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How often have you answered a telephone call without looking at the caller ID.?

You hit the green icon on your smartphone, and you are connected to the caller.

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The caller begins to speak, and you groan inwardly realizing that you have just answered a call from a telemarketer.

This experience is fairly routine for a number of individuals who either have a landline or a cellular phone.

The caller ID will either say unknown number or scam likely or may even have a person’s name or where they are calling from.

To say the least it is annoying and like the syndicated single-panel comic strip entitled, “There Oughta Be a Law” we express the same exact sentiment and say to ourselves why doesn’t somebody do something about these guys?

Oh, but wait there is a law.

Therefore, let us take a look at ways that we can stop scammers from calling us but we can get paid for all of our frustration and headaches associated with these robocalls.


20 Easy Ways & Tips to Making Money With Robocalls


1. Know all about Robocalls 

A robocall is a telephone call that is made to an individual’s landline or their cellular phone.

The process utilizes a computerized autodialer and often a prerecorded message is heard when the individual picks up the phone and answers it.


2. Know Why Robocalls

The purpose of the robocall is to get the individual to generally give money.

Requests for money can be made by companies in order to receive a sale, or often, are utilized to deliver a political message.

Also, the system has gotten so sophisticated that a personalized audio message to simulate an actual personal phone call is generated.

Additionally, when the robocall is made it reflects on the caller ID the name of a person, and a different variety of locations that, supposedly, the phone call is being generated from.


3. Know the Law 

In the 1990s there was such an outcry from consumers regarding the annoyance of these phone calls that legislation was passed.

The legislation to prevent these phone calls from being made or for the generating company to be penalized was through the FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

According to this act if you are listed on a do not call list and you are called you may be eligible to receive up to $1500 for this annoyance.

Even if it cannot be proven that the phone call was made deliberately, there may be a $500 cash penalty provided to you by the guilty company.


4. Kit 

Recently, there was a young man who took the initiative to stop these robocalls in their tracks.

He formulated a process and was successful in realizing a significant number of dollars for a variety of services that were calling him through the robocall system.

Subsequently, true to capitalism, he has prepared a kit and that kit is available.

If an individual wishes to have everything together in one place along with instructions and a template letter this may be for you.


5. App 

Receiving robocalls got to the point where it was in epidemic proportions, which prompted the passing of legislation as well as other actions taken to prevent these calls from reaching an individual’s phone.

Some of those actions have included enforcement actions estimated to be in the millions of dollars against illegal robocalls


  • Getting the phone companies on board to block calls that are not solicited
  • Empowering the consumer to place the numbers on a white list (only allows calls that you give permission to receive from your contacts)
  • Requiring phone companies to utilize caller ID for a third-occasion purpose


6. Other Calls

There are some exceptions to the law.

Some of those exceptions include receiving a call from a debt collector as they are given permission to try to use robocalls to reach you.

Another exception is calls received from healthcare providers that use a robocall system to remind individuals about appointments or prescriptions.

The other exception is from charities that can call personally or professionally but not utilize a robocall system.

Also, the allowance for robocalls is allowed if they are political calls.


7. The List

The first important step on your way to monetarily punishing the robocalls is to put yourself on the “do not call list.”

The list is the option that you have as a consumer to request that you not receive any of these annoying robocalls.

The website that you can accomplish this is

On the home page, you will be provided with three options.

The first is to report any unwanted calls, the second is to verify your registration, and the third is to register your phone.


8. What the FTC Does With Information?

Data that is captured is analyzed with the intent of determining the calling patterns demonstrated by the illegal callers.

The Federal Trade Commission takes the phone numbers that are reported and releases them publicly each business day.

This helps phone service providers and other partners that are working on solutions to be more refined as it relates to blocking calls.

Also, the information is provided to law enforcement to help law enforcement agents try to identify the people that are making the illegal calls.


9. Report 

The next step is now not to wait for that dreaded phone call but to eagerly anticipate that call to start your process.

It is important to remember that even though there is an actual name reflected on the caller ID and the location from where they are calling from this is part of their sophisticated process to try to deceive you.

If you receive an unsolicited phone call from somebody whose name you don’t recognize the percentage of that being a robocall or individual calling you without your permission is high.

Rather than ignore the call, what you want to do is answer that call.


10. How Do I Know 

The next important aspect of this process of possibly receiving money from unsolicited phone calls is to determine whether the call is a robocall or not.

Generally, when you answer the phone there is a delay.

The delay may be anywhere from 1 to 2 seconds, and you may hear a click.

The clicking is part of the process in which the call is transferred so that to a representative of the company.


11. Answer 

When you answer the call, you want to engage the person on the other end of the phone line.

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It is like what we see on TV when they’re trying to trace a call and the individual answering the phone stalls or tries to ask pertinent questions to find out more about the person on the other end of the line that the phone call can be traced.

Obviously, you are not going to trace the phone call but what you want to do is engage the caller to get as much information as you can from that person.

Pertinent information would include the business name, their mailing address, a website, and contact information of the individual that you are speaking to.

They may be wise about what you are trying to do and may simply end the phone call themselves.


12. Research 

Any information that you can gather can all be utilized to do a website search and practice your sleuthing talents.

If the caller has given you the business name of the course that would be a great point to start with or to follow any other particular leads that might you might have gotten from your conversation.

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13. Spoofing

At this point, it is important to talk about a technique that the telemarketers or the robocallers use.

That technique is spoofing.

Spoofing is defined as a scamming process in which a criminal, in this case, the caller, tries to cloak their identity by portraying themselves as someone else.

This spoofing can be accomplished through electronic means such as displaying a false email address, display name, erroneous phone number, and website or text message.

Not only can spoofing be defined as receiving a call from an individual who is named on the caller ID (no such person) or through an email where just a simple letter is changed or a symbol so that just at a glance, it seems legitimate.


14. Phone Records 

As part of the documentation, it is important that you preserve your phone records.

This will provide evidence or proof that you have been contacted by a robocall.

Also, it is important to capture each call that is made to you in an attempt to reach you or talk to you.

Also, if a voice message has been left also preserve that as well.


15. Demand 

The next important part of the process is to formulate your demand letter.

There are certain elements that should be incorporated in the demand letter.

Specifically, in plain English, you would need to notify the individual that they have violated the law and that if they do not settle with you at a discounted rate then further legal action will be taken.

Most likely by the government which levies considerable heftier fines.

The companies that are contacted know that this is not just some casual threat.

They are well aware of the federal laws involved and realize that if they are found guilty that they will need to settle up with the government.

The information that needs to be included in the demand letter can be found by accessing


16. Send Your Letter

Once the letter has been formulated it is then ready to be presented to the company that has violated the law.

This letter can be sent in a number of ways including regular mail, by fax, or by email.

The company will realize the gravity of the situation and understand that you are aware of the law and are acting accordingly.


17. Lawyer 

If you don’t receive any satisfaction up until this point, you then can engage an attorney if you so desire.

Certainly, a letter from an attorney to one of these companies is stepping up the “game” and realization that the whole process should be taken seriously.

If utilizing a lawyer it is important to remember that they will require a fee or percentage of any settlement.


18. Negotiate 

Some companies will respond quickly, realizing that they have been caught red-handed.

They may respond to your demands once they see the seriousness of the situation and your pursuit of finding legal satisfaction.

To prevent the situation from escalating or worsening, they may counter your letter with an offer in a lesser amount than the one in which you requested.

It is up to you at this point whether you choose to accept that lesser amount or to continue to proceed.

If you have hired a lawyer, it would be best to consult with them to see what the best course of action is.


19. Get Paid 

At this point, the company that has violated the law will often choose to settle the lawsuit without going any further.

Consequently, you may receive a check in the mail when that agreement is reached.

Companies that are reputable and want to preserve their may choose just to pay to make the situation go away.


20. Legal? 

On the surface, this way of identifying robocalling companies to try to get them to negotiate a reduced reduction in their fine may seemingly appear on the surface to be a scam or shady activity in itself.

The bottom line is that what the robocalling companies are doing is against the law and this system of trying to get the companies to pay you will hopefully start to deter these individuals from continuing to operate illegally.


Personal Story

Being retired I have a pretty set schedule which generally amounts to just about doing nothing except enjoying my coffee in the morning and taking care of my wife the rest of the day.

Just as I’m enjoying the 2nd cup of coffee, at pretty much precisely 805 am the telephone rings.

Without even looking at the caller ID, I know who it is because whoever is calling at this exact time on each of the days of the week makes that call to me.

To make sure, however, I do check the caller ID and once in a while will answer and will immediately recognize that it is a robocaller because of the delay.

I then hung up.

There oughta be a law.


Earning Money from Robocalls FAQs


How Long Does It Take to Collect?

The elapsed time between when the demand letter is sent and when you might anticipate a check can vary in length of time.

It Can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.


How Much Can I Expect to Make?

Settlements resulting from demand letters written can fluctuate anywhere from $500-$1500.


You Can Do It

It would appear that the only way that we can stop robocall from continuing is to fight fire with fire.

If taking this course of action, it is important that you don’t feel guilty but realize that these robocalls are breaking the law and actually you are minimizing the potential costs associated with their fines.



It would appear that a number of telemarketing firms, sales personnel, and other individuals are still using robocall technology to reach out to individuals when this is illegal.

Now you can fight back and be compensated in the process.

Fortunately, there is a law.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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