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The rumors had been swirling over the last couple of months that the company you’re working for was looking at downsizing.

Sure enough one Friday morning you are called into the Human Resources Department.

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Sitting down in front of the HR director, you are confronted with the devastating news that your job is being eliminated.

You are thanked for your service.

The HR director continues talking but you have focused on what to share with your family, how to make mortgage payments, how to keep the lights on, etc.

Fortunately, you are a realist and understand that these things happen and are part of life.

You are not about to sit around and go on a pity party and wring your hands wondering what to do.

You are going to put your hands to work and find something in the interim to earn money while you also make applications for another job.


Personal Story

This story of losing a job and what to do in the interim is a reality that a number of us are able to relate to.

While working with a not-for-profit, my position of being in the development department was a luxury position that was filled that most not-for-profits did not have the financial resources to fill.

It was September, and our fiscal year extended from September to the first of October.

We were being audited as part of the normal routine and the results of the audit were being shared with a board member and executive director in a semi-open space within the building.

Having to pass through this space to get to the kitchen, when I entered, the conversation immediately stopped.

I am not Spiderman, but I certainly sensed a “tingling sensation” and putting two and two together realized that the lack of resources, the auditor speaking to the leadership team, and the conversation ceasing when I walked through could only mean one thing.

My job was on the chopping block.

Sure enough, days later, I received the dreaded summons into the office and was informed accordingly.

Fortunately, I was given a two weeks notice and a severance package but I knew that it would be a while between jobs and therefore, I continued working towards finding needed income.


15 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money in Between Jobs


1. Attitude  

Most likely the best tip to embrace if you have lost your job is to maintain a positive attitude.

This is not the end of the world, you are a hard worker with marketable skills and experience, and another job will come along.

It’s just a matter of time and this is a brief hiatus.

Keep positive, stay focused and remain upbeat.

Remember, you are not unemployed; you are just in between jobs.


2. Temporary Agencies

With your resume in hand and exuding your positive attitude, a good initial option of trying to earn money while you are in between jobs is to sign up with a temporary agency.

In today’s market, there are a significant number of businesses that utilize temporary employees to fulfill the jobs that are needed in their organization.

This is beneficial to them because they don’t have to pay the benefits and yet still need to have the job done.

A well-connected temporary agency will have a portfolio of clients who are in need of your skills and opportunities will present themselves to work as a temporary until something permanent happens.

Also, as a temporary employee, it is an opportunity to get your foot in the door with the company and showcase your skills, talents, and work ethic.

Often, temporary jobs lead to permanent jobs within an organization.


3. Upwork  

Most likely, you have an Internet connection.

Why not use this service as a means of earning money in between employment positions.

By logging on to Upwork, an individual can register at no cost and begin their search for a multitude of freelance opportunities that are available.

This website connects individuals who need to have work done with qualified individuals who can accomplish this work.

Examples of freelancing work could include being a virtual assistant, writer, data entry, etc.

Any job imaginable that is done in a workplace setting can be, for the most part, found on this website.

When you find a position, you simply submit a proposal to the company or individual advertising for that position and if your proposal is accepted you begin to work.

Your proposal includes a cover letter as to why you should be considered, and you can request your own rate of pay.

Upwork just requires 20% of your earnings up until $500 earned with one contractor and then after that only 10% is taken out.

Click here to check out Upwork


4. Fiverr  

Another website similar to Upwork is Fiverrr and matches individuals needing work done with those who can perform those job opportunities.

Fiverr requires 20% of the payment of the job performed.

Click here to check out Fiverr


5. Self Employment  

Perhaps, you have dreamed about being self-employed given that special skill or talent that you have.

Now would be a perfect opportunity to embrace that dream fully and start on your self-employment journey.

You would need to formally organize your company by creating a business plan, getting the necessary permits and licenses required, registering your company with local community officials, and more.

IRS guidelines can be found by clicking here to start a self-employment business.


6. Uber  

If you have a vehicle now is a perfect time to fully utilize that asset by registering with a driving service for people or for delivering other items that individuals need.

With these driving service companies, you would need to provide documentation that would include your driver’s license, registration, have a fairly clean driving record and provide other documentation and information as needed.

Once everything comes back as approved, you use your vehicle, through an app process, to take on driving opportunities to transport people to or from locations.

You are paid on an hourly basis and could also receive tips.

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There are a variety of ways that a driver can be paid including being paid daily over a set amount of times throughout the day.

This is accomplished through an express pay type system that directly deposits the money into your banking account.

Click here to check out Uber


7. Lyft  

Lift is another driving service opportunity and is similar in many ways to Uber.

This is just another option that you can explore in order to earn money while in between a permanent employment position.

Click here to check out Lyft


8. TaskRabbit  

TaskRabbit is a website and app-based service that connects individuals who need to have chores done around their home or business along with individuals who have registered to provide a variety of tasks.

By downloading the app, you search in your area for jobs that need to be accomplished.

You make an offer to the individual and then a meeting is set up and if everybody is in agreement to the terms of the job being done, you then go to work and are paid for the job that is accomplished.

A percentage of the cost of the task is recouped by TaskRabbit but that fee is paid by the customer, not the individual performing the job.

Requirements include the individual being 18 years of age or older, allowing for a identify check, having a bank account, SS number.

Depending on your state of residency you may also be required to have a business license.

Click here to check out TaskRabbit


9. Unemployment  

Don’t forget to register for unemployment benefits.

This is something that your previous company has paid into, and it is a benefit that you have earned and deserve.

Therefore, register with your state to receive this benefit.

The other added benefit of receiving unemployment compensation is that it requires that the individual look for so many jobs during the course of the week.

Not only will you be paid for a certain amount of time at a certain amount while in between jobs but it will also give you an opportunity to submit your resume and application to employment opportunities.


10. Pet Sitting  

A non-evasive and soothing way of making money is by providing services to individuals who have a pet that needs to be taken care of.

Through the app and website entitled, you can register to be a provider for pet services, or you can go out on your own into the neighborhood and offer your services to care for your neighbor’s pets.

The services could possibly include walking the dog a number of times a day or if the individual is away from their home for a length of time, you may be called upon to provide services for the pet while the owner is away.


11. Network  

Just because you are no longer employed with your previous employer, there are still opportunities in which you can network with those individuals that you know from that workplace relationship.

By continuing your interaction and friendship with them, network opportunities may arise that could lead to that next employment position or possibly money-earning “gigs” that will help support you.



12. Budget  

During this time of transition, it is important to pay attention to your finances and accordingly with your budget.

This may provide an opportunity to cut your cable service or other services that you meant to eliminate but didn’t have the chance to do so until now.

Specifically, it may be beneficial to you during this time of transition to renegotiate your car insurance, cut back on eating out, etc.


13. Update Your Resume  

Now is the perfect time to update your resume.

A resume is an important document that captures your skills, experience, education, etc.

A quality resume will help to get the attention of your next possible employer so now would be that great opportunity for an update.


14. Garage Sale  

Another great opportunity afforded to you as you are in between jobs is to go through your home and de-clutter your clothes closets and other storage spaces that have a number of items that are stored but are no longer being utilized.

Not only does this provide an opportunity to help you “clean house” but you could sell those items at a garage or yard sale.

This will give you some additional revenue to help cover your expenses during the interim.


15. Consignment Shop  

You can earn money by downsizing your home by gathering items together and working out an arrangement with a consignment shop.

Often these consignment shops look for inventory to put out on their retail floor and sell those items.

An arrangement could be made in which a certain percentage of the sale comes back to you and a certain percentage stays with the consignment shop owner to cover the costs of their overhead.


Ways to Earn Money In Between Jobs FAQs


Is Unemployment Income Taxable?

If you receive unemployment compensation, you are generally issued a specific form.

That form is 1099-G.

When you file your personal taxes, you would need to enter this information on your tax forms and report it as taxable income.


How Does Earning Money Affect My Unemployment Income?

Typically, on the unemployment documentation that you submit you will need to report any income that you have earned.

This may affect your unemployment benefits and the amount of money that you receive on a regular basis.


You Can Do It

You have been downsized or have lost your employment position due to a variety of reasons.

It is not the end of the world.

It is simply another part of your life’s journey, and something even better awaits you.

Your style is to not give up but rise to the challenge and see this as an opportunity.



Life happens, and as part of those happenings, there are a number of curveballs that are thrown at us.

Sometimes the tendency is to be overwhelmed and wonder why these things are happening.

You are most certainly allowed to ask those questions, but the important thing is not to dwell on the questions but to embrace the answers.

Therefore, do not wring your hands but put your hands to work.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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