Are you a fan of Stardew Valley?

This fun game can be a great way to really enjoy your free time, but sometimes, money can be an issue for you to make money.

Fortunately, there are a couple of fast ways to make money in Stardew Valley, and here, we’ll give you the 25 best ways for you to make money in Stardew Valley.


25 Great Ways to Start Making Money in Stardew Valley

Interested in making money in Stardew Valley? Here are 25 great ways to get started today!

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1. Get the Fishing Rod

The best way to start with making some money is you can get a fishing rod directly from Willy.

Once you have that, you’re good to go with money.

It’s great because you can do this while waiting for the initial harvest to happen.


2. Try to Level the Skill

This is also important.

The more you level this up, the better the fishing rod.

You can get this by selling the fish that you catch or putting them in a shipping bin.

The cool thing is, if you’re still using the Bamboo Pole, you won’t have to get bait and tackle, so it’s super free to do.

Level this up, and you’ll be fishing for a long time.


3. Turn Produce Into Artisan Goods

This is actually a common beginner’s mistake that gets overlooked a lot.

Once you’ve got the mayonnaise machine, a keg, and even a preserve jar, you want to use this.

Some ways to do this include:

  • Adding veggies to preserves to create pickles
  • Adding fruits to make jam
  • Adding expensive fruits into the keg to create wine.


4. Don’t Sell the Milk and the Eggs as is

This ties into the previous point, as if you put them into the artisan goods, they’re even more valuable.

You want to put the milk into the cheese press to create goat cheese.


5. Interact With the Animals

This is vital for getting good food from the animals, especially high-quality cheese, milk, and eggs.

You should go to the animals every single day, giving them food every day.


This is because you’ll get better produce from this, and you can make better artisan goods.

If you don’t do this, you will still get the foods, but they won’t be as good.


6. Use Your Tappers

The tappers are really important, because they give you maple syrup.

They usually can offer mushrooms too, and this is great too, because they can be used for recipes.

To use this, just go to the tree equipped with this, and then tap it.

You’ll get a variety of items.

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7. Maple Syrup is Key

Another good way to make some money in Stardew Valley is to get maple syrup.

Maple syrup is a good way to make money because chances are, you’re not going to use this often.

Once you’ve put the tapper on the trees, wait 9 days, and then sell this for 200 gold.

It’s a good way to make a process pretty simple.


8. Don’t Keep All Your Oak Resin

Another great thing that the tapper gives you is oak resin.

Now yes, the oak resin is great for the kegs, but if you do decide to sell it, you’ll get around 150 gold.

If you’ve got a lot of oak resin and want to sell it to make a bit of extra cash, there is nothing wrong with doing so, and it’s pretty easy for you to do.

Plus, it takes up less space in the inventory as well.


9.  Tap Early On

Tapping early on is pretty useful.

It’s considered a very early skill for foraging, so if you’re trying to make some money early on, this is a good way to do this.

The best way to level this up is to go to level 3 in the foraging category, and from there, try to level this up during the spring.

When you level this up then, you get the tappers very early on, which is quite useful.


10. Learn the Skill System

You want to make sure that you continue the skill system, as this is a good way for you to make sure that you’re a millionaire.

Develop these early on, and you want to pick the right skills when you reach either level 5, or level 10 in these skills.


11. The First Year Matters

Always make sure that you do everything that you need to in the first year, and really hit the ground running.

For newer players, this can make or break the game, as this does set the tone.

Remember, what you do early on will determine whether you’ll be ready for the next year, and early on.

It’s the difference between having your place ready, and the crops decently grown, or struggling as you get into year three.


12. Rush Certain Goals

There are certain goals that are vital to rush early on.

They are:

  • Getting money mostly from fishing
  • Getting to level 90 within the mines
  • Plant strawberries after the egg festival
  • Build the chicken coop

You want to make sure that you do this.

You can get fishing early on as daily bonuses, and you should level this up quickly to get it as a profession.

This makes the game easier and is a fun way to make some extra money.


13. Forage Around Pelican Town

You should try to forage around when you’re doing this early on.

Foraging doesn’t cost much, and if you sell these, you’ll get some money.

Plants and even veggies like horseradish and daffodils are very fast ways to make some cash.

This is pretty fun, and you’ll start to realize that this is actually a great way to begin the foraging business.

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14. Mix the Seeds

You’ll want to use the mixed seeds as you start to clear up the town of fiber.

The mixed seeds are vital, as they offer different goods.

The best thing about this is that the mixed seeds will be free, so they’re great for building lots of crops without having to constantly buy seeds.

You should start doing this, because while it doesn’t get you a ton of money, it’s really good for growing your crops and building your reputation.


15. Still Sell Foraged Goods

One thing to understand is that the goods that are foraged won’t sell as much as the seasonal crops that are there.

However, you still want to sell them.

They still net a price, and it allows you to grow this, moving towards the goals.

This of course, also helps with the bundles for the community center, another goal you’ll want to compete.


16. Kegs Boost Crop Value

One thing to keep in mind is that you do want to have kegs on hand.

Sure, if you’re not using these, you can sell them, but you should remember that if you’re looking to triple the value of the crops.

If you have kegs and can make them, then you’ll want to definitely use this.


17. Get a Fish Pond

Want a quick way to make some cash?

Build a fishpond!

This is a controlled manner to fish and get them.

You can build a bond, and you should make sure that you maintain it.

They’re going to ask for items so that they can grow.

Make sure to feed them it if you want the game to be easier.


18. The Level Eel and Sturgeon Are Best!

If you’re going to grow your own fish and catch them in the pond, there are two fish that you should go for.

They are the Lava Eel, and the sturgeon.

Both of these are good.

The Laval Eel is a bit pricey in terms of the cost of the roe, however you can double the profits, and it’s a good way to start building a nice slush fund.

However, another good way is sturgeon.

That’s because, when you get sturgeon roe and then age it, it becomes caviar, and you can sell it with the special bundle to make 500 gold.


19. Get the Gems

Gems are so good for selling and great as well for crafting.

You should go into the mines and find the resources that you want.

The goal is to get as low as possible, and don’t fight things.

Keep your energy up with food.

Try to get below 120, and sometimes, it can take a while for you to get down.

But once you’re there, iridium and diamonds are there for the taking!


20. Chickens Are Your Friends

Yes, chickens are your friends.

Foods from chicken sell well, and the upkeep is very minimal.

You can build coops for up to 4000g, and they usually don’t require much.

Chickens lay eggs, which you can sell for a bit, and once you’ve got a good set going, you can then craft mayonnaise machines, which almost triple the costs of the eggs from this.


21. Keep Tomatoes in the Preserve Jars

Tomatoes and corn are better off in the preserve jars.

That’s because they tend to yield a higher value than if you throw them in the keg.

If you have an onslaught of tomatoes, throw them into the jars, keep them there, and sell these as preservatives as well.


22. Get the Bees

If you’re looking to get some nice profits early on, you can build a beehouse.

Wood, maple syrup, cook, and iron bars build this.

The beauty of this is that it pretty much gives you profits any time except for the winter.


23. Plant the Fairy Roses

Fairy roses are a type of plant that are great to build for a few reasons.

For one, they’re pretty, but they’re also great for building some sweet profits.

If you build this, it turns the amount of costs for one jar of honey from 100g to almost 700g from one tub of honey.

It can boost your profits quickly, which is why people build them.


24. Work on Professions You Want to Use

If you’re looking to get the most out of this, then work in the professions you’d like to use.

For example, geology is a great profession for those looking to be in the mines a lot.

You can get two gems from a single node once you get to level five, and for geodes, that’s even more.

You can also increase the sell price by a lot, so if you want to get rich really quick, the key here is to pick a skill and get good at it.

Another one is fishing.

Fishing is a skill that can net big, rare catches if you level this up.

So ideally, choose a skill you’re going to use, and then boost it up.


25. It’s Okay to Fight

Fighting does take stamina from you, but if you’re looking to get some loot from enemies, this is a valuable way to do this.

You should fight enemies from floors 81 up to 119.

Any higher, and it’s not worth it.

You should go for the ones either in skull cavern, or the volcano dungeon.

You do get a void essence and other drops too.

Sometimes, they even offer you diamonds and other shards too, which can sell for a lot.

While Stardew Valley doesn’t pride itself in fighting, this is a great way to make some cash.



Stardew Valley is a fun game, but it can be a challenge to make some cash.

Here are 25 great ways to start making cash today, and some of the important tidbits that go into it, so you can make cash and really enjoy the game, no matter what you do as well.

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