If you want to know how to make money helping others, this is the perfect article to read.

It reveals as many as 25 best ways and tips to help you know how to make money helping others – talk about the best of both worlds – helping other people and making money in the process!


Why Learn How to Make Money Helping Others?

Many rewards are offered to individuals for a variety of reasons.

For a job well done, there could be the reward of a bonus, if in the entertainment or cultural sector of our society there could be the reward of applause and accolades, and then there are the rewards of education and being honored with degrees or awards reflecting outstanding strides in your particular field.

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Of course, there is the reward of receiving a paycheck for a job well done.

Other rewards are sometimes not tangible and can enrich a person’s life because their reward is often not brought out in the light of public knowledge but you will never know what a difference you have made through your interaction with others.

Such occupations even though you get paid to interact the way that you do is done through the motivation of helping others.

Therefore let us look at ways how to make money by helping others.


Personal Story

During my ministerial career, we had the opportunity to be involved with a prison ministry with a new correctional institution within our community.

We went through a series of paperwork and background checks and were permitted to provide Sunday services each afternoon.

A small group of inmates would attend and we would sing praise and worship songs, share a devotional, and then make an invitation to others to make an affirmation of faith and help them with their rehabilitation.

Eventually, we were transferred to another city and I often remember back on those special times that we had with those individuals and the opportunity to interact with them.

Our prayer was that we were able to touch their lives as I know that they touched ours.

Sometimes, we never know if we ever make a difference.

Come to find out, some 18 years later, one of the individuals that use to attend the worship services with us at the correctional facility bumped into one of the participants that would attend frequently at our Sunday services.

Come to find out he attributed those times as a life-changing encounter and testified to the individual that he never looked back, got on the straight and narrow, and never had any more run-ins with the law.

He truly had an epiphany and through his declaration of faith was able to get his life squared away.


25 Best Ways to Make Money Helping Others


1. Tutoring  

A tutor is an individual that has skill and ability that is shared with other for learning.

A tutor can be involved in education, teaching a music skill, dancing lessons, etc.

Often, a tutor derives great pleasure in sharing teaching and offering instructional assistance in any way that they can to develop the skills and abilities of others.

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2. Teaching

A teacher is a dedicated educational professional who understands the importance of not only teaching subjects through a variety of means but also encouraging the student to continually learn and ask questions.

A teacher is often one of the most important influences in a student’s life and is frequently admired and respected as a role model.

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3. Coaching  

A coach is an individual who utilizes their skill, education, and expertise to interact with a variety of disciplines in life.

Those disciplines could range anywhere from the sports world, to fitness, to living life.

A coach challenges an individual not to settle for their second-best in life but to embrace life fully and achieve their full potential.


4. Consultant  

A consultant draws upon their experience and education and interacts with individuals or companies to assess processes, stimulate thinking on the part of the business, or individual to question complacency or the stagnant thinking of business as usual.

A consultant is a creative individual who can present a different perspective and challenge their clients to think outside the box.


5. Social Worker  

A social worker is a trained individual that relies on their education and experience to provide assistance that addresses a variety of social challenges.

The social challenges could be involving families, groups, communities, or individuals.

Their purpose is to interact with children and adolescents, individuals who have a disability, underserved individuals experiencing homelessness or poverty, the aged community, etc.

Degrees for social workers could include Masters Of Social Work, Associate Clinical Social Worker, or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


6. Not-for-profit  

A not-for-profit worker is an individual that works with a charitable organization whose focus is not so much about making a profit but helping others.

There are a variety of roles and responsibilities that can be defined as a not-for-profit worker.

Some of those roles and responsibilities could be working within a homeless shelter, operating a food pantry, being involved with preparing meals daily for the hungry, etc.

Often these individuals are paid a very low wage but their commitment is focused more on people than it is on profit.


7. Credit Counselor  

A credit counselor is an individual that helps others who are in dire straits as it relates to their finances.

A credit counselor will sit down and go through an individual’s budget and help the individual come up with a plan of action to reduce their indebtedness and work towards becoming solvent.

Additionally, a good credit counselor won’t do the work but will guide and tutor the individual who is struggling financially and help them with their budget as well as teach them about money management, investments, and the good use of credit.


8. Nurse  

A nurse is a medical professional who has an extensive medical education that is designed to assist patients and other medical professionals through their knowledge and experience.

The basic certification for a nurse is being a registered nurse and then additional education will allow for other intensive degrees to be earned.

Also, there are a variety of other specialized fields within the nursing profession.

For example, a nurse could be an operating room nurse, pediatric nurse, emergency room nurse, etc.

Each of these different types of nurses usually is demonstrated by their experience and their further education in those particular specialized areas.


9. Doctor  

A physician or doctor is a highly trained medical professional that is called upon to meet the medical needs of others.

This is done through preventive medicine, treatment, possible surgical procedures, etc.

The educational process for a doctor to earn his/her medical degree takes a considerable amount of commitment, time, and financial resources.

There are the basic four years of college, going to medical school, entering into a residency program, and more.

Also, with this medical profession, many specialties can be practiced by a physician.

Some of those specialties include oncology, anesthesiology, heart surgeon, brain surgeon, gastroenterologist, etc.

A qualified and compassionate doctor is a great asset to our health and well-being in their service to us.


10. Psychiatrist  

A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in the field of psychiatry or the treatment of mental orders.

A psychiatrist is an individual who helps with the healing of the mind and also helps to address substance abuse disorders.

A psychiatrist uses a variety of treatment methods including psychotherapy, medications, psychosocial interventions, and more.

To become a practicing psychiatrist an individual must have completed their basic college education, medical school, and taken a written examination to practice medicine.

They then go on to complete four years of psychiatry residency and then spend an additional three years in the area of mental health.

Certification is accomplished once the psychiatrist in training passes the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology to become board certified.


11. Psychologist  

A psychologist is a medical professional whose practice consists of treating normal and abnormal mental conditions, helping with emotional challenges as well as treating social processes and behaviors.

Often a psychologist is called upon to identify and help the patient through abnormal behavioral and emotional patterns that they are experiencing.


12. Substance Abuse Counselor  

A substance abuse counselor interacts on a professional medical level to help individuals who are experiencing substance abuse and addictive behaviors.

A substance abuse counselor not only focuses on the addiction but concentrates as well on the individual to help identity what the triggers are that create and demonstrate their addictive behaviors.

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A substance abuse counselor also works with the individual through a variety of means such as one on one interaction, counseling sessions, and group settings.

The purpose of the substance abuse counselor is to help the individual towards recovery, identifying those triggers in their lives and utilizing coping mechanisms.



13. Hospice Worker  

A more difficult job or compassionate care opportunity is that of a hospice worker.

A hospice worker is an individual who interacts with a patient who has six months or less to live.

The goal of a hospice worker is to bring about care and comfort and provide dignity of life even though the individual is facing a terminal illness.

This particular occupation would be a difficult one knowing that there is no treatment and that the natural process of life takes its course.


14. Youth Worker  

A youth worker is an individual who may or may not have a religious motivation in working with youth.

However, they are committed to befriending the young person, providing opportunities for that individual who may be challenged for a variety of reasons to work through those challenges, grow and learn from them.

A youth worker not only utilizes their education and experience with the young person but by provides a role model example for the young person.


15. Pastor  

A pastor is an individual who has attended Divinity school and is ordained as a pastor or minister within a set denomination.

The role of a pastor in helping others varies through all aspects of an individual and family’s life.

This involvement can run the gamut from cradle to grave and involves such joyous occasions as officiating at weddings, religious celebrations, etc.

Also, the pastor has the solemn duty to comfort those who are sick, who are mourning the loss of a loved one, or presiding at a funeral and eulogizing individuals.

A pastor not only helps an individual emotionally and physically but their primary focus is on an individual’s spirituality and encourages a demonstration and increase of their faith.

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16. Fitness Trainer  

A fitness trainer or personal trainer is an individual who concentrates on the health of an individual physically but also deals in the realm of the mind as it relates to the student’s self-confidence, meeting challenges, being motivated, etc.

The role of the fitness trainer is to create a physical fitness regimen that is personalized for the individual that they are interacting with.

The fitness and wellness plan includes a variety of exercise routines, dietary needs, assessing and meeting the individual’s physical needs, monitoring progress, and providing motivation and inspiration for the individual to continually reach out for their goals.

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17. Veterinarian  

Americans love their pets and as such a critical helping occupation is that of a veterinarian.

A veterinarian is a medical professional that provides that veterinarian medicine and treatment processes as it relates to animals.

As part of their role, they diagnose and control animal diseases, treat sick and injured animals, provide medical advice for the owners of animals including livestock as well as perform surgical procedures on animals that have been injured.


18. Attorneys  

Attorneys and lawyers are sometimes the brunt of several jokes and disparaging comments.

However, a quality attorney performs a critical function and will represent an individual during any legal proceedings and will endeavor to advocate for that individual with their client’s best interests in mind.

As with the other professions, there are many different fields that an attorney can specialize in.

Some of those other fields include corporate law, will, and estates, criminal law, family law, etc.

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19. Civil Servants

Often, when dealing with the state, local or federal government, exasperation can set in because the wheels of government can grind slowly as well as sorting having to sort through all of the red tapes.

An important role within the government is those who serve us through the role of being a civil servant.

Without their knowledge, of how to navigate through the various systems and provide the assistance needed, we would be hard-pressed to get required to abide by the laws of the land.

For example, a civil servant will facilitate the issuing of permits, payments for a variety of services offered by the government, issuing of licenses, etc.

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20. Police  

Often, on patrol cruisers, you will find the words stenciled on the cruisers “Protect and serve.”

It’s not often, that in helping others, that one may need to place their life on the line to fulfill that commitment of service.

Such service vocations are provided by police officers, firefighters, etc.


21. Dietician  

A dietician is a trained individual medically as it relates to working with an individual and their diet to enhance the treatment process.

They are aware of all of the contributing factors of a person’s diet as it relates to their medical condition, blood type, and other medical factors as it pertains to receiving the proper nutrition.

Their concern is that the patient’s diet is comprised of the proper nutrients.


22. Corrections  

A probation officer is a law enforcement officer who oversees an individual’s probation process as ordered by the court system.

The officer monitors the offender regularly to provide the needed attention and resources to mitigate any further offensives by the individual.

Some of those resources or actions include treatment options, support groups, etc.

The purpose is to provide the offender from repeating their illegal actions.


23. Mental Health Worker  

A mental health worker’s role is to monitor mental health patients in psychiatric units.

They work with a team of other medical professionals and directly with patients.

That work includes therapy treatment, monitoring progress, and involvement in direct physical and mental activities.


24. Nannies  

A nanny is a hired professional individual that is more than a babysitter.

Often they are highly trained in child development and put their skills and education to work in caring for the children of families that she/he is hired to take care of.

Their involvement with children usually has an educational focus but also provides play-time, nutritional focus, and possibly other domestic chores.

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25. Preschool Teachers  

Preschool teachers interact with a family’s children from infant to five years of age.

They perform a significant function in caring for the children when parents need to work.

Their role or function is not to babysit but provide a beginning foundation for their formal school years.

As part of that process, they teach the children to read, write, learn through a variety of projects, etc.


Making Money Helping Others FAQs 


What, if Any, Are the Pitfalls Associated With Being an Individual Who Helps Others?

The two pitfalls associated with helping others in a caring industry would be:

  • Staying professional and avoiding any emotional entanglements
  • Burnout


What Would Be the Top 10 Qualities That Would Make an Individual Be a Great Care Worker?

Those qualities would be:

  • Passion
  • Experience
  • Friendliness
  • Communication
  • Dedication
  • Attentiveness
  • Sense of humor,
  • Empathy
  • Desire to learn
  • Positivity


You Can Do It

Helping others is not necessarily a career choice for everybody as it relates to choosing a vocation.

However, fortunately, many individuals are sympathetic and empathetic and enjoy helping others in a myriad of different ways.

If you are one of those individuals you are blessed and have the opportunity to be a blessing to others and match your skills and personality to not only earn a good wage but help others in the process.



Many service-oriented occupations pay well in a variety of ways.

One of those ways is the payment that these highly educated, informed, and experienced individuals receive for jobs that are well done, needful and meaningful.

However, other rewards are enriching and provide significant satisfaction to the individual performing the services as well as the potential delivering of life-changing actions that impact the individual being served.

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