This article shows exactly how to make an extra $500 dollars a month, regardless of your circumstances or even experience. Most are easy and really work!

Cash is king. There are those who want it, those who have it, and those who want more.

However, as the old adage goes, “money doesn’t grow on trees” and not available by going out to the garden, it can be earned as the possibilities and opportunities of working for cash abound.

With a little hard work, giving of time, and putting existing talents and skills to good use, the reality for anybody is that it is fairly easy to earn $500 extra a month.


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Why Earning Extra 500 Dollars Monthly Is Important

One of the critical reasons why earning an extra $500 a month is important is that many Americans today are woefully behind in their retirement savings.

Consequently, $500 earned a month figures out to be $6,000 a year and if this money is put into an IRA or investment vehicle.

It will significantly grow and go a long way in helping to secure a brighter retirement.

For example, if an individual invests in a retirement fund at an amount of $500 a month, this investment coupled with a modest return of 4 to 5% will net the individual $73,006 over a ten-year period of time.

Another motivational reason for earning an additional $500 a month may include making extra car payments or additional payments on various credit card balances.

This financial strategy will not only decrease the term of the loan but help the individual to save significant dollars as it relates to additional interest paid on outstanding balances.

If considering this strategy it is important to weigh the differences between paying off a credit card balance of 14% or higher versus a return on the income of 4 to 5%.

Or, the individual may simply want to earn extra cash each month to save up for their dream vacation or purchase a major appliance for the home.

Whatever the hopes and financial dreams of an individual are, an extra $500 a month will go a long way to help realize that dream.


Personal Insight to Making an extra $500 a month

With the motivation of simply encouraging you to take a little spare time out of your life each month and turning that time, which is money, into cash, I offer you the following story…

Having a late start on my retirement fund, at age 50, I began taking writing jobs which eventually went to pay some of the minor utility and smaller bills in the household.

This money was then just invested each month along with a regular savings strategy.

Fast forward to my retirement year of 66 I now find that the retirement fund is providing $500 a month of income to offset our retirement monthly expenses.

It is important to remember that money earned will come back to you in the future years to support you and your family. The old axiom of letting your money work for you rather than work for your money holds true.

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Making Extra $500 a Month Projects

So now that you’re excited about the potential of making an extra $500 a month and the value of earning this money, let us proceed to talk about simple projects to earn cash.

These projects do not require a lot of time necessarily and basically utilize a skill set that does not need any formal education or training.


How to Make an Extra 500 a Month


1: Freelancing

A good start to earning an extra $500 a month simply begins with a mouse click on the computer.

By opening up the Internet browser, conducting a word search by plugging in keywords such as freelance opportunities, or go to specific freelance websites like

By entering into the website, the individual, for no charge, can register as a freelancer.

In addition to registering as a freelancer for available employment opportunities, there are various certificates that can be offered so that the freelancer can become more visible to those wishing to utilize their services.

There are a variety of general freelancer opportunities and some include writing short stories, writing paid jingles, being a virtual assistant, sales positions, architectural needs, etc.

Basically, it amounts to anything that is done in an employment position outside of the Internet can be found by using this website on the Internet.

After searching the job opportunities, simply submit a bid and if the hiring party is interested they will make an offer or work with you on the bid submitted.

Of course, there is a charge to use Upwork which is 20% of what you earn up to the first $500 paid by this client and then it is reduced to 10% of your earnings with that same client following that initial $500 earned payment for the services rendered.

The money earned can be directly deposited into your bank checking account.


2: Taking a Walk

Another way of earning an extra $500 a month is by advertising in your community your availability.

Odd jobs that you could take include walking the beloved pets of the various neighbors in the neighborhood, providing house-sitting services as vacationers go on their excursions and have you stay at their home.

Other odd jobs could include helping people run errands, doing landscape, and other odd jobs.

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How to Make an Extra $500 a Month


3: Prolific Profit

Another online website that can match your availability and services that you are willing to engage in is TaskRabbit.

The Internet service basically matches up your availability and willingness to do jobs with their clients who have jobs that need to be done.

Examples could include the assembling of furniture, shopping, delivery of items, help in moving.

Signing up as a tasker requires the owning of a smartphone, possession of a valid credit card, having a checking account, providing identification so that a background check can be accomplished, be at least 18 years old, and have a valid Social Security number.

After cleared to work, you simply pick a task that you are willing to do from a list of chores that are made available.

Then indicate and submit your request through the site and TaskRabbit will do the rest by setting up appointments so that the task can be scheduled and completed.

It is also important to note that TaskRabbit is not available in all cities across the United States.

An additional $25 is charged to the individual signing up on TaskRabbit as a tasker or an individual available to go to work.

Beyond this initial fee, there are no other costs or fees passed onto the tasker.

Payment for services rendered is channeled through TaskRabbit and 15% is paid to TaskRabiit for the convenience of this service by the client.

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4: Paying for Your Experience

If a retiree or still employed regularly, another option of earning an extra $500 a month is to utilize your skills and provide the same set of services as a freelancer in the evening or on the weekend to make money.

For example, if you are a bookkeeper by day, why not advertise your bookkeeping ability as a freelancer to small startup companies or individuals with smaller bookkeeping needs.

Additionally, if you have other skills such as musical skills, the ability to tutor children who need a little boost in their education, or providing dance lessons or other skillset experiences may be exactly what another individual is looking for.

It is important to remember that the skills and experience that you have are invaluable.

More than likely you have garnered a set of experiences that someone is looking for either for themselves or for a friend or family member.

In fact, getting personalized attention from one individual with individual attention who is qualified is sometimes more preferable than having a having the learning experience in a group setting.

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5: Crafts into Cash

There is a certain segment of the consumer population that is always looking for innovative and creative gifts to give throughout the year for special occasions and of course the holiday season.

Therefore, why not earn an extra $500 a month by taking your passion and your craftiness to the marketplace by making money offering your hobby and pastime passion to those who are willing to purchase your creativity.

Examples could include woodworking projects, making jewelry, knitting, etc.

There are a variety of websites that will post pictures of your product and help to match your merchandise with individuals who are looking for just what you have to offer. One such website isĀ

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Also, if you like to eat, and who doesn’t, and enjoy creating a variety of different foods, why not start a food blogging website.

This can be easily done and also a video of the preparation of the food that is being prepared can be easily produced.

The beauty is that there are food enthusiasts who will pay you money to watch you prepare your food and even a greater benefit is that you have prepared either lunch or dinner for the day.

A food blogger can bring in a modest amount of money from the beginning and cook themselves up to a bigger payday each month. Generally, their revenue is realized through sponsorships, marketing, and advertising income.



Could you use $6,000 in extra yearly income? Most likely your answer would be yes. For most people, that kind of hard cold cash could warm even the most skeptical of hearts or naysayers.

Yes, $6,000 could certainly be a significant boost to anyone’s yearly budget.

You probably have heard the old riddle about how do you eat an elephant? Well, of course, the answer is one bite at a time.

No one could certainly eat or even want to eat an elephant in one sitting.

So it is with earning an extra $6,000 yearly.

Simply take it at one bite at a time or do the math and divide the $6,000 by the number of months in a year and you come down to the sizable chunk of earning cash or eating an elephant at $500 a month or $500 a bite.

Other illustrations that could underscore the point of taking it a step at a time would recall the old saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” or in building a home it takes the placing of one brick upon another one at a time.


You Can Do It: Get to Work

So now, comes the moment of truth. You have determined that you want to earn an extra $500 a month.

You have the skills, you are motivated and you have some ideas on how to set about earning that financial goal.

Of course, the sky is the limit and there are multitudes of ways that this extra $500 can be earned during the course of the month.

All that is now required is that you come up with a plan of action, put that plan of action into work and start realizing that extra cash that you can use on a monthly basis.

Take your motivation from Martin Luther King, Jr. who said, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

Wishing you well towards your first $500.

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