Are you wondering how to live without a job?

If yes, then you absolutely must read this article. It reveals not why this is possible but actually how anyone can really live without a job.

If you already have a job but you are planning to leave it then you should make plans on how to take care of your expenses, until at least, you find a new job.

Also, if you don’t have any job at the moment then there are lifestyle changes you must consider to help you survive and even thrive.

That said, if you find yourself in a situation where you are asking how to live without a job, then keep reading to learn exactly how you or anyone else can really live without having a job.

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13 Easy & Effective Ways to Live Without a Job


1. Be Resourceful

If you are faced with the reality of living without a job but want to make money then you need to be resourceful to excel in the decision.

You should take steps to scour for opportunities that would help you succeed.

Being resourceful means that you should think deeply and come up with a solution that would help you live well.

From the onset, you must focus on lowering your expenses or raising your income.

Become resourceful and ensure you undertake small tasks and save money when you can.


2. Change Your Mindset

You must create the right mindset and be hopeful that a solution is possible even without you having a job.

Make sure you are taking steps to survive instead of whining and complaining about the lack of income from a job.

A positive mindset will spur you to take actions that would eventually help you live without a job.

Change the way you think about money. You need to treat it well for it to work for you well. You should adopt an open mind and be ready to make adjustments when necessary.

So, if you change your mindset, you are sure going to develop the skill and passion of living even without a job.


3. Cut Out Luxuries and Only Spend Money on Essentials

You must take stock of what you spend your money on and cut out luxuries. This means you should only spend money on essentials.

For example…

Instead of eating out at restaurants, you can choose to cook your meal.

Instead of subscribing to cable TV, you can decide to make do without entertainment for the now.

You put a stop to luxury vacations for now. You can take steps to clean your home by yourself instead of hiring expensive cleaning services.

Give or take, cutting out luxuries will mean eliminating costs that you can live without.

So, avoid lifestyles that would cause you to spend more money than you should.

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4. Get As Much Free Stuff as You Can

Yes, trying to get as much free stuff as you can is a good way to live without a job, especially as it’s quite easy to get free stuff these days.

Many people don’t even think about it but you can get a lot of free stuff these days.

And with how easy it is to search for things on the Internet, you will be surprised at how much free stuff you can get.

Below are some helpful articles right here on that show you lots of ways of getting stuff for free, including free food, free clothes, free shoes, etc:


how to live without a job


5. Stick To Your Budget Plan

If you have a proposed budget for some items, you should stick with it.

Avoid the temptation of going for things that are not in your budget plans.

Sticking to your budget means you won’t be able to spend more than necessary.

This is one of the best tips you can adopt if you want to live well without a job.

For instance, if you take a shopping list to a grocery store, stick with what you have on the list.

Don’t buy things you see at the store on the pulse, otherwise, it would affect your budget drastically.


6. Save and Build an Emergency Fund

Since you are planning to live without a job, you must save some money towards that period.

One of the best ways to do this is to build an emergency fund.

This is a fund you can draw from in case of unforeseen circumstances.

An emergency fund can help you live without a job until you have gotten on your toes.

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You can draw from it to keep body and soul together until you start receiving income from another source.

You can start saving or building an emergency fund with your six months to one-year income.


7. Avoid Debt At All Cost

You can live without a job if you are debt-free. If you are planning to leave your job then you should avoid debts.

If you are already in debt then take steps to repay them before leaving your job.

This will help you not to use your savings or other money to pay debts while you are jobless.

You can start now to do debt consolidation and put all your debt into one lump sum.


8. Diversify Your Income Sources

You can live without a job by diversifying your income sources.

If you are already doing a traditional 9-5 job then you can create additional income sources.

These would help sustain you after you are no longer working.

There are lots of ways to diversify your income sources. You can get an additional job, do a part-time job, engage in side hustles, etc.

In short, when it comes to income diversification, you need to create multiple streams of income.

When your job stops, these extra income sources would be drawn from to sustain you.

These days, a lot of people use the Internet to diversify their income. You too can adopt this approach.

You need steady Internet access, patience, and a good attitude to make income diversification work for you.


9. Start a Side Business

You start a side business outside of your regular job. This will help you live without a job.

There are many business ideas out there.

You can start from what you are passionate about and render a service to clients. Or, you can buy and sell stuff to make a profit.

When you are no longer working, the successful business can sustain you.

You should also know that running a business is not easy.

Some business demands your full attention and it can be considered as a full-time job.

There are many types of businesses you can start, these include starting a bookkeeping business, a mobile notary, house sitter, cleaning service, retail services, and so on.


10. Start a Part-Time Job

You can live without a job if you pick up a part-time job to supplement your full-time job.

A part-time job is a job you can at your spare time.

You will earn extra money that you can rely upon even if you lose your main job.

Most people take advantage of part-time jobs to pay some parts of their monthly expenses.


11. Live Rent Free

You can live without a job if you also consider living rent-free. What this means is that you can allow other people to pay your rent.

If you are a low-income earner or someone without a job, there are government programs geared towards providing free housing or accommodation for people like you.

If you own your house but have no job then you can consider renting out some portion and using the income to pay your rent.

Or, you should also consider the option of moving from where you are to living with your parents, relatives or those you know without paying rent.


12. Invest and Make Your Income Work for You

Living without a job is possible if you make your income work for you.

This means that you should engage your income in a business or venture that would generate passive income for you.

Of course, you should be reminded that a passive income is revenue you get without putting in any active energy.

You can do an initial investment but later on, this would be yielding income even when you are sleeping.

Some good examples of how your income will work for you when you have no job include:


13. Engage in Personal Development

To live without a job is a function of how you manage it.

You can always do personal development to improve knowledge and skill.

Read good books, attend seminars, and watch videos on how to live better without a job.

Above all, get more knowledge about how to make more money or generate income even when you are not working.



As you can see from this article, it’s indeed possible to live without a job if you know how.

Apart from just saying you can live without having a job, this article actually provided very helpful tips you can apply to live without a job.

As a bonus tip, some jobs you can do live without a traditional job include becoming a writer, becoming an online tutor, becoming an online transcriptionist, and running errands for others.

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