Yes, you can really make $500 or more a week with Doordash!

This article reveals exactly how it works and the best ways/tips that can really help you make 500 dollars a week with Doordash.


Can You Really Make $500 a Week With Doordash?

Of course, you can!

You see, most likely the biggest purchase that we make as hard-working individuals is the purchase of a home.

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Our places of refuge range in cost from the tens to the hundreds of thousands.

Often a 30-year loan is offered from financial institutions that allow us to pay over 30 years a specifically calculated monthly mortgage payment.

The variable in the equation is the agreed-upon percentage rate.

Fortunately, after some time of making consistent payments, equity begins to build.

This equity can be tapped into, and other loans can be realized using this equity as security for repayment of that additional loan.

Examples of reasons for tapping into one’s equity within the home can be to secure a loan to send our children to college or start businesses.



The other significant asset that we purchase is an automobile or truck.

Unfortunately, the reverse is true for the purchase of a vehicle.

Once that purchase is made and is driven off of the dealership lot, it immediately loses value.

However, as with this second most important asset in our life, there can be an opportunity to utilize this asset to secure additional income.

This can be accomplished by using your vehicle to drive for various food delivery services as well as the transporting of individuals.

One of those delivery services is DoorDash.

Let’s get behind the wheel of our vehicle and take a drive to see how we can maximize our earnings with our vehicle asset and drive for DoorDash.


Personal Story

I use a food delivery service, on average, once a month.

I’ve always endeavored to not spend needlessly but to watch even the nickels and dimes as far as keeping the costs of the household budget in line.

What always gave me pause to use these services, due to my way of thinking, was not to utilize a food service delivery system because of the added charges.

Not only was I paying for the delivery of the food but I was paying a service charge for the service as well as the expectations of providing a tip to the driver.

Often, these added costs amounted to $15 or more if I had shopped on my own.

However, a dramatic shift in the household occurred where I am unable to get out due to a family member’s medical condition.

I started utilizing one of these foodservice programs and now realize that the added cost is an added blessing for the added benefit of not having to leave my home or find someone to care for the loved one in the home while I’m out shopping.

All that to say is that in the long run, utilizing a food service delivery program far outweighs the benefits over the perceived negatives of the program.


What Is Doordash? 

At its core, DoorDash is a delivery service that connects customers at home with restaurants.

The delivery process is facilitated through an app that is downloaded onto an individual’s smartphone.

When a customer wishes to eat food prepared by a restaurant, they don’t have to get dressed, get into the car and go down to the restaurant to enjoy the meal.

They can use this convenient delivery service and make the transaction on their phone.

The DoorDash driver will go to the restaurant, pick up the meal, and deliver the food to the customer.

The entire transaction is done through the app including payment and tipping the driver.

The driver working for DoorDash is considered a freelancer and is not employed by the delivery service.

They are individuals who are utilizing their private vehicles to provide this small but meaningful service in the lives of people to enjoy the simple pleasure of a restaurant-cooked meal.


Why Is the Service Needed

There are a variety of reasons why individuals use the DoorDash service.

Some of those reasons include the reality that the individual cannot make it out from their home but still would like to enjoy the restaurant experience.

For example, the individual may be recuperating from an illness or injury, have his or her leg in a cast, or be homebound for a variety of other reasons.

This inability for people to get out and enjoy a restaurant-cooked meal was certainly highlighted during the recent Covid-19 pandemic when restaurants were not allowing customers to dine in.


Why Do People Drive

The primary reason why individuals sign up to be a DoorDash driver and utilize their vehicle is the monetary benefit.

One can also set their schedule as far as time and days worked.

In addition, unlike Uber, there is no direct contact with an individual which some people find appealing.

Also, the delivery of food is a fairly stress-free job, and being self-employed you don’t have the pressure of someone looking over your shoulder to see if you’re doing the job correctly.

All in all, it is a good way to use the asset of your vehicle and earn money easily.


22 Best Tips & Ways to Make $500 a Week With Doordash


1. Know the Required Criteria

For an individual to be qualified to drive for DoorDash they must be 18 years of age or older have a certain vehicle, driver’s license, vehicle registration, insurance, and have a clean driving record.


2. Sign Up

The process begins as the individual wishing to drive downloads the app and enters the pertinent information needed to register to be a driver.

As part of the registration, an account is set up and the potential driver will create a username and password for continued access.

The app then asks for information about your vehicle.

That information includes the make, model, color, and any other details that you can provide about your vehicle.

After consenting to a background check DoorDash will pull your driving record to make sure that there are no negative infractions that would prevent you from driving as part of the company’s business model.

Rounding out the application and registration process is the providing of banking information for payment.


3. Download the App

The app is downloaded on your smartphone and is an integral piece in making everything work efficiently and smoothly.

As the driver, you will download the DoorDash app on your smartphone and enter your username and password.

Once you are logged in you will be able to check-in as a driver and have the ability to pick and choose which deliveries you would like to make.

Because of the nonrestrictive mobility of the DoorDash driver, the opportunity to work is not limited to being in one particular place.

You can pick and choose which deliveries you would like to make and work whenever you wish which includes the days and the hours of your choosing.

Of course, to maximize your earnings you want to take as many potential deliveries as you can and stay near restaurants that utilize this food delivery service.


4. Know How to Get Paid 

The process that DoorDash follows in paying the independent drivers is every Wednesday is payday.

There are a few variables regarding your first paycheck.

To receive your first paycheck requires a minimum of 14 days on the job.

During that timeframe, you must have delivered at least 24 deliveries.

Once that initial threshold has been met then you need to make at least seven deliveries each week following that.

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5. Know about the Income 

The amount of income that DoorDash driver receives is also dependent upon certain actions.

The first variable is how aggressive the driver is and how many deliveries he or she makes.

Payment of $2 to $10 per delivery is the range.

The amount of pay varies from geographical location to geographical location.

Also, as part of the compensation is the opportunity to receive tips.

On average, a DoorDash driver can anticipate making $17 an hour.

However, the expenses of fuel and maintenance costs are strictly the driver’s responsibility.


6. Get Started

Once you’ve been approved and ready to go, before you get behind the wheel of the vehicle, it is important to determine where you would like to wait for the potential of delivery.

This can be accomplished by knowing where the local restaurants are and doing your homework as to what restaurants are more popular than others.

Also, knowing what days and hours are considered or defined as optimum or peak hours will earn you the best pay.

Also, you must secure a hot bag so that the transportation of the food can be kept warm during the delivery process.

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You can get the bag on your own or you can purchase a bag when your DoorDash driving account is activated and you receive your kit.

Purchasing a hot bag from DoorDash is generally cheaper.


7. Have the Right Attitude 

One’s attitude will go a long way in achieving your goals and in this case earning $500 a week.

As it relates to attitude, the individual should have a professional attitude, see this as a service to customers, have the attitude of being positive, not getting bogged down in any politics of the company or competing against other drivers, and being courteous and friendly.


8. Know the Costs 

As it relates to costs the DoorDash driver again is responsible for their gas and maintenance of the vehicle.

If they wish to minimize their cost of fuel it would be best to drive an electric vehicle or a hybrid.

Your employment is classified as a self-employed or independent contractor.

You will need to pay taxes to the government for the money that you earned.

When you receive your paycheck there are no taxes taken out so therefore it is a good idea to set money aside each pay period to cover your taxes that will be owed in April.


9. Know the Commission Levels 

An important feature as it relates to getting paid is the various commission levels that are set up through the DoorDash system.

There are three different tiers of commission with those tiers being.

  • Basic – 15%
  • Plus –   25%
  • Premier – 30%

The tier system is based upon the popularity of the restaurant that utilizes DoorDash services.

In other words, if you deliver from a popular restaurant rather than from a convenience store your commission will be most likely higher.

These commissions are not something that you can influence but have been agreed upon by the restaurant with DoorDash.

You can use this to your advantage by focusing on the more popular restaurants rather than the non-popular restaurants.


10. Know the Dash Area

When an order is made by a customer it is more likely to come to one of these restaurants.

Therefore, you will get more deliveries and earn more as well.

Also, by situating yourself near one of these clustered restaurants you will cut down on your fuel costs.


How to Make $500 a Week With Doordash


11. Know about High Traffic 

Also, the competition may be greater if there are more drivers concentrated in one area.

Therefore, it would be better for you to carve out your geographical niche.


12. Know the Best Parking 

Similar to taxicabs being stationed outside of the airport, you should take a page from their playbook and situate yourself in a busier part of town or where there is a cluster of restaurants.

As part of the parking strategy, it is also a good idea to not only park near popular restaurants and convenience stores but get to know your customer base and anticipate repeat customers and their choice of restaurants.

If you know of a customer who often orders from one particular restaurant you can situate yourself near that location.

Also, by parking near a family restaurant, a driver can anticipate larger orders based on the size of the family having service delivered from that family eatery.


13. Know the Peak Hours 

It is important to keep in mind that the busiest times of the day are during meal hours.

Being near these areas at noon or at supper time would be more beneficial due to the meal-time hours.

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14. Treat Like a Business 

It is important to remember that this is just not a fly-by-night “gig.”

This can be considered a line of business for you and as such you are not only working for a paycheck but more importantly, you are working for yourself because you are self-employed or working as an independent contractor.


15. Know What to Avoid 

As a DoorDash driver, you also have the option of declining any requests for delivery that you choose not to make.

Considerations of declining an offer may be due to the realization that you know the customer and that your interaction was not a pleasant one, the selection of the restaurant may not be the best use of your time and resources, or other factors to take into consideration.


16. Deliver Quickly 

The key to making $500 a week with DoorDash is to take delivery quickly, pick up the delivery just as quickly and then make a quick delivery so that once the entire process is completed your vehicle and yourself are back into the mix to take the next delivery.

Short deliveries equate to earning money quicker and putting less wear and tear on the vehicle and with minimal fuel costs.

Some individuals have suggested that a good rule of thumb is to limit your cost to one dollar per mile. This will help you realize a greater net profit.


17. Know About Taxes 

As a self-employed or independent contractor, you will need to file with the IRS.

You need to report all of your earnings, tips, and other revenue streams.

You are maybe able to deduct the costs associated with the use of your vehicle.

It is important to check with your financial/tax advisor to ensure that you file correctly and take full advantage of any deductions or credits offered under the tax code.

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18. Maintenance 

Remember, as it relates to earning money with DoorDash, your vehicle is your greatest asset.

It is important to keep it properly maintained so that you can be on the road making the deliveries and earning that $500 per week that you have set for your goal.

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19. Appearance 

Despite the reality that you are driving a vehicle and for the most part, nobody will see you, you still should dress appropriately and professionally.

The reality is that you will be entering a restaurant to pick up the food and you will be interacting with the customer in delivering the food to the individual.

Appearance and looking professional go a long way to increasing your value as a DoorDash driver.


20. Communicate 

Also, to maximize any potential tips or money that you receive in appreciation for your service it is important to remember that the customer is always right.

Sometimes homes are difficult to find or maybe even located in a gated community which makes it difficult to get the food delivery delivered.

It is important to remember that it is not the customer’s fault that the location cannot be identified or found immediately.

To increase your earnings with the possibility of repeating your service to the same individual it is important to be appropriate and service-oriented at all times.


21. Be Aggressive 

Aggressiveness is a key feature as it relates to hustling for as many deliveries as you can potentially make without sacrificing your profit.

You can believe that the company will take note of those drivers who are doing a good job for the company and are good representatives of this delivery service.

On the other hand, it is important that when you drive your aggressiveness is not demonstrated.


22. The Appearance of Car 

Another important part of your professionalism is the appearance of your vehicle.

The vehicle that you drive is an extension of yourself.

Consequently, if there is trash all about or empty cans or trash on the floor or the seat next to the delivery, this is certainly not a good impression that you want the customers of DoorDash to come away with.


How to Make $500 Weekly With Doordash FAQs


Who Pays the DoorDash Drivers?

For each delivery that a driver successfully provides they are paid a base amount by DoorDash.


What Are the Fees of Restaurants Utilizing DoorDash? 

As it relates to restaurants, DoorDash offers three plans for participating restaurants.

The first plan assesses a 15% commission on delivery the second plan is an assessment of 25% but the restaurant gets greater visibility through the DoorDash app.

This is the subscription program.

The final option for a restaurant is to pay 30% in exchange for the lowest customer fees.

This plan offers a larger delivery area and a guarantee of growth to include the ordering of 20 restaurant meals per month.


You Can Do It

Earning money through DoorDash is a money-making opportunity that can pay dividends if you are strategic and smart.

Also, if you have a good work ethic that is an extremely helpful characteristic to accelerate your earning power.



It is always a good idea, as it relates to finances, to put all of your assets to work for you.

Your vehicle is one of those assets that through a delivery service can provide a financial return.

Why not put your car in gear and have it work for you?

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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