If you want to know how to make money as an illustrator, this article will really help.

It reveals all the tips to getting paid and earning as an illustrator and the very best companies that can help.


Why Look to Make Money with Illustrator Jobs?

Why not, especially if you have the skills.

As for wondering if you really have the skills, keep reading…

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Have you ever had this happen to you?

You’re sitting at work and the boss has called for a staff meeting.

There you are along with the other employees listening to the boss talk about company morale, increasing sales, or other assorted business matters.

Unintentionally, your thoughts begin to drift and wander.

You find that the notepad that you are holding now becomes your daydream playground as you begin to sketch and draw faces, capturing things that are going on in the room or just simply doodling what is traveling across that creative mind of yours.

An individual who shares the business cubicle with you looks over your shoulder at what you are doing.

Rather than that individual saying something nasty or encouraging you to pay attention to what is going on in the room, they comment about your creative talent.

You always knew that you had this talent but never thought that it would come to anything meaningful.

Thankfully you can make money doing what you have this natural talent for… as you will see from the rest of this article.

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As they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

A quality illustrator can be very impactful when it comes to being involved with children’s books as it helps to keep the children’s attention when they are learning the basics of reading.

An illustrator also can emphasize to the reader what the author is trying to convey in words.

Often, individuals learn better when their right side of the brain has been engaged

Many results of research conducted about the learning process of the human brain are that we learn more effectively and quickly when visuals are involved.

Also, pictures or illustrations help the brain to retrieve and remember information that is stored in our memories.


Illustrating the Point

A prime example of this powerful aspect of the brain with illustrations is if I were to mention the word cow.

Most likely, what would come across your mind is the picture of a cow rather than the actual word cow being spelled out.

In the 1980s the illustrative and powerful depiction of the adverse effect of drugs and their effect on the brain was launched.

This was an effort by the government to raise awareness of the negative impact of individuals using drugs and to try to get them to stop using these harmful substances.

The depiction was a frying pan on a stovetop. The narrator held up an egg and said this is your brain.

Then the egg was cracked into the skillet and began to sizzle.

The narrator closed by saying this is your brain on drugs.

Any questions?

Whether the campaign was effective or not is up to others to decide but this was a powerful illustration.


12 Best Companies that Pay for Illustrator Jobs


1. Buzzfeed

This giant and well known digital media company offers to its digital market global customers a variety of reading and entertainment options.

In addition to being known for covering breaking news, they offer their readers quizzes, celebrity news, videos, recipes, etc.

Additionally, they are known for their creative and compelling illustrations to capture a variety of topics and subjects.

Buzzfeed began operation in November 2006. They are currently headquartered in New York, City, NY.

It would appear that Buzzfeed may encourage individuals to contribute their creative illustrations.


2. Brafton

Brafton is a company that offers marketing options and technological solutions to a variety of organizations around the world.

They specialize in search engine optimization of words in regards to driving potential customers to various companies and their websites.

Their staff is comprised of individuals who can be creative with words, videographers designers and developers, etc.

They specialize in landing pages, e-books, white papers, press releases, blog posts, etc.

This company relies heavily upon the quality work of illustrators. You can certainly get a job as an illustrator if you check them out.

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3. The Lifted Brow

The content of this magazine is significantly enhanced by black-and-white and color illustrations.

As a not-for-profit literary magazine, they highlight the writings of established and up-and-coming authors from Australia and from around the world.

They promote work that crosses all demographic margins.

In addition to publishing a magazine, they have an online presence, which should make it easy for you to reach them and even work with them.

Headquartered in Melbourne Australia it appears that they depend upon illustrators and advertise accordingly.


4. Harvard Business Review

This well-known magazine in addition to offering printed editions also has an online presence through its website.

On both venues, they incorporate quality illustrations as part of their significant feature to their customers and potential customers.

The Harvard Business Review publishes various articles that are business-related.

In addition to business articles, they feature commentary regarding digital marketing, healthcare, and data science.

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5. HarperCollins

This notable publishing company is classified as one of the largest.

The top five, including HarperCollins, are Penguin, Random House, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, and Macmillan.

They are headquartered in New York City.

HarperCollins relies heavily on creative individuals to produce and illustrate eye-catching and dynamic book covers for their published books.

Additionally, part of the publishing product line for this publisher is the printing of children’s books.

Often these books for children are heavily saturated with illustrations furthering the need for talented illustrators.

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6. Today’s Parent

Today’s Parents is a valuable online and printed publication that offers to parents and families several informational articles, and narratives on educational and current event topics.

The focus of the magazine is to help the families of today make informed decisions.

This company is headquartered in Toronto Canada and has been in the support of busy families since 1984.

The magazine and online site offer various illustrations embedded in the various articles to help enhance the message.

For example, one recent illustration depicted a camouflaged clad mother with her baby strapped on her back navigating an exercise/obstacle track that consisted of rolls of toilet paper rather than tires.

The illustration cleverly captured the article which was about potty training.

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7. Time Magazine

When it comes to news magazines, Time Magazine is probably the most recognized and respected news magazine available today.

Boasting over 26 million subscribers, working as an illustrator for Time Magazine would most likely be the epiphany of one’s illustration career.

First published in 1923, this standard for magazine content includes articles based on current events, the political arena, science, business, and entertainment.

Time Magazine has illustrators on staff. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that talented and creative illustrators might be used when a freelance opportunity arises.


8. The New Republic

Inaugurated in 1914, this magazine is about expressing opinions as part of our American heritage.

The New Republic has a presence both in print and online.

The content of this magazine highlights various submitted essays and provides political reporting related to politics and the current events in America.

Other topics of interest include articles about the culture in America today.

The foundational tone of the writings leans towards what would be termed as progressive.

Its mission is to present a balance that presents liberalism focused on humanitarianism and science.

Adding to the interesting commentary are appropriate illustrations that convey pictorially some of the featured points expressed.

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9. Ladybug Magazine

As the magazine title implies, this publication is aimed at young readers ranging between the ages of three and six years old.

This magazine is based in Chicago and is published in the United States by The Cricket Magazine Group/Carus Publishing Company.

The magazine printed nine times throughout the year is heavily saturated with illustrations and features children’s stories, and poems.

The average illustrator’s pay is in the amount of $550 which represents a full-color two-page spread.


10. The Walrus

This Canadian-based magazine publishes a variety of written pieces that cover a broad spectrum of topics.

The articles are both nonfiction and fiction writing along with the inclusion of poetry.

Yes, it’s one of those publications that you can get make money selling poems to.

The magazine also relies on illustrations to complement the various articles that are published.

The Walrus aggressively invites the submission of creative work. That creative work may include written articles, photographs, and illustrations.

As of this writing, they were encouraging young people from the ages of thirteen to eighteen to submit samples of their work.

They were asking for three samples and those chosen would benefit by being paired with a mentor from the staff.

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11. Jarry Magazine

This magazine is published twice a year. The periodical defines its focus on “where food and queer culture intersect.”

Consequently, the written articles and illustrations focus on the world of restaurants and in particular offer profiles of various chefs and restaurateurs.

Articles also help to educate and stimulate conversation as they relate to the importance of food in various cultures and through history.

Jarry Magazine accepts the creative work of freelance illustrators.

  • Submissions can be made to hello@jarrymag.com.
  • The subject line should read, “Art Submission: {your name}.

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12. New Yorker

The New Yorker magazine is a quality publication that is found in both print and with an online presence.

The content and the various topics that this magazine includes in their periodical are current news items, political commentary, and insight, social commentary, etc.

The magazine, in addition, to being respected, is known for its humor and illustrations that depict the various sides of a variety of topics.

The New Yorker presents the possibility of an illustrator submitting examples of their work and being selected to submit their creative artwork or be commissioned to illustrate a particular topic.

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Don’t Be Faint of Heart

You have been told that you have a flair and an artistic gift for drawing.

When people have viewed your simple moments of creativity they have been awestruck by what they have seen and many have asked the question have you ever thought about being an artist or an illustrator?

Perhaps the thought has crossed your mind but you wondered if there was any future or if you would be able to get the needed “break” to earn a living doing something that you enjoy immensely.

Well as they say in the area of love, “faint heart never won a fair lady.”

Putting the gender issue aside, the same can be said about a passion that you have for doing something and loving it, and being gifted in that area.

Perhaps, the saying should read, as it relates to pursuing a career as an illustrator, faint graphic pen never won and illustrating gig.

Maybe you should start taking baby steps and submit your illustrations to a local magazine or other printed media in your community.

By talking to an illustrator who is on staff with these companies they may be willing to help you assess your skill and perhaps offer some words of encouragement to help you move forward in pursuing a career as an illustrator.

What have you got to lose?



Most people joke about reading a book and often ask if there are any pictures.

The joke is that rather than read the words they would just rather skim through the book and look at the pictures.

Quite frankly, there’s a lot of truth and reality to telling a story through a picture or an illustration.

Going back to the statement that a picture is worth 1000 words certainly has validity.

A perfect writing partner to an author is an illustrator who can present a picture or illustration of what is being said in writing.

This not only enhances the author’s intent but helps to drive home the point that the author is making. The other added benefit is to the reader and their understanding.

Perhaps, it’s time to put down the doodling pen and go to work in creating some powerful illustrations.

It’s time to put your money where your artistic pen is at.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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