Yes, there are several legit and easy ways make 800 dollars fast!

This article reveals some of these ways that you or anyone can implement. Some are even fun things to do that still make you money quickly.


Why Do You Need to Make $800 Fast?

Your primary employment may not afford you the fastest monetary breakthrough you need right now hence the reason for a side drive that can fetch you quick 800 dollars.

Here are the reasons:

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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20 Best & Legit Ways to Make 800 Dollars Fast

Need a fast 800 dollars urgently but which way to go? Well, life happens and the best solution to tackle it is to take steps.

The list of various jobs that can earn you quick cash aside from your regular job is extensive.

You only need to know your onions and boom! You tend to make more than 800 dollars within a short time.

  1. Online freelancing
  2. Online blogging
  3. Online free stocks
  4. Obtain a rental income
  5. Real estate investment
  6. Market research participation
  7. Offer English tutorials to people
  8. Make real cash from game apps
  9. Sell your browsing activity
  10. Walk to get paid
  11. Get paid from social media
  12. Get a part-time job
  13. Playing with dogs
  14. Groceries and foods supply
  15. Take pictures and get paid
  16. Put your car for rent
  17. Monetize your unused assets
  18. Keep your little changes
  19. Read emails and get paid
  20. Get money from cash back app.


1. Online freelancing

Do you possess any marketable skills like graphic design, writing, proofreading, video editing, web design, social media marketing, virtual assistance, and other numerous online skills?

The fact that we’re in the twenty-first century where everything is digital now, you can effortlessly make your $800 and even more, as clients hire freelance writers on short and long-term projects.


2. Make $800 Fast by Blogging

Over time, blogging has proven to be one of the best ways to make cool $800.

Are you a writer or do you have a flair for writing?

Then blogging is one way to ease your financial emergency once you get it established by consistent blog posts.

All you need to do is set up a blog on your hosting account with a web hosting service, then search for an interesting topic and write.

If you do the right keyword research you could end up with lots of articles that bring in a lot of daily visitors.

You can even make money on the articles pretty quickly, thanks to affiliate marketing where you get paid commissions per sale.

It shouldn’t take long to make $800 blogging!


3. Online free stocks

About 90% of companies now offer free stocks via their online apps and services.

Some even go as far as paying you a dividend for doing business with them.

So, it’s now left to you to choose either a long-term or instant profit by selling.

In place of this, with online free stocks, your fast $800 is guaranteed.


4. Obtain a rental income

Rental income by roofstock provides you a fast $800 without stress.

This online market service gives you access to buy and sell rental properties across the country.

You can start this rental income with as low as $500 and enjoy your rental income for a long time through the platform.

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5. Real estate investment

Do you need a fast way to make $800?

You don’t need to think twice because real estate investment can give you the fast cash you desire.

Many real estate platforms give you access to invest in their private market with a token of $500.

The sweet part of this is the collection of their dividends aside from your return on investment.


6. Market research participation

One cool way to earn your $800 cash is market research.

There are different survey sites where you can carry out the research effortlessly and make your fast $800.


7. Offer English tutorials

English speaking for non-speakers often probes issues for them which is why some of them look for online teachers.

If you have a degree in the English language, you can make your fast $800 by teaching this course online.

You don’t necessarily have to get worked up over locations as you can organize the class based on your schedule.

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8. Make real cash from game apps

This is the best way to monetize that game on your smartphone while having fun at the same time.

By playing games on different game apps and sites you get to make your fast $800 effortlessly.


9. Sell your browsing activity

Some companies buy your browsing activity with huge payments.

They collect your data while surfing the internet like normal to understand how people do research and behave online.

From this, you get to earn credit and redeem gift cards. Before you know it, your fast $800 cash is ready.

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10. Walk to get paid

Sounds funny right?

That’s how it is!

There is hardly any special requirement for this so far you love and enjoy walking around, you can make a fast $800 from some sites that will pay you to walk.

All you need to do is sign up with their app and bet on the amount of weight you intend to lose, the time it will take to lose the weight, and the amount you want to bet on.

They will determine your winning amount with their calculator then pay you if you lose the agreed weight.

Benefits of walking are:

  • You lose weight to keep fit
  • You also make extra cash.


11. Get paid from social media

If you know so much about social media handling and spend a reasonable amount of your daily activities on those apps, then here’s your fast way to make $800.

You can make cool cash from managing other people’s social media accounts otherwise known as social media managers.

Duties of a social media manager:

  • Creation of contents, graphics, and videos.
  • Making interactions with followers.
  • Building the right audience for the account.
  • Advertise and sell the client’s services, and lots more.


How to Make 800 Dollars Fast


12. Get a part-time job

Oftentimes, this is what you need if you want to make a fast $800.

Get a side hustle that wouldn’t consume your time but will be worth every second you spend on it.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

However, working an extra shift in your current job is also a great idea but in case that doesn’t work, find a part-time job that can get you even above $800 when put together with your main job.

Some of these side jobs include:

  • Babysitting
  • Laundering
  • Housekeeping
  • Cafe attendant
  • Receptionist


13. Playing with dogs

Are you a dog lover?

Well, your fast $800 is right here while enjoying your time with a friend.

Some dog owners hardly have the time to walk their dogs around due to their work demands and so, they hire a dog walker and pay.

This is a lucrative part-time job most people don’t take cognizant of.

There are various pet sites that will connect you with dog owners who want someone to walk their dogs or check in on them to make sure they’re in good condition.


14. Groceries and foods supply

Groceries and foods supply is one of the fastest ways to make $800 or even more.

Different grocery sites are always in need of someone they can pay to deliver foods and groceries to their clients at home.

Most of these sites pay up to $50 per hour depending on their location, availability, and customer service.

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15. Take pictures and get paid

Are you a picture lover who enjoys capturing beautiful pictures, birds, and nature’s beauty with your smartphone or digital camera?

This is a good way to make money while your passion is at work.

People are always on demand for high-quality and inspiring photos therefore, you can sell those pictures online through stock photo sites like istock and get your $800 cash without stress.


16. Put your car for rent

You can’t possibly put your vehicle on the road every minute, there will be a time when you wouldn’t need it.

This car can be making money for you by renting it out while you’re at work.

All you need to do is place your price on the rental site and you get close to 90% of the payment by renters.


17. Monetize your unused assets

Unused pieces of stuff can fetch you fast money instead of watching them latter the house.

Some of your old gadgets like CDs, video games, blue-rays, DVDs, clothes, shoes, up to cellphones can give you cool cash while at the same time relieving your environment of unnecessary loads.


18. Keep your little changes

You only know the importance of every dollar when you need one urgently but are unable to get it.

Hence the need to save those little changes against dry days.

There are several automated saving apps you can save with.

These apps invest with your changes and give you a worthy return of investment.


19. Read emails and get paid

Reading emails online is the easiest way to get extra money while it doesn’t disturb your normal online routine.

Many sites will pay you when you just open and read an email.

Sounds like the perfect side hustle for your fast 800 dollars, right?

There you go!


20. Get money from the cashback app

Are you aware that you can restore the money you’ve spent back?

Yes, with the cashback app, you can get your long-spent cash back.

Many reliable cash back apps will provide your money back to you when you buy stuff with them.


Example of Best Companies That Pay

  1. Pay Online Research
  2. Verblio
  3. Loan signing agency
  4. Inbox Dollars
  5. Lyft
  6. Babbletype.


Pay Online Research

This company pays a researcher up to 300 dollars upon the completion of research work.

A client is expected to complete a study which can be in form of a questionnaire or a planned video call.

They pay up to 140 dollars per hour.

They have different research topics which means you can always get works from them regardless of your qualifications.

Either a college student or a graduate, so far you meet their requirements, you’re good to go.



This is a writing company that gives freelance writers the power to utilize their leisure time to make fast money.

Their writing jobs range from 300-3000 words.

Verblio pays weekly without any limitations to money withdrawal.

A newbie writer starts with short content then progresses to higher content as he gains more experience.

The only restriction to joining this company is their policy for hiring US citizens only.


Loan signing agency

This is a lucrative online company that pays based on appointments.

As a loan signing agent, you must have a notary public commission from your state.

So you can give an explicit explanation of loan information to home buyers. People buy and restructure houses every day therefore, you are always on the move for jobs.

This company pays 75-200 dollars per appointment.


Inbox Dollars

This is a website where you make instant money from simple tasks like online shopping, games playing, watching videos, email reading, and even referring friends.

You have the opportunity to give feedback to inbox Dollars be it a survey or testing products if you’re a customer hence the reason clients look forward to customer feedback from the website.



This is a driving company that hires drivers on weekly payments. Meanwhile, you can also receive instant payment with their express pay.

Lyft is a company that operates flexible options to suit your schedule when you need fast weekend cash.



Babbletype is a reliable company that employs professional transcriptionists and proofreaders.

If you have writing skills, you can always get your fast $800 through PayPal.



This article is no doubt an eyes opener as we’ve religiously discussed the 20 best ways to make fast 800 dollars and the best companies that pay.

You can earn your cool cash from freelancing, walking, market research, playing with dogs, savings, and lots more.

While several companies are on the lookout for immediate employment, and you get to choose the ones you desire.

All said and done, the best step now is to pick a part-time job that fits in your schedule and once you get this, the possibilities are endless.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE