Yes, you can really make money even if you are homeless.

This article reveals as many as 25 best ways and tips to help you make money homeless.



There are many reasons why an individual may be homeless.

Some of the reasons could range anywhere from mental illness, addiction, etc.

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Other reasons why an individual may be homeless is that they fell on hard times due to the loss of a job, illness, etc. and lost their way to make a livelihood, and subsequently didn’t have the rent money needed.

Another reason why an individual may be homeless is that it is a life choice.

Sometimes people want to make a statement and to live a lifestyle that is free of encumbrances and choose to live outdoors or even in a shelter so that they do not have to deal with the stresses and strains of life.

What needs to be avoided are stereotypes as to who a homeless person is and why they are homeless.

With all that aside, let us look at ways that individual who is homeless, for whatever reason, have opportunities to make money and, in so doing, break the homeless cycle if that is their choice.

Personal Story

I had the privilege of working for an organization whose vision and mission were to help others.

The services that we provided included the providing of food to families, a lunch program for individuals who were looking for a meal, a homeless shelter, a food bank, and a transitional living center.

On one occasion, the reality for those that were homeless and looking for another start in life became crystal clear to me when I was doing inspections in the transitional living center.

One middle-aged woman was so excited about the space that she was sharing with another woman that she wanted me to see what she had done with the area.

Her modest furniture was a single bed, with a homemade comforter provided by one of the members of the community, a bed nicely made with no lumps or creases, and a dresser that had five drawers.

On top of the dresser was placed her modest cosmetics and a picture of a young lady.

Of course, I engaged her in conversation and ultimately asked who the young lady was in the picture.

Her exuberance quickly faded and in a downcast voice mumbled that was her daughter.

Eventually, the resident shared that because she abused drugs not only did she lose her job, and her home but most importantly she said that she lost her daughter.

At that moment it became crystal clear to me that despite her being homeless did not make her any less of a human being.

She demonstrated the pain and sorrow of actions indulged in which led to the loss of someone that she loved.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money Homeless


1. Have the Right Attitude  

When wishing to earn money even though homeless the first employment step to take does not require a physical action but takes place in the mind.

It is important to realize that homelessness is a challenge but one that can be overcome.

It should not be viewed as an obstacle or barrier but a steppingstone to demonstrate what your character and capability are in being an overcomer.

Also, your wishing to earn money and succeed while being homeless will be an inspiration to others.


2. Have a Plan

As with any challenge, it is important to have a plan of action.

In other words, the first order of business will be getting a roof over your head and ensuring that your health and energy levels are met by eating properly.

Also, when looking for a job and yet homeless requires that your body and clothes are clean and therefore those issues need to be addressed as well.

Often, in communities, some churches or facilities will provide these basic needs.

Also, you could approach a friend and ask if you could room with them for a while and assure them that you will be a contributing member of the household. When money becomes available you will make good on any financial obligations that have been incurred.


3. Panhandle  

One of the ways that you can earn money is by panhandling.

This is not a popular way of earning money and may be frowned upon by community members and maybe against the law.

It is best to check with law enforcement to see if this is possible.

If you decide upon this course of action a clever sign or expressing your sincerity to work is always a good approach.


4. Recycle  

A great way of earning money and helping out the environment is by recycling.

If looking for recyclable items on private property, such as a strip mall or grocery store, it is always best to try to talk with individuals in the stores to let them know what you are doing and to make sure that they don’t have a problem with you cleaning up the area by gathering up recyclable items.

When the items have been collected you can always take the large bags of aluminum cans and bottles to the recycling center and turn the items in for cash based on the going rate for recycled glass and aluminum.


5. Use Your Talents  

Another way of earning money is by being a street entertainer.

Often, individuals will take to the public streets and utilize any artistic skills or talents that they have to amuse and entertain others.

Examples could be singing, playing a musical instrument, being a mime, etc.


6. Sweep  

You could always offer your services to businesses in the community by sweeping the front sidewalk of their business location.


7. Wash Windows  

As long as there are glass windows there will be a need for those windows to be washed.

You could offer to wash storefront windows of business owners or wash the windows of cars or trucks that have stopped for traffic lights.

The only precaution on this plan of action would be that it could be a safety concern and again may be against the law in being out in traffic.


8. YouTube  

Likely, you have a cell phone.

Maybe you can keep your data and cellular provider update date with payments.

Also, there are government programs that provide cell phones and usage to individuals who are in need.

With that being said, you could always produce a YouTube video and share your thoughts and actions and gain financial support from followers.

Financially you could be supported by followers who are impressed with your ingenuity in creating a YouTube platform, use of affiliate advertising, or even gaining a sponsor from a philanthropic-minded business.


9. Homeless Shelter  

Many not-for-profits provide services for individuals who find themselves without a home.

These shelters are not 5-star hotel accommodations but they do provide a haven from the elements, an opportunity to shower, eat, and sleep in a warm bed.

The housing provided is temporary and yet so is your situation and therefore it is a good idea to take advantage of what is offered.


10. Outlet  

One of the challenges of not having a home would be finding electricity to keep your phone charged.

To overcome this challenge there are public buildings such as libraries that you may be able to utilize their outlets.

Also, many non-profits set up charging stations.

Additionally, as a paying customer purchasing a cup of coffee in a place of business would entitle you to charge your phone if this is a service they offer to their customers.

You will also find that throughout the city are electrical outlets.

Take advantage of these power sources unless told otherwise.


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11. Benefits  

There are many programs offered by local governments to assist people who are in need.

You could speak to a social worker at a non-profit or who is with the state to see what benefits you may be eligible for.

Some of those possible benefits include:

  • Food stamps
  • Social Security Insurance (SSI)
  • Possibly VA Benefits
  • Possible unemployment



12. UberEats  

On YouTube, a homeless individual made a video on earning money while being homeless.

Because he had a bike, he was able to make the application and get a job with UberEats to deliver food in his downtown area.

If you have this transportation ability you can earn money this way as well by making applications, providing the necessary paperwork, and, upon acceptance, making deliveries utilizing your bike and cell phone.

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13. PostMates  

Postmates is another food delivery service that with the proper credentialing, you could utilize your bike to make food deliveries.

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14. Offer Services  

If you are traveling in the community and you see areas that could use attention (painting, minor repairs, etc.) you can go to the owners of those establishments and offer to paint or do the odd job in exchange for money.


15. Blogging  

What would be incredibly interesting is for you to log your life in which you are temporary without a home.

You could get someone to sponsor your blogging site through such companies as Blue Host and begin to write about what it is like to be without a home.

Your perspective would not only be first-hand but could be particularly insightful to individuals who maybe have never thought about the reality of an individual living without a home.

Your income could be through sponsors, affiliate advertising, or your followers supporting you.


16. Carwash  

There are many car washes in the community that not only wash the vehicles through an automated system but also provide attention to the cars or trucks by utilizing people to hand dry the vehicles.

If such a carwash is in your community, you can approach the owner and offer to be part of the staff in helping to hand dry the vehicles.


17. Kitchen  

Odd jobs in the restaurant industry seem to be plentiful.

This is especially true during the post-covid stage where the restaurant business is having trouble getting individuals to take on employment positions.

You can approach various restaurant owners to see if there are jobs that need to be done or look for help-wanted signs in the windows of these dining facilities.


18. Farmworker

If you enjoy the opportunity to work hard and work that is done outside, you might consider working on the farm to make money.

The area that you are associated with may be in an agricultural area and farmers or ranchers are looking for individuals to help with the chores.

Being homeless you might be able to get a roof over your head by residing in one of the buildings and in doing so tend to the farming needs by planting, weeding, watering, collecting eggs, milking the cows, etc.


19. DoorDash

If you own a bicycle another way of earning money by delivering food is through DoorDash.

By providing the needed documentation and with a background check, you can begin to deliver food to individuals who have ordered through the DoorDash and you make the delivery.

With DoorDash you also receive any tips that you earn.


20. Construction  

If you have experience around a construction site or are willing to do odd jobs such as construction site cleanup or other odd jobs, you may be able to get a temporary construction job.

Often, you can situate yourself around a home improvement store or construction site, make a sign indicating your willingness to work, and let construction workers or individuals doing projects take it from there as to whether to utilize your service or not.


21. Trucks  

Many trucks make the delivery to retail outlets during the day.

A way to earn money is to help the truck driver and the staff unload the truck for payment.

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22. Dock Work

If you are not averse to hard work, another opportunity to pick up cash is to help out on various loading docks throughout the community.

This can be somewhat labor-intensive but will be an opportunity to be of service and get paid in providing this manual labor.


23. Center

Some not-for-profit’s offer residential treatment programs.

If you have a challenge as it relates to any addictions, you can enter or make an application to be admitted into one of these residential facilities.

One such facility is The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center which has the individual work their program in the evening and then provides work therapy sessions during the day.

Payment comes in that stipends or canteen money is given to the individual that they can use to spend on items that they enjoy such as soda, candy, etc.


24. Handyman

Working as a handyman does not require a lot of startup money and they utilize their tools.

You could provide this range of services for several small mom-and-pop shops or even connect with business leaders in the community who may serve on a variety of not-for-profit and are always looking for ways to help out an individual who is homeless and looking for a break.

A homeless individual would be able to do small minor repair works at home, painting, odd jobs, etc.


25. Seasonal Jobs

Many retailers and local non-profits hire extra personnel during special times of the year such as Christmas.

For example, you could help out with The Salvation Army by ringing the bell at one of their Christmas kettle locations.

Often, this is seen as beneficial to all because it helps the non-profit and provides employment for the individual who is homeless.

Also, the community supports these fundraising activities because of the support for the agency as well as the homeless individuals working.

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Ways to Earn Money While Homeless FAQs


What Are Some Startling Statistics as It Relates to Homelessness?

Some startling statistics as it relates to homelessness are:

  • The average life expectancy of a homeless individual is 50 years of age
  • Almost 40% are African-American
  • Close to 62% are either boys or men
  • 20% of homeless individuals are kids
  • 42% of street children identify themselves as LGBT



What Is the Estimate of the Number of Homeless People on Any Given Day?

It is estimated that the number of homeless in America is 552,830 individuals.

This translates into 17 people out of every 10,000 individuals experiencing homelessness each day.


You Can Do It

If you are homeless, for whatever reason, you need to understand that you have worth and have a contribution to make.

Homelessness is not hopelessness and therefore, there are jobs that you can do and be paid for the great job that you accomplish.



For that individual who is homeless, many community programs are available to provide practical service for that individual who needs services.

For that individual who wishes to re-establish themselves with their own home can find this a strong possibility.

This is because there are employment opportunities that can be found which will provide you the income needed to fulfill that goal of finding your place to live.

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