How To Make 200 Dollars In One Day


Wondering how to make 200 dollars in one day?

This article will show you why it’s possible and exactly how you can.

It will also tell you some of the truth involved.

With so many lies you might have read about making that much money per day, it’s important to know the truths.

First things first, yes, it’s possible to make 200 dollars in one day.

Many people have done it, and more are still doing it, every single day.


And that’s a BIG BUT…

There’s a lot to it than just saying EVERYONE can make that much, without even thinking about it.

The truth is – NO, not everyone can make that much.

Even those who make that much didn’t start making that much from day 1.

Neither will you.

You see, if you are starting completely from the scratch and you have absolutely zero experience and don’t know what you need to know, it’s very difficult (if not impossible) to earn $200 in a day.

Also, earning 200 a day is something that can be planned towards, and can be achieved down the road.

It’s hard to do that from the very first day.

If you haven’t put anything in place and you haven’t any experience or skill to rely on, you can’t make 200 in a day.

But if you want to earn $200 in a day in a couple weeks or, more reasonably, a couple months from now, then yes, it’s absolutely possible.

Don’t let anyone kid you that you can do only online surveys and earn 200 dollars a day.

It’s not possible, no matter how many surveys you do each day!

Anyone that tells you otherwise is trying to get something from you.

Probably just trying to get you to click on their survey links or get you to buy their products.

Yes, it’s actually those people who make 200 a day by selling you the lies that you can make that much in a day, without even taking your experience and/or skills into consideration.

I will make money when you click on some of the links in this article, but that won’t stop me from telling you the truth involved.

And the main truth is – you can’t make 200 dollars a day right away, if you don’t know exactly what to do and if you haven’t built the necessary foundation.

And of course if you don’t have the necessary skills and/or experience necessary.

Still reading?


That means you are ready to see how to get things in place, to be able to earn 200 in a day, down the road.

That said, below are some genuine ways to earn 200 in a day, within some weeks or months from now:


How To Make 200 Dollars In One Day Doing BOTH Online Surveys and Offline Market Research

Yes, I did say it’s not possible to make 200 dollars a day with online surveys, but I will show you how to use a special COMBO technique to earn that much.

The special COMBO technique can work for anyone who really wants to earn up up to 200 per day!

And it doesn’t matter what education level you or anyone else has. You can earn that much using this special COMBO technique.

Before telling you how this combo will work, let’s get something out of the way…

Yes, online surveys pay… and anyone can earn from it.

But like I said in the beginning of this, just doing online surveys on their own absolutely can’t make you 200 per day… every single day.

Even if you spend many hours per day, it’s very unlikely you can make that much, not to even mention how excruciatingly difficult the attempt will be.

But by using my special COMBO technique, you simply combine online surveys with offline market research!

Yes, you read that right – combine doing both online surveys and offline market researches… and get paid for both, daily!

Combining both dramatically ups the ante and increases your odds of earning 200 per day.

Offline market research pay up to $80 to $200+ per hour and you can get several of these per week.

Add this to what you make from doing online surveys per day, and you can pretty much make 200 dollars a day.

Of course it’s hard to make this amount every single day, but even if you do make that some days in a week, that’s still pretty good.

But note that, not all survey companies are worth your time. My most recommended survey company that really pays and is worth your time is SurveyJunkie.


Yes, this is the most recommended online survey company that really pays people for surveys and other simple activities.

They have paid out millions of dollars to people like you, for doing very simple surveys online.

Click here to sign up with SurveyJunkie and start earning.

By the way, note that many online survey companies pay based on where you are located. You have better odds of good gigs when you are located in developed countries like the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

As for companies that really pay for offline market research, below are some to consider:

Focus Pointe Global

If you are based in the U.S, this is one of the best market research companies to consider signing up with.

You can earn money with them by doing online surveys or at-home testing.

You earn “pointes” for surveys done and these “Pointes” can be cash or gift cards.

You can also be paid via prepaid Visa™ card or check, at the end of each session.

Click here to check out Focus Pointe Global

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Plaza Research  

This is another top company to consider joining because it has a solid reputation that has spanned many years.

It has been providing focus group researches since 1982.

It pays participants for giving their opinions on products or after testing certain products.

The focus groups are conducted by professionals representing the clients or manufacturers.

In terms of testing of products, it could be to test a new product, or even to preview a TV commercial and give your opinion.

It could also be just to talk about future products.

While they may get you to test new products for pay, they won’t give you free sample cosmetics, perfumes and other makeup samples. Instead, you actually get compensated with cash.

In terms of exactly how much you can earn, it’s very common to get paid $50-$200 for every 2 hour session.

And yes, you always get paid right after each session.

Click here to check out Plaza Research



This market research company is also very popular and operates in various US cities.

It is well known for hosting focus groups on nearly every kind of topic, such as:

  • Eating and Meals
  • Real estate
  • Consumer products
  • Technology
  • ETC

As a participant with this company, you should expect to engage in a round-table discussion with other participants.

Payments start from $75 to as high as $200 for participating.

Click here to check out Fieldwork



This is another reputable market research company that can pay you up to $200 a day for a session of focus group discussion.

Click here to check out MindSwarms


For a more comprehensive list, check out: How To Make Money With Market Research and Best Market Research Companies That Really Pay.

Don’t forget that doing offline market research doesn’t need to affect whatever you are currently doing.

You can do these on the side very easily, especially as most of them are flexible with when they want you to participate.

It’s very common for many of them to give you options of when you will be available – whether morning, afternoon or evening.

This flexibility helps you do offline market researches in your free time or whenever you want to… and still get paid!


How To Make 200 Dollars In One Day Writing Articles

There are many online publications that pay high quality writers as much as $100, $200 or even $500+ for every single articles they write which get published.

I am not talking about cheap content mills out there that pay $5 per article. I am talking about really high quality publishing companies and magazines.

There are even publishing companies and magazines that pay for poems!

Below are some companies and websites that pay $100+ for every accepted article:



WPHUB pays for high quality articles around topics such as Web design, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins and other WordPress related topics.

They require articles to be at least 800 to 1,200 words.

They pay up to $200 for articles they accept for publication.

Click here for their submission guidelines and how to apply


Eureka Street

Eureka Street pays for accepted articles around topics such as politics, popular culture, religion and even current events happening in Australia or the world.

You can get paid up to $200 for articles.

By the way, they also pay for up to $50 for poems, in case you are much better at writing top quality poems.

Click here for their submission guidelines and how to apply

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Travel China Guide

This is a top travel website that pays top dollars for high quality travel articles.

Their payments for every accepted article starts at $200 and can go as much as $500, depending on the quality of your article as rated by them.

To get higher chances of acceptance you should be writing about your travel experiences and, if possible, include relevant travel pictures.

Articles with practical information and pictures get higher chances of acceptance with this publication.

Click here for their submission guidelines and how to apply

If you have skills for designing greeting cards, click here for how to get paid for greeting cards design and submission.



If you have the skills and can write software tutorials, this will be perfect for you.

They want articles that are focused around software use, development and software delivery techniques.

It’s different from working from home software testing jobs of course but you can also do these from the comfort of your home.

They also want articles that are based on the use of free and open source software that run on Linux.

They pay up to $300 for accepted articles of at least 1,500 to 3,000 words. They pay by Paypal.

Click here for their submission guidelines and how to apply



This is another top quality publication that wants writers who can write tutorials on technical topics.

They prefer step-by-step type tutorials that provide users with exact instructions on particular technical topics.

For example, technical topics might be about one or more bloggers apps you have used or one of more writing apps you have used… giving detailed step-by-step instructions to help users.

If you are a writer who can write such articles, you can get paid well by this website.

They pay up to $200 for every single tutorial that they accept and publish.

You can keep working with them to keep writing more articles… and keep getting paid $200 per article.

Who knows, you can even land a constant writing gig with them, if your technical writing skills are really superb.

You can send them a sample to see if you have what they want, before you commit.

Click here for their submission guidelines and how to apply



This is another website looking for skilled technical writers, especially those who can write very helpful tutorials about Linux.

They pay as much as $300 for every accepted tutorial article.

Click here for Linode’s submission guidelines and how to apply


This Old House

This is for those who have experience with home improvement and want to write about it.

They pay a minimum of $250 for accepted submissions.

Click here for This Old House’s submission guidelines and how to apply


Remember, these companies are only looking for high quality articles. So, make sure to read their guidelines before even thinking of what to write for them.

If you are not a good writer, it’s not too late to start honing your skills.

If you start learning and honing your skills today, how knows – a few weeks or months from now, you can be ready to start earning 200 per day writing for such companies.

You see why I said it might take some time to get yourself ready to start earning this much per day?