If you are in a pickle and want to make $150 fast, you should definitely read this helpful article.

It reveals some really awesome and easy ways for making $150 really quickly – as many as 25 easy ways and tips.



Was there ever a point in your life where you might have said, “I wish I had a million bucks?”

Perhaps, this wish was expressed as you blew out your birthday candles, saw a shooting star, or when you were a child you came across a lamp and secretly rubbed it in hopes that a genie would appear.

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Some would argue that to make a wish and believe that it might come true is sheer folly.

They take the stance that “If wishes were horses then beggars would ride” (Scottish Proverb) or “If wishes were wings then pigs would fly” (Robert Jordan).

The reality is that wishes do come true but they need to be combined with planning and hard work.

Wishing for 1 million bucks is a good thing.

Behind that wish is the motivation that you want to provide for yourself, your family, and your future.

Therefore, let us not only wish for 1 million bucks but let us devise a strategy and work towards the achievement of that million bucks.

Our first step towards that $1,000,000 is to first start with making $150 in a fairly quick manner.


25 Awesome Ways & Tips to Help You Make $150 Fast


1. Budget 

Whether we are traveling from point A to point B or wish to achieve a goal, there is usually a plan of action that is devised.

The same action steps need to be taken when wanting to make $150 fast.

The plan of action, as it relates to finances, is the comprising of a budget.

A budget has two aspects to it.

One aspect is the income with the other being the expenses.

Each of the items associated with these two categories is listed, totaled and the results should be one side equaling the other or optimally having more income than expenses.


2. Cut Expenses

Once you have a budget in place you can then look at the expense side.

The purpose would be to see if there are items that can be eliminated or expense items that can be cut back.

The goal would be to help realize cost savings and free up more money towards the goal of making $150.


3. Side Hustles 

On the income side of the budget, the focus would be on trying to earn additional streams of revenue.

This can occur if the individual is willing to put in some extra time and effort in working what is known as “side hustles” to earn extra money towards that $150 goal.

Below are some side hustles and gigs for different careers:


4. Sell Your Car 

A possibility of earning a quick $150 or more is to sell your car.

This is a bold step and one that needs to be thought through.

However, the benefits would be to you as an individual a reduction in expenses that are associated with operating a vehicle.

Those associated costs include the purchase of fuel, maintenance costs, vehicle registration fees, insurance costs, etc.

With the selling of the car, you would not only realize significant savings and earn $150 quickly but you would help reduce your carbon footprint as well.


5. Pawn Shop 

Most likely you have items around the home that at one time were important to you and were utilized but now they just seem to be collecting dust.

Some of those items could include an electronic piano keyboard, guitar, unused jewelry, etc.

A quick way to earn $150 would be to take these items into the pawnshop and see what the pawnbroker might be willing to pay.


6. Negotiate 

Another great way to earn $150 fast is to use your negotiation skills.

Resolving in your mind to get on the phone with your creditors, if any, call and see if you can renegotiate the interest rates that you may be paying on credit card debt, revolving charge accounts, etc.

Often, creditors will lower your APR realizing that you have a good credit score, have been consistent with your payments, and have often been a good customer.

They don’t want to lose you to another creditor who offers a lower interest rate or provides a consolidation option.

Negotiating any interest rates on any indebtedness, may lead to less interest paid and help towards your goal of achieving $150.


7. Garage Sale 

A popular event that occurs quite frequently over the course of a week in any community is the phenomenon of garage sales.

If you have items that you no longer need then having a yard or garage sale would be a perfect opportunity to earn that $150 by selling these items.

It doesn’t take much to set up a sale and requires minimal advertisement.

Generally, all one needs to do is put up posters around your home advertising the garage sale at your address.


8. Cut Cable 

Don’t underestimate the power of one simple phone call to achieve or get close to achieving your goal of earning a quick $150.

This can occur by simply phoning your cable company and indicating to that service that you no longer wish to have cable or satellite service delivered to your home.

They will counter your offer and try to give you a better deal at a reduced cost but it is important to resist this temptation.

Through this simple act of making one phone call and standing firm on your decision, you can save anywhere from $100 to $150 a month in a quick and effortless manner.


9. Streaming Services 

Adding to the entertainment competition for your dollars are a variety of streaming services.

These are good services because you can pick and choose the program that you want to view.

However, it can be counterproductive if you have a number of streaming services in which you really are only wanting to have one or two of the channels or programs that they offer.

The most economical way of handling this is to choose which streaming service you want and perhaps another and make those streaming services your entertainment expense for your home.


10. Treasure Hunt 

When looking to make $150 fast, it is important that you don’t neglect what might be right underneath your nose.

Often, within your home are treasures waiting to be discovered.

This treasure can be comprised of coins, currency, money forgotten about, etc.


11. Aspiration 

By signing up for a checking account through www.aspiration.com and utilizing their free banking service, this financial company will provide you cash in the amount of $150.

You can realize this incentive by opening up a new debit card and when you utilize the card or your transactions to reach the promotional minimum amount, you will receive $150.


12. Blackout Bingo 

This standard game can be played for money through the use of their app.

There is no cost to play this bingo game and cash and other prizes are awarded to the individuals when they win.


13. Robin Hood 

A way to invest in the stock market and be rewarded for doing so is through the Robin Hood app.

Recent promotions have included the giving of free stock from Robin Hood when you sign up for an account and link your checking account.

Another recent promotion was that Robin Hood would give you one share of free stock to your account when you link to your checking account and fulfill the conditions of the promotion.

As of this writing, these promotions may or may not be in effect, but it may be prudent to check to see if these or other promotions are being offered as you invest in the stock market.


14. Delay Spending 

A great way to save $150 is by not spending it.

Often, we are taken in by the various marketing ploys and buy into their “pitch” that we need this item and cannot live without it.

That all may be true but the best way to save $150 is not to give in at the moment to these attempts of companies to separate you from your money.

A good strategy in saving $150 would be to delay your spending and wait a period of time.

Once that time has elapsed and the desire or need is still there then the purchase can be made.

The idea is to delay the purchase or self-gratification to see if this is something that is actually needed.

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15. Decluttr 

As we get upgrades or new devices, the question is what to do with the older technology that is still useful.

There is a website, amongst others, which is known as www.decluttr.com.

Through their app, you indicate what you have for sale and they will respond with a bid based upon your estimation of its condition and usefulness.

If you accept the bid, they will then mail out the packaging needed to ship the item off to them.

Once they have received the item and it is in the condition that they anticipated, you will receive your payment.


16. Ask Family & Friends 

Another easy way to make $150 is to simply ask your family and friends.

For example, if you asked six people for $25 each you will have received your needed $150.

You would explain to these benefactors that the money is not a handout but a hand up. You would also share with them that you are willing to offer service back to them for the money that they have given you.

Examples of services or skills that you can render to them for this money could include doing any minor repairs around their home, cooking a meal, washing vehicles, etc.


17. Barter 

Accumulating a quick $150 does not necessarily mean cash in your pocket.

The value of the $150 could also be reflected in other ways.

For example, if you have an electric outlet that needs to be replaced but is uncomfortable in doing so, you could barter with an electrician for them to do that service in exchange for a skill or talent that you could offer back to them.

This is a good example of bartering in that you are in essence receiving $150 by not paying cash for something that was needed to be accomplished.

Check out the following for more money tips that can help:


18. Uber 

A driving service that could be a good side hustle to earn $150 would be driving for Uber.

To be an Uber driver requires that you have a driver’s license, are 18 years old, have a certificate of insurance, and can pass a background check.

As an Uber driver, you are not an employee of this driving service but are classified as self-employed.

As such, you can set your own schedule, times, and days worked.

One of the payment benefits of driving for Uber is that you have the ability to cash out on any money you earn from your work up to five times in one day.


19. DoorDash 

Another delivery service in which you use your own vehicle is the delivery of food through DoorDash.

A customer orders from a restaurant and pays for their food through the app.

The responsibility of the DoorDash driver is to pick up that food and deliver it to the individual’s home or office.

Payment to the driver is made by DoorDash per trip made and any tips that are given belong to the driver.

It is possible for a DoorDash driver to make $20 an hour.

Ways that you can maximize your tips as a driver is to keep the customer informed if there are any delays as well as picking up any extra napkins or condiments from the restaurant for the customer.

Click here to check out DoorDash


20. Instacart 

Instacart is another food delivery service but with an added twist.

That added twist is that the self-employed driver uses their vehicle and actually shops for the individual when they submit their grocery order to a grocery store or other retailer that works with Instacart.

When the shopping is completed, the system alerts the customer that the delivery is on its way.

An Instacart driver is paid per trip and also receives 100% of any tips given.

Click here to check out Instacart


21. Inbox Dollars 

At Inboxdollars.com the first time registrant can be awarded five dollars to begin the process of being involved with Inbox Dollars

Payment made ranges anywhere from $.50 to $20 for taking a survey that could take 3 to 25 minutes to complete.

Also, an individual registered on Inbox Dollars can get paid to watch videos, play games, receive money back for shopping online, get paid to read emails, and more.

Click here to check out InboxDollars


22. Freelancing 

Through the use of technology and the emphasis on employers hiring freelancers, a great opportunity to earn $150 fast is by freelancing.

One such website that an individual can access in order to find freelancing opportunities is www.upwork.com.

After registering on this site and posting your resume you are given the opportunity to search for various jobs that are a good match with your skills and talents.

Examples of those jobs could include grant writing, creative writing, graphic design, virtual assistant, etc.

When you see a job that might be a good fit, you indicate to the company or individual posting the job of your ability and experience to successfully handle the opportunity and then indicate your rate of pay.

If accepted, the contract begins, and when successfully completed monies are released to you with a percentage being taken by the freelancing website.

Click here to check out Upwork


23. Swagbucks 

Just about everybody has an opinion about something or another and www.swagbucks.com  will pay you for your opinion.

They offer a sign-up bonus of $10 and opportunities to get paid include being involved in surveys, watching videos, possibly being part of a focus group, etc.

Click here to check out Swagbucks


24. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another website that will pay those that are registered for surveys taken as well as other opportunities to earn money.

Click here to check out Survey Junkie


25. Games 

A great opportunity to earn money quickly is by playing games and getting paid to do so.

One such app is Mist Play in which the individual can play a variety of games, and when attaining certain levels, they are paid in rewards or in dollars.

Click here to check out Mist Play


Personal Story

My “wish” story is that like so many people I wished for the finer things of life.

In my estimation, those finer things of life were a beautiful home, luxurious car, latest in technology, etc.

The wish trip for me was that I pursued schemes that I thought would get me these items quickly.

These hollow efforts were like rubbing an old lamp that was just simply an old lamp.

Years later, and over $70,000 in debt, through a book that came into my possession, I was able to understand that it was okay to wish for these things but in order to achieve them those wishes needed to be empowered by goals and actions.

Long story short, I was able to resolve my indebtedness and in doing so my wishes were no longer about the “trappings” of life but more about the freedom of being financially solvent and secure.

My wishes came true but were more transformed wishes through my own personal financial transformation.


Making $150 Fast FAQs


What are the components of a good goal-setting plan of action?

The components of a good goal-setting plan of action include the goal being:

  • Specific – the goal should be specific and not generalized.
  • Measurable – reaching a goal is quantified – for example, a goal of losing weight needs to be specific as in the number of pounds lost not just losing weight.
  • Attainable – the identified goal should be something that we can attain.
  • Realistic – the goal should be realistic and based upon your current skills and talents or ability to learn new skills and talents.
  • Time oriented – it is important to attach a timeframe to the achievement of your goal – this will help in the achievement of your goal by requiring certain actions achieved at certain time increments – it speaks to accountability.
  • Objectives – objectives are similar to goals but are in shorter time frames – they are usually incremental goals that need to be accomplished in reaching the overall goal


What Would Be a Good Financial Goal?

There are a number of good financial goals that an individual can work towards achieving.

Some of those financial goals could include learning how to invest, becoming financially independent, paying off credit card companies, etc.

Of particular note, one good practical financial goal would be to set aside a nest egg that would be the equivalent of 3 to 6 months of your household expenses.

In other words, if your household expenses are $2500 a month then a good financial goal would be to save $7500-$15,000.

The purpose of this savings would be to write out any storms in life such as the loss of a job, illness in the family, or covering the expenses of major repairs or replacement of appliances in the household.


You Can Do It

Any journey in our life always begins with a first step.

So it is when wishing to have $1 million.

The first step is required and that first step may be realizing a quick $150 as that first step in the million-dollar journey.



There is nothing wrong with wishing.

Wishing can be synonymous with goal setting and having a goal in life is always a good thing.

To make your wishes come true requires an action plan and planning on taking action.

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Apart from being a seasoned Personal Finance expert who has written for top publications around the world, I bring significant personal financial experience. Long story short... through bad financial choices... I found myself $100,000 plus in debt. I was able to dissolve this indebtedness and regain financial solvency. This financial turn around was accomplished through reading, studying and implementing a financial plan. My financial plan included paying down my debt through budgeting, being cognizant of where my financial resources were being spent, changing my attitude about money and understanding the binding chains of the improper use of credit. Today, and for 10 years, I have been debt free and have invested wisely to enjoy my current retirement. This is allowing me to write to help others make, save and grow money wisely!