Making money really quick in GTA Offline is actually imperative for expansion and building the empire that you want.

But that of course can be hard to do, as it requires some work in order to grow and invest the properties.

There’s a lot that can be factored in to, including weapons along with ammo and whatnot.

Here, we’ll go over the best ways to make money in GTA 5 offline.


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25 Best Ways and Tips to Make Money in GTA 5 Offline

While there are plenty of ways to make sure that you do make the money you want to in GTA 5 offline, here’s how you can without needing to go out and spend money for online mode.


1. Consider Armored Car Robberies

Armored car robberies are basically blue dots located on your map.

Usually, if it’s parked and you see someone who is walking towards it, go out and shoot them.

That’s an easy $3000-8000 money, so it’s pretty easy.


2. Blow up Cars

Armored cars will spawn in different locations all around La Puerta, Los Santos, and Little Seoul.

There’s also one located in Cypress Flats, and Paleto Bay.

Blowing these up also gets you the cash. You can break these open or offer sticky bombs.

If you do this, it does give you 3 stars, so be mindful of whether or not you want the cops on your butt after this.


3.  Assassinate People

You should Complete the Lester missions in order to get lots of cash.

In story mode or offline mode, assassinations are the best way to grow.

The best thing about this is if you’re a good shot, they’re simple, and this can actually make your finances go all the way to the billions, so worth a shot for sure!


4. Invest in Those Stocks

Stocks are still the best way to make money in GTA, and GTA5 offline is no exception for this.

You should look at the stocks, and then see what’s good and what’s not so good.

When playing offline, you can actually turn off autosave, tr different stocks, and then, go to a safehouse, look at the portfolio, and then see the results and profits.

You should continue to do this until they peak, then sell that immediately.

And remember, he better the investments, the better the return.


5. ATM Robberies 

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time near ATMs in GTA 5 offline, then you’re in luck.

You just wait for them to withdraw, and then also take their money.

This gets you a pretty decent chunk of change. While not in the thousands, it can be worth it.


6. Don’t Act Suspicious

This goes for anything, but essentially, if you’re trying to do a robbery, make sure that you’re not acting suspicious.

For the ATM robberies, if they notice you’re acting weird, they’ll leave, so make sure that you do wait for them to do the transaction, then incapacitate them, so make sure that if you do this, be sneaky.

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7. Look for the Easy $100,000 mission

This triggers for all of the protagonists in GTA 5 Offline, but what you want to do is make sure you’re near Franklin’s house, look for a popup that’s by Little Bighorn Avenue, and this is usually in the southeast part of town.

You basically have to make sure that you get a kid’s bike back.

If you get this, he tells you that he’s a millionaire, and then boom, instant $100K.


8. Take all Random Encounters

All random encounters are some of the best ways to make some cash.

While the $100K mission is still the highest0-paying one, all of these get you cash.

So if you see a blue dot when you’re playing your game, go over to it.

Chances are, it’s a random encounter and you’ll get rewarded for this one.


9. Save It!

If you’re going to be a big earner in GTA 5 offline, then you’ve got to save.

Only buy what you need within the game, and make sure that you sell off half of those weapons that you don’t use.

If you notice that you’re not using something, don’t be the type to hoard it, just get rid of it.

When in doubt, save it.


10.  Avoid Excess Customizations

It’s fun to customize your characters, but the problem is, if you’re constantly buying outfits, well that’s money you could be spending actually investing in bigger stuff.

It’s fun, and if you’re looking to save a bit, you should do it every so often, and don’t try to really spend too much time or money on it.



11. Choose Your Weapons Wisely

You get a lot of weapons when you play GTA 5 offline.

While it’s incredibly tempting to keep all of these, if you’re not using it, this is just ammo that’s left in storage.

You should sell any weapons that you haven’t used at Ammu-nation, and only keep what you use.

In the same vein, pick a type of gun that you like, and only buy upgrades for those.

Buying a bunch of weapons and only using one is a huge waste of money, and it’ll defeat the purpose of saving money down the line.


12. Don’t Die!

While yes, this is hard to do, you should just stop dying.

Literally, don’t.

Every time you die, they have to re-clone you, dress it up again, and then transfer this.

While it can be hard to do, once you get the hand of the game, you’ll make smarter decisions, and again, not die as much.


13. Don’t Hesitate to Rob Stores

This is pretty common, but a good way to give yourself a few hundred dollars more.

This solves a lot of cash shortages

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What is fun to do, and what works well, is to go to a store, point it, and then wait.

The clerk will probably empty it.

If there are a lot of registers, shoot the other ones nearby once the first guy has finished emptying.

This is a small-time robbery and does cause the cops to chase you, but if you can run, you’ll be fine.


14. Work With Chop

Chop is a pooch that’s loyal and sadistic.

He’s a great dog, and perfect for helping you get what you need.

Chop does come with some other baggage, including the iFruit app notifications, but if you want to find treasure, money, and collectables, get him.

He’s probably will find something for you in about 10 minutes, so a loyal dog all around!


15. Get a Silenced Gun

Okay this is about making money, but if you don’t have a silencer, half of these won’t work.

You want to make sure that you put a silencer on the gun that you have, so that you’re able to avoid the detection from others.

It can be pretty easy to do.

You can use this for robbing the stores, but also for shooting the cash register.


16. The Infinite Store Robberies

Infinite store robberies are possible in this.

The first, is you need to go to places that are open.

Shoot the clerk, then go in and empty the registers with either a melee attack or a gun.

Exit, go about three lengths of a car away, and then enter the same store.

This is a glitch that’s still in GTA offline, but the money will respond.

You do the same, and ten repeat it, just don’t get the cops on your tail.


17. Save Sonny’s Daughter

There is a mission called Save Sonny’s daughter.

It involves going to northern Paleto Bay, and you’ll see two guys who are about to kill a young lady, the daughter of the mob boss Sonny.

What you do, is you save her from the guys, bring her back, and then boom, instant $60K!


18. Bust the Weed Farm

There’s a weed farm that’s on the eastern part of mount Chiliad, and it’s a storehouse with some bad guys making weed.

You do need to take out some of the armed guards, but then, once everything’s gone, you loot this place.

Minimally, you’re getting about $60K from this, but it’s a lot more.

It also respawns too, so hey, fast cash fast!


19. Invest in Gold Coast

Gold coast is a great stock that you want to invest in.

The thing is though, you have to invest in the right time.

If you have the construction assassination quest, before you do that, invest directly into Gold Coast.

That’s because after the mission, the shares almost double in price after this, and it’s a huge payout, and the biggest in the game!


20. Street Race

Street racing is really fun, and if you’re good at it, you will definitely make some good money.

It’s good to have the Coil Voltic before doing this, and then use Franklin’s special beforehand.

This is something that you’ll want to switch on and off.

It takes a little bit of skill, but it does work.


21. Do the Jewel Store Heist

The first heist, the jewel store one, is the best one, and it gives you a ton in the stock market.

When you do this one, make sure to get the jewels that are within the cabinets that are near the center of where the island is, and that’s near the register.

They’re the most expensive, and they’re worth a lot!


22. Investment Banker

This is another random encounter.

It’s a character that’s found in the afternoon by Pacific bluffs.

He’s by the broken car, and the goal is to take him to the airport and if you do it within two minutes, you get a large investment tip.

The tip is simple, to buy Tinkle shares when you’re looking at BAWASQ.

If you manage to do this immediately, expect to get at least 30% profits the following day.


23. Get the Ammu-Nation Discount

If you’re good at the gun range, you actually get a 15% discount, and if you get Gold, it gives you a 25% discount.

While not a chance to make money, it saves you some money, which you can invest in other cool things!


24. Get Some Property

This is another less criminal type of income.

If you’re able to secure these properties, while they’re not usually availible and cost a lot, the ROI on this is insane.

You can actually get small businesses too and properties, and you can then rent it out to others.

Property is something that can net you some cash, and the best part, is that the cop’s eyes won’t be on you.


25. Force the Market Shifts

Just like in the real world, you can actually force the market to shift.

You can actually influence the way the market moves through actions that you undertake.

Put your money into a car company for example, and then, you go and ruin every other company.

Their stocks go down, while yours go up.

This is pretty easy to do, and once the stock is super high and at peak, just sell it off, and then go from there.

You can then switch it up.

While it’s not always foolproof, if you know how the market works and are willing to get your hands a bit dirty, this is a great way to do it.

You can actually change the market in a lot of different stocks, so don’t be afraid to possibly force these market shifts whenever you can, and also try to really make this something that get you some cash.



While there used to be more ways to get money in GTA 5 offline, since then they’ve been patched.

But these 25 tips will help you make some cash real fast, so that you can afford not only the fun luxuries in the game, but also have lots of fun with these different activities you can do.

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