you will also consider their salaries.


How Do I Get Towing Contracts From Towing Companies?

To get insurance companies to call you for towing jobs, you have to get the necessary permits to operate as a towing company.

You have to get an insurance policy or renew your old one and put your licenses in order.

You can join associations as well.

You will get the towing jobs if you get approved as an association’s towing contractor.



Making money in the towing business is not as difficult as you think.

The issue most towing businesses have is a lack of the right information.

The suggestions listed above and the companies outlined will help you start making money from your towing business like never before.

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