If you want to know how to make money in medical school as a medical student, you should definitely read this article.

It shows some really awesome yet relevant ways to make money that will work very well for medical students, to help bring in much needed extra cash.

Yes, most of the ways included in this article are relevant to your medical profession, therefore making them easier to get involved in.

You certainly don’t want to frustrate yourself trying to make money doing things that will bore you to death or just don’t interest you at all.

Also, most of the ways included in this article are completely free to start making money with. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or even any money at all, to get started.


Why Try to Make Money as a Medical Student?

Why not, right?

The truth remains that medical education is very expensive and you may need extra money to complete your study.

Medical books, tools, equipment, and other paraphernalia which are needed for medical students to become doctors, nurses, or midwives, etc, are often very expensive.

If you don’t have enough money to complete or help with your study there are many options you can adopt.

Yes, there are ways to make money while you are still a medical school, as you will see from reading the rest of this article.


20 Relevant Ways to Make Money in Medical School

Below are some of the most relevant ways to make money online and offline as a medical student.

You can read and adopt one or more ways to make extra money to help you along the way as you strive to complete your medical studies.


1. Start Writing as a Freelance Medical Writer

If you are a medical student with writing talent, then you can start freelance writing online to make extra money.

You can write on topics related to medicines and treatments. You can sell these writings to bloggers or webmasters who need content for their niche blogs or websites.

You can also sell these articles to other clients who need them.

Working as a freelance medical writer is very profitable. You can set your price and choose when to work.

There are many freelance websites to find freelance medical writer jobs. Check out the following platforms for freelance writing jobs:

  • Upwork.com
  • Guru.com
  • Flexjobs.com
  • Freelancer.com


2. Offer Medical Transcription Services

You can work as a medical transcriptionist and make money when you are studying medicine.

A medical transcriptionist helps doctors to transcribe audio messages during medical diagnoses or treatment into text formats.

Medical transcription jobs can be offered to various clients. They are in high demand and as such pay well. You can make up to $30 per hour when you apply for some online medical transcription jobs.

You can complete the tasks for medical professionals and researchers in your school. Or, you can find if the hospitals and medical facilities near you require your services.

Some of the online platforms where you can check out medical transcription services include:

  • Ziprecruiter.com
  • Flexjobs.com
  • Monster.com
  • Peopleperhour.com

Medical transcription job is one of the best-paid transcription jobs. Since you are a medical student, you can channel your skill into this area to make extra money online while you are still in school.


3. Prepare Presentation Slides for Busy Doctors

You can help doctors and other medical professionals prepare their presentation slides for money.

If you are very good with presentation software and gadgets then you can start making money from busy doctors.

The good thing is that you can find these jobs from many freelance websites.

Just ensure that you are very good with what you do. This will make it easier for clients to trust and offer you presentation gigs.

You can choose how much you are going to be paid based on the quality and volume of work you do.


How To Make Money in Medical School


4. Start a Medical or Health Blog

You can start your own blog and make money as a medical student, especially a blog relevant to health or medicine. On this blog you can write and post quality medical or health content.

Since you are studying in a medical school as a student, you probably already have a passion for topics related to health, diseases, diagnoses, treatments, drugs, and so on.

If you start a medical or health blog, you can post quality content regularly and draw traffic from visitors interested in what you have to write.

You can then monetize your blog by displaying ads on it, selling products on it and you can accept sponsored posts from clients.

Blogging may not give you money fast but if you eventually build a quality platform then a lot of people will visit and you can make good money even as a medical student.


5. Donate Plasma for Money

As a medical student you can make money if you donate your plasma for paid clinical trials.

Of course, you should know this as a medical school, and you should be acquainted with clinical trials or centers which demand blood plasma.

Plasma is the transparent liquid portion that makes up 55% of our blood. It helps with blood clotting and the transport of substances through the body.

This body tissue is donated so that researchers can discover effective or new treatments for certain diseases like autoimmune disorders and hemophilia.

If you are hale and hearty then you can donate blood plasma and make money.

The process of extracting plasma from the body is called “plasmapheresis”.

You can earn thousands of dollars if you donate your plasma for some medical researches.

On average, medical students can earn $20 to $50 per visit donating their plasma. Each visit may take you 1 to 3  hours.

A good example of a platform where you can donate your blood plasma for money is “BioLife Plasma“.

You can also check out DonatingPlasma.org  to find the best plasma donation centers near you.


6. Donate Sperm for Money

If you are a male medical student then you can donate sperm and get paid.

Sperm donation is common and you can take advantage of this process to make money.

Doctors use sperm to help treat fertility issues for couples. You can donate your sperm to sperm donation centers and get paid.

As a medical student who needs extra money, consider becoming a sperm donor at sperm banks near you.

Of course, you are going to be screened, and if you qualify then you will be paid. On average sperm donors can earn from $35 up to $200 per donation depending on the center or facility.

You can checkout SpermBankDirectory.org for more information about sperm donation.

The Sperm Bank of California and Phoenix Sperm Bank are other websites you will find useful when it comes to making money donating sperm.


7. Donate Eggs for Money

If you are a female medical student then you can also make money by donating your eggs.

By doing this, you will help those women or families who cannot produce healthy eggs get pregnant.

By now you must have known the importance of donating your eggs to fertility centers.

A lot of people take this step to make money and get compensated.

There are strict medical screening and procedures before you can be allowed to donate. Also, you must be mindful of the risk factors associated with the egg donation process.

It would interest you to know that there are some legit egg donation centers will pay you up to $10,000 or more per donation.

One of the best platforms you can checkout for egg donation is TheWorldEggBank.com.


8. Become a Medical Research Assistant

You can make money as a medical student when you help medical researchers or doctors with the projects they are undertaking.

You can assist them with research information, administrative duties, and other errands.

Since the medical school you attend is likely to be located within or near a medical research facility, then it becomes easier to find a Medical Research Assistant job.

The doctor can pay you part-time so you have spare time to complete your studies.

Find out from the doctors in your medical school if you can work and get paid to become a Medical Research Assistant.

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9. Work as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

An Emergency Medical Technician works in the department that attends to people with emergency cases or trauma patients.

You can drive an ambulance and be first responders when there is a health emergency.

If you work as an EMT during your medical studies days, you will not only gain knowledge and experience, you will also get paid.

So, while in medical school, consider working as an emergency medical technician and make money even while working during weekends.


10. Make Money Participating in Sleep Studies

Yes, you can get involved in special clinical trials that pay, including those that pay you just to sleep.

You can read more about how this works by clicking this article.


Aside from the above options, other ways to make money while still in medical school include:

11. Become a Phlebotomist

12. Make Money Participating in Medical Focus Groups Discussion

13. Make Money Taking Medical Surveys Online

14. Make Money as a Medical Student Babysitting Children

15. Drive for Uber.com or Lyft.com

16. Make Money as a Medical Translator

17. Sell Medical Products on Your Blog or Website

18. Sell Your Old Medical Textbooks

19. Sell Your Old Clothes and Other Old Stuff

20. Teach Science Subjects to Students Online



As this article has revealed, there are definitely many relevant ways you can make money as a medical student.

These include the best offline and online methods that will be of interest to you, as a medical student.

You will get to use your spare time to make money while you still work on your dream of graduating as a medical professional.