Do you like to edit videos?

Well, why don’t you consider a job where you get paid to edit videos.

Video editing is also a remote job, so you can do it via freelance as needed.

It does have major growth too, and it’s continuing to get bigger and bigger.

Here we’ll go over how to make money editing videos and 15 tips and companies that pay you to do this!

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Can You Make Good Money Editing Videos?

You sure can.

The hourly wage, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is about $20.78 an hour on average for the bottom-level earners.

If you’re more of a professional and have experience, you also could make more money, and it does affect your rates.

If you’re a freelancer, you also may get higher rates for your editing, too, based on the project you take on.

Ultimately, it is based on the portfolio you have and what you can showcase.


15 Tips to Make Money Video Editing and Companies That Help You Get Paid

Here, we’ll go over 15 tips and companies that help you get paid to edit videos.


1. Consider Going Remote With Buzzfeed

Yes, BuzzFeed does have editing jobs for videos.

They are a digital marketing platform, and they want content that’s sharable.

Videos, of course, are some of that content.

They, of course, need video editors to help with this, especially if they want to create good videos for their stories.

They do offer video editor jobs for brand content, along with producer jobs to go remote too.

Click here to check out these jobs on Buzzfeed


2. Get the Right Equipment

Make sure if you’re going to be a good video editor, you’ve got the equipment to handle it!

Some people think they can just do it off a laptop, but it’s important to make sure that your computer can handle various video editing jobs.

You should minimally have a computer that:

  • Has a powerful graphics card and CPU
  • Has a lot of memory
  • Multiple USB ports

You also want headphones that are good, a great external hard drive, and helpful cameras if you plan to do your own.

Before you begin, you should get these, and normally, looking them up online will help you make sure you get the best options possible.


3. Get Good Video Editing Software

Equipment is nice, but the software that you have is also incredibly important for being a video editing professional.

They are all different, with some being more intuitive than others, and there are free and paid versions of this.

If you’re looking for free ones, DaVinci Resolve is a good one for basic jobs.

If you’re willing to put a bit more into it, then Final Cut Pro X is probably the best software that helps you get the job done!

Adobe Premiere Pro CC also works too, but it’s got a hefty price tag.

Overall, you should invest in decent video editing software before you begin, but make sure you learn it before you start.


4. Consider Online Tutorials

If you’re new to video editing and you want to get good at it, you should consider an online tutorial or class.

If you’re not that new to it, it’s still recommended because it’ll help you learn your skills and harness them so you can make some amazing content people will love.

If you’re looking to learn this, there are plenty of classes.

Video editing that’s done in DaVinci resolve is probably the best place to start since it offers basic tutorials but also more advanced types too.


5. Consider Freelance Sites

Probably the best way to get the word out there is freelance sites.

There are always a ton of jobs, a lot in video editing too.

It’s free, and you can even set this up, browse listings, and then get started.

They do take a small cut of the profits, but that’s fine, especially if you’re making some serious cash on the side with this.

Upwork tends to have the best jobs out there for this type of work, especially video editing content.


6. Editing for Businesses

If you do have a local business that you know and are familiar with, consider reaching out to them about this.

You could help them with advertisements, training, and even investor presentations they might have.

The best way to go about this one is to talk to a company and see if the owners need help with this. They may refer you to others too.

You can also talk to for-profit businesses that may need more video content to attract others.

A good way to also find his too is on freelancing sites, such as Fiverr, where they may want you to do the work for a slightly lower rate, but it is getting paid to do it regardless.


7. Make Tutorials

Tutorials are also a wonderful way for you to make money editing videos.

If you know how to write good tutorials, or show others, then definitely consider this.

You can make up to several hundreds of dollars with this.

It also helps others since they might look for skills.

If you’re not good at writing, you can hire someone to write it for you or work on your writing skills too.

Tutorials are always needed, and many times people buy these in order to use them again and again, so they can get better.

SkillShare is always looking for new courses, so see if you can use your skills to help others.


8.Make a YouTube Channel Teaching Editing

If you’re good at making videos and content, perhaps instructing others on particular subjects, then consider YouTube.

It does take a bit of time to get monetized, in that you need 1000 subscribers, and you need over 4000 watch hours as well.

So it will take time and patience.

You can earn up to $5 for every 1000 views, which does add up over time.

The one downside is you need to be able to make content that really gets people to watch.

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But if you think you can do this, YouTube is a way to make money editing videos.

Also See: How to Earn Money on YouTube Without Making Any Videos.


9. Consider Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is great for making money as an editor since if you’re using the product, it can actually help them make sales, along with you.

If you have a blog already, consider writing affiliate posts, or maybe do a YouTube channel as well.

You could even do this with social media too.

If you’re using editing software, you should most definitely consider this type of marketing.

A good site is Movavi for working with them and offering affiliate promotions for video editing.


10. Consider Working With Marketscale for B2b Brands

MarketScale is always looking for video editors to help them out.

They also pay really well, about $35 an hour, and it’s all remote.

They do this weekly, and everything is flexible too, so if you’re starting out, you don’t have to work a standard 9-5, but instead your own hours.

They also get you in front of major B2B brands too, so if working on video editing for brands is how you want to get your leg in, this is a great way to do it.

Click here to check out MarketScale



11. Reach Out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to look for video editing jobs.

There are plenty of jobs out there with clients that are looking for video editors.

If you use LinkedIn already, you might already have connections, and it gets your name out as well.

It does require a subscription service, but the first 10 proposals you put out are free.

But, if you want to link up with other clients, LinkedIn is how.


12. Check Out Behance for Editing Jobs

Behance is actually a great website that’ll pay you for video editing jobs.

It is mostly for design professionals.

It does require you to showcase some art and such before you might get a job or so.

But there are roles that you may be interested in looking into as well, and you might also be able to link with startups, projects, and different companies.

Behance is a good one as well to help create better portfolios that impress future clients.


13. Use ViEdit for Travel Movies and Social Media Videos

ViEdit is a great way to make money editing videos since it is one that is used for editors that are freelance.

You can create a variety of media in this, from editing travel clips to social media videos, to even just business-scale videos too.

It’s similar to other sites since it doe use the bidding system.

It does use PayPal and other major payment processors too.

ViEdit is a good way to get your feet wet into freelance video editing.


14. Consider Uscreen

This is a VOD service that lets companies, along with videos, sell their content on the web.

If you can edit videos, you can actually sell your edited videos through subscriptions or individual sales.

It’s more like a video store, and it is more subscriber-based, but if you have videomaking skills while also being a really cool editor with all kinds of crazy effects, UScreen is definitely one to consider.


15. Mandy Hooks You Up With Professionals

Mandy is definitely one to consider if you’re looking to hone your skills, work with bigger names, and also get paid to do so.

This is a platform that brings professionals who work in TV and movie production with editors, so you’ll be working with some bigger names.

This is cool because you don’t need to look through unrelated jobs.

However, this is not for newbies, but rather those who have strong portfolios and lots of skills and experience.

This is one to consider if you’re looking to expand your repertoire and nab bigger jobs, and you can also work on free jobs to get better and build the portfolio.

Click here to check out Mandy

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Get Paid to Edit Videos FAQs


How Do I Stand Out When Applying to Video Editing Jobs?

It’s recommended that you have a niche that you like to work in.

Being too general when applying to video editing jobs won’t get you very far, so if you have a specific niche you want to focus on, you should do that.

You also want to have a strong portfolio, so make sure you showcase the best work that you can before you send it out to potential jobs.

Building websites that showcase your portfolio and also diversify is also recommended too.


Is Video Editing Easy to Do?

It is hard to do when you first begin, like any other skill out there.

But like skills you learn, the more time you sit around working on editing and also getting familiar with the software and effects you create, the easier it is.

It does take time to master but is pretty easy to learn initially, depending on how quick you are to do so.


What Skills Should I Develop to Be a Better Video Editor?

The best skills to develop are those that are technical but also creative.

You should know how to operate the editing programs that you’re working with and make sure that it doesn’t feel awkwardly cut.

You also want to get better at looking at details.

If you have a good eye for this, companies look for that and will want to hire you.

Finally, you also need to be good at working with others.

Collaborative efforts and being able to work together are really important when being a video editor, so make sure you hone those skills too.

Overall, it’s easy to start with, but it is a bit hard to master in a lot of cases.



Getting paid to edit videos is much easier than you think, and with many jobs at your disposal, courtesy of the internet, there’s a lot of options out there.

If you want to work in this field, then don’t hesitate! Apply to jobs today and see if it’s right for you.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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