You can definitely learn how to make money fast in Texas with the tips in this article.

It contains 25 ways and tips to really earning money fast in Texas.



There are many interesting facts associated with the state of Texas.

For example, the state of Texas is the second largest state within the union, Texas means friendly, Texas was once a nation, six flags ruled over this state and of course, the Alamo, located in San Antonio where the famous battle against General Santa Anna’s army.

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Added to the mix of interesting facts about Texas is that the economy of this state is the ninth largest in the world.

Speaking of money and needing money quickly in the state of Texas there are several opportunities.

So, let us not mess with Texas and find out what are some opportunities to earn some quick cash in this friendly state.


Personal Story

The opportunities to earn money are as large and expansive as the state itself.

I had just recently moved back to Texas and was living in the city of Abilene.

My car was no longer working and so I resorted to using the Greyhound bus to travel from Abilene to the west part of Texas.

After boarding the bus one of the other passengers who had been sleeping woke up and asked his traveling companion what state they were in.

The individual responded by saying Texas to which the individual just waking up exclaimed “Still!?”


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money Fast in Texas


1. Sell Online

One of the best ways to earn cash fast is by selling items within your home that you no longer use or are new.

There are many websites on which you can list these items for sale.

One such online site is

By registering on the site, you can upload photographs of your items and list them for sale either through a fixed price or a bidding process.


2. Garage Sale

Another quick way to earn cash is by having a garage sale.

You can advertise your garage sale through Craigslist or by putting up signs around your home.

The night or a few days before gathering all your items, affix a price to them, and then on the morning of the sale put the items out and be amazed as people flock to purchase your items for sale.


3. Etsy

If you have a particular hobby that you think can earn you the cash, you can list these items on a website such as

Examples of items that you could sell through your virtual online store could include earrings, other types of jewelry, leather goods, etc.

You could advertise your listing of items for sale as made from the heart of Texas which might resonate with many potential buyers.


4. Consignment

Within your city, there may be many retail stores that sell items on consignment.

The process involves you bringing clothes or other items to the store and the retail shop owner will display those items for sale.

When they’re sold you will receive a percentage back on the items that were purchased.

The advantage of using a consignment shop is that typically the owner has an established customer base and will do all of the work as it relates to selling the item(s).

You just simply received the agreed-upon percentage of the sale.


5. Old Books

If you have old books laying around and no longer need them, you can sell those books through eBay with your established account.

Books are one of the big sellers on eBay and if you have something remarkable you may be able to get a good price for that particular book.

The process involves your uploading the pictures of the book to your account page and then individuals may purchase this book and buy the item at a set price, or you can also use a bid process.


6. Pet Sitting

If you enjoy animals a great way of earning money is to be involved in a pet sitting service.

Often individuals will travel and need a reliable individual to care for their pets while they are away.

You can perform this service which would entail the possibility of exercising animals, watering, and feeding the animals regularly over the timeframe.

An online site that may provide this opportunity is known as Task Rabbit or you could advertise yourself locally of your service through your social media platforms, word-of-mouth, by placing posters around the neighborhood, etc.


7. Babysitting

Babysitting is an old standard of earning money but is just as important today as it has always been.

An added dimension of your service that may distinguish what you offer from the rest of the babysitters is advertising your ability or added dimension of being trained in child first aid and CPR.

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8. Uber

Uber is a transportation service in which you are paid to transport people from point A to point B utilizing your vehicle.

To be an Uber driver requires that you register with the program.

Registration involves providing a copy of your driver’s license, car registration, proof of insurance, and passing a background check.

Once you have gone through these processes you then can be involved with the transportation of others.

The other added dimension to Uber is that you can cash out up to five times during the day which of course provides access to quick money.

Uber pays you per trip and any tips that you receive are yours.


9. Survey Junkie

An easy way to earn money is by registering with Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie will provide you with the opportunity to be involved in several ways that you can earn money.

Some of those ways to earn money can include:

  • Taking surveys
  • Watching movies,
  • Playing games
  • Etc.

Depending upon your task you are paid in cash or through a reward card system for your time and effort.


10. Dog Walker

If you enjoy dogs a great way to not only get paid but to obtain exercise is by taking on dog walking assignments.

This can be accomplished through the website known as

The owner of the pet will register with this site and through the app requests this service to be scheduled and provide exercise for their dog.

Through the app, if you are available, you can take on the assignment and get paid in the process plus any tips that you receive will be yours.


11. Blog

If you have a flair for writing or can capture your Texas drawl from your great state and incorporate them into writing, then a blog may be a good opportunity to earn quick cash.

Texas is unique and perhaps you could give your unique perspective as a resident of Texas and educate others about Texas ways.

Your blog could be everything about Texas which could include:

  • History
  • Texas music
  • Texas way of life
  • Etc.

The money may come from your followers as they support your entertaining blog, affiliate advertising, or a sponsor that may provide monetary support.

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12. Amazon Flex

A good way to earn extra cash is by driving for Amazon.

You could partner with Amazon Flex which is looking for drivers on a part-time basis to help with their delivery of Amazon packages.

With this potential job, you can earn anywhere between $18-$20 per hour.

The only requirements are that you be at least 21 years of age, have a Social Security number, and pass a background check along with having a valid driver’s license.

The application can be made by logging onto


13. Pawn Shop

An easy way to make money fast in Texas is by identifying items in your home that can be taken to a pawn shop.

The pawn shop owner will place a valuation on the item and give you money if you accept the deal.

You then have a certain time to pay back that money along with interest and redeem your collateral item back.

If you choose not to take the item back then that particular item becomes the property of the pawnshop owner.


14. Freelance

Everyone has a talent or skill set that they can utilize to earn money.

You can do this easily through freelancing.

A freelancer is an individual who does work when and how often they wish as they are self-employed.

A freelancing website where you can search for online jobs can be found at

You register with the site, create your profile, and then begin looking for job opportunities.

When you submit a request to be considered for a job the decision is made by the employer and if accepted you go to work and get paid minus 20% which is Upwork’s commission.


15. Swagbucks

At you have the opportunity to be involved with a variety of tasks.

When those tasks are completed Swagbuck will either pay you in cash or give you points that can eventually be redeemed for a reward card.

Some of the tasks that you can earn money or points for include:

  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Taking a survey
  • Etc.


16. Airbnb

If you have a spare bedroom, you could always rent out that bedroom to a guest that has identified your residential area through a website known as

You can learn more about this opportunity by logging onto https//


17. Unclaimed Money

For a variety of reasons certain amounts of money go unclaimed and need to be sent into the state.

The unclaimed money could be due to:

  • Unclaimed pensions
  • Closed bank accounts
  • Unclaimed insurance payments
  • Etc.

To search to see if you have any unclaimed money you can go to https//


18. Instacart 

A food delivery service that shops for a customer and delivers the food to the customer is provided by

To be a delivery driver for this company you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have transportation
  • Present a copy of your driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration and proof of insurance
  • Pass a background check

Once this has been accomplished you can go to work for Instacart and utilize your vehicle and be a self-employed individual.

This specifically means that you can choose whatever assignments you wish to take or not take.

There is an hourly wage provided by Instacart and it is dependent upon what area of Texas you live in as well as any tips that you receive are yours.


19. YouGov 

At https// you can share your opinion on a variety of topics.

Some of those topics include politics, sports, entertainment, and other trending issues.

Registration is free and if you meet the criteria, you can get paid for providing your opinion.


20. Aspiration

The purpose of Aspiration is to help its customers to invest wisely as well as spend and save their money.

To open an account, you can go to and begin your journey of better utilizing your money.

The fast cash comes into play in that when you open an account you are rewarded with a $200 bonus.


21. Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is a money-making app that pays out real money.

The app can be downloaded by going to Google Play or another store of your choice and begin playing once you have registered on the site.


22. InBox Dollars

Inbox dollars is a downloadable app in which you can earn cash by performing various tasks.

Some of those tasks include taking surveys, utilizing shopping cash offers, playing games, etc.

Additionally, when a new individual registers with Inbox Dollars they are provided $5 as a bonus.

To learn more about this option you can log onto


23. Mystery Shopper

BestMark is a company that utilizes mystery shoppers.

Best Mark is hired by various companies and franchises to hire mystery shoppers who frequent the store, retail operation, or restaurant under the guise of being a customer.

Once their experience has concluded they then file a report with a variety of questions addressed such as customer service, attentiveness, quality of the store, whether the franchise lives up to its branding, etc.

Best Mark pays mystery shoppers to provide this service.


24. Donate Blood

There are many agencies that will pay an individual for the blood or plasma that they donate.

One such laboratory that will provide a $25 gift card is Carter Blood Care and a company that will pay for the donation of plasma is


25. Haul Trash

If you have a service vehicle (truck, utility van, trailer) you can make quick cash by providing the service of hauling trash for people.

You can advertise your service through your social media platforms, Craigslist, or your local newspaper.

You can charge by the hour and make sure that your rate includes the high cost of gasoline.


Making Money Quickly in Texas FAQs


What is the State Income Tax Percentage for Texas?

Texas does not require its residents to file annual state income taxes.

The percentage for state income tax is zero.


What Are the Top Revenue-generating Activities for the State of Texas?

The top revenue-generating activities for the State of Texas are:

  • Agriculture
  • Oil
  • Tourism
  • Entertainment


You Can Do It

You are a Texan and you pride yourself on being hardworking and independent.

Making money fast in Texas is a possibility and it is just a matter of putting on your cowboy boots and taking the cash-earning situation by the horns.



Texans often pride themselves on saying that everything is bigger in Texas.

This may or may not be true but when it comes to earning cash quickly the possibilities loom enlarge and are as vast as the expanse of the state itself.

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