Yes, it’s possible to make up to $200 a day with postmates.

I know that might sound strange but it’s indeed possible.

This article reveals some of the best ways and tips to help you really make 200 dollars daily with postmates.



The next time you order food, whether it’s a pizza or other food item from your favorite restaurant, remember the year 1889,

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It was during this year in Naples, Italy that the first recorded food item was delivered.

The food item? You guessed it.

It was a pizza, but the customers were not just your ordinary fans sitting in front of a sports game or enjoying a family get-together.

It was royalty and specifically King Humberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoy.

The three pizzas were enjoyed thoroughly especially the pizza that was topped with mozzarella cheese, tomato, and fresh basil leaves.

The queen was hooked and the pizza maker in honor of her majesty called it Pizza Margherita.

Until lately, the delivery of food was mainly the bringing of pizza to a family’s home.

It is a special occasion as the family or group of people gather together around the pizza and enjoy each other as well as devouring the favorite food.

Enter the recent Covid-19 pandemic and the delivery food service skyrocketed and extended far beyond just the delivery of pizzas but moved into the dining facilities of restaurants as well as delivery services bringing the restaurant to the home.

Many food delivery services have been formed with one of those services being Postmates.

One would think that delivering food can be a nominal way of earning money.

However, with a few tips here and a few options there, a Postmate driver can earn $200 a day.

Let us ride shotgun with a driver and find out how a successful self-employed entrepreneur with Postmate makes that kind of wage a day.


Personal Story

While serving in the Navy, money at times became very sporadic.

During the lull between paydays, innovation was called for.

One of the innovative methods of eating from the snack bar, having a soda or other little niceties when money was scarce was the old standby slogan that we used.

That standby slogan was “I’ll fly if you buy.”

So even during one’s military days, the concept of innovation with food delivery was in full force.


What Is Postmates?

Postmates is a convenient delivery service that connects the customer with a variety of retail stores in their community.

Those stores can be grocery stores or convenience stores or restaurants.

The majority of items that are delivered include groceries, liquor, and restaurant orders.


How Postmates Works

The process works through an app or the user can go to the website.

If for example, the customer wishes to order from a restaurant, they search on the app and select their restaurant.

The menu item is chosen by the customer and the order is placed by Postmates to the restaurant.

Notification is made to drivers and a driver accepts the request and drives to the restaurant, picks up the food, and delivers the food to the customer.

Payment is made through the app along with any tips.



Postmate drivers are independent workers or self-employed.

They do not work for Postmates or have an employee/employer relationship.

Drivers use their vehicles and are responsible for their expenses.

They receive a set payment for each delivery made and they receive their tips.

Payday is once a week on Mondays.



If an individual wishes to work for Postmates and do not have a vehicle they can make the application and indicate the use of a bicycle.

There are advantages to utilizing a bike rather than a vehicle if you live in a downtown setting where restaurants abound with customers.

The advantages include no fuel cost, no parking issues, and no need for vehicle registration or insurance.



The preliminary criteria to be a Postmates driver include:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Pass a background check
  • Own a smartphone

Application is made through the app and personal information is required.

Also, a picture needs to be uploaded so that customers and merchants will be able to validate your identity.

After everything has been cleared, you are ready for the delivery of your first order.


20 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make $200 a Day With Postmates


1. Know Postmates Best Hours

One of the key components in making $200 a day with Postmates is all about timing.

Specifically, it is important to know when is the right time to be on duty and be available.

The obvious timing would be around the mealtimes.

For lunch, the peak time would be 1100 AM to 230 PM, and for dinner the hours of 530 PM to 930 PM.

It is important to have your app turned on and ready to go into action during these times of customers ordering food.


2. Per Mile

Being self-employed you want a clear understanding of what your goals should be as it relates to your earnings to maximize your income.

On the app, in your account, you are shown several figures that reflect your earnings.

The four categories are

  • Rate per pickup
  • Rate per drop off
  • Rate per minute
  • Rate per mile

These four categories are important to keep an eye on because they will maximize your earnings as it relates to the various categories.

For the Postmates driver, to be cost-efficient and maximize earnings you should shoot for earnings of one dollar per mile.


3. Bonuses

Postmates offers a variety of bonuses to their drivers.

One significant bonus is when you initially sign up you will receive a bonus of $200.

Also, the company offers a bonus when a driver delivers a set number of food deliveries over a set period.

Also, you can earn an additional $150 if you refer a new driver and they sign up and complete 65 deliveries within a month.


4. Blitz Pricing

During peak hours, when demand is high, Postmates also provides a bonus for every order that is delivered during busy periods.

This bonus is known as “blitz pricing.”

In other words, when you make delivery during peak times you will earn extra money due to the blitz pricing process

It is important that when you receive a delivery offer to determine whether blitz pricing is in effect for that specific delivery.

The pricing may vary from one delivery to another, but this is a way that you can find out if that pricing is in effect.


5. Selective

Keeping that one dollar per mile goal in mind, you must be selective with the orders that are made available and reflected in your app.

By being selective you are holding off waiting for a potential delivery from a better restaurant that will provide you more money rather than taking delivery in which the delivery will not pay you as much.

Declining any deliveries does not affect your role as a Postmates driver.



6. Tips

Tips are a critical component of supplementing your delivery income.

Drivers keep 100% of all tips that are provided to them.

It is important to follow simple strategies in regards to maximizing gratuities from your customers.

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Some of those tips include:

  • Communicating with your customer via text if there are any delays
  • Being friendly when the delivery is made
  • As you leave the restaurant perhaps grab extra condiments or napkins
  • And before leaving the restaurant double-check the order for accuracy

To help its drivers Postmates always encourages the customers to consider a 25% tip to their delivery driver.


7. Know Your Restaurants

As you get to know your area, you will begin to realize which restaurants are more profitable and which restaurants should not be considered as part of your delivery service.

One of the restaurants that should be reconsidered before taking on the delivery is those restaurants that take a long time in preparation of the food.

Their delay in preparing the food will in turn delay your response as well as minimize other delivery opportunities.

At first, it may be a good idea to write down the restaurants that are good for your business and on the other side of the ledger those restaurants that should be avoided.


8. Fast Food

When it comes to fast-food restaurants it may be a good idea to avoid taking these opportunities on for delivery.

While it may seem like it is a quick in and out opportunity the reality is that fast-food restaurants give a new definition to fast food.

Particularly, fast food restaurants are notoriously slow in preparing and gathering the order which will delay your opportunities to take on additional deliveries.

Of course, there’s no hard and fast rule and perhaps a good strategy is to try one or two and see how it works out.


9. Bag It

People do not want cold food delivered to their homes.

Therefore, it is important that you not only have an insulated food delivery bag but that you utilize that bag on every occasion.


10. Apps

One strategy that may be effective for you to earn $200 a day with Postmates is to be involved with two food delivery services.

If you’re a real go-getter, you can make an application with another delivery service and turn both apps on at the same time and you can select which food order for the different food services that you would like to select.

Sometimes food orders will come in simultaneously and one may be a better paying opportunity than the other.

This will be your opportunity to choose the better-paying one.


11. Know Your City

As a Postmates driver, your workplace is your city, and knowing your city can maximize your earnings.

Although the use of a GPS is a solid navigational system to obtain directions, nothing compares to knowing your city directly.

Also, and in knowing your city, it is important to know about road closures and detours.

If you get stuck in one of these traffic jams, then that is money that you are losing.


12. Close to Location

When planning your day, normally within the town there is a conglomeration of popular restaurants.

It is near this conglomeration of restaurants that you should be closely situated.

This will cut down on your drive time and give you a jump start when the orders start appearing on your app.


13. Multiple Orders

Another strategy to maximize your earnings in the day is to queue up several deliveries.

This process is known as stacking deliveries.

It is accomplished when you have to wait for some orders to be prepared and while you’re waiting another order can come in and you can commit to that delivery as well.

Therefore, you have stacked your deliveries and have several requests ready rather than waiting in parking lots which is a drain on your earning potential.

This is certainly permissible because Postmates promises one-hour deliveries so even if the stacked orders are accomplished within that one-hour commitment you are within the policies of the company


14. Free Deliveries

Some restaurants offer their deliveries of food at no charge to the customer.

It is important to be aware of these restaurants for the sole purpose of the reality that free delivery will be popular amongst the customers.

In being aware of these particular restaurants you can focus your attention and you’re waiting in proximity to these restaurants.


15. Customer Service

As a self-employed individual working for Postmates, it is important to remember that customer satisfaction is paramount.

If the order is not right, it is important not to argue with the customer but simply try to make it right and follow the company’s policy.

Also, do not blame the customer or make it appear that it is their fault for any delays.


16. Perks

There are many perks that Postmates offers to its drivers.

It’s important to know about these perks and maximize them to your full benefit.

One of those perks is a referral code for the sign-up bonus but also perks that offer discounts and other benefits at local and national retailers.

Postmates partners with many stores and with that partnership there are discounts offered to their drivers.

A potentially positive perk would be, if you received a traffic ticket, you would get a discount with one of the affiliate partnerships that Postmates has been involved with.


17. Minimize Costs

As part of any business, not only do you need to pay attention to the income side of the ledger, but you need to pay attention to the expense side as well.

Therefore, it is important to minimize your costs so that you can increase your net profit.

Little tricks like keeping your tires properly inflated will save you gas mileage as well as your driving habits such as gunning your vehicle and then stopping suddenly at a traffic light.


18. Taxes

As a self-employed independent contractor, you will need to report all of your earnings through Postmates as self-employed person.

Therefore, it is important that you set aside money so that when your taxes are due you will have the financial resources to meet those taxes.

Also, it is important as a self-employed individual who drives that there may be certain credits or deductions provided in the performance of your job.

Possibly, one of those deductions is your mileage.

As always, it is important to check with your tax advisor to make sure that you legally take all of the deductions that you are entitled to.


19. Vehicle

Your vehicle is your gateway to earning $200 a day.

Therefore, it is important to properly maintain your vehicle to not only have it running well but to ensure that there are no breakdowns which will cost you money for repairs as well as not being able to work.

Also, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle as it is an extension of you.

In other words, for a customer to see their food being delivered by a dirty unkempt vehicle will certainly make them question not only the company but you as a driver and worker.


20. Blogs

Many other Postmate drivers may have an experience that you can learn from.

This experience can provide a thought or an action that you didn’t think about and may maximize your daily revenue.

Several Postmate drivers write a blog as well as do presentations on YouTube and talk about their experiences and ideas they put into practice.


Get Paid $200 a Day on Postmates FAQs


Does Postmates Deliver Alcohol?

Yes, Postmates does deliver alcohol.

However, to receive the alcohol the individual must be 21 or someone who is of that age must be present to accept the delivery.

A photo ID indicating the date of birth is required.

If the alcohol cannot be delivered the customer will be charged a return fee of $15.


In What Year Did Postmates Start Their Services?

Postmates started delivery on May 1 in 2011.

Its parent company is Uber.


You Can Do It

Through Postmates, it is possible to earn $200 a day.

Some days may be longer than others but that is the beauty of being self-employed in that you can work as much or as little as you wish.

The other added dimension is if you do the math and can earn close to that amount during the weekdays and then on Saturday and Sunday and Friday get close to $200 the possibilities of earning eight to $1000 a week is not a stretch of the imagination by any means.



Food delivery is not new.

It has been around since the turn of the 19th century.

It is only fitting that the first food item that was delivered was pizza but now, we have come so far, and we are delivering fully prepared meals that are cooked by restaurants and being delivered to individual’s homes.

Civilization, thanks to technology, has traveled a long way and this travel has been enhanced through such services as Postmates.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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