Yes, you can learn how to make money doing what you love, by reading this article!

It reveals a lot of very helpful tips and guide to making money doing what you love, that can work for everyone.



Many individuals see their job as exactly that.

A job.

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Each morning they go through the same routine, drag themselves out of bed, prepare for their workday and off they go.

Everything that they do is reflected through that prism of being bored, unchallenged, a tedious lifestyle, etc.

The upside is that you are getting paid to do this and there may be associated benefits.

The downside is that this lifestyle, which is more drudgery than discovery, can negatively impact relationships and affect the individual.

If only there was a job that was a joy to be involved with.

A dream job that didn’t seem like work at all and yet you got paid to fulfill the job description.


Personal Story

I had an opportunity to relocate to a different state and take on a job that not only had robust benefits but also paid well.

Unfortunately, with less than a month into the job role, I realized I had made a mistake,

The individual that was managing the facility was aggressive, qualified, a visionary, and well qualified for the position.

The only problem was that our personalities clashed, and, in my estimation, she was a bit on the peculiar side.

I started looking for the exit.

Six months later, it had only worsened and finally, the last straw was when I was sitting at a red light on my commute home and the light turned green.

Unfortunately, the light that turned green was the green arrow allowing for cars in the turning lane to move and not the lane that I was idling in.

I moved forward and almost caused an accident that could have not only hurt me but affected the lives of others.

I knew that it was at that point that I needed to resign, which I did.

All of this to say is that when that decision was made, forces were at work to provide to me my dream job of becoming a consultant, doing the same work that I was employed to do with my previous employer, and at almost double the pay rate.

It was a dream job that put everything together for me.

When we honor our lives and make the right decisions for ourselves, and other events transpire to honor those decisions.


20 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money Doing What You Love


1. Identify Your Passion  

The first obvious step in making money by doing something that you love is to identify that particular skill or talent that you enjoy and then monetize it.

An example would be if you love to bake.

Ways that you can monetize that passion could include selling your baked products to your neighbors, family, and friends.

Building on that preliminary success then perhaps you could offer your baked goods to be sold at a local store with part of the proceeds going to that retail outlet and the remaining profits being kept by yourself.

Continuing that sensible business model, perhaps, you could sell your baked goods through a mobile operation or, branch out through an online presence or eventually open up your bakeshop.


2. Time

When identifying your passion, it is important to determine what your time commitment will be to pursue that passion and enjoy revenue.

In doing something that you love you should balance your time to devote to that passion and not get to the point where the flame of enjoyment becomes dampened by overextending yourself and the pursuit just becomes another task in your life.


3. Remember 

A good way to identify a passion or a love that you have is not only to reflect on what you currently enjoy but think back to your formative years.

In other words, what did you enjoy when you were maturing or growing up before adulthood intruded on those dreams?

Did you enjoy music, writing, or a particular hobby?

If any of those or other activities that you were involved in made you feel good and you enjoyed immensely then perhaps those are the activities that you need to get reacquainted with and involve yourself once again.


4. List Your Skills and Talents  

The way to identify the talents and skills that you have and enjoy doing is to take the time to reflect on those things that provide enjoyment in your life.

Sometimes the best investment that we can make in ourselves, and our future is by setting aside a period for reflection and meditation.

Perhaps it’s time for a small mini retreat where you move back from life’s pressures and intrusions, and you just take some “me time” to reflect on your life and get in touch with your inner self once again.

Possibly, through this process, a list or remembrance of special skills or talents will be identified that can be embraced once again.

A practical way of allowing things to come to the forefront is to make a list.

This list could include the things that you enjoy and the things that you don’t enjoy.

Also, it is always important to gain perspective from other individuals who may spark something within you that you have not seen or have been clouded.

Often, others can see the gift or gifts that you have been endowed with that have been overshadowed by other things in your life but are plain to see by others.


5. Stay Positive  

Through this process, it is important to stay positive.

Do not allow yourself to dwell on negative thoughts or be discouraged because of the direction that your life is heading.

Quite frankly, this is all part of the process.

Remember, it takes friction to create a spark and eventually a flame.

Also, there are those around you who may endeavor to refocus your thoughts on reality and suggest that possibly you’re too much of a dreamer.

Do not allow those voices to drown out that spark either.


6. Enjoy the Discovery Process  

It is important to remember the simpler times of life when we would go on a hike or explore areas that we had never seen before.

We were excited and enjoyed the moment of taking in places and meeting people that were new and different.

This journey that you are on now in exploring and discovering more about yourself is that same exciting and thrilling journey.

Enjoy the moments realizing that there is something within your calling and compelling you to explore and discover the recesses of the most important person in your life.

That person is you.


7. Testing the Waters

A helpful tip for an individual who is unsure of whether their passion or gift is marketable can test the waters in several ways.

One of those ways is to register with a site that employs individuals on a contracting basis.

This website is

An individual can register on this site and search for any available job opportunities.

This site links up individuals needing to have a job done with an individual contractor who bids on the project, names their price and if accepted, the working agreement is made.

For example, if an individual has a passion for writing, through this website they could take a writing assignment and see if it resonates with all involved.

The writing could be the service of being a ghostwriter for an e-book, penning a fictional novel, or helping someone write their biography.

This then would give you the opportunity, in the privacy of your own home, to provide this writing and to see if it resonates with your being


8. Enjoyment Into Earnings

All of this is a dynamic process and is more than just earning a living.

It is discovering who you are and what your unique talents and abilities are that add to the lives of those around you that no other person can offer.

Even this process that you’re going through could be a unique earnings opportunity to encourage others to take this same journey for themselves.

You could turn this exploration of yourself into a life coaching opportunity in which you can teach others and be their mentor.

In any case, take what you enjoy and endeavor to see if there is a way that this talent and skill that you possess in your uniqueness can be an opportunity to generate revenue.


9. Manage Expectations  

Of course, as with all things, reality does need to be part of the equation.

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You need to realize that sometimes a passion and skill that you have is not marketable or something that others may not be willing to pay for or be served by.

Quickly acknowledge that but yet still move on to find that marketable skill and talent that you are passionate about to turn into the generation of revenue for you.

Also, in managing expectations, although there are stories of overnight successes, most likely yours will be one of steady but promising growth over time.


10. Build on the Difficulties  

Another reality of life is that the efforts that we make or the achievements that we are recognized for are more enjoyable when they have been earned.

Hard work and sacrifice that turns into success is a much sweeter process than not earning or paying our dues for these successes.

Therefore, realizing and embracing the challenges are part of the growth process just as the butterfly is strengthened as it works its way out of the cocoon.



11. Don’t Quit Your Day Job

How often have you heard the expression “Don’t quit your day job”?

Sometimes this is said humorously to an individual who tries to sing or take some other action.

There may be a little sound advice to this.

A good strategy to begin turning your passion into a business is to continue to work at your current occupation but in the evening hours or on the weekend devote time to launch your passionate endeavor.

This will give you an idea of how the business may proceed and allow you to adjust while still having a steady income.

Also See: How to Make Money in Between Jobs.


12. Boundaries  

When pursuing your passion to earn money it is important not to be over-exuberant.

It is best to manage the process and take steps, not strides.

Rather than seeing it as a sprint, it should be a marathon and contain your passion by starting on a small specific skill that you can manage.

This process will allow you to get acclimated, learn as you go, and not allow your passion to be dampened by being overwhelmed.


13. Teaching  

As alluded to previously, perhaps rather than putting your passion into full-scale operation, an opportunity might present itself where you can mentor others or teach others as to the process of discovering yourself and your passions.

This can be done through social media platforms as well as one-on-one interactions and encouraging others as you have been encouraged through this process.


14. Consulting  

Another opportunity that might present itself is to do consulting work.

You could start by making video presentations on YouTube and discussing the following of your passion and dreams and fulfillment of utilizing your life’s talents and skills.

You could chronicle your journey thus far in these video presentations.

Also, a good idea would be to start blogging and sharing with others your journey of self-discovery and decisions you have made to make your passion an inspiration and enjoyment by sharing your journey with others.

This may create a following with potential support from individuals or the possibility of gaining support from sponsors.


15. Budget  

When starting on your journey of making your passion into a livelihood, it is important to have a budget.

Realistically, think about ways that you can bring in money through your passion.

Some of those ways could include teaching opportunities, doing consulting work, actually making a product and selling that product, etc.

On the expense side of the budget, budget those items that will be direct expenses to the rolling out of the business.


16. eBook  

Another way that you can generate revenue by turning your passion into profit is through penning an ebook.

You can write this yourself or hire a ghostwriter. Several writers can be interviewed through such freelancing websites as or

The process would involve posting the position, reviewing the applicants and their sample writings, and accepting their offers. It is best to require an outline and then approve the chapters as they are written before moving on.


17. Marketing  

You may have the greatest thing since sliced bread but if nobody knows anything about it is counter-productive.

Marketing is important.

Most likely you have no marketing dollars to work with but there are ways to promote your product or service without paying for it directly.

Critical ways would be through social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

Promote your story and your passion and your decisions to pursue your dreams.

Everyone loves stories of determination and the pursuit of a passion and dream.

Other marketing ideas could include offering discounts to first users of your product, rebates for referrals, etc.


18. Strategy

As with all efforts to realize success, there should be a strategy.

Your strategy to turn your passion into earnings should include a business plan.

The business plan should outline what is your vision and mission, goals, objectives, budget, and how you will be organizing your business’s activities to generate revenue.

You will also need to decide how your passion turning into a revenue-generating business will be structured.

Will it be a sole proprietorship, or will it be an LLC?

You will also need to work with your local government to find out what permits, and licensing may be required.

These are hurdles that need to be navigated but don’t allow your drive and passion to be quenched due to these basic business operation necessities.


19. Save Money  

As you begin to realize success with your efforts ensure that you set money aside for not only unforeseen circumstances but also for expansion.

If you believe success will come it will and therefore so will financial resources.

Set aside those earnings so future expansion can be supported.


20. Build Your Network

As part of your successful strategy, it is also important to engage the power of networking.

Opportunities for expanding your network include joining business associations such as the Chamber of Commerce, becoming a member of a service club which includes Rotary, Kiwanis or the Lions Club, etc.

These groups are comprised of business leaders, and it provides the perfect venue to introduce yourself and your business.

Often, the opportunity is given to initially talk about your business.

This would allow for you to not only talk about your passion but have it be on full display.


How to Get Paid Doing What You Love FAQs


What Would Be the Biggest Hurdle to Making Money Doing Something You Love?

The biggest hurdle in all probability is not related to making money but not making sufficient enough money if that is your sole source of income.

In all probability sufficient enough money will be made but it will take time to grow the business.

Therefore, it would be wise to start slowly and not sever your major source of revenue in the present moment.


Who Is a Prime Example of a Person Who Made Money Doing What They Love?

A classic example would be Oprah.

She is quoted as saying, “… the key to fulfillment, success, happiness, contentment in life is when you align your personality with what your soul actually came to do.”


You Can Do It

You have a passion for providing a product or a service that brings joy to your life like nothing else.

It is your calling and not following that path of bliss can be dishonoring to not only you but your creator.



Each of us is unique and in that uniqueness, we each have a talent and a gift.

We are human beings and as such we are called to live.

To live out the gift of life that has been presented to us.

It is up to us to find out what that uniqueness or gift is and then to be fully exhibited in our lives.

Also, if we are blessed to utilize this gift as a way of earning a living, we will find that in doing something we love we will never have to work again.

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