Yes, you can really make $1,000 or more a week with UberEats!

This article reveals exactly how it works and the best ways/tips that can really help you make $1,000 a week with UberEats.


Can You Really Make $1,000 a Week With Ubereats?

Of course, you can! 

Pete Rose, of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team in the 1970s, is known as Mr. Hustle.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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He didn’t receive this nickname over the allegations of him betting on Major League Baseball games but for the way that he played the game.

One of his hallmark actions was if he ever walked (awarded first base if the pitcher threw four balls – pitched balls out of the strike zone) he would take a unique action.

Most players, as the action would indicate, would walk or trot down to first base.

Not Pete Rose. He wouldn’t walk when four balls, not strikes were delivered, he would run full speed as if he was trying to “beat out” a ground ball hit into the infield.



For anything that we do, it is important to hustle or run full speed and don’t hold back.

This is what distinguishes and sets apart the average and the exceptional.

The same is true for us no matter what we do.

When working it is always best to give it your all.

This is especially true on side “hustles.” Hence the name hustle.

One of those side hustles is delivering for UberEats.

Even at a wage of $16.00 per hour it is possible to turn that amount into $1000 a week.

It can be accomplished by hustling.

Let us go for a “ride-along” with a hypothetical successful UberEats driver and observe how they maximize potential income earned with this delivery service.


What Is UberEats? 

Just so we are on the same page, UberEats is the extremely popular food service delivery program that allows the customer to order their favorite food from a restaurant using an app.

The app takes the order from the customer and transports the restaurant order electronically to the restaurant.

The delivery of the food is provided by an UberEats driver who accepts the delivery opportunity, drives to the restaurant, picks up the food, and takes it to the customer.


25 Best Tips/Ways to Make $1000 a Week With UberEats Eats


1. Know the Criteria for Driving

To be an UberEats driver requires that the individual download the app and make an application to be considered as part of the UberEats driving team.

The app requires the individual to submit their personal information.

Criteria to be considered require that the individual possess a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration proof, proof of registration, and automobile insurance, and be 18 years of age or older.

UberEats does a background check and checks their driving record to make sure that there are no serious infractions.

Also, the individual needs to let UberEats know what type of vehicle they drive.


2. Know How Drivers Are Paid 

The UberEats driver is an independent contractor or self-employed individual who utilizes their own vehicle and related costs to make this delivery possible.

UberEats pays them a set agreed-upon hourly wage with the driver having the opportunity to earn tips to add to their income.

The basic reality is the more that you drive for the company and the more delivery assignments you take all translate into a bigger payday.

Factoring in the vehicle expenses an UberEats driver can expect to get anywhere from $8 to $12 per hour.


3. Have a Strategy

As with any business, it is important to have a business strategy.

This reality and focus are the same for a self-employed UberEats driver.

That strategy should include thinking through processes such as minimizing costs, claiming legal tax breaks, and actually running the business itself.

Being a self-employed individual you may wish to set up a legal business model such as an LLC.

To learn more about starting up a business there are a number of informational websites that can be accessed.

One such website that provides pertinent information can be found at https//


4. Know Your Operating Costs

In order to make $1000 a week with UberEats, you not only have to pay attention to the income side of the ledger but also minimize your expenses.

It is a good idea to utilize a ledger of some sort to record your cost of driving.

In other words, every time you fill up record the mileage in and out between fill-ups; record the number of gallons pumped and the cost per gallon.

This way you will know exactly what your expenses are and your income so as to make sure that cost-cutting savings and actions can be utilized in the future.

UberEats, on the app, will break down for you your weekly earnings and demonstrate those earnings via a bar graph which will show how many trips were made, time online, points accumulated, trip earnings, tips made, and any promotional income.


5. Have a Quality Service 

It is important to remember that for an UberEats driver it is more than just delivering food.

Being a driver is delivering quality service that is friendly, timely, and a pleasant experience for all involved.

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6. Focus 

When it comes to being successful at being a delivery driver for UberEats and maximizing your revenue it is important to be focused.

Being focused doesn’t necessarily mean being attentive on the job, being focused means that you concentrate on specific restaurants or a cluster of restaurants that are popular places for customers to order their food.

The value of this focus is twofold.

The first value is that by being in the area or in proximity to a popular restaurant, when an order is made, it cuts down on the delivery process in getting the food to the customer.

The UberEats app is very sophisticated and reflects, before you take on the assignment, to see how long it would be to get the food from the restaurant to the customer.

Also, staying focused, and within the area of popular restaurants, it will minimize your use of fuel.

With the app, you have the option of declining the delivery if you so wish.


7. Be Friendly 

It is also important to remember that friendliness and being courteous can translate into higher gratuities.

When delivering the food make the exchange with the customer as pleasant as possible.

Included in that pleasantness is the delivery of a smile, extending proper manners, and appreciation to the customer for their support.


8. Know the Peak Times 

Within the delivery of services, there are set times that are known as peak times or surge periods.

These times are generally around the noon hour or supper hour and are when a number of customers seemingly all order at the same time in wanting to have food delivered to their home.

As a savvy UberEats driver you will use these peak times to your advantage.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you are on duty and know the location of the more popular restaurants so that you can get as many deliveries as possible from these surge periods.

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9. Take Advantage of Promotions 

On occasion and during certain hours and specific areas, UberEats has a promotional to which they refer to as a boost.

During these boost periods, it is quite possible for you to earn close to if not a little over $100 an hour.

It is important to understand how the boost periods work and when they occur.

On your app, there is a tab that is labeled as promotions.

It is during these promotion times and by involving yourself in certain events that you will be able to participate during these peak times.

The best way to be aware of what is happening is just as you are heading out the door to provide service check the tab to see what will be occurring.

Then, as much is able, participate in these special events.


10. Do Vehicle Advertising 

As an additional measure of making money, why not turn your vehicle into an advertisement option by putting marketing advertising on your vehicle. This can be accomplished by participating with a company called Wrapify.

If you are in an area that is conducive to this program and drives a certain particular vehicle, you can make your car or truck into a moving billboard.


11. Schedule Weekends 

It is important that you don’t skip key times or days of the week on your way to achieving your $1000 a week.

One of those specific time frames is on the weekend.

If you have a family, more than likely you would want to spend time with your family on the weekend.

This is certainly understandable but somehow should be limited so as to take full advantage of customers ordering from restaurants through these peak weekend times.

To not work on the weekend is leaving a lot of money on the road.


12. Referrals 

UberEats also offers a rewards program to its drivers.

This simply means that if you refer a friend and that individual becomes an UberEats driver you will get a bonus on your check.

When you make your referral you utilize the referral code that is assigned to you as a breach driver the typical range of a bonus can vary anywhere from $100-$1100.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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How to Make $1000 a Week With Uber Eats


13. Tips 

An important part of your hourly wage is the addition of gratuity or tips provided by the customer.

You have no control over how much or if it all a customer tips but you can control your tippable actions.

There is always the possibility of repeat deliveries and regardless of whether you receive a tip or not should not affect the customer service that you provide.

Who knows, a no-tip delivery may turn into a tip later given your friendliness and customer service that you provide and which is remembered.

Another part of good customer service may prompt the customer to give a more significant tip through communication.

For example, if you are being delayed for whatever reason, texting the customer and updating the UberEats delivery may be appreciated.

Also added thoughtfulness is grabbing extra napkins or various condiments for the customer.


14. Bring Your Own Food 

You’ll want to plan and prepare your meals while you are away from home in your vehicle.

Therefore, a good tip on making or maximizing your revenue for the week is not to spend money on food, drinks, snacks, etc.


15. Keep Track

Another good way of tracking your expenses as it relates to driving is to download Grid Wise to record and display the recording of your information about tracking expenses.

A good website can be found at


16. Take Traffic Into Consideration

If you live in a midsize to the larger community, an issue that you want to take into consideration is traffic for possible detours due to road construction or accidents.

It is important to know traffic patterns and when there is more congestion on the road than during other times.

These situations can not only affect your delivery time but also your fuel costs.

A good way to check on any road closures or detours is to check with the city or when headed out to determine whether there are any issues with your focus area.

Also, be cognizant of electronic traffic alerts or signage indicating road closures or when those anticipated closures might occur.


17. Maximize Your Schedule 

If you wish to work the full seven days a week that of course is your prerogative.

However, if wanting time off, it is important to select certain days of the week that are more beneficial as it relates to fewer deliveries.

Typically, the weekends and Friday nights are the heaviest times while Monday and Tuesday’s are slower, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are not as busy either.


18. Take Advantage of Peak Pay 

A timeframe when the UberEats system experiences higher demand for orders than what is normally expected is known as peak pay.

On the app itself, the driver will actually see areas of the city that they live in where surging prices are in effect.

These areas are highlighted and the driver can respond accordingly.

Peak pay is sometimes during holidays, long weekends, or if there is a special event being held in the town or on a special day.


19. Save Fuel 

Your major expense for driving will be your utilization of fuel or gasoline.

In addition to locating yourself near the greatest activity for restaurant orders, it is also important to take advantage of any fuel discounts.

Sometimes fuel discounts can be realized through a variety of apps which might reduce your amount expended per gallon of gasoline.


20. Trends 

Being a self-employed individual it is important to utilize as much knowledge and information as possible to be productive in this line of work.

One of those areas is to recognize and follow trends.

You will quickly realize that to be a successful UberEats driver may require that you take a number of smaller deliveries rather than wait for one big delivery.

A number of smaller trips will allow for more deliveries and perhaps moderate to significant tips.

On the other hand, one larger trip will save on gas and may net a larger tip.

It is important to recognize trends and respond accordingly to maximize all aspects of the trip and earn the most money.


21. Profile Picture 

When you set up your UberEats account on the application you will be able to provide a photo of yourself so that it will identify the customer who will be delivering their food.

Once this has been set up it is difficult to alter or change.

A good tip is to make sure that you use a picture for your profile that does your handsome or beautiful face justice.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, people will have a tendency to judge a book by its cover and will make a judgment about you by the way you look.

It is important to display a picture that not only captures your face but appropriate clothing if seen.


22. Accept Odd Requests 

There may be opportunities as you interact with a customer to be asked to accomplish a variety of requests.

For example, a customer may ask for you to pick up a pack of cigarettes or another food item.

If you are able to accommodate these simple requests, it may be an opportunity to be considered for a bigger tip.

However, on the other hand, if you choose to say no that you would not pick up a certain item then that may be a detriment to receiving a tip.

Along the same lines, company policy does not allow for alcohol to be transported.

Consequently, if a customer asks for alcohol to be picked up and you refuse this denial may result in a poor rating.

You can report that to the company accordingly.


23. Remember – It Is What You Keep

Being self-employed you will need to file taxes accordingly.

There may be certain deductions you can take as it relates to the performance of your job.

Specifically, the mileage may be able to be deducted from a set amount determined by the IRS.

Keep good records so that you can keep more of that $1000 that you are making with your driving.

As always it is important to check with your tax preparer on all deductions.


24. Scope It Out 

It is important to manage your expectations.

This can be accomplished by candidly and realistically understanding what type of earnings your particular area of residency will generate.

For example, if you were in a college town, tips maybe a little less forthcoming because the customers may be a significant number of students who don’t have the extra cash to provide for your great service.

On the other hand, if you live in a metropolitan area then tips may be more robust due to the cost of living in that area and the income of its residents.


25. You Can Do It

The fact that you have taken on an extra gig or side hustle says a lot about your work ethic.

Now it’s just a matter of maximizing your efforts through a plan of action that includes a strategy for success.


Personal Story

I was involved in an accident and had just received the cash-out payment for the value of the car from our insurance company.

I toyed with the idea of utilizing public transportation but decided on utilizing an UberEats driver.

I was experiencing a variety of emotions one being the fact that our car of 11 years had been totaled out and not looking forward to purchasing a newer used car.

On the other hand, I had a check-in hand knowing that the majority of the cost of the new or used vehicle would be covered.

Anyway, our UberEats driver was very courteous and friendly, and it appeared that she honored my wishes in being silent.

Yet when I started a conversation about how her day was going, she was engaging and mention that this day was her wedding anniversary.

That resonated with me, and I asked her how many years since the marriage and yet replied seventeen.

We finally made it to the dealership, and I fumbled with the payment system on the app and felt really technology challenged.

She guided me through the process and finally got to the point where the transaction was made and the option to provide a tip was given.

So, I just simply said happy anniversary and marked down a $17 tip for her for each year of her marriage.

All that to say is that with these delivery services, you never know as a driver what the mood will be of your customer.

Even the smallest of conversations where a little bit of personal information is given out how that may or may not affect any additional money that you may receive.



Making $1,000 Weekly on UberEats FAQs


How Many UberEats Drivers Are There in America?

In America, there are approximately one million drivers and globally three to four million drivers.


How Many Countries Does UberEats Operate in?

UberEats offers food delivery services in 48 countries and approximately 6,000 cities.



A “side hustle” is called a hustle for a reason.

It is a revenue-generating opportunity for an aggressive individual to work extra to earn extra money.

When you hustle, it pays off.

It is not necessarily about working hard or more but working smarter.

Through the side hustle of UberEats, you can earn $1000 a week – you just need to run to first base.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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