Humans have been hunting since time immemorial.

Men have been hunting with bows, arrows, and spears since the prehistoric period to feed themselves.

With the introduction of short guns laden with gun power, hunting has become more interesting.

In this article, we will be discussing ways to get paid to hunt and companies that pay or help you get paid to hunt.


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Why Get Paid to Hunt? 

Hunting is one of the oldest professions globally, and over the years, the industry has grown to generate millions of dollars every year.

Most hunters don’t necessarily get paid to hunt; rather, they get paid for using hunting as a medium of entertainment for viewers.

To get paid through hunting, you may have to focus on working with sponsors and brands to promote their products and services.

Most high-profile hunters make huge money from appearances and possible video commercials or photoshoots that promotes sporting brands and their product.

While hunters get to hunt to make a living, the chunk of money in the hunting industry comes from multiple sponsorships and, of course, a prominent TV presence.

Of course, you can make money as a full-time hunter, but you have to commercialize your craft to eat your slice of the pie in the industry.


10 Best Ways To Make Money Hunting


1. Competitions

There are several local hunting competitions around you.

You can participate in these competitions for some cash.

Most times, the rewards from these hunting competitions are not much, but they are a great way to have fun and make a name for yourself in the industry.

Participating in local hunting competitions might be your getaway to more lucrative hunting opportunities.


2. Coaching

If you are an expert, you could train beginners to hunt.

There are plenty of beginners who need your experience and expertise.

So, you could train these people to get paid.

You don’t necessarily have to meet with them in person to train them.

You can train them through online classes by recording your process as you hunt and then posting it online or writing a book on how to hunt.


3. Pest Hunting Reward

Pest hunting rewards are monetary prizes won by hunters for killing wild animals considered a pest in their respective areas.

This is also another form of animal bounty that has the backing of the state.

However, you need to obtain a firearm license, and you can hunt for the reward all year round.


4. Skin 

Animal skin is used to make several fashion products, including bags, clothes, shoes, and belts.

After hunting, you can sell the skin to merchants who act as the middlemen between you and the industrialist who use the skin for different purposes.

However, you need to know how to process the animal’s skin or give it to someone to process it for you because most merchants wouldn’t buy unprocessed skin from you.


5. The State Authority 

Some states sponsor different hunting programs to promote hunting and reduce wild animals.

In Texas, the government sponsors hunting games by rewarding hunters for every wild pig they hunt.

This has been a proven way to reduce the wild animal population.


6. Hunting Guide

If you are passionate about hunting, you can channel this energy into a job by providing hunting information and guidance to people hunting for fun.

Hunting is a very dangerous sport, so hunters need a guide, especially if they are hunting in new terrain.

You can get paid to be a guide and get paid per hour or day if you are conversant with the area.

The higher the number of days/hours the hunt lasts, the better your pay.

If you possess the necessary skills, get a certification to increase your pay and your chances of becoming a good hunting guide.


7. Sell to Restaurants 

You can also get paid to hunt by selling your kill to restaurants.

In some places, wild animals are in high demand.

Moreover, wild animals that are thoroughly processed are highly nutritious.

Therefore, you should have issues selling your kills. You just need to do your research to know where your market is.


8. Animal Bounties 

The European immigrants introduced bounty hunting in the United States, and now it has become a common practice in several states.

Some state governments encourage animal bounty hunting to reduce some dangerous wild animal population.

The state government will pay stipends to hunters who bring evidence of a kill.

When you hunt a wild animal for bounty, you get rewarded and help keep the area safe.



9. Providing Lights

Some hunters love to hunt at night.

However, because it is always dark at night, they need light to see their prey.

You could leverage this need and provide the hunters with some means of illumination.

You have solved their needs by providing them with light, and they will reward you for your time and service.


10. Sell Ammunition

Hunting is a dangerous game, and you could lose your life if you’re not well prepared; hence most hunters like to equip themselves with the best ammunition.

Therefore, if you’re licensed to sell ammunition, then you can sell guns and bullets capable of killing these wild animals to hunters to get paid.


10 Best Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Hunt


1. Ammo

Before you consider hunting for fun, you need to understand that wild animals are called “Wild” for a reason.

They are untamed and dangerous, so you need to kill them with the best ammunition.

Ammo is one of the best ammunition brands in the USA.

They provide the best ammunitions like AR-15 bullets Boar Buster, designed to drill through wild animals’ tough skins and gristle shields.

They also sell rifle ammo, handgun ammo & shotgun ammunition at great prices.

One of the most important steps in hunting is having the right ammunition for your firearm, but with the Ammo brand, you shouldn’t worry about this because you will get the best ammunition from them.

In addition, they also offer packages that allow you to save money for buying plenty of ammunition. Visit their store and check their large selection of ammo.

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2. RK hunting Company 

Most people who hunt for fun always go to unknown terrain, which often makes hunting more dangerous and exciting.

But with the hunting guide services from companies like RK hunting company, you don’t have to worry because you are in good hands.

The R & K Hunting Company is a premier hunting outfitter that employs experts to provide hunting guides and private hunting reserves for its premium customers.

They provide hunting guide services to hunting enthusiasts to protect them from danger or exposure to wild animals.

If you plan on hunting in Utah or Wyoming, you should contact them to enjoy excellent opportunities to harvest magnificent trophies.

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3. Cedarridge Aviation

Cedarrige is an aviation service provider that strives to provide greater hunter opportunities to hunters.

In addition to the aircraft services, they provide other services, including aerial application, pipeline patrol, cattle work, game survey, and aerial photography.

They provide an unforgettable helicopter hunting experience.

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You can lodge in their remote cabin after hunting to enjoy the unique hunting experience they offer.


4. Wicked Hunting Lights

Wicked hunting lights is a lighting company that provides light services and equipment such as Night-vision, bow, or scope, terminal scopes to handheld spotlights, and light attached to the rifle for people who love to hunt at night.

They are a reputable hunting gear company that provides an ideal scan and weapon-mounted night hunting light for night hunting.

In states where night hunting is legal, you need light or means of illumination to hunt, and Wicked hunting lights are there to provide you’re the needed services.

They provide uncompromised quality and high-performance lamps that deliver crystal clear illuminations and give hunters an advantage when hunting at night.

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5. Rockymountainrotors

Rocky Mountain Rotors is a full-service helicopter company that provides helicopter services for hunters.

Since its establishment, they have continued to render excellent and safe services to hunting enthusiasts without compromising on their values.

They conduct regular survey services that have helped save the lives of hunters and have made hunting easier.

Through the report of their surveys, hunters know where to find wild animals and where not to go.

In addition to the chattered hunting services they provide, they provide air tours, photography, land survey, maintenance, and repair for their premium customers.

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6. D-touraviation

D-Tour Aviation is one of the premier helicopter tour companies in Texas that provides unbeatable services to customers.

They offer a good hunting experience across the United States by providing flying hunting experience through a helicopter.

Generally, wild animals are difficult to kill because they are smart and always moving.

Once they sense danger, they move in different directions, making killing them even more stressful.

But with D-touravaition helicopter hunting services, hunters can now pay a little amount to hunt from above.

This gives the hunter an advantage and doesn’t expose the hunter to danger like they will if they are hunting on foot.

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7. Vintagefurs

Vintagefurs is a trading company that connects wild animal skin buyers with hunters willing to sell.

After the hunting game, if you have no desire to sell the entire animal, you could sell the skin to this company for a reasonable amount.

This company then collet the hide from you and sell to big fashion brands that use this product to make bags, shoes, and other fashion accessories.

However, you have to know how to process the hide to prevent contamination until it is sold. Most organizations wouldn’t buy contaminated animal skin from you.

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8. Helicopterpighunting

Helicopter pig hunting is the home of pig helicopter hunting.

They offer a great hunting experience on their 2.5 million acres of private land in Central and West Texas.

They provide hunting services all year round, and the lack of foliage in West Texas allows them access to wild animals during the spring and summer.

They also provide ranching and lodging services, and their lodge is just 15 minutes’ drive from the San Angelo, Texas Airport.

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9. Divided Find

Divided Find company provides high-end Texas hunting experiences.

They are a true Texas hunting company that provides hospitality with quality and personal service.

They have over 2.5 million acres of West Texas helicopter hunting land and full-time staff to attend to every customer’s needs.

Divided Find lodge, meals, and facilities have been specially created to help customers enjoy, relax and experience

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10. North American Hunting Competition

North American Hunting Competition hosts national hunting contests in which participants compete for prizes, typically cash or hunting equipment, to kill the most animals.

The games include including big games, deer, and outdoor photos.

Take advantage of this hunting competition by signing up to participate and win big.

Participating in these events will fetch in a lot of income and fame.

Hunting games might actually be your gateway to more hunting-related opportunities.

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Get Paid to Hunt FAQs


How Do I Start My Own Hunting Business?

If you’re interested in starting any type of business in the hunting industry, here’s what you need to consider.

  1. Getting land –  You need to get a large land reserve where people can freely hunt. It is advisable to get a place far from the city to save cost and get more kills.

2. Securing permits-  Once you have finalized the papers on the land, you need to secure a state permit to use the land for hunting.

3. Marketing your services – The next phase is to market your services. The world wouldn’t know what you do if you don’t market yourself to them. Therefore, you must embrace every means to market yourself and your business to potential clients.

4. Offering extras – This is some form of incentive to make hunters come to your place or to pick your hunting land over the others.


Can You Sell Wild Game Meat for Money?

The legality of wild game meat differs from state to state.

Therefore, to know the legality of selling wild meats, it’s essential you consider the regional or state law of wherever you’re hunting.

Some states allow you to sell wild meats, while some don’t.

Check the relevant bodies in charge of hunting in the state for further clarification.

In addition, federal law states that all wild game meat must be inspected before they are put up for sale.

That means game meat needs to be inspected by a regulatory body before it is put up for sale.


Is Inspection Required Before I Can Sell My Wide Game Meats?  

According to the United States federal laws, the only way you can sell wild game meat is if the regulatory body has inspected it.

The USDA carries out regular meat inspections.

In states like Texas, the inspection process is fast and easy; however, the process may be a bit exhausting in other states.

Once the inspection officer passes the meat as “safe for human consumption,” then you can legally sell the meat.


What Animals Can You Get Paid to Hunt?

You can get paid to hunt several animals; however, you will need to read more about the federal laws and state laws regarding animal rights and animal protection to have a comprehensive detail on the animals to hunt.

In Florida, you can get paid hourly for hunting snakes.

Below are some examples of invasive animals.

  1. Pythons
  2. Badgers
  3. Raccoons
  4. Feral Hogs
  5. Wolves
  6. Nutria
  7. Coyotes
  8. Fox
  9. Northern Pikeminnows


Can I Hunt for a Living?

Yes, you can.

Most people hunt for fun.

However, some people hunt for a living. Some hunters make a living by selling their games.

Others make a living as hunting guides.

Hunting for a living should be a short-term solution to providing money as it is not sustainable in the long term.

However, if commercialized, hunting for a living could be a long-term medium of making money through sponsorship.


What States Allows the Selling of Wild Game Meat? 

Every state in the U.S. has its own rules regarding selling wild game meat.

However, in most states, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is mandated to inspect all wild game meats before they can be legally sold.

However, the USDA is not obligated by federal law to inspect meat from a wild game, making the topic vague.

Texas runs an inspection program, and inspected wild game from Texas can be sold in the rest of the United States.



Hunting has been with us for a long time.

Today, people hunt for fun or as a tradition passed down from father to son.

This article has explained the different ways you can get paid to hunt and ten companies that will help you get paid to do so.

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