You can easily make money in Dubai with the tips you will learn from this article.

It contains 25 ways and tips to really earning money in Dubai.



When it comes to describing the city of Dubai, one of the words that will be most likely used is large.

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, it boasts of having the world’s biggest observation wheel the deepest diving pool, the largest floral installation which emulates an Emirates A380 Airbus, and one of the largest architectural buildings in the world is the Burj Khalifa.

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Another important and large aspect of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is its economy.

The economy of the city of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is $501.3 billion.

One would think that oil is a leading factor in the city’s economy when in fact tourism is one of the bigger non-oil sources of revenue.

As it relates to employment, there is no national minimum wage, the forming of unions is illegal, and the average salary per month is $4,570 in comparison to the United States which is a little over $3900 a month.

The other side of the economic coin is that it is an expensive city to live in and is ranked as the 23rd most expensive city out of 290 other destinations.

Therefore, the possible need to make extra money in Dubai may be indicated.

Let us look at some of those possible ways to earn additional income.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money in Dubai


1. Blogging

An informational, educational, and inspirational way to earn extra money is to blog.

Living in Dubai would give you a unique perspective that you could share through your writing and approach your blog in different ways.

For example, the focus of your blogging could be on the entertainment sector of the city, the different cultures, and nationalities that live within the city, the restaurant scene, etc.

Possible monetary support for your writing could come through your followers along with obtaining a sponsor as well as the use of affiliate advertising.

There are a number of platforms that you can access that will host your blogging site.

One such example would be


2. YouTuber

It would seem that a YouTube channel about everything Dubai could be developed.

On your Dubai YouTube platform, you could take the YouTube viewers through a tour of the city, have them join you in a restaurant, and take in the ambiance of the dining area, enjoying a meal, and capturing the excitement of dining out in the city.

Your YouTube channel could gain followers as each episode of your production would take on a different aspect of the city.

Support could come through your followers, affiliate advertising, selling of merchandise, and possibly gaining a sponsor.


3. Tutor

If you have a skill or talent that others would like to learn, you could consider the possibility of being a tutor.

The opportunities to tutor an individual can be done remotely through teleconferencing software programs such as Skype or Zoom.

The possibilities of tutoring another individual could include:

  • Musical instruction
  • A particular school subject
  • Other skill set that you may have

A possible website that you could be affiliated with to conduct your tutoring can be accessed at

You could also advertise your availability through your social media platforms.


4. Rent

If you have an extra room the possibility of renting out that room to an individual who is temporarily working in Dubai may be a possibility.

Of course, if you are renting it yourself, you would need to check with your landlord and the terms of the lease as to whether this is a possibility.


5. Photography

The city of Dubai is replete with photographic opportunities which could include the unique architecture, landmarks, and even the world’s largest Ferris wheel.

Armed with your smartphone or more sophisticated camera you can take pictures and upload these pictures for potential sale to others through a variety of websites.

One of those websites is


6. Writer

If you have a gift of writing, there are a number of possibilities that you can get paid for this talent by being creative or formulating tech writing.

For example, you can take on a writing assignment as a ghostwriter to capture someone else’s story, do technical writing for various manuals, how-to books, grant writing, etc.

Some of these writing jobs can be found on various freelance websites.

One of those websites is

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7. Freelance

Freelancing is the new employment wave of the future in which an individual is classified as self-employed, can work remotely, and find a variety of jobs that match their skill set and experience.

Examples of freelance opportunities could include:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data entry
  • Etc.

A freelancing website that you can access to search for potential jobs, after registering, can be found at


8. Fitness Instructor

Individuals are concerned about their physical health and well-being and often look to others to help with maintaining their physical fitness.

If this is an interest and if you have the needed requirements, you can offer your services as a physical fitness trainer.

This can be done in person as you work with your clients or can be done through the Internet in helping others with their physical fitness routine, eating nutritionally, mental discipline, etc.

You can advertise your services through your social media sites.


9. eBook Writer

Another opportunity that can present itself is to write an e-book.

Your e-book can be a narrative reflecting a number of subjects or items of interest that you are familiar with.

For example, if your story is one that can be defined as motivational or inspirational you could write your autobiography and help others.

If you have an idea for a training course, such as eating nutritionally or a how-to book, you can self-publish an e-book, and earn money through your sales.

As of this writing, Amazon, a major e-book retailer, has not addressed its inactivity in the Middle East.

Therefore, you would need to do a word search on a search engine with keywords such as self-publishing a book in UAE.


10. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an individual who does the admin duties of a normal office but accomplishes the role of the job virtually.

Duties could include answering the phone, keeping an individual’s schedule and appointments, writing emails, possibly light bookkeeping, etc.

There are a variety of virtual assistant jobs on various freelance websites.

One of those websites can be found at


11. Tour Guide

With Dubai being a popular destination for tourists, a great opportunity that would present itself is to be a tour guide.

Through your social media platforms, you could advertise your services to take individuals on a tour of the city and provide a unique experience.

Your tour could include the well-known places or tourist attractions that most individuals want to see but you can also advertise your tour guide services as viewing unique out-of-the-way places that give a different perspective of the city.


12. Online Survey

There are a variety of online survey sites to earn money.

This can be accomplished by going online and participating in paid surveys.

Specific to the United Arab Emirates are certain survey sites that are available for this part of the world.

Some of those sites include:

  • LifePoints
  • Toluna
  • ySense


13. eBay

If you have items that are new or used and that you are not in need of you can create an account with eBay and list those items for sale.

After setting up your account, you can list the items that you have for sale and include a photograph to help in the process of selling.

The website for eBay can be found at

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14. Transcriptionist

If you have good typing skills and are attentive to listening correctly you can be involved in transcriptionist employment opportunities.

One such site and be found at

Through this freelance opportunity, you can work with this company and others to take what you hear from an audio or video file and type out the message in the appropriate word processing software.

A transcriptionist is often paid by the number of words that they accurately type or sometimes the work is paid on an hourly basis.


15. Consulting

Companies and individuals are always looking for people with a fresh perspective or an answer to the challenge that these entities may be facing.

If you have the business credentials and experience, you can advertise yourself as a consultant and be invited into a location to observe the various processes and make recommendations.

Some of those recommendations could include:

  • Lack of communication in the workplace
  • Outdated processes utilized in the creation of a product
  • Working on management skills
  • Interacting with boards
  • Etc.


16. Test Websites

If you enjoy being online and going to various websites there is an opportunity to be paid in visiting some of these websites.

The job of testing websites allows individuals to go to various web pages that are assigned by the employee representing an Internet company with the purpose being to evaluate the site.

As part of the evaluation, you as the researcher will be checking the website for misspellings, any broken links, writing that is not clear or understandable, etc.

When the evaluation has been completed the company that hired you will have you submit an evaluation sheet as it relates to the website visited.

Typically, the feedback session lasts for about an hour and a half and you can get paid up to $10 for each session you are involved with.

One of those test wipes websites can be found at


17. Captions

Many individuals when they view videos rely on captions if they are experiencing any hearing impairments.

The opportunity that presents itself is for you as a freelancer to watch and listen to the videos and type the captions as it relates to what is being said.

One of the sites that you can visit as it relates to these self-employment opportunities is


18. Web Developer

If you have graphic skills, can write software commands, and know your way around the creation of a website, then the possibility of being a web creator may provide a good opportunity.

The position of a web developer can be done on a remote basis and working with the customer in creating their website.

This is a position that is in demand due to the reality that businesses need a presence on the web in order to maximize their profitability.

Web developer positions may be posted on sites such as or


19. Part-time Job

Of course, the obvious action is looking to earn extra money in Dubai, if you currently have employment, is to look for part-time positions.

Some of the better ways of finding these part-time positions would be to conduct word searches utilizing your location and possibly using the process of typing in keywords such as part-time help and then indicating skill or talent.

Also, through your social media sites, you can indicate that you are looking for part-time work and possibly your friends and followers will help you locate a position.


20. Voiceover

Another skill or talent that you have and may not fully realize is your voice.

In addition to the various skills and talents requiring physical activity, the use of one’s voice is important when it comes to opportunities to be a spokesperson, narrator of an audible book, etc.

One such website in which you can register, and record samples of your voice can be found at

Often, companies and marketing firms look for individuals with unique accents, tone of voice, intonation, etc.


21. Life Coach

If you have certified training or have considerable success working through life’s experiences in your own life, you can offer this experience by coaching others as a life coach.

A life coach is an individual who helps others with challenges that they may be facing in their life.

Some of those challenges could be careers or career choices, relationships, setting goals, etc.

You can advertise your service as a life coach through your social media platforms and to begin the process possibly provide some discount incentive.


22. Proofreader

If you have quality skills as it relates to reviewing writings and picking up grammatical mistakes, misspellings, or improper use of your language you can provide the service of being a proofreader.

The value and work of a proofreader are necessary as any distractions from even the highest quality of writing can be a detraction for the reader and take away the impact of the writing.

Proofreading opportunities may be found through a variety of freelancing websites such as

An opportunity to share with a listening audience your thoughts, be entertaining, stimulate provocative thinking, etc. can be accomplished by providing a podcast to a listening audience.

A podcast is similar to a radio broadcast with the exception being that the podcast can be uploaded on one’s smartphone or other technology device and listened to at their convenience.

If you have an interesting idea on a subject for a podcast you can create these listening sessions and convey them in a variety of ways.

The discussion can be on a monologue basis, or you can invite guests who have a perspective on the topic, and a dialogue can be created.

Creating a broadcast requires a recording system and then utilizing a platform in which to place these podcasts.

These podcasts can be placed on an individual’s website or perhaps a contractual arrangement can be made with a platform such as Spotify.


23. Etsy

At Etsy you can list or showcase any of the handcrafted items that you have made through this platform.

The handcrafted items can be jewelry, making of leather products, graphic designs, etc.

When you register on Etsy, they will open up a virtual retail store for you in which you can upload pictures of your items and conduct business through this virtual store.

When sales are made, it is up to you to ship the items, but Etsy will help in the process.


24. Graphic Design

If you have a flair to create graphics or even if you don’t a website that you can utilize is

Through this free online site, you are provided a graphic software tool that has a number of templates that you can utilize to create your graphics.

Once your graphics have been created, you can make these available for sale such as through Etsy in which the customer can purchase the graphic and have that graphic affixed to a variety of products.

Some of those products could include cups, tumblers, T-shirts, etc.

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Personal Story

While serving in the Navy one of the more expensive places that we lived in was Hawaii.

The cost of everything on the island of Oahu, being an island state was expensive as everything needed to be shipped in.

The cost of gasoline, milk and other products required that we find cost-saving measures to make our expenses.

For example, when we purchased milk, we would mix it with powdered milk to make it last longer.

Also, we eventually gave up our 8-cylinder vehicle because of the cost of gas, and, quite frankly, there wasn’t much in the way of opportunities to do much traveling on the island.

To make ends meet I was able to secure a part-time job and utilize that additional revenue to help supplement our family budget.


Earning Money in Dubai FAQs


What is the Population of Dubai?

In 2019 the population of Dubai was estimated to be 3.331 million people.


What Are the Main Languages Spoken in the City of Dubai?

The official language of Dubai is Arabic with a dialect known as Masri being spoken.

Although Arabic is the official language of Dubai, due to the relocation of a number of English-speaking people to this city, English is a common language spoken.


You Can Do It

Living in a large and exciting city, such as Dubai, has both its advantages and disadvantages.

The good news is that any shortfall in needed revenue to balance your budget brings with it many opportunities to earn that additional income.

Additionally, many of these jobs can be done remotely from within your own home and help reduce the other expenses associated with traveling to a job site.

Your talents, skills, and experience can be put to good use as you live in one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in the world.



The city of Dubai is known for being large in a significant number of areas.

One of those areas is the cost of living which can put a strain on a resident of Dubai given the annual salary of a typical citizen.

The good news is that one can obtain a typical part-time job or utilize the resource of the Internet to match their talents and skills with remote jobs available.

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