If you want to know how to make money owning as a Pastor, this article will help you a great deal, especially thanks to my experience as a former active Pastor!

It explains how it works and provides 25 best ways and tips to help you.



Many of us can rest on Sunday and gather our strength for the upcoming work week, many individuals are just finishing their work week by working on Sunday.

So it is for the hard-working individual known as a pastor.

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A typical schedule for a pastor begins each work week with their attention given to the flock that they have been charged to care for spiritually.

Being a pastor is not just about standing in front of the congregation on a Sunday morning and delivering an inspirational and challenging message to carry them through their week.

Prepare a sermon takes hours of study, looking up the meaning of words to bring impact to the message, understanding the context, as well as often preparing a Bible study to be conducted during the week, visitation of the congregation, and prayerfully joining them in times of trouble and stress.

The importance of the role of a pastor cannot be minimized as it can be emotionally draining, spiritually challenging, and physically taxing on the individual who serves others in their role as a pastor.

Additionally, most pastors have attended Divinity school and have received their degrees in theology.

All of this comes with a cost and many pastors look for other job opportunities to supplement their income.

Let us turn to today’s text and discover ways that a pastor can earn money outside of their pastoral role.


Personal Story

Yes, I have a personal story as a former pastor.

You see, a pastor does not work any harder than any other American worker.

With that said, however, there may be an added dimension to the physical work provided by a pastor which could include emotional and spiritual work.

During my Divinity school experience, during the summer, we had the opportunity to be placed in various churches to obtain some practical and real-life experience in the ministerial role.

My experience took me to the Southwest part of the country and after a couple of weeks, I received a call from a member of the congregation indicating that a married couple was at the hospital due to a tragic accident that had occurred with their one-year-old son.

Dropping everything that I was doing, I rushed over to the hospital to find that the father and mother had just been told the most devastating news that any parents could ever hear.

The son had not survived the accident and had passed away.

At that moment, all of my Divinity training, courses graded, and messages delivered to fellow students did not provide any answers that I could share with the distraught couple.

I was there physically but my words of faith, understanding God’s purpose, why these things happen, would have fallen on deaf ears because at that moment there didn’t seem to be a reason why a young life was taken.

An investment of time and physical involvement, as a pastor, is a depleting work that involves the spending of one’s emotional, mental, and spiritual resources on the lives of others.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money as a Pastor


1. Blog

As a pastor, the assumption is you may enjoy writing but you certainly can write as reflected in the weekly messages that you lovingly provide to your congregation.

A way that you can earn money through your gift and additional training in being able to write is by blogging.

Your blog could be directed to fellow pastors and utilized to encourage them, prayerfully support them and motivate them to keep the faith.

Also, another consideration for your blog focus could be to bring devotional thoughts to others to inspire them and help them in their walk of faith.

A portion of Scripture could be shared and then bring a practical illustration along with your thoughts to the reader to help them with the challenges that they may be facing.

Financial support could come through your followers as they offer a gift of love.

Other financials could come through affiliate advertising or possibly a sponsor from a church or other faith-based entity.


2. Sell Your Sermons

Many pastors write out the full sermons that they deliver during the week or some just simply use an outline with illustrations and bullet points.

In either case, there is a market for pastors or other religious leaders who wish to sell their sermons to others to be utilized if the pastor does not have time during a particular work week.

One of those sites can be found at www.youthsermon.com/contribute.


3. YouTube

YouTube can be transformed into a ministry provided by you as the pastor with the possibility of earning revenue.

You can start a YouTube platform that is designed to provide a daily or weekly or monthly message to others with the purpose being to provide teaching and instruction and helping them with their spiritual journey.

The possibility of gaining support from your followers, affiliate advertising, or finding a sponsor is a possibility in having love gifts being presented to you for your challenging video and remarks.


4. Uber

The role of a pastor can be a stressful one and perhaps a respite in getting away for a brief time would be to be involved with a driving service and in the process earn an income.

One of those companies that you can drive for is Uber.

To become a driver requires the submission of a copy of your driver’s license, certificate of insurance for your vehicle, registration of the automobile, and registering for this driving position.

Also, a background check is required and once everything is processed you can utilize your vehicle and drive other individuals from one destination to another.

As a self-employed individual, you can set your schedule and work around your busy role as a pastor.


5. UberEats

UberEats is a food delivery service that utilizes a downloaded app on your smartphone.

Registration to be an UberEats driver requires the submission of various documents as it relates to your vehicle and your driver’s license.

Following a background check, and if approved, you can use your vehicle to deliver food that is ordered by a customer from a restaurant.

This food is picked up and delivered by the UberEats driver to the home or business of that individual.

This is a self-employment position and therefore you can set your own time and schedule.

Additionally, UberEats pays you for each successful delivery that you make and any tips that you earn are completely yours.


6. Instacart

Instacart is a food delivery service with a different caveat.

Registration to be a self-employed driver requires the submission of a copy of your driver’s license, certifications, and registrations associated with your vehicle.

Once approved, through your downloaded app on your smartphone, you can fulfill food delivery requests by the customer.

With this food delivery service, you shop for the customer based on their shopping list and when completed at the store that honors Instacart services you deliver the food to the home of the individual.

Payment to you is made by Instacart and any tips that you receive are yours.

Being a self-employed position you can set your work schedule around your busy schedule as a pastor.


7. Painter

A relaxing and destressing job that you can take on would be the role of a painter.

You could work part-time for a painting company or do your freelance painting for others who are interested in utilizing your painting skills in painting various rooms and walls within a home.

It would be an ideal job for a pastor as you can work your schedule and use the quietness of painting as a time to meditate and pray.

You could also utilize the painting experience to draw upon life experiences for your congregation to think about such as being “painted with prayer” and gaining a whole new fresh perspective on life with the coating of vibrant colors.

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8. Tutor

As a pastor you have, most likely, the skills to teach.

You can use these teaching skills as a tutor to help others in both the academic world as well as in spiritual teachings.

A website on which you can register as a tutor can be found at www.tutorme.com.


9. Photography

An additional way of relaxing and taking in life and its beauty is through photography.

If you have a good camera or even with the camera installed on your smartphone, you can take pictures of a variety of subjects and people.

For example, you could go out into your community and get permission from a variety of individuals who may be down on their luck.

Utilizing these pictures a yearly calendar can be created with these pictures being the focal point for the month.

Any revenue earned from the selling of the calendars can be utilized to help provide services for these individuals such as clothing, food, shelter, etc.


10. Sell Books

As a pastor, you most likely have volumes upon volumes of theological and life-changing books that you have accumulated.

Perhaps you have duplicates or perhaps you are willing to part with some of these books and earn income in the process.

One of the great sites to sell these books is by registering with eBay.

You can create an account, set up your online profile, and list these books for sale.

The two options provided by eBay are to either have people bid on these books or set a fixed price.

Additionally, to list the books on the site you can search on their extensive database to see if your book is listed or you can take a picture and upload it to your site.


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11. Graphic Design

To earn money as a graphic designer does not require an extensive graphic design degree.

Through a website such as www.canva.com, you can utilize this free graphic design site and incorporate their graphic design tools to create masterful-looking graphic designs.

Possibilities, given your role as a pastor, would be to make designs that can be inspirational, and use Scripture verses or motivational quotes that can be listed as for sale.

One of the ways that you can do this is by registering with a site such as www.etsy.com, creating a virtual online store, advertising your graphics, and then individuals can utilize the print-on-demand feature to put your graphic design on a variety of products.

Some of those products could be coffee cups, wallets, T-shirts, etc.


12. Upwork

A freelance website in which a variety of jobs can be found is www.upwork.com.

Registering for this freelance site is at no charge although connections are needed to make an application for a variety of employment opportunities.

Upon registering you create your profile and indicate what your talents and skills are and then begin looking for employment opportunities that match what you can bring employment-wise.

Some of the employment opportunities can include:

  • Graphic design
  • Writer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Grant writing
  • Writing e-books as a ghostwriter
  • Providing spiritual research papers
  • Etc.


13. Writer

As an individual who relies heavily upon the written and spoken word, as a pastor you can utilize your skills and talents of writing to provide this service to others.

One of the websites that you can access to look for writing jobs could include www.iwriter.com.

Also, if you have an idea for a story, theological paper, etc. you could approach several Christian magazine companies with your idea and with the intent of having this writing published for an honorarium or being paid for the article.


14. Etsy

Perhaps, you have a hobby or pastime that you indulge in to help alleviate the stress in your life and just for the sheer enjoyment of creating these items.

A good way to sell these handcrafted items would be through an online website such as www.etsy.com or www.shopify.com.

Your handcrafted items could be bracelets with inspirational messages on them, faith-based jewelry, handcrafted wallets with a religious symbol, etc.

By creating an Etsy account, you can upload pictures of these items to display in your virtual online store for customers to view.

You can make money through this process by charging a set amount and having Etsy help you with the delivery of these items.


15. TaskRabbit 

An application that links up individuals needing to have a particular task done in their home is www.taskrabbit.com.

Examples of jobs that need to be performed in a home listed by an individual could include moving boxes, cleaning, landscaping, putting together a cabinet, walking a pet, etc.

You can sign up, through their app, and register as a tasker and when an opportunity becomes available you have the option of taking on that job or not.

Therefore, this would be conducive to your pastoring schedule.


16. E-books Writer

Being a writer and most likely coming with a vast amount of experience, you could write an e-book.

Possible subjects for your writing could include:

  • Your walk of faith journey
  • A particular event in your life
  • A miracle experienced
  • Etc.

You can self-publish this book and a site that can help you with that process can be found at https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US.


17. Life Coach

It would seem that a perfect opportunity to not only earn additional money but to help an individual is by being a life coach.

You could take an individual or individuals under your spiritual wing and help them with their own particular life.

Some of your specific involvement could include helping the individual be motivated, working through relationships, finding strength in a particular situation, etc.

Your daily dealings with these types of challenges in the lives of others would be a perfect blending of education and experience to help others.


18. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an individual that provides support and administrative support within a company to various managers and leadership.

The job role would include the possibilities of:

  • Answering the phone
  • Responding to correspondence,
  • Setting up schedules
  • Light bookkeeping

All of this could be done remotely and through the process known as virtual involvement.


19. Freelance Preacher

Another opportunity that may present itself is if a congregation is in between preachers and is looking for a temporary spiritual leader to fill the role of standing in the pulpit.

While they are working through their pulpit committee responsibilities, you could fill in as the spiritual leader by providing inspirational messages in addition to fulfilling your role at your pastorate.

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20. Podcast

Another way of communicating a message that you have in your heart and possibly receiving revenue in the process would be to create podcasts.

A podcast is like a radio broadcast only with a podcast the individual wishing to hear what is being said can download the podcast and listen at a later time to the program.

Possible subjects of your podcast could include forgiveness, spiritual healing, miracles, discussing various difficult topics in the Scriptures, interviewing special guests, etc.

You could, in the privacy of your study, record the sessions utilizing simple sound equipment and edit the podcast using Audacity software.

Also, you could work with various companies that host these podcasts.

One of those sponsoring websites could be www.spotify.com.


21. Udemy

Perhaps you worked hard and diligently on a biblical course.

The course could have been on the biblical perspective of miracles, angels, Christian’s role in government, etc.

If this is a work that has been helpful to others within your congregation then perhaps it can be shared with others to help them as well.

You could create an e-book on this biblical study or could also register the course with a variety of websites.

One of those websites could include www.udemy.com.


22. Voiceover

One of the natural talents that have been given to you as a gift is your voice.

Given your training and education as to the importance of intonation, fluctuation, and other aspects of delivering a good message you could use this talent and experience in doing voiceovers.

Many companies include the possibility of reading an audiobook, which is an opportunity that is extended to an individual who has a talented voice.

You can register with www.voice.com, register on this site, create some samples, and perhaps a company wanting to use your voice will extend an offer.


23. Surveys

A way that you can earn some modest income is by taking a variety of surveys, watching videos, playing games, etc.

In addition to this being a diversion and stress reliever, you can earn points which can, with some sites, earn you money or reward cards.

Two such sites include Surveyjunkie.com or Swagbucks.com.


24. Bookkeeping

As a pastor, you may have a limited staff and therefore are required to do the bookkeeping with the treasurer of your congregation.

If this is something you enjoy you can provide the service of being a virtual bookkeeper for companies that are looking for such a position to be filled.

You can go through a variety of websites such as www.simplyhired.com or www.indeed.com to see if there are virtual bookkeeping positions available.


25. Write Sermons/Illustrations

Part of a pastor’s sermon preparation is the use of illustrations to emphasize a biblical point using a common everyday activity or illustration to underscore the point of the message being conveyed.

If you have several illustrations that may be effective, you could offer these illustrations, on a pay-as-you-can basis, to other pastors.

You could offer these illustrations by indicating that they are available through your various social media platforms. Your scriptural basis is that “A workman is worthy of their hire.”


Making Money as a Pastor FAQs


What Are the Steps in Becoming a Pastor?

The steps involved in becoming a pastor include:

  • Being active in your local church
  • Seeking wisdom from your pastor about qualifications
  • Obtain a degree in theology
  • Additional training or education in counseling
  • Affiliation with the denomination
  • Strong commitment to God and others


What is the Average Salary for a Pastor?

According to Salary.com, the average salary for a pastor is $102,280.

Additionally, it is important to note that not all pastors may receive this indicated salary in payment but may be a reflection of other benefits that they are provided that are part of the salary reported and provided.

For example, a pastor may be provided:

  • Vehicle
  • Residence
  • Tax Grants
  • Etc.


You Can Do It

Being a pastor with a family to support, and financial obligations related to your training and education may require a need for financial resources beyond the salary that you receive from your church.

There is nothing wrong with this, in most cases, the opportunity that you may find is simply an opportunity to open your arms even wider to embrace a larger congregation.

As a woman or a man of faith, and in your role as a pastor, your message to your congregation and yourself is to have faith and find the needed employment opportunities that are available.



The role of a pastor and charged with oversight of their particular flock or congregation is a full-time job.

In essence, a pastor is on call 24 hours a day.

Having said all that, perhaps there is time that can be carved out to earn additional dollars to meet your financial obligations and demonstrate in practicality your message to others about being a good steward and being responsible.

Through making additional money as a pastor, you are demonstrating practically to your congregation and others the reality of working hard and demonstrating your faith.

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