How to Make Money Blogging Like A Super Man (what I learned in 10 years)


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Hey Kinggers!

I just signed up on Kingged today and thought it’d be a good idea to submit something useful in my first posting. And, what’s more interesting than the topic “make money” to all bloggers, right? So here goes. I hope it’s okay to write this article in conversational style and put most of my points in bullet form – thought it’d help me focus on writing the key points and cut down your reading time.

Blogging: How much money can you make?


In short, a lot.

While I disagree the practice of revealing your income figure in public, I believe these income reports are great motivation to many. What’s more, there are two key takeaways in this:

  1. It can be done. Some bloggers are making really good money online from home.
  2. With the right ideas and strategies, there is literally no limit on how much you can earn online. Look at Pat Flynn’s number – he’s making more than a small-cap public listed company in emerging markets.

Best ways to make money

Feeling pumped? Your next question would be – what are the best option to start with?

Truth is there are many different ways to get things done. What’s right for me might not right for you. But generally speaking – over my 10 years experience, selling your own services/soft products (ebooks, software, apps, and all sort of download-able stuffs) and affiliate products are the two best ways to make money.

Some other methods that you might want to look into, which I believe many of you already knew, include:

  • Selling estate on your blog – BuySellAds, Kingged widget, banner ads, etc.
  • Click-based ads – Adsense.
  • Paid posts / reviews
  • Brand embassador – it can be done for certain markets (mommy bloggers should know this well).
  • Speaking / offline gigs
  • Job listings

What We Knew: Profitable Niche + Targeted Traffic = Money. But where to find both?

First – finding a profitable niche.

While I agree that passion is vital to your blogging success, your blog can hardly go far if it’s not supporting itself financially. Hence  you should have a clear idea on how to monetize and fund the blog before you start. Picking up a niche where you can expand and make money from is important.

To find a good niche, here are a few tools/methods I use:

1. Google Search – Check if there is advertisers in the niche.

2. Google Keyword Planner – To find a cutting angle to the topic.

3. Spyfu Basic Search – To see how much the advertisers are spending on Adwords. The more money advertiers spent, the more profitable the niche is.

4. Commission Junction – The stats shown on CJ are good references to a niche. Higher Network Earnings = more affiliates in the program;. 3 month EPC = Average earning per 100 Clicks = How profitable is this affiliate program in long term; 7 day EPC = Average earning per 100 clicks = Is this a seasonal product?

5. Facebook Suggestions – Create one FB page in your field if you don’t have one. Find your competitors based on Facebook Suggestion – are there public interests in your niche? Find out how your competitors are approaching the market.

6. Facebook Relevant Page – Find more competitors and releted market info. Replace X with another Facebook page ID in this URL – Ta-da, it’s magic!

7. Old school keyword research – Check out keyword popularity and supply-vs-demand; make use of free tools like SEO Book Keyword Tool and Uber Suggest (it is still working now but Google is closing down Autocomplete API – so enjoy it while it’s still around).

Selfplug: I published a few case studies and examples using SpyFu and Google Keyword Planner in a similar post at WHSR – you might wanna check it out to dig deeper.

Getting Targeted Traffics (the hardest part)

The usual strategies where you should not miss

. Leveraging others’ real estates / social power – Guest posting, crowdsourcing posts, forum postings, and blog commenting..

. Major social media networks – Twitter, Facebook (trust me, you are crazy if you are not building custom audience and advertising on FB today!), Google+, and Pinterest (work exceptionally well if you can get visuals – DIY blogs, gardening, art, cooking, food, etc)..

. Offline promotion – attending conference, distributing flyers, banting ads in your local area, advertise on cabs, and dropping namecard everywhere..

. Niche-focused social networkKingged (nobrainer), Triberr, Deviant Art, Sugar Biz, etc..

. Forum postings


A few other strategies that work for me, but not very popular among bloggers –

. Content syndication – Syndicating your work to other bigger sites works wonder (provided that you pump out awesome content steadily).

A few large network – Social Media Today, Business 2 Community, and Before Its News are syndicating our blog content at Web Hosting Secret Revealed. Depends on the tractions we get from their community, in good month we get more than a thousand visits from one article without sweating much on it..

. Column writer / blogger – To build your authority and impove blog popularity, you should write regularly in one of the major medias in your niche. I write for and Pro Blogger regularly; and both sites drive me lots of traffics (when you see people search for your name (such as “WHSR Jerry”) in your analytic – your know you are doing something right in branding.

. Giving out freebies – Everyone loves freebies. After all, who doesn’t like getting something for free, yes? My core business at Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR) is promoting hosting services. Rather than squeezing into the crowded Google SERP, I’ve found better odds targeting web designers who likely have use for my hosting advice.

To land a seat with that audience, I’ve created loads of freebies. Those loads of free icons? Yep – freebies targeted to my primary audience. The free icons actually earned substantial attention from the blogosphere, bringing in new visitors and social followers.

Take Actions

Here’s one last reminder before I end this post: Results comes from action.


Many who came to me in the past had sufficient resources (skills, knowledge, time) to start a blog and make money. But they failed – because they also had more excuses to delay their plans and wait for the stars to align.

I can only show you the way and remove a few obstacles along the way. To succeed, you will need to walk the road yourself.

Now that you have got my make money blogging tips. What’s yours?

I look foward to my first Kingged discussion in comment section below!


Jerry Low 🙂



  1. Hi Jerry,

    Thank you for the article. Although it is a little older I think most of your tips probably still hold true.

    I am just starting to blog. I think the most important tip you mentioned was to take action.

    We can spend so much time learning and researching that we often fail to take action. Also it needs to be consistent action. It is very easy to get distracted on the internet but if we take consistent action we will get somewhere.

    Have a great weekend Jerry. Take care.


  2. Hello Jerry,

    I still can’t get over the fact Pat made over 100,000 dollars blogging just in July. Holy cow! Not only have you outlined great ways to make money blogging. You’ve also given anyone that’s already a blogger even more motivation to totally crush it!

    Thanks for Sharing