Yes, you can really make money in the Metaverse.

This article reveals as many as 25 best ways and tips to help you make money in the Metaverse.



In October 2021 Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social media platform known as Facebook would be getting a facelift.

Not only will the name of Facebook be changed but its rebranding will also include some significant internal changes to realign or the way that it utilizes and offers technology to connect with people.

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The new name of the company will be Meta.

Meta is a Greek word meaning beyond.

In addition to Facebook changing its name, it will be pursuing and offering its customers a whole new way of interacting and being involved with each other.

Meta is the technology of tomorrow that goes beyond the technology of today and opens up a whole new world.

Fortunately, even though a seemingly whole new world is going to open up there is still one constant in all of this regardless of which world you are interacting in.

That constant is the need for money and even in the New World of Metaverse, there needs to be a way to make money.


Personal Story

In 1969 Uncle Sam called and my options were either to be drafted or enlist.

I decided to keep as much possible control in my life and so I enlisted.

I had never been away from home before and my experiences in the world outside of the comfort and security of my family.

However, upon joining the military a whole new world opened up to me that not only revealed the good and positive aspects of that world but also the less than desirable aspects that the world had to offer.

Fortunately, my upbringing was as such that I stayed, pretty much, on the straight and narrow.

One of the eye-opening experiences for me was being stationed in the San Francisco Bay area and the first time that I went from Oakland over to San Francisco we took the Bay Bridge.

The top level of the Bay Bridge has the traffic flowing into the city of San Francisco and the lower deck of the bridge is the flow of the traffic back towards Oakland.

I had never seen or heard of such a thing in my life and you can imagine my surprise in wondering how we were going to get back to the base when there was only one lane of traffic and that was all headed towards San Francisco.

They did not have such things in Wisconsin when I was growing up.

I was in a whole different world and my New World became my “Metaverse.”


20 Best Ways & Tips to Make Money in the Metaverse


1. Know What the Metaverse Is  

Metaverse is a technological blending of various elements which could include augmented reality as well as virtual reality and video.

It is a digital universe realm where users can “live.”

Their living incorporates the typical real-world living features such as playing, working, and staying connected with friends.

This connection ranges anywhere from involvement in the enjoyment of concerts to learning in conferences to taking virtual trips around the world.


2. Know What Metaverse Economy Is

The Metaverse economy is similar to the real-world economy in that services and goods are provided and purchased and people can pay with cryptocurrency or through the use of a variety of interactive items.

In other words, there will be digital stores where digital goods can be purchased, enjoyment at virtual restaurants and clubs, viewing films where you can share your thoughts and viewpoint.


3. Play the Metaverse Stock Market

A moneymaking opportunity would be to invest in the Metaverse stock market.

Although the markets don’t exist at this point, enthusiasm and excitement are being generated about the creation of this platform.

With the Metaverse stock market, the focus will be on NFTs and multiple forms of cryptocurrency.

As the popularity of Metaverse increases, more companies and products will be available with the potential of investing in these new companies.


4. Play to Earn  

An opportunity that presents itself to make money in Metaverse is through the fun activity of playing games.

Cryptocurrency is paid to individuals for their time in playing games and in the process are exposed to ads.

At this point, the amount of cryptocurrency, money, and rewards are not a significant amount and therefore should be deemed as added income as a side hustle.


5. Stream Content  

Oddly enough, there are going to be those individuals that rather than immersing themselves in the Metaverse world would rather choose to watch others be involved in virtual reality.

Therefore, money can be earned by playing games and performing other types of activities, and create a following in which money can be earned through those that choose to be involved in your activities in this way.


6. Investing in NFTs  

An NFT is an opportunity to digitalize one’s art, logos, and other intellectual property.

The benefit of digitizing significant works of art is that it almost eliminates any possibilities of forgeries or people using items that do not belong to them without permission.

Therefore, this is a way to earn money by investing in NFTs.

To accomplish this, you would need to set up a digital wallet and utilize a process so that the money can be credited to your account.

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7. Creating NFTs  

In addition to investing in NFTs, there’s a way to make money by creating NFTs.

If you have artistic talent, you can create artwork, digitalize that artwork and then offer your artistry for sale on a variety of networks.

One such network is


8. Create Custom 3-D Usable Items  

If you have a 3-D printer or considering investing in this technology, you would be able to create 3-D items to be incorporated into the Metaverse games.

Also, the opportunity to customize or transform existing 3-D creations in the game is possible.

You can utilize the investment of your 3-D printer to earn money to perform this service.

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9. Passive Income  

In addition to the possibility of earning money directly is the opportunity to obtain revenue through passive means.

Specifically, if you have a flair or love for 3-D modeling or rigging, then the opportunity to make unique designs and sell them is a possibility.

Rigging is part of the animation process and after a 3-D figure has been created the skeletal system, rigging, needs to be created.

The virtual bones of the figure are transformed using animation software which provides the opportunity to reposition, move around, and rotate the skeletal system of the animated figure.

These 3-D models can be offered for sale in your digital shop through websites such as

To get started in this process you do not need to invest in expensive software but can begin your process through free programs such as Tinkercad.


10. Advertising 

Advertising is the heartbeat of any business as it is critical to share with customers and potential customers about services and products offered.

The advertising would need to be part of the Metaverse world but most likely would need to be revamped as to how to market one’s product due to the adverse reaction of the younger generation as it relates to latent advertising and marketing.


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11. Printing in 3-D  

Another opportunity to earn income from the Metaverse world utilizing your 3-D printer is to take the virtual 3-D objects and transform them into the real world.

There may be a market to sell the 3D printed items using this reverse process of bringing the virtual world into the real world.



12. Investing In Metaverse Industry  

When you think of the Metaverse world you may be thinking that it is just a game.

The reality is it is more than just a game and is becoming an industry.

Therefore, earnings or investment opportunities can be realized by investing in the industry itself.

This would mean investment opportunities in technology, the various hardware components associated with entering the Metaverse world, even backing marketing and advertising companies that are endeavoring to make their mark in this virtual world.


13. Create Tutorials  

Of course, people need to learn about this alternative world and that’s where an opportunity to earn money can occur.

People will look to others to guide them through this process and educate them about the Metaverse world.

Therefore, you can create tutorials, either written or visually, using such platforms as YouTube.

You can provide this tutorial education to an individual using a subscription process where the individual needs to pay for the pictorial and written education.


14. Become an Ambassador  

The Metaverse world is going to need champions or ambassadors that will promote or “sell” the Metaverse idea.

These ambassadors will reach out to local businesses to present the concept to potential advertisers, investors, users, etc.

These ambassadors will represent various companies.

Being an ambassador entails not only using your own social media platform but also the possibility of meeting with others in person.

Money can be made by representing various brands and your work as an ambassador would earn you income.

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15. Property Rental Virtually  

As in the real world, so will it be in the Metaverse world as the virtual property will need to be rented.

The same mantra of location, location, location will apply in the Metaverse world as the closer a property is to the “downtown area” the more expensive the property will be to purchase or rent.

The process of earning money would be to buy a property in the world of Metaverse and then rent that property out to tenants.

Generally, the property would be in the form of an NFT which would authenticate you as the owner.


16. Online Shopping  

Metaverse, similar to its counterpart of the real world, will offer the individual the opportunity to virtually buy and sell products.

In other words, the resident in the Metaverse world will have the opportunity of buying clothing, digital goods, even a digital pet if they so desire.

This, therefore, provides you the opportunity to earn money if you are a Metaverse retailer.


17. Online Partying and Concert Participation  

Another ongoing function in the real world is attending parties and going to various concert events.

This will occur in the Metaverse world as well and provide the option for individuals to attend virtually these concerts and entertainment venues.

Of course, there will be a cost associated with this and this would provide you an opportunity as either an event planner or entertainer to earn virtual money in this way.

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18. Run E-Commerce  

In the Metaverse world will also be the opportunity to operate a variety of e-commerce businesses.

These businesses will be paramount to the success of the Metaverse world due to the exchange of cryptocurrency for products and services.

In addition to traditional businesses being part of the Metaverse world, will be the opportunity to be creative and innovative as it relates to offering products and services to a Metaverse community.

Also, the excitement surrounding Metaverse is the opportunity to personalize the shopping experience based upon virtual technology.

Therefore, the possibility of earning money through e-commerce is a critical component of the financial world to sustain the Metaverse community.


19. Open Art Gallery  

Another option of making money in Metaverse would be the opening of an art gallery and selling artwork that has been digitized.

It would be the perfect business to operate in the Metaverse world as artwork can be created virtually and digitized so that is your property and in your art gallery, you can display your work.

This entire process can be set up by researching

This app not only sets up your virtual reality art gallery that helps to display the artwork but completes the entire process for the potential customer by facilitating customer purchases.


20. Voxels  

To create a Metaverse community, there needs to be “building materials”

These building materials in the Metaverse world are called Voxels.

They can be likened to a pixel but has a 3-D quality to them and together they can combine to make buildings, cars, clothing, and other items.

Therefore, a way to earn money within the Metaverse concept is to sell Voxels to others.


21. Blogging  

With the Metaverse world being such a new dynamic, there are many questions that individuals and businesses have.

If you are interested and wish to learn more, you can educate yourself on this dynamic and cutting-edge possibility and begin to become an authority.

Your learning and understanding of the Metaverse world can be leveraged to help others understand and in the process can earn you money by teaching others through blogging and helping people to walk through this new concept.


Ways to Earn Money in the Metaverse FAQs


What Will the Metaverse Look Like?

It will be similar to a digital internet and look like 3D.

Through VR headsets, the individual will be able to interact with buildings, streets, office space, etc.


Is the Metaverse Real?

Currently, it is theoretical although certain NFT based games have incorporated virtual worlds where the “players” can move and explore the Metaverse world through avatars.


You Can Do It

As the old children’s game exclaims when the individual is about to seek those that are hiding and has finished counting, “Ready or not here I come.”

So it is with the advancements that continually take place with the fast-paced use of technology.

Ready or not here comes our new normal which is known as Metaverse.



Technology can be likened to a river that is continually moving.

If the river ceases to move it becomes stagnant and the life that is contained in that stagnant river ceases to live.

So, it is in our world as technology can be likened unto that river that is continually flowing and moving.

With us being in that river we have two options.

One swim upstream and eventually be tired and depleted or we can go with the flow and the current and see what adventures the river will take us on.

We are flowing into a new era and so the welcome sign is out, and it states, “Welcome to the world of Metaverse.”

In fact, in all likelihood, we are already there.

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