Who says you can’t make money during law school?

You certainly can – talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

This article will show you some of the easy ways and tips for making money while in law school.



A famous TV lawyer in the 60s was Perry Mason.

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It seemed that in each episode that aired on television that this famous lawyer would get a murder/mystery case in which his client was accused of doing something that he didn’t do and it was up to his lawyer, Perry Mason, to prove his innocence.

The stories were well-written and very dramatic.

Often in the last courtroom scene, the true perpetrator of the crime would be unveiled.

It was a significant moment for all who acted in the courtroom scene and had the viewers at home glued to their seats.

Mason most always would successfully defend his client and these theatrical moments were to be dubbed or known as “Perry Mason moments.”

Of course, this was television viewing and was specifically produced this way to create that intense moment and to follow Perry Mason as he methodically investigated the case and devised the legal defense.

Other than, perhaps, the O.J. Simpson trial, those “Perry Mason moments” are few and far in between as it relates to the courtroom.

Being a lawyer is an arduous, grinding, methodical, defense or prosecution of an individual or entity that stays within the boundaries of the law and adheres to the strict courtroom process.

In fact, the entire process from start to taking the bar exam is a journey for the law student that is intense and requires the deep dedication and commitment of the individual to follow through.

Along the way, is the constant need for financial resources to continue on in the journey.

With the court being in session, let us look at ways that a law student can make money while attending law school.


25 Easy Ways to Make Money During Law School & Tips to Help You


1. Blogging

Given your limited time as you study to become a lawyer, a potential moneymaking opportunity that can be relaxing as well as minimize the involvement of your free time would be blogging.

You can set up a blogging site at a variety of providers of which one is Bluehost.com.

Your blogging could be about a variety of subjects including something that you are passionate about that may have nothing to do with the study of law or on, on the other hand, you could blog about your experience in attending law school and focus on the subject matter, your interaction with other law students, particular court cases you may be exposed to, etc.

The important consideration is to determine who your audience will be and write accordingly.

Monetization of your blogging will come from your followers, a possible sponsor, affiliate advertising,


2. YouTuber

Another possible non-stressful way of earning money in your spare time would be to create a YouTube channel.

The subject matter would be up to you and could include your study of law, a favorite hobby, evaluating and reviewing a product, etc.

The potential of earning money through YouTube may be realized as your followers will sponsor you, affiliate advertising, and perhaps offer a subscription to your followers.

A subscription would be added content available if the follower subscribes to your channel and pays for that premium offering.


3. Freelancing

A great way to earn money is by being self-employed and taking on the title of freelancer.

A freelancer is able to take on jobs that match their talent and skills and work out those opportunities in accordance with their own schedule and timeframe.

Two such websites that offer freelancing opportunities would include www.upwork.com and www.freelancer.com.

Also, there may be local businesses in your community that is outsourcing jobs that traditionally were held by employees of the company.

This is a cost-savings measure for the company as they offer the jobs to individuals and utilize their freelancing status rather than paying an employee along with the added expenses associated with employment.


4. Writing

Being a lawyer in training, one of the needed requirements to be successful is the ability to capture your thinking and legal defense through various narratives associated with being an attorney.

You can utilize your talent and ability to write by taking on specific writing jobs that will either pay you by the hour or for each word written.

Examples of writing could include creative writing, grant writing, tech writing, being a ghostwriter, etc.

One such website in which you can find writing opportunities can be found accessing www.iwriter.com.


5. Essays

Being a lawyer requires a significant amount of research as it relates to either defending your client or prosecuting a defendant.

This research requires significant study and accessing numerous books and reading opinions, etc.

You can also put this skill and research expertise to good use and earn money by writing essays for other students who are struggling or for a variety of other reasons are not able to formulate their essays.

This provision of essays for others can be accomplished by registering with an essay-producing site.

One of those sites is www.bestessays.com.


6. Uber

A fairly innocuous way of earning money and not adding to your stress is to take on the role of a Uber driver.

A Uber driver is a self-employed individual who can take driving opportunities as their schedule allows.

In order to be an Uber driver, you would need to provide a copy of your driver’s license, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, etc.

Upon successful registration, you will utilize your own vehicle to drive customers from one destination to another.

Uber pays you as the self-employed driver a set hourly rate, dependent upon your geographical location, and any tips that you earn will be yours to keep.


7. UberEats

Another driving opportunity as a self-employed individual utilizing your own vehicle is through UberEats.

UberEats is an app-driven service in which a customer uses the UberEats app to order food from a restaurant.

Through the app, you as a Uber driver will have the option of taking that assignment or not.

If you take the assignment, you drive to the restaurant, pick up the food, and then deliver the food to the customer.

Registration to be a Uber each driver requires a copy of your driver’s license, car registration, and vehicle insurance, and submit to a background check.


8. Instacart

Another food delivery service offered to customers is through Instacart.

An Instacart driver utilizes their own vehicle and when a customer orders food from a grocery store, the self-employed driver goes to the grocery or retail store, shops for the food ordered, and then delivers that food to the customer.

This is a great way to earn additional income and provide a much-needed service to individuals who often are unable to leave their homes for a variety of reasons.

To be an UberEats driver requires the submission of a copy of your driver’s license, proof of insurance, registration, etc.


9. Transcriptionist

If you have good typing skills and can hold your own as it relates to the number of words per minute that you can type, a way to earn money while attending law school is by being a transcriptionist.

A transcriptionist is given a video or audio file and the job entails transcribing what is being said on those files to a word processing program, notepad, or software required by the website.

A website that offers these potential jobs can be found at www.transcribeme.com.

Payment can be made either by the words per minute type or may entail an hourly rate.


10. Photography

If you enjoy the hobby of photography, a way that you can make money by taking photographs is by submitting these photographs for use as stock photos.

The possibilities of subjects that you could photograph would include your fellow students during moments of being pensive or stressed, photos of nature, landmark buildings, etc.

One such site that you can submit your photos to would include www.shutterstock.com (cut and paste).


11. Data Entry

Data entry is an additional way that you can earn income in your spare time and is a fairly non-stressful way of performing a job for money.

There are many entities that look for individuals with good typing skills and are detailed oriented so that the data that is being entered into different types of software or tables is accurate.

A possibility of finding a data entry job that can be done remotely can be researched on a job posting website such as www.indeed.com.


12. Surveys

There are many websites that will pay you for doing a variety of tasks that will take a small amount of your time and are easy to accomplish.

Through a website such as Surveyjunkie.com, you will have the opportunity to take surveys, watch videos, play games, etc.

This website and others will sometimes pay cash or offer the individual the opportunity to receive gift cards in exchange for their work.


13. Tutor

Perhaps, you are in your third or fourth year of law school and there may be fellow students in their first or second year that are struggling with some of the classes.

As an option of helping these students and being paid in the process, you could provide tutoring services to help these individuals with their studies and facilitate their success in law school.

Also, there are websites where you can register as a tutor and provide personal tutoring lessons to individuals through telecommunication methods.

One such tutoring website is www.tutorme.com.


14. Teaching

Another satisfying opportunity to help others and be paid in the process would be to take on a teaching role.

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Some websites provide this teaching role in which a qualified individual can teach others a variety of subjects.

These teaching websites may or may not require that the individual have certification.

You can do your own research as to whether you wish to engage in this opportunity and if the. websites will utilize your services.

One possibility a website that may facilitate this teaching opportunity can be found at www.vipkid.com/en_US/.


15. eBook

Perhaps, up to this point in time, you’re is a story of determination, overcoming challenges, etc.

The sharing of your story may be an inspiration and a spark of motivation that others can benefit from.

Consequently, a consideration to help others and for you to potentially realize some income is the writing of an e-book.

You can share your journey thus far, your goal, why you’re becoming a lawyer, etc.

To learn more about self-publishing an eBook you can log onto https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/.


16. Etsy

If you have a hobby that you indulge in and helps to relieve your stress and gives you a sense of accomplishment, you can possibly monetize this hobby through a website such as www.etsy.com.

When you have gone through the registration process, the site will facilitate the opening up of an online retail store in which you can upload photographs of the items that you have created.

Some of those items could include woodworking projects, hearings, bracelets, leather working, etc.


17. Pet Sitting

Through your social media platforms, you can advertise your service of offering to pet sit for individuals who for a variety of reasons need to leave their pets at home.

The value of offering the service is that it’s not significant disruption of your lifestyle,

Your studies can still be accomplished with your homework being done with the only caveat being at a different home.

Also, you can offer to walk a pet owner’s dog at certain hours of the day that meets your schedule.

Through a website or app such as www.Rover.com, you can register as a lover of animals who is willing to walk an individual’s dog.

Through the app, you are provided the opportunity to accomplish this service and if it works with everybody’s schedule you can make the commitment and be paid in providing exercise for the pet owner’s dog as well as receiving exercise yourself.


18. Podcast

The creation of a podcast can be a refreshing outlet for you as a law student to not only present interesting and valuable interviews or monologues but can help you earn money in the process.

A podcast is similar to a radio broadcast with the exception being that the podcast can be downloaded and conveniently listened to at any time by the individual.

Possibilities of your podcast platform could include sharing with others about legal matters, interviews with legal experts and authorities, interesting stories from the legal profession, etc.

The podcast can be easily recorded on your smartphone and editing can be accomplished through the downloadable software program found at www.audacity.com.

Also, your podcast can be disseminated through one platform such as www.spotify.com.


19. Life Coach

Attending law school is no walk in the park.

It takes a considerable amount of dedication and commitment to stay the course in working towards the achievement of passing the bar and becoming a lawyer.

These personal characteristics may provide you a teaching opportunity for others who may be struggling with their purpose in life, dealing with relationships, career choices, etc.

Therefore, you can take upon yourself the role of a life coach and offer to interact with others to be a mentor and a cheerleader for these individuals while providing practical methods of attaining their goals.

You can charge by the hour, and you can market your service through your social media platforms.


20. Voiceover

A way that you can earn extra money is by utilizing your voice.

There are a number of websites that are looking for individuals whose voice can exude confidence, a measure of soothing, different dialects, different accents, etc.

Often, an individual who utilizes their voice in this manner will provide the voice talent for marketing and advertising as well as the possibility of recording an audiobook.

One such website that you can explore for this possibility is www.voice.com.


21. Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator is an individual who is employed by a company through the Internet to actively engage in the various search engines available.

Some of those search engines include Google, Bing, GoDuckGo, etc.

The idea behind evaluating the search engines is to optimize the process as the search engine providers refine their algorithms to help provide a better service to those utilizing their search engine.

If interested in such a position, you can log onto www.leapforce.com.


22. Bookkeeping

A possible side hustle that you can be involved with while attending law school is to do some light bookkeeping.

This job would entail taking the data provided to you by a small or intermediate-sized business and entering the data into the bookkeeping software.

This may prove to be a good diversion from the stresses of attending law school and could also provide you some practical experience when you graduate, pass the bar, and possibly in time open up your own practice.

This would give you an educational opportunity to appreciate the business aside from being a lawyer.

Possibilities of finding light bookkeeping duties could be through a website such as www.fiverr.com or through www.flexjobs.com.

If you opt to go with FlexJobs this is a subscription service that helps you find employment.


23. Captions

There are websites that are in need of individuals with good typing skills that can write captions for a variety of videos.

One of those sites is www.rev.com.

This would be a good opportunity to work remotely and from your apartment or home and earn money on a weekly basis through PayPal.

Typically, captioning is paid for each minute of video that is captured and payment that is provided by the website can range from $.40-$.75 per minute.


24. Graphic Designer

Perhaps you have a creative side and enjoy, in your spare time, indulging in that imaginative aspect of your mind.

A possibility then presents itself to earn money by utilizing this creativity and being involved in graphic design.

One such website that can help you develop this creativity with minimal work on your part can be accessed at www.canva.com.

When your designs have been created, you can then upload pictures of your designs to Etsy and make them part of your offering through your online retail shop.

Potential customers will view these graphic designs and if interested will purchase them to have them placed on a variety of products which can include coffee cups, T-shirts, wallets, purses, etc.


25. Grant Writing 

A writing opportunity that can be classified as a little bit more intense is the writing of grants.

Often, not-for-profits formulate a grant to request money from various entities including foundations and corporations.

Generally, the grant is requested for a new program, building of infrastructure, purchase of major equipment, etc.

Given your analytical and logical mind, a grant-writing opportunity, for money, may be presented to you and you can write the grant and present your argument to the potential grantor for consideration of funding.

A possibility of finding a grant-writing opportunity would be through www.upwork.com or by logging onto a job posting website such as www.simplyhired.com.


Personal Story

A couple of years ago I had the misfortune of being on the wrong side of the law as it related to my driving.

I found myself being charged with a misdemeanor and needed the services of a lawyer.

Going online, I found a lawyer to represent me and after our initial consultation, he agreed to take my case.

Come to find out he had also run afoul of the law, and I thought to myself who better to represent me than someone who has been on both sides of the legal system.

Long story short, after four long excruciating months, the case was resolved and after a fine and attending a driver’s education course, I was released from my burden and admonished to drive safely.

I was pleased with the way the case was settled and was thankful that my lawyer stayed awake during law school.


Making Money While in Law School FAQs


What Does a Typical Law Student’s Classroom Schedule Look Like?

Depending on what year of law school the student is in, is dependent upon what classes they are taking.

The number of classes each semester is often three classes for a total of 12 hours.

Some of the classes that a law student takes in their first year of law school can include:

  • Civil procedure
  • Contracts
  • Torts
  • Real property
  • Criminal law
  • Constitutional law
  • Legal research and writing


How Many Hours a Week Should a Law Student Count on Using for Study Time?

The generally accepted rule of thumb is that a student should plan on studying two hours for every hour of class that they take.

If a class is taken during the semester and the time involved is 3 1/2 hours a week then the math would indicate that the study time and preparation for the class should be seven hours.

Therefore, per week, a law student will be studying for 21 hours.


You Can Do It

You knew before attending law school that it would be a demanding and rigorous process.

You understood what was involved and enrolled in law school with your eyes wide open.

You also know that anything that is worthwhile does not come easy and so you are fully vested in pursuing your legal profession.



There have been a few dramatic real-life moments in the courtroom.

However, for the most part, the legal system is a process that is true to the letter of the law so that the scales of balance are always maintained.

Your name is not Perry Mason but your hard work and commitment to the law of the land will not only serve you well but others in the justice system.

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