How to Make Money Blogging Like A Super Man (what I learned in 10 years)


Quick shoutout:

Hey Kinggers!

I just signed up on Kingged today and thought it’d be a good idea to submit something useful in my first posting. And, what’s more interesting than the topic “make money” to all bloggers, right? So here goes. I hope it’s okay to write this article in conversational style and put most of my points in bullet form – thought it’d help me focus on writing the key points and cut down your reading time.

Blogging: How much money can you make?


In short, a lot.

While I disagree the practice of revealing your income figure in public, I believe these income reports are great motivation to many. What’s more, there are two key takeaways in this:

  1. It can be done. Some bloggers are making really good money online from home.
  2. With the right ideas and strategies, there is literally no limit on how much you can earn online. Look at Pat Flynn’s number – he’s making more than a small-cap public listed company in emerging markets.

Best ways to make money

Feeling pumped? Your next question would be – what are the best option to start with?

Truth is there are many different ways to get things done. What’s right for me might not right for you. But generally speaking – over my 10 years experience, selling your own services/soft products (ebooks, software, apps, and all sort of download-able stuffs) and affiliate products are the two best ways to make money.

Some other methods that you might want to look into, which I believe many of you already knew, include:

  • Selling estate on your blog – BuySellAds, Kingged widget, banner ads, etc.
  • Click-based ads – Adsense.
  • Paid posts / reviews
  • Brand embassador – it can be done for certain markets (mommy bloggers should know this well).
  • Speaking / offline gigs
  • Job listings

What We Knew: Profitable Niche + Targeted Traffic = Money. But where to find both?

First – finding a profitable niche.

While I agree that passion is vital to your blogging success, your blog can hardly go far if it’s not supporting itself financially. Hence  you should have a clear idea on how to monetize and fund the blog before you start. Picking up a niche where you can expand and make money from is important.

To find a good niche, here are a few tools/methods I use:

1. Google Search – Check if there is advertisers in the niche.

2. Google Keyword Planner – To find a cutting angle to the topic.

3. Spyfu Basic Search – To see how much the advertisers are spending on Adwords. The more money advertiers spent, the more profitable the niche is.

4. Commission Junction – The stats shown on CJ are good references to a niche. Higher Network Earnings = more affiliates in the program;. 3 month EPC = Average earning per 100 Clicks = How profitable is this affiliate program in long term; 7 day EPC = Average earning per 100 clicks = Is this a seasonal product?

5. Facebook Suggestions – Create one FB page in your field if you don’t have one. Find your competitors based on Facebook Suggestion – are there public interests in your niche? Find out how your competitors are approaching the market.

6. Facebook Relevant Page – Find more competitors and releted market info. Replace X with another Facebook page ID in this URL – Ta-da, it’s magic!

7. Old school keyword research – Check out keyword popularity and supply-vs-demand; make use of free tools like SEO Book Keyword Tool and Uber Suggest (it is still working now but Google is closing down Autocomplete API – so enjoy it while it’s still around).

Selfplug: I published a few case studies and examples using SpyFu and Google Keyword Planner in a similar post at WHSR – you might wanna check it out to dig deeper.

Getting Targeted Traffics (the hardest part)

The usual strategies where you should not miss

. Leveraging others’ real estates / social power – Guest posting, crowdsourcing posts, forum postings, and blog commenting..

. Major social media networks – Twitter, Facebook (trust me, you are crazy if you are not building custom audience and advertising on FB today!), Google+, and Pinterest (work exceptionally well if you can get visuals – DIY blogs, gardening, art, cooking, food, etc)..

. Offline promotion – attending conference, distributing flyers, banting ads in your local area, advertise on cabs, and dropping namecard everywhere..

. Niche-focused social networkKingged (nobrainer), Triberr, Deviant Art, Sugar Biz, etc..

. Forum postings


A few other strategies that work for me, but not very popular among bloggers –

. Content syndication – Syndicating your work to other bigger sites works wonder (provided that you pump out awesome content steadily).

A few large network – Social Media Today, Business 2 Community, and Before Its News are syndicating our blog content at Web Hosting Secret Revealed. Depends on the tractions we get from their community, in good month we get more than a thousand visits from one article without sweating much on it..

. Column writer / blogger – To build your authority and impove blog popularity, you should write regularly in one of the major medias in your niche. I write for and Pro Blogger regularly; and both sites drive me lots of traffics (when you see people search for your name (such as “WHSR Jerry”) in your analytic – your know you are doing something right in branding.

. Giving out freebies – Everyone loves freebies. After all, who doesn’t like getting something for free, yes? My core business at Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR) is promoting hosting services. Rather than squeezing into the crowded Google SERP, I’ve found better odds targeting web designers who likely have use for my hosting advice.

To land a seat with that audience, I’ve created loads of freebies. Those loads of free icons? Yep – freebies targeted to my primary audience. The free icons actually earned substantial attention from the blogosphere, bringing in new visitors and social followers.

Take Actions

Here’s one last reminder before I end this post: Results comes from action.


Many who came to me in the past had sufficient resources (skills, knowledge, time) to start a blog and make money. But they failed – because they also had more excuses to delay their plans and wait for the stars to align.

I can only show you the way and remove a few obstacles along the way. To succeed, you will need to walk the road yourself.

Now that you have got my make money blogging tips. What’s yours?

I look foward to my first Kingged discussion in comment section below!


Jerry Low 🙂



  1. Hello Jerry,

    This is a very good post, contains a lot of goodies!

    From the way you wrote this, it really looks like you know what you’re talking about. Your 10 years experience is lot of experience and you definitely have a lot to teach.

    I agree too that there are lots of ways of making money with blogging but selling our own services/soft products (ebooks, software, apps, and all sort of download-able stuffs) and affiliate products are the two best ways to make money.

    I prefer starting with promoting affiliate products and with the experience and buyer base, then try to sell own products, because trying to sell own products right from the beginning without experience nor buyer base would be more difficult.

    Thanks for writing this and sharing your experience with the rest of us here.

  2. Hey Jerry,

    First I have to welcome you to!

    Second, I have to agree with Gary, when I started reading this, I got the vibe that you have a lot of experience.

    Then you mentioned you’ve been doing it for 10 years which is more than most bloggers, including myself.

    And yes there are a plethora of ways to make money, especially through blogging. Right now I’m doing affiliate marketing, banner ads, and adsense.

    As far as keywords I use the Google suggest formulas and Ubersuggest which works great!

    Thanks for sharing your tips with us! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…9 Blog Commenting Rules That Brands You Like A BossMy Profile

  3. Hi Jerry

    I like the way you elaborate everything so wonderfully.

    The last point Take Action is my favorite. One can pick the best niche and bring the right audience for it but taking action to serve their needs very best is heck of the task.

    Deciding what to do and what not to do in blogging is the real challenge and it becomes more important in money blogging where one does not have to simple talk to people for nothing. He needs to offer best value at reasonable price.

    Thanks a lot for sharing
    Mi Muba recently posted…20 big ideas to enjoy blogging and achieve huge successMy Profile

  4. Hi Jerry,

    It’s really great post, indeed! 🙂

    When I look at income reports from those great bloggers above, it’s a shame if I also create an income report from my blog (next time, perhaps). 😆

    Yes, I agree that we must take action. I think, all the things that a person needs to be able to get money from the blog has been available on the internet, the problem is whether you want to apply the knowledge that you have obtained and taking action to it.

    If you have more excuses than your efforts, of course, you will fail. Complaints also requires energy, it would be better if you use that energy to take action. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great beginning of this week!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…Top 5 Crucial Tips For Building A Successful BlogMy Profile

  5. I am still a new blogger also. August was actually my 3rd full month and I have been trying to monetize since the beginning. It is difficult especially when you first start out because traffic is low but I have definitely been doing most of what you mentioned already and its working. Not as fast as I prefer of course. 😉

    I have been thinking about the whole syndication thing too just not sure If I want to go down that road yet.
    Alexander recently posted…Blog Income Report and Traffic Stats – August 2015 (3rd month of blogging!)My Profile

  6. Hi Jerry,

    Welcome to Kingged!

    And it was very kind of you to share what’s been working for you over the past 10 years!

    Some of these strategies and tools were familiar but Spyfu was a new one to me, so I’ll be sure to take a look at that.

    I do like Ubersuggest so sad to read your comment: “…it is still working now but Google is closing down Autocomplete API – so enjoy it while it’s still around…” Any ideas on a replacement tool for that?

    Best wishes for the next 10 years Jerry!
    – David
    David Hartshorne recently posted…3 Deliciously Simple SEO Tips That Increases Your CTRMy Profile

  7. Hi Jerry,

    Welcome to Kingged community, as you said people’s most interested topic is making money, I too interested a lot in money making articles, Mr. Pat Flynn and Harsh Agarwal are really good bloggers who share their monthly income in their blogs to motivate people.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise in how to make money topic, see you soon with another article.
    siddaiah recently posted…7 Best Free Keyword Rank Checker ToolsMy Profile

  8. Hi Jerry,
    Your first post is impressive! It reminded the reader that making money online is still a possibility especially if the right strategies are employed.

    One must not forget that making money online demands that the Internet marketer sells value to potential customers!

    Your experience in the last ten years is well positioned as it reflects the reality of what is working today!

    Thanks for sharing this post! It is helpful!
    Sunday William recently posted…Are You Creating Opportunities for Your Audience to Discover Your Business?My Profile

  9. Hello Jerry,

    Thank you for the tips… I actually already knew a lot of them but it’s good to have a single-post telling you what to do and the actual opportunities around the web.

    I have just one question, if you have time to answer: I want a community of people who care about blogging. And I want it to be legit, like NO SPAM or SCAM at all.

    Is kingged the right place?

  10. Hello there Jerry!

    The internet is a very wide world for people looking for ways to make money. Undeniably, selling products and services in blogging and affiliate marketing are two of the best ways to make money.

    Creating your brand and increasing your reputation are vital to start your success by selling whatever you have on your blog. Trustworthy products and services are not just the basis in creating success, but also creating your trustworthy name and brand.

    All in all, newbies and professional can learn something from here. Everyone could try new things and create another success with the help of your simple but wonderful ideas of strategies.
    Metz recently posted…Archana Chaurasia Kapoor – Know About Her Writing and Blogging JourneyMy Profile

  11. Hey Jerry,

    Welcome to! I just started blogging and actually this will be my third attempt to start a blog. I’m in the process of laying down the foundation and I expect that things will be in place the next time I launch.

    The truth is I have launched already but I have only told a few friends of mine because I do not have enough material on my blog. I don’t even have a subscription option set up. But I have been connecting with people and once I get things in place it will just make it easier to launch. At least that’s the way feel at the moment.

    Question: How do you feel about sites like add me fast dot com Where people don’t really pay attention to your posting but it gets you the traffic? Does it really help with your ranking because people are landing on your blog?

    For the record I do not have an account with them and I’m in no way affiliated with them. Matter of fact I would choose another company for personal reasons.

    Thanks for your time, Boaz

    • Answering your questions –

      1. How do I feel about it? Opportunity. The site hits 4 digit Alexa and according to they gets 30k – 60k unique per month.

      2. People visiting your site but not paying enough attention –

      Well, not if your site is something excites the audience and your landing page is well-optimized.

      Think closely about those who come to your site from – who are these people actually? Why are these people on sites like AddMeFast? Chances are they are people who wants to make some extra income online; or bloggers like you who wish to bait in more traffics.

      What are their problems? My guess – Traffic and (as always) MONEY.

      Do you have a solution to their problems? Can you present your solution in an attractive angle?


      3. Does it really help with your ranking because people are landing on your blog?

      SEO is a lot more complicated than before when I first started. All we can do is guesstimate.

      Yes – based on various studies that I read online, social signals do play a part in sites’ ranking.


      Does pulling in tons of non-relevant social shares and non targetted traffic help?

      I doubt it very much. Think about it…

      Non-targeted traffic = high bounce rate + short average on-site time = bad user experience in Google’s eye = bad ranking. In Google’s eye – your site might not be serving what the users are looking for … so why should they rank you higher?

      Hope this helps.
      Jerry Low recently posted…Exclusive Interview with James Reynolds, Founder of VeravoMy Profile

    • Hello George,

      We are sorry but this comment has been flagged as a low quality comment by the moderating team. It doesn’t add any value to this post.

      And you made this comment just few minutes after your previous comment. It’s likely you didn’t even read this post before commenting.

      Such comments will be deleted from now on.

      Making low quality comments just for the sake of drawing attention to your commentluv links or increasing your comment count is frowned at here on

      Please refrain from such low quality comments. If they persist, you might get banned or prevented from commenting and even sharing your posts on in future.

      Thanks for understanding.
      Jeff [Moderator] recently posted…What’s the Best Blog Community? Why WinsMy Profile

  12. First thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

    Your answer itself is an awesome answer, that should be a Blog post. Just a suggestion 🙂

    The fact is I got kicked out of because I didn’t read the direction aka the welcome letter. And I still don’t know what I did wrong. But it did lead to 5,000 plus Twitter subscribers and I don’t know how many re-tweets, 4,000 plus youtube views….. so I was thinking of looking for another company but at the same time I think the interaction is low. So it’s not a priority for me any longer.

    And by you stating “Non-targeted traffic = high bounce rate + short average on-site time = bad user experience in Google’s eye = bad ranking. In Google’s eye – your site might not be serving what the users are looking for … so why should they rank you higher?”

    Just confirms my gut feeling. Have an awesome day and I look forward to reading more of you blog post.

  13. Jerry, this post is great!

    Over the years, I have made some passive income with direct advertising, that has unfortunately lowered to almost non-existent income after my blogs were penalized by Google and I went through personal/health issues.

    Most of my income now comes from freelance writing (I have given up on art commissions and web design temporarily), even though I’m trying to slowly push my blogs to attract advertisers again (depression led me to abandon most of them for a long time, so there’s a lot to catch up with).

    Also… buzz pieces and consulting are among the things I’m trying. Building pieces slowly, one after another. 🙂

    ~ Luana
    Luana Spinetti recently posted…29 Freelance Writing Challenges For The Next 12 MonthsMy Profile

  14. Those are some good steps to get started in a niche; but, I would recommend analyzing your competition to know what you could do differently from your competition and go from there. I’ve used Google Keyword Planner to help me analyze niche keywords as well as Long Tail Pro that can be an alternative to help with analysis.

    As far as making money blogging goes, writing product reviews and deal posts are two of the best ways to go in order to make some money monthly if you work hard enough to do so. Amazon, JVZOO, and Clickbank are the big 3 to make money with on a blog.

    Always shoot for a niche below the broader scale to rank easier…aim small, miss small

  15. Hi Jerry

    Content syndication is something which I will really be interested in. I had about it but did not know much. I will try to figure out what more can be learned in that. Something really seems god.

    Social power is the real power and get wonder. Your last point in the CRUX of all suggestion Where 90% of People FAIL.

    ACTION is one loud and clear strategy to go forward , We always try to master things before plugging in, I always suggest START and them improve.

    Thanks for the valuable aggregation.
    Happy blogging

  16. This morning I was listening to my favorite audio program, ‘How To Start and Succeed In Your Own Business’ by Brian Tracy and what he said was that some years ago over 1500 business people were followed for 20 years and after 20 years about 80 of them have become millionaires.

    Now the astonishing thing was that when these 80 people were interviewed, it turned out that all of them started out doing what they love best and didn’t have money in the back of them mind.

    That’s the same thing with blogging. If you are doing it for the sake of making money with it, you’ll fail but if you just put out great content out there and build good relationship with people, money will come to you as a result.

    Do blogging for the fun of it and you’ll make money with it. Good post Jerry and well done.
    Jeffrey Benson recently posted…120 Top Seo Tools For Ranking Your Website And Generating Social Buzz Fast OnlineMy Profile

  17. Good post but and even better is the image of man doing superman flying. The image shows anything is possible with blogging if the correct things are done. But what do you do when everything is done correctly but you still don’t make money? That also happens, maybe even more times than we think. With your 10 years experience to help, what’s your advise for such people?

  18. Hello Jerry,

    I agree with Kevin. I also like the image you used in this post a lot.

    That’s very creative. It made the post more appealing to click through and read.

    It’s also good to learn from your 10 years experience.

    If you don’t mind me asking, how easy was it for you to get accepted to write for the first time?

  19. Hi Jerry,

    Great tips you have shared. Also, the experience you have in the last 10 years counts. I am glad you have provided good insights on the basics of making money online. Newbies can as well start taking action with them!

  20. Hi Jerry,

    It is always good to take action after getting ideas on what to do. Making money as a blogger is very resourceful and practical. I am glad that your 10 years experience has revealed this. There steps to be taken and these begin with finding the value that the audience wants.
    I am sure many would take cue from what you have shared to star making money blogging!