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First things first…

Consider the significance of the number 10,000.

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Psychologically speaking an item may cost $9,999.99 and somehow it seems like less money if one was to compare that amount with the number of $10,000.

Which is, in reality, the same number with only a penny variance?

If you’ve watched any TV and viewed any info commercials, you’ll notice that the price is always a penny less rather than being rounded up to a higher number.

For example, many info commercials will advertise the product for the low, low price of $29.99. This somehow makes a psychological difference for the consumer rather than advertising the price at $30.

The number 10,000 is also significant in that it is the number of recommended daily steps that an individual should try to achieve while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This daily goal of steps was popularized in the 1960s through a pedometer manufactured by Japanese companies. The pedometer was named “manpo-kei” which means 10,000 steps meter.

Today that number of 10,000 is popular because attaining that daily goal coupled with a healthy lifestyle of eating and other lifestyle changes can help to reduce serious illnesses.

Some of those serious illnesses include such diseases as diabetes and heart disease.


How to Make 10,000 Dollars Fast – Importance of Beginnings

Lao Tzu said, “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.

Well, let’s rephrase that famous statement by saying that the journey of making a $10,000 fast begins with one step!

For many, the consideration of rapidly earning $10,000 seems like an unattainable journey. $1,000 seems within our reach but adding an extra zero just seems to be more of a daunting task.

However, it is important to realize that the first step towards reaching $10,000 in a fairly fast manner is attainable if you break it down into small chunks.

It is also been humorously said that to eat an elephant can occur by taking one bite at a time.

So it is with earning $10,000 quickly!

It can be accomplished by breaking it down into manageable pieces or taking that one step towards the journey of realizing added revenue of $10,000 into the household.

Imagine what you could do with an extra $10,000 over a short time.


How to Earn 10k Fast – Run Some Numbers

So, are you a believer?

If not, let’s run some numbers.

Math can be a wonderful thing.

First of all, let us reduce that $10,000 into more bite-size pieces.

If you divide $10,000 by the number of months, say in a year, you come out with a figure of $833.33.

Therefore, to earn or accumulate an extra $10,000 over a year you would have to earn an additional $833.33.

Let’s assume you already work full-time at 40 hours a week.

If you are aggressive and dedicated to achieving this goal let’s say that you are willing to take on a part-time job or opportunity in which you will devote 20 hours a week to this effort.

Therefore, the extra $833.33 that you need in a month would then be divided by 80 hours.

Figuring out that math formula would then equate to earning $10.42 an hour to achieve that goal of $833.33.

Doable, right?

Furthermore, if you can double the amount of $10.43 an hour you then would achieve an extra $1,666.66 a month or you could attain your goal of $10,000 in a fairly easy manner over six months.

With these facts and figures resonating in our mind, let us proceed on how we can explore some possibilities that may resonate with you in working towards making $10,000 fast.


How to Make $10,000 Fast (5 Easy Ways that Work)


1. Downsizing

The first bite, and a big one at that, would be to look around your household and see what items you could do away with or without.

Some of those items could include technology devices, an extra bedroom set, that expensive easy chair sitting in the corner of your living room, the half-full freezer in your garage, and so forth.

Like most of us, regardless of whether you rent or own a home, you have considered or taken out insurance on those personal items within your home.

Often, these insurance policies, for a small monthly premium, ensure your household contents up to around $50,000.

Would it come as a surprise to know that insurance companies set their standard rates for monthly premiums based on a typical household owning roughly $20,000 in personal belongings within their home?

Consequently, a big bite in reaching that quick $10,000 or taking a big dent in reaching that goal would be to sell selected items within your home.

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2. Take a Walk

At the risk of alienating the reader and knowing of the intense love affair between Americans and their automobile, another possibility of taking a big bite out of that goal to make $10,000 fast is to sell one’s vehicle.

If the owner has their certificate of ownership it would be a direct infusion of cash into one’s bank account.

Or, if payments are still being made, and knowing that the average car payment is roughly $500 a month, the selling of a car would free up that monthly amount.

This would equal $6,000 a year. Additionally, if you tack on the maintenance costs, gasoline purchases, and insurance costs you most likely would be even closer to that $10,000 goal.

Even if an individual went without a vehicle for a small-time or even up to a year they would realize this money back into their checking account.

In the interim, one could depend upon private transportation services, carpooling, or taking public transportation to meet their transportation needs.

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3. The Car Again

Allow me to return to our cars once again as an opportunity to make quick money that will soon add up to $10,000.

The rationale by looking at our vehicles and utilizing them to their full extent is that, for most individuals, the second biggest investment that the average American makes is the purchase of a car.

Therefore, it stands to reason to maximize this investment in not only its use but its return upon one’s investment.

Considering that our vehicles are often parked idle in garages or parking spots, why not start up the motor more often.

There are many transportation services out there that utilize drivers and their vehicles and transport their customers from one destination to another.

According to various experts, a person that puts their car into this type of transportation service can expect to earn roughly $19 an hour.

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So let’s go back to our trusty calculator with our goal being $833.33 a month.

If you divide that figure by $19 per hour you come up with the number 43 which represents the number of hours that you would need to drive in a month.

Again breaking this down the bite-size pieces would equate to a little over 10 hours a week.

You could further break these 10 hours a week down and spread the hours needed over the weekend.

Therefore, you could drive five hours on Saturday and five hours on Sunday to achieve your goal of working 10 hours a week.

Of course, to be a qualified driver, you would need a valid driver’s license, be at least 21 years of age or older, and perhaps have a fairly clean driving record.

It is important to research the requirements for your particular state and whichever transportation company you are making an application to.


How to Make $10,000 Fast


4. Apple for the Teacher

Do you have a skill or a marketable talent? Perhaps you can take on the role of a teacher.

The reality is parents love their children and want to provide the best opportunities for them to maximize their talents and potential.

Therefore, if you as an individual can play the piano, guitar, or another instrument, it may be a perfect opportunity to match the desire of parents for their children along with earning extra money for yourself.

By providing music lessons, the child will be exposed to music skills in both music theory and the playing of an instrument.

Also, tutoring is not limited to the art of music, to expand your thinking and capitalize on the talent you may have, you may be able to provide art lessons or even tutor young children in some of their school studies.

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Some of those school studies could include math, science, language, etc.

Again, parents that want to see their children succeed are willing to invest money into private tutoring to give their children an edge in their education or help supplement the education challenges that the child may be experiencing.

If you can command $55 an hour and tutor children for 15 hours a month, you will reach your goal of $833 a month for $10,000 for the year.

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5. Freelancing

A freelancer is an individual who agrees with the employer to perform work that the individual job requires.

The value to the employer as it relates to a freelancer is that there are no salaries paid, no benefits extended nor any payroll taxes or unemployment insurance required.

As a freelancer looking for freelance jobs even as a beginner, the individual is an independent contractor who works for a set price to perform a job.

The set price could involve either a flat fee or hourly payment. The advantages to the freelancer are that one can work within their schedule and place of performing the work to accomplish the job.

Freelancing has become very popular and quite frankly the odds of someone on the lookout for your skills, talents, and experience is a significant possibility.

Those skills could include writing, bookkeeping, typing, marketing, preparation of grants, and so forth.

As many occupations as there are and in need at the typical workplace equates to the same freelancing opportunities.

Freelance opportunities most likely abound in your community and also can be researched by going to various websites on the Internet.

Examples of community freelancing opportunities would be grocery shopping for homebound residents or delivering food through a grocery delivery service or providing freelance accounting services to small businesses.


Want to Make $10,000 Fast? You Can Do It!

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time of course!

How do you make $10,000 over a small period of time?

Same answer! One bite at a time!

By being consistent, aggressive, thinking outside the box, and working hard, $10,000 can be part of your bank account on the income side.

America is truly the land of opportunity. Any negative occurrences that happen in the workplace can be turned around to be a positive experience for a truly motivated individual.

Negative occurrences in the workplace can be company mergers, downsizing, or anything else that adversely affects the workforce.

However, in everything, there can be a silver lining and for the positive individual, they can turn disadvantages into advantages in their personal and financial lives.



Eating an elephant can be a daunting task however, if taken in bite-size pieces it can be accomplished and the goal, whatever your elephant is, can be achieved.

A person looking at working towards a goal of earning $9,999.99 may think of it as less of a significant goal than trying to earn $10,000.

Regardless of the $.01 difference both loom large if viewed in their entirety.

However, like every other attainable goal in our life, the watch phrase is “get to work.” No goals are ever successfully achieved by wishing and hoping.

One must plan to work and work the plan.

Pick up your fork and get to work on your goal! Start that first step on your journey to earning $9,999.99 plus $.01.

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