Yes, you can really make money crocheting, if you know how and want to do.

Thankfully reading this article will arm you with all the information you need, when it comes to earning money crocheting!


Why Make Money Crocheting?

Why not, right? Especially when you love this!

Crocheting is a handicraft that brings a lot of money for most people.

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If you are talented with this art, then you will want to make money.

There are lots of ways you can explore to make money crocheting.

These include selling crochet items to someone near your or selling through online platforms.

Keep reading to learn of the many different ways to make money crocheting.


What is Crocheting?

Crochet is any handiwork in the form of needlework done by interlocking looped stitches with a hooked needle.

Crocheting is a process of creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials.

Crocheting is similar to knitting but they are different.

Crochet is made with a crochet hook. This tool comes in many sizes and materials, such as bone, bamboo, aluminum, plastic, and steel.


What Are The End Products Of Crocheting?

Products made from crocheting include:

  • Crochet baby blankets
  • Crochet blankets
  • Crochet bottle covers
  • Crochet bracelets
  • Crochet curtains
  • Crochet covers for doorways and closets
  • Crochet decals and patterns
  • Crochet dishcloths
  • Crochet field covers
  • Crochet hats
  • Crochet mail holders
  • Crochet mittens for infants
  • Crochet mufflers
  • Crochet newspaper and journal holders
  • Crochet potholders
  • Crochet scarves
  • Crochet tablemats, etc.


Ways To Make Money With Crocheting


1. Sell Your Crochet Finished Products

You will make money with crocheting when you sell your finished crochet products to customers.

You can sell to individuals or local crochet stores.

The quality of your product and the quantity you sell often determines how much you can make.

Just make sure that you apply a good marketing strategy when selling to both individual and business customers.

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2. Test Crochet Patterns

A pattern is a model intended to be used for making something else.

Crochet makers may develop patterns before they complete the final product.

You can make money by testing crochet patterns.

Some crochet makers, bloggers, or designers can hire you to test patterns for them.

You will be paid to make sure the patterns are error-free and easy to follow.

Apart from testing the crochet patterns for clients, you may also make money selling the tested patterns if you have an agreement with the maker.


3. Sell Crochet Patterns

If you are very good at coming up with crochet patterns then consider selling them for money.

Many people will prefer to buy patterns instead of coming up with new crochet ideas.

They can buy patterns from you. You can set a price and make the amount you want to make.

The selling of crochet patterns can be done both online or offline.


4. Teach Crocheting And Get Paid

You can make money with crocheting if you teach crocheting to others.

Organize a class where other people will come to learn the skill of crocheting from you.

There are different ways to teach crochet and make money.

Get a certification to teach through the Craft Yarn Council. Use this certification to teach classes at local craft stores or fairs.

You can also teach the classes at a workshop you have rented or at your home.

Other places you can apply to teach crochet include your local church, community building, or local community college.

Apart from the above options, you can also teach crochet through online courses. Create a course in the form of an ebook.

This course should contain a step-by-step approach to making crochet.

You can make videos to explain and teach crochet making. Upload these videos online so that people can subscribe and download them.

When teaching crochet online, you can use your blog or website, you can use online sites where you can upload courses.

You can also use social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to make money by sharing your knowledge of crochet making.

You have control over what you charge each trainee.


5. Blog About Crocheting

You can make money with crocheting if you set up a blog and share information about it with readers.

You can post regular valuable informative, instructive, educative, and entertaining content about crocheting.

If your blog draws a lot of traffic, then you can monetize it.

There are different monetizing options to choose from.

These include selling crochet-related products on your blog, selling advert space to brands on your blog, writing sponsored posts on the blog, and doing affiliate marketing.

To make good money blogging about crocheting, your content – whether they are written content, pictures, or videos, etc, – must be top-notch.


6. Open An Online Shop

You can open an online shop and start selling your crochet products. This is one of the best ways to make money with crocheting.

Open an online store with popular handicraft platforms like Etsy.

List your product on this site for $0.20.

The listing will remain on the site for up to four months or when your item sells.

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You can set your price and get paid when a customer buys from your Etsy store.

Apart from Etsy, other popular places you can open an online shop to sell your crochet product include Amazon Handmade, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace.

Also, you can decide to build an e-commerce shop using platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce.

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7. Take Custom Orders From Customers

You will make money crocheting by taking custom orders.

These are projects whereby you customize crochets based on the needs of the clients.

Make samples of the projects you can do and advertise to clients. Tell them you can make or complete a crochet project based on their customer demand.

If you get orders, you can charge premium rates based on the uniqueness of the orders.

So, you can make good money with way.

This way of making money from crochet also has the benefit of increasing your creativity.

However, you should know that you could be faced with heavy deadline pressures and other challenges from customers’ expectations.


8. Crochet Tech Writer

You can also make money with crocheting if you help a crocheter to write down the steps needed to start and finish a crochet project.

Your job would be to help write down the steps so that a crocheter would follow the steps easily and consistently.

Being a crochet tech writer and editor also means you can edit the pattern and check for typos and inconsistencies.

You can make additional money with the uniqueness of this job.


How to Make Money Crocheting


9. Participate In A Craft Fair

You can make money crocheting by participating in a craft fair.

This is an outdoor marketplace where people can buy or sell crafts.

You can join a craft fair and set up a booth where customers can see your crochet designs.

Joining a craft fair will allow you to make money selling to people who come to patronize artisans and craftsmen.

It is also a social way to sell.

If your crochet product is good, you can make a lot of sales in a single weekend.

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10. Sell Crochet Merchandise

You can make money crocheting by selling merchandise related to this craft.

You can design and sell T-shirts, mugs, bags, stickers, sweatshirts, pillows, etc. designed with logos, words, or images about crocheting.

You can sign up with on-demand sites like or Cafepress to create merchandise related to crocheting.


11. Crochet Subscription Boxes

You can set up a subscription box or membership plan where customers have to pay a recurring fee to buy or access your crochet design.

Subscription boxes are a recurring delivery of niche products as part of a marketing strategy and a method of product distribution.

They are used by subscription-based ecommerce businesses.

All you need do is a partner with a company that offers a subscription box program.

Examples of companies you can check out for subscription boxes include:


Where To Sell Crochet Items

There are many places to sell your crocheting items and make money.

These include both offline and online places.

Craft Fairs

Check with your local Chamber of Commerce to see what craft fairs are in your area.

Art Crochet Galleries

You can visit display your crochet creations at galleries.

At these spots, you have a chance of selling to high-end customers.

Consignment Stores

You can sell your crochets through consignment stores.

These are stores where you can get display your items for sale.

The store will take a cut when your item sells.

Local Crochet Shops

Check out local crochet shops near you that offer to sell your crochet.

Most of these shops sell arts and handcrafted items.

Online Craft Sites

You can also sell crochet and make money from:

  • Etsy
  • Instagram
  • Crochet magazine
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Your blog or website

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How to Make Your Crochet Sell

If you have crochet to sell, there are ways to make them sell fast. Here are some tips you will find useful:

Use modern patterns

Consider offering and using modern crochet patterns.

These patterns will sell well than vintage patterns.

Create desirable products

Offer crochet products that appeal to a lot of people.

If you offer what people want then you can achieve sales fast.

Create high-quality, attractive products

Make sure that whatever you are offering customers is of great quality.

Refuse the temptation to copy

Make sure you always offer original products to customers.

Do not copy the works of others so you don’t get into copyright problems.

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As this article has shown, it’s indeed easy and possible to make money doing what you love, crocheting!

It also showed many different ways to make money and some of the sites that really help you get paid selling your crochet.

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