Yes, there are real ways to invest and make money daily – talk about your money working for you!

This article explains how it works and some of the very best ways you or anyone else can invest and really make money every single day.


Importance of Investing to Make Money Every Day

Just as we go to work daily to earn money and make a living, so do we want our money to work daily for us.

First things first though…

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Do you stuff your money under a mattress?

On the surface, this may seem like a rather odd or stupid question to ask.

However, consider the Great Depression and the years following. This financially difficult time was ushered in for a variety of reasons and banking institutions failed.

People’s money was lost or they only received back a percentage of money from their accounts.

Consequently, individuals rather than trusting in the financial institutions began to put money under their mattresses.

They felt that their money was safer if it was slept on rather than being deposited into a bank that once again may fail.

Therefore the question again is do you keep your money under your mattress or do you make it work for you?

Does your money see the light of day as it relates to investing and earning money back on that investment?


Personal Story

In our family, we had a piece of furniture that was known as the china cabinet.

In that cabinet, my mother stored all sorts of teacups and saucers, various mementos, her good china, silverware, etc.

Seldom were the doors of the china cabinet ever opened and only on special occasions.

Often, individuals view their money in the same way as being placed in the china cabinet.

Rather than taking the china or the money out and putting it to work and good use, it just stays there in the cabinet and looks good but is not useful in day-to-day activities.


20 Real Ways to Invest and Make Money Daily


1. Side Jobs

When it comes to investing, some individuals limit the investment of their assets just to the money that they earn and have set aside.

However, the broader definition of an asset in an individual’s life is everything owned by that individual that has value.

Consequently, the most precious asset that an individual has is themselves.

Why not then, invest one’s self in earning additional daily income through a variety of side jobs.

This can be anywhere from driving for a delivery transportation company such as Uber or delivering food through UberEats, or taking a side job through websites such as


2. Mutual Funds

The tried and proven method of investing one’s money and getting a daily return, over time, is the stock market.

Consequently, by investing in mutual funds, the average investor may realize an annual return on their monies at a 7% return.

It is important to remember that there is no guarantee when it comes to investing.

The investor simply needs to understand that there are valleys and peaks that the stock market will go through but for the most part, the stock market is a sound investment of one’s money.


3. Crowdfunding Property

Another traditional investment opportunity is through real estate.

Often, the investor does not have the needed capital to invest.

That is why the option of investing in an investment platform that pools the monies of other investors together towards a real estate investment is a possibility.

One such site is


4. Dividend

Dividends are those returns on an investor’s money paid out by a company from their profits.

Therefore, a good plan of action to diversify one’s investing strategy is to look at companies that pay out dividends.

Also, rather than pocketing those investments in dividends, it is important to reinvest them so that one’s investment continues to grow proportionately.


5. High Yield Savings

High yield savings traditionally offer a better return on one’s money rather than a typical regular savings account.

As part of the individual’s investment strategy and making money daily, it is important to select a high-interest account that will provide a better return on one’s investment.

By going to such sites as, an individual can review several options and investment opportunities that will provide the best return on their dollars.


6. Peer to Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is that process in which one nonbanking institution borrows money from another nonbanking institution.

In other words, it is one individual loaning money to another individual for a variety of reasons.

The amount and the terms of the loan are established with the loan being just about any amount that the individual may wish to present to an individual.

Of course, the individual does not do this on their own or deal specifically or directly with the individual,

Some of the websites that facilitate this peer-to-peer lending include Lending Club, Prosper, and Upstart.

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7. Money Market

Another investment vehicle that will typically provide a better return on one’s investment over a traditional savings account is a money market account.

In addition to providing a better return, the money can be accessed by the owner if situations are rising where the money is needed.

Often, a money market account can be used as a checking account.

Generally, there are a set number of times that this can occur.

Although the returns are not eye-popping, they are better than what the average savings account offer.


8. Bonds

One of the more secure investments that provide a higher return on one’s money is through bonds.

A bond reflects the borrowing of a company from individuals. The bond is issued at a rate of return for the bondholder with the promise for repayment at a set time with interest.


9. Cryptocurrency

A riskier venture is in the world of alternative investing or more specifically the trading of Cryptocurrency.

This investing process is highly speculative and the guarantees of making money are less optimum than other investment vehicles.

However, on the other hand, the opportunity of having a greater return on Cryptocurrency is always a possibility.

Investing in Cryptocurrency is not for the faint of heart as the swings of the financial pendulum can drastically move from one end to the other.

Specifically, there may be a swing of 2 to 10% on one’s investment.

To trade in Cryptocurrency, the individual would need to open a brokerage account.

One such example would be


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10. Day Trading

Another riskier venture although one that may provide a return daily on one’s investment is through day trade stocks.

Similar to Cryptocurrency, the individual should determine whether this investment option is a good match for them.

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How to Invest and Make Money Daily


11. CDs

Certificates of Deposit are a positive investment vehicle that offers higher rates of interest versus the average savings account.

There are a variety of certificates that an individual can invest in and range anywhere from 3 months on up to 3 years.

The longer one invests in a certificate of deposit the higher the rate of interest given to them for their investment.

It’s important to remember, that if an individual draws of their money before the maturity date, there may be fees assessed by the distributor of the CDs.

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12. Real Estate

A good way of getting a return on one’s money and making extra income is through the investment in real estate.

However, real estate investment takes a considerable amount of upfront cash for the real estate to be purchased.

Examples of a quality real estate investment could include the purchasing of a residence to collect rent, involvement in a real estate investment trust, or renting out part of one’s own home.

The potential downside of investing in real estate is that if the individual needs to access cash from their portfolio investment monies it may be difficult via real estate investments.

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13. Invest in Yourself

Of course, the greatest investment that can occur is for the individual to invest in themselves.

This can be accomplished by continuing with their education and earning a degree.

This daily investment of one’s time and commitment towards improving themselves educationally can have immediate payoffs as well as long-term payoffs.

This is because an individual who has an advanced degree can generally command a greater salary which is a good return on one’s investment in themselves.


14. 401(k)

If an individual is working for a company that offers a 401(k), it is important to maximize the match of the employer to the investment vehicles in which the company has arranged for their employees to utilize.

Not to maximize one’s 401(k) benefit is to leave money unpocketed.


15. Micro-Investing

Often, an individual will be discouraged due to their estimation of not having a sufficient quantity of money to invest.

To counter this thinking it is important to remember that large sums of money can be comprised of smaller amounts of money, even spare change,

Micro-investing takes the individual’s small change and through a consistent manner invests this small amount of money through ETFs (exchange-traded funds) or purchases of fractional shares of stock.

The bottom line is that the spare change can accumulate if consistently invested with any returns being invested as well.


16. Index Funds

Index funds are either mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETF).

These funds are grouped, likened as putting items in a basket, and the individual investing will not just invest in one company but have investments spread over a variety of companies.

The benefit of purchasing an ETF may be the realization of a return based on the principle and strategy of diversification.

Consequently, if one company does well on one particular day and another company doesn’t, there is a balance of losses and gain that will create less stress for the investor.


17. Businesses

Any way to make money daily through investment is by starting one’s own business.

The business plan could include a standard business that requires the legal formation of the company and registering with the state of residency and operating the business according to the devised business plan.

Additionally, some businesses can be started that could take minimal involvement and oversight.

These passive business opportunities could include the operation of ATMs, cellular phone charging stations, vending machines, etc.

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18. Get Out of Debt

It is important to note that if an individual is carrying a high-interest credit card and does not pay off their monthly balance, then the strategy of using one’s money to obtain a daily return is a poor strategy.

This is because if an individual is paying a monthly interest rate on a credit card balance at 14% or higher, then any return on their daily investment of money is negated by this interest payment to the credit card company.

The individual needs to pay down their credit card high-interest debt before pursuing a plan of receiving investment monies back daily from their investment of money.


19. Avoid Overextending

It is important to remember that some investments offer no guarantee as to the rate of return or if there will be a return on one’s investment doll

The individual should only invest monies that they have that are not designated for household or living expenses.

Therefore, it is important not to overextend one’s self in their zeal to get a good return on their money.


20. Use the Right Apps

Several apps are available and can be downloaded on an individual’s smartphone.

Some of those investing apps can include Acorn and Robinhood.

In addition, to help the investor to plunge into the stock market and invest monies, it can also help the individual to learn more about:

  • Buying stock
  • Trading
  • Accessing market data
  • And other important educational features

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You Can Definitely Invest and Earn Money Daily

With a little research and doing one’s homework, one’s money can begin or continue to work for an individual.

There are a variety of investments that an individual can endeavor to pursue.

Some of these investments can be defined as very low or nonexistent risk while others may be deemed as riskier.

Perhaps, with your personality and specific personal circumstances, you can either begin to acclimate to an investment pool of water by wading in or by taking the plunge in the deep end.

The choice is yours.


How to Invest and Get a Return on Investments Daily FAQs


What Are the Risks Associated with Daily Investing?

The three top risks are Market, Inflation, and Liquidity.

Market risk has to do with the overall performance of the financial markets and may include particular bubbles or crashes that may occur.

Inflation risk is the reality that the investments on one day may not be the same worth in the future due to inflation.

Liquidity is a potential risk when an investment is purchased and cannot be bought or sold quickly to minimize or prevent the investor’s loss of money.


What Are the Safest and Highest Investment Returns on Money?

To receive a combination of safe investments with the highest return, those investment vehicles would include:

  • A high yield savings account
  • CDs
  • High yield money market accounts
  • Treasury securities
  • Government bonds
  • Municipal bond funds

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As this article has revealed, it’s indeed possible and even easy to invest and make money every single day.

Figuratively speaking, maybe it is time for the money to be removed from underneath the mattress and put to better use.

You work hard for your money. Now allow your money to return the favor.

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