If you want to know how to make money fishing, this article will be very helpful.

It shows how making money fishing works and shares very helpful tips for getting started.


Fish Story and Getting Paid to Fish

A fish story is a narrative that is told and each time it is told, the event becomes more spectacular and greater with each retelling.

It is called a fish story because often the length of the “fish” that is described is done by a person holding the palms of their hands apart at a certain distance.

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As the story is told over and over again, the length of the fish grows and grows as the distance of the storyteller’s hand grow greater apart from the retelling.

Consequently, a 6-inch fish becomes an 8-inch fish and then becomes a 12-inch fish, etc.

Another variation of a fish story is when the angler talks about the one that got away. Of course, nobody has seen it, but it was of monstrous proportions.

Fishing has always, from the dawn of mankind, been an integral part of providing food for the dinner table.


How about Making Money Forever from Fishing?

Additionally, the symbolism of fishing has been captured in a number of powerful and meaningful ways.

For example, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.

This is a wonderful expression and a powerful message about the power of education and helping others by not giving them a handout but a hand up.

Let us take this powerful expression a step further…

What if not only will the individual who has learned to fish be able to feed themselves, but if the individual learns how to fish, they can make money that will also help provide a livelihood and put food on their own table.

Fishing is a wonderful past-time and admirable sport. Fishing is also an important part of the commercial seafood industry.

In addition to drawing upon the life lessons that can be learned from fishing, it is important to remember that as long as people enjoy their seafood, the need for people who fish will be in demand.

Therefore, let us learn how to make money fishing and reviewing 10 powerful tips that will help.


10 Tips and Ways to Make Money Fishing

Hook, Line, and Money…


Hook #1: Go Deep

Adventure and revenue await the individual who would like to start a deep-sea fishing company.

The requirements for starting this business would include:

  • Obtaining deep-sea fishing equipment
  • Use of a boat designed for the high seas
  • Needed permits and certifications
  • Insurance
  • Other business-related requirements

This business generally attracts the most avid of fishermen with the angler’s dream of landing a marlin, grouper, snapper, tarpon, and other fish associated with deep-sea fishing.

The cost of deep-sea fishing for the customer can be expensive and is dependent upon where the fisherman has decided to do their deep-sea fishing.

However, this experience is often reflected on the bucket list and the cost is secondary.

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Hook #2: Fish Farming

As the world population continues to grow, so does the reality of needed food sources.

Consequently coupled with the consumer’s love for seafood, an opportunity of farming for the fisherman presents itself. That opportunity is to be a fish breeder.

Fish farming has two components. One component is to actually farm fish, such as tilapia, in an appropriate watery environment that is conducive to the health of the fish being raised.

The other component of fish farming is actually breeding the fish or setting up a private hatchery.

There are certain methods to utilize and can be different according to the breed of fish that is going to be reproduced.


Hook #3: Head to the Tropics

People and families enjoy having the soothing presence of aquariums in their homes. Generally, these aquariums contain various types of fish.

Some of the more popular fish could be labeled as tropical fish because of the vibrancy of their colors and gracefulness in swimming within the confined glass of the aquarium.

To facilitate this educational and relaxing hobby for some, there is a need for various types of fish.

Some of those types of fish could include guppies, angelfishes, goldfish, etc.

Consequently, a tropical fish breeding business could be started where the individual who loves and enjoys fish can set up their own separate aquariums and begin breeding different types of fish for resale.

The successful breeder could sell to pet shops or advertise the sale of fish through local classified ads.

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Hook #4: Baiting

Another business that is associated with the sport of fishing is a bait shop.

A bait shop can not only sell live bait but also provide to the angler a variety of needed fishing equipment and accessories.

Some of those accessories could include hooks, sinkers, fish lines, rods and reels, lures, etc.

Generally, these bait shops are set up within traveling distance of local fishing spots or areas known for their fishing.

A bait shop can be its own separate business or can be part of a local supply store, gasoline station, or other nearby store that is frequented by fishermen.

Talking about businesses, below are some businesses that can bring in good money if done right:


Hook #5: Teaching

If the individual is a seasoned fisherman and is moderately or extremely successful they may wish to impart their knowledge to others.

This can be accomplished by teaching and being paid.

Possible teaching opportunities could include a one-day or half-day seminar for others who wish to learn the sport and improve their fishing techniques.

The possibility would be to contact a local sports store or chain sports store and approach them about giving this presentation to the sporting customers.

Often, the stores are looking for individuals who are qualified in teaching others and quite possibly will pay for the sharing of that expertise.

The value to the store will be the attraction of customers and upon your successful presentation; the retail outlet may see a bump in the purchase of fishing gear and associated accessories.

Another teaching opportunity that may present itself is through a local community college.

Often, these schools are looking for certain elective subjects that can be taught in the evening to interested individuals.

A person who is qualified in fishing can bring value to the students as well as increasing enrollment for the community college.


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Hook #6: Guide

How about being a tour guide of sorts?

There are avid sportsmen whose fishing experience can range from novice to experienced.

Often these individuals will take a weekend off or an extended vacation to enjoy the various outdoor sports that they like. Some of those sporting encounters could be hunting and fishing.

Therefore, why not take your experience of fishing in your area and turn it into a business.

People will gladly pay you to provide the needed fishing gear, the best location to go fishing, and the rental of a boat that you may own.

The dual bonus is that you will be able to fish and earn “guide” money by providing a service to others for the enjoyment and thrill of fishing.

Of course, as a business, you would need to have the proper business permits, facilitate the obtaining of fishing permits for your customers, adequate insurance coverage, etc.

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How to Make Money Fishing


Hook #7: Rent

Another entrepreneurial way of making money through fishing is by renting out to others.

Yes, fishing is one of the things to make money renting. The use of your land and specifically if there is a fishing hole can be a big draw to individuals who wish to get away for a period of time and relax by fishing.

By stocking the water with fish, you can attract fishermen and they can pay you for the privilege of fishing.

Customers can pay in a number of ways.

One way would be for the individual who catches the fish would have to pay you as the owner a set amount based on the weight of that fish.

Or if the individual just simply wants to enjoy landing a fish, the hooked fish would be weighed and a different amount would be assessed to the individual and the fish would then be returned back to the water.

Of course, as with anything, it is best to check with local officials as to any required certificates or permits needed.

Also, it is always prudent to protect one’s assets and this can be accomplished by making sure that your insurance needs for this business are maintained.


Hook #8: Online

Most fishermen have a fish story to relate.

Often the story is a narrative about a large fish that is caught or a unique experience in fishing such as catching two fish at the same time on a lure or other interest and entertaining stories.

Therefore, knowing the fishermen’s love for fish stories, why not start a YouTube channel that is strictly devoted to fishing and even more specific extraordinary fish stories?

Yes, I am talking about eventually earning money with YouTube sponsorship!

Videos can be captured with an individual’s cell phone but most likely, an investment of good video equipment may be indicated.

Additionally, the capturing of the angler landing the fish can be accomplished through the work of a team. While one is fishing and landing the fish the other individual can be recording the action.

Starting a YouTube channel may seem like a daunting task, especially if the individual is familiar with the requirements to start such a process.

It is important to remember that if this is something you feel would resonate with other sportsmen, then by all means proceed and learn from others who may be willing to assist.


Hook #9: Lures

Many fishermen, rather than using live bait will rely on lures that are designed to attract and catch various types of fish.

Some of these fishermen have been taught how to make their own lures either from another member of the family or have self-taught themselves on creating their own unique lures.

True to form, these fishermen will swear by the effectiveness of these lures as demonstrated by the abundance of fish that they catch.

Therefore, an optimum way of earning money through the love of fishing is to start a business selling these handcrafted lures.

The individual can make these lures in the privacy of their own work area and sell them at local bait shops, sports outlet stores, or online.

Etsy is a good online platform to sell these. You can learn a lot about selling on Etsy from the following:


Hook #10: Fishing Contests

By nature, most individuals are very competitive. It is that attitude of anything that you can do I can do better.

When considering the individual who loves to fish, this competitiveness is increased dramatically.

First of all, there is competition between the individual holding the rod and reel and the elusive fish being lured.

Another part of the competition between those that love to fish is the competition amongst each other.

There is always that drive between anglers to catch the biggest fish, as measured in weight and length, the landing of that fish that put up the greatest fight, and the tallest fish story about the one that got away.

Also, there are formal competitions in which individuals gather together to compete against each other. At stake are prize monies, a fishing trophy, and bragging rights.

Entering these fishing competitions is a spectacular and exciting way of making money fishing.


Personal Story of Making Money Fishing

Growing up in the state of Wisconsin, I was introduced to fishing in my early teen years.

It was something that I enjoyed for a while, but the patience required to land a fish was not within my DNA.

Going out one early Saturday morning with my Zebcor fishing rod and reel I was practicing my casting into a pond area off of the Wisconsin River.

I remember, unfortunately, my casting technique left a lot to be desired, and on my attempt to cast the hook and line and sinker to the farthest middle point of the pond I lost the grip of my little fishing rod and it went plummeting into the little pond.

I tried to retrieve the rod and reel but found that the bottom of the pond was too muddy and I began to sink. I panicked and crawled my way back out.

Needless to say, that was my last experience of fishing.

However, my fish story was that I had hooked a big one and it was so powerful that it pulled the rod and reel out of my hand and swam away.

Perhaps, to this day, that fish is still swimming around and in tow pulling my rod and reel.

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Do What You Love

Love the sport of fishing?

Do you love earning money?

Then why not combine your two loves together and generate revenue off of your love and experience associated with fishing.

It will easily be the best of both worlds for you!



Individuals have been fishing for years and years.

The desire to fish maybe the love of the competition between the angler and fish or maybe simply to put food on the table.

In either case, fishing is important.

Perhaps, it can be said that if you teach a person to fish, you might earn a good income.

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