How to Increase Website Traffic – 9 Tactics That Work Like Charm



For a blog to be successful, it needs more than just awesome content even at the consistent pace of publications – there is more to managing a blog that builds your business than just publishing “great contents”.

You need proven tactics on how to increase website traffic that positively impact your blog growth.

Without it, your publishing efforts might not yield the necessary result.

As you might have seen on the web with so many blogs out there, some blogs so successful that they command regular thousands of readers every month, while many blogs are just struggling to meet up with 1,000 unique visits a month.

What are these top blogs doing differently that makes them stood apart from the rest?

If you don’t know how to increase unique visits to your website, or struggling to drive traffic to your website for free, take a moment to read this post from top to bottom.

In this post, am going to share with you 9 advance tactics to increase website traffic the pros are using to generate targeted website traffic that you need to start applying into your content marketing mix right now.

9 Content Marketing Hacks to Increase Website Traffic That Work

#1. Create Multiple Snippet for Social Sharing.

A single piece of content on your blog should provide at least 10 different snippets you can use to promotes that content on social media sites for days, weeks and months to come.

Dig deep into your content mix and see how you can come up with different variations of snippet for a single post that can be used for social media promotions.

Here is a pointer for different types of snippet you can derive from a single post: –

  • Tweak the title around – Headline formula.
  • Special Quotes from the contents.
  • Insightful statement from the content.
  • Useful stats from the content.
  • Expert mentions from the content.
  • And so much more depending on your content types.


Here is an example of this tactic in action used by Brian Dean of backlinko for one of his blog posts. If you click on any of the tweets below on Twitter, you’ll end up being on same page despite having different tweet variation.



Then you can schedule these snippets using such tools as Buffer to go out on different time of the day, weeks and even months to come depending also, on the social media platform.

#2. Reach out to Those You Mention in The Post.

This is a very time-consuming and a tedious job to do, (though depending on the numbers of people and emails you’re sending out) but from experience, the result can be awesome when compare to other forms of blog marketing tactics around.

Each time you mention a blogger or link to other relevant blog posts in your industry, make sure you reach out to the bloggers behind these blogs through email or social media platform.

It is very effective strategy to use in marketing your blog contents to highly relevant people who can help promotes it better to readers whom you can’t possibly reach via your direct distribution network.

Here is an example of a content promotion email template I normally like to use when reaching out to those mentioned in the post. Though, it is subject to change depending on the situation and the bloggers status.

The below email template is a draft using NinjaOutReach prospecting tool – you can learn more about marketing your content with the NinjaOutReach App in this post.



Always insert naked URL (example ) when reaching out to people for content promotion and other marketing purposes especially via email. It helps increase response rate as most people are skeptical of what’s on the other side.

With a naked URL, they’re sure of where of you’re taking them to.

#3. Use LinkedIn Direct Message.

LinkedIn can be a very good resources to power influencers marketing and direct their attention towards your “quality contents” with the help of its direct messaging system.

With LinkedIn, you can find influencers in your niche and direct email message to them.



However, this tactic shouldn’t be abuse or use too often that you start appearing to be a spammer to your email recipients. And make sure you’re only promoting what I called “Pillar article”.

If you’re promoting mediocre contents to influencers, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.

It is important to know that your recipients need to have connections with you before you can send them direct email message on LinkedIn.

While I read LinkedIn have a messaging system that allows you to send just about anyone on the network an email message – whether you’re connected or not – I haven’t try it and doesn’t feel is a good idea for the platform too.

The downside of using bulk email sending is that you won’t be able to personalize each outgoing email, instead and if you have the time – try sending each email recipient one after the other.

This will allow you to write directly to that influencer, personalize the email and increase your response rate.

#4. Request for an Influencer Quote.

Asking influencer for a quote that you can add into your content to make it more authoritative can go a long way in bringing that extra push your content needs to go viral and possibly reach wider audience.

Before publishing your awesome content, research for experts in the industry, reach out to each one of them with topic of your content and ask if they’ll be willing to provide experts view on the subject.


Image Source – HubSpot Marketing.

You can reach top figures in your industry at scale with a single click of the mouse using NinjaOutReach prospecting tool.

Here is how to do just that – Research for Influencer in a particular niche.

Enter your industry keyword, names or location and the NinjaOutreach App will return a list of top figures, influencers, bloggers, location, or companies. Depending on the box checked.



From here you can discard which influential you don’t want from the list, or save those you would like to establish relationship with to a list or create a new list that you can later use for marketing and relationship building purpose.

Don’t expect to hear back from all the people you email for quotes, not all of them will get back to you but sure, two or three will definitely hit reply to your email request.

That might just be what you need.

Add each influencer quotes in the body of your content with a link back to their websites and especially, their twitter account. Then email each influencer to let them know your post is live and if they could spare one minute to share it with their audience.

From the Ninja outreach app interface, you can follow an influencer on twitter, see their twitter follower count, location and website address.

#5. Find People Who Already Share Similar Content.

Now this one is big, and I mean very BIG.

Lots of content marketers find the task of researching people who already shown interest in a particular topic boring, tedious and very time-consuming so they back-off from such marketing tactics.

But in my experience, is one of the most effective best ways to increase website traffic for free that guarantee relevant targeted readers to any piece of content.

One major obstacle an average content marketer encounter is getting hold of premium tools that makes the task of finding targeted audience a breeze – most of the tools cost money – and in most cases, they’re bill monthly subscription.

But there is a workaround to make things less expensive and that’s what I will share with you in this post.

After publishing your awesome content, head over to buzzsumo and type in your content keyword – buzzumo will return a list of top content with the highest social shares.



Now, take the URL of the most shared content Buzzsumo return and enter it into Twitter search box. Twitter will return a list of Twitter users who have shared that post.

Since these Twitter users have shown interest in your content topic by sharing similar post with their followers you can leverage on this opportunity and show them your content, ask them to share yours too with their followers.

One rule of thumb is to only use this tactic when you’re certain your content is on same level or even better than what they already share with their audience. If you can produce similar content or something of better quality, this tactic might win over some loyal blog readers as well.


One drawback I see with this tactic to boost your website traffic for free is that you’re not likely to get a complete or huge list of people who have shared the content, compare to what you can get from using other premium tools design for such task such as Buzzsumo premium account, NinjaOutReach, BuzzBundle etc.

But still an alternative for content marketers bootstrapping their marketing tactics.

#6. Repurpose Your Content to SlideShare Presentation.

You probably have been reading about what benefits you can get from repurposing your content into SlideShare presentation, but you just don’t have enough time at hand to just do it, right?

Let me tell you, when you do it right and with the right slides deck presentation – SlideShare can be an incredible source of free targeted traffic.

Here is a Slide deck presentation I was playing with sometimes ago.

As you can see it, my Slide deck presentation is nowhere near anything good but despite this, it manage to generate an extra 72 free super targeted readers in a month on one of my other blogs.

Despite the very low quality of most of my Slides over there (I must admit that) you can see that most visitors coming from SlideShare find my content engaging and relevant.

Looking at the Google Analytics below (not for this site), you can see that SlideShare visitors spent an average of 12 minutes 51 seconds on the blog with a bounce rate of 31.94% – that’s awesome.


slideshare analytic count

If you haven’t get started with turning your blog posts into SlideShare presentation because you feel your Slides are not going to move a needle, don’t worry you’ll get better as you go along with it.

The short-cut to publishing top-notch Slide presentation is to hire professionals but if you’re trapped on cash, instead of not doing anything all just start with something.

You don’t have to go with Slide presentation at all time, converting your post into PDF format can do well too on SlideShare. In fact, most my blog posts are being converted to PDF and uploaded onto SlideShare.

If you need further reading on how to get a hands on using SlideShare for effective traffic generation source, consider checking out this post on Ana Hoffman traffic generation cafe blog.

There are other sites where you can submit your PDF file for traffic and a link back to your site.


#7. Syndicate Your Content.

One of the most effective tactics to get plenty eyeballs on your content is by taking advantage of content syndication sites. And the good news is that there are plenty of them available on the net at the moments.

Some will allow you to syndicate the complete post in its entity while some of these content syndication sites prefer just a snippet of your newly published content.

However, there is always one major problem using content syndication sites to increase website traffic – the competition to the front page is always fierce.

But if you published something super useful, and always participate in the community discussions that many members recognize you and know your stuff to be of high quality, your content might always make it to the front page.

I have had good experience with, GrowthHackers, and in particular. These three content syndication/bloggers communities sites have played very vital roles in the traffic growth to my other home on the internet – CyberNaira.

There are other contents syndication sites you can try, such as:

  • Klinkk.
  • BlogEngage.
  • Triberr.
  • Aha-Now
  • Dosplash


#8. Use Paid Advertising Channels.

If all tactics to increase your website traffic and get people to your blog seems very difficult or not bringing the kind of results you’d hope for, one traffic channel won’t disappoint you so far you can keep fueling the candle to keep its light on – paid content marketing.

With paid content marketing channels, you can send thousands of super targeted traffic down your web pages in no time and increase your chances of getting found by your target audience.

One good news about paid content marketing advertising platforms such as Facebook ads and out brain is that the cost per click is relatively low compared to such things as Google Adword.

I recommend to new bloggers just getting started to use this medium to market their content to potential relevant audience while waiting for Google and other search engines to send you traffic.

With facebook ads, you can get 256 website clicks for under $5. Here is a screen shot of ads campaign I was running at the time of writing this post that has generated 256 website clicks, yet I haven’t spent up to $5.

Facebook ads result

You can do better than that.

There are other low-cost effective advertising channels you can use to market your content to the right audience:

  • OutBrain.
  • Twitter Ads.
  • Kingged.
  • Taboola.
  • StumbleUpon Paid Discovery.


#9. Build Links back to Your Post.

Link building and content marketing can’t be separated from effective website traffic strategies – as a matter of fact, most of the things you’ll do called content marketing that drive back traffic to your blog will result in generating at least a link back to your content.

But the SEO value of these links is what separates a link builder from content marketers.

Links are not created equal.

While some content marketing tactics will generate viral buzz in website traffic and social shares but not enough SEO value to move the page up an inch in search engine ladder, some website traffic generation tactics will generate quality SEO link juice that will shoot the page to Google top 10 in record time.

Smart content marketers know the great value and benefits of organic traffic, so they make sure every piece of content on their blog has the potentials of driving search traffic.

You know what?

Links are still the currency for high search ranking placement – don’t let anyone deceive you – Google loves links, the world-wide-web can’t exist without interconnected links.

In fact, if there is just one marketing tactics you should be exploring every single day, that will be link building to your individual web pages. The more links out there pointing back to your web pages, the more love you get from search engines.

What makes the different in the result you get from your link building campaign is the quality of the links you manage to build or earn.


Success won’t come overnight, you need to improve upon your content marketing strategies so it can yield results and gives better return on investment.

This 9 website traffic generation tactics mentioned in this post are some of the well-guided content marketing secrets most experts won’t tell you.


  1. Hi Shamsudeen,
    Indeed, like you have said:

    “Success won’t come overnight, you need to improve upon your content marketing strategies so it can yield results and gives better return on investment.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. These advanced tactics are readily vital for increasing traffic.

    However, taking a close look at each of them, the marketer must be ready to put in a lot of work. I guess this why they are called “advanced ways to increase website traffic”?

    Great knowledge and willingness to succeed are required to implement each of these nine tactics. Hopefully, I will find the courage and motivation to put them into practice!

    • Hi Celine,

      Thanks for finding time to read through this lengthy post, I appreciate the efforts.

      Yes, some level of extra inputs are require to make things work here; this is why only a small percentage of those who take to online business really achieve significant success.

      The truth is, most easy tactics or strategies that are implemented by every known marketers out there will at best, bring average result.

      Since I read these words somewhere online, I never forget them.

      “Just as small fire will generate smaller amount of heat, big fire will generate bigger amount of heat”

      “If you want better success, take bigger risk”

      Thanks Celine.
      Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…How to Reduce Bounce Rate: 10 Reasons I will Bounce Off Your BlogMy Profile

  2. Hi Shamsuddeen,
    Content syndication is a great tactics that many bloggers have not being fully utilizing.

    Using websites like Kingged and others mentioned, I have seen many bloggers testify of increased target traffic within the shortest time possible.

    Apart from syndication, the idea of creating multiple snippets for social sharing is revealing to me. I am intrigued in learning of this under-utilized method, and would readily put into practice.

    Yes, implementing these tactics will not come easy but I am willing to pay that price for success!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Great to read that last line of yours above, that’s the spirit.

      Nothing good come easy, not to mention getting something better. I have read years ago from Yaro Starak that most online marketing tactics that are easy or takes one or two minutes to complete are just like tap of water.

      If you want to open the stream of success flowing your way, you must be ready to take the challenge.

      Sharing different variation of snippet from one single post not only good for pulling traffic, but also seperate your sharing frequency from being consider as spam.

      Thanks Sarah, nice having you here.
      Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…7 Proven SEO Copywriting Best Practices Guarantee To Increase TrafficMy Profile

  3. Hey Shamsudeen,
    I am glad you have shared this post. It defines tactics that most successful marketers have been implementing to generate website traffic.
    These tactics can only work like “charm” if they are consistently put into practice.

    The nine tactics shared here are fantastic but one that really caught me attention is tactics number four – ask influencer for quote. I have not really considered this tactics.

    Influencer referrals can help one’s content go viral and this sure can be leveraged to increase website traffic.

    In addition, its good to know of the various uses of the NinjaOutreach Prospecting tool. It sure would be cool to utilize it for online success!
    Sunday William recently posted…What Exit Strategy Do You Have in Place For Your Online Business?My Profile

    • HI Sunny,

      Good to see you again, how is today? Hope the weekend is great…

      Yes consistency is key to success, in most of the cases, it is what seperate the loser from the winner.

      There are few valuable online communities worthy of any serious marketers time, Kingged is just the right place to be anytime.

      I have said it time and time again, I have enjoy better success with Kingged than any other bloggers communities sites.

      Sometimes the traffic and engagements you get on your post shared here are instant, you just need to be sure your stuffs are of better qualities.

      Thanks Sunny, and the entire Kingged community.
      Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…Easy SEO Techniques to Move Your Wellness Business OnlineMy Profile

  4. Hi Shamsudeen!

    What a valuable post on web traffic man!

    You shared some effective strategies here – you are officially awesome online! haha 😀

    The strategies that I personally really like are 2, 4, 6, 7 and 9.

    Mentioning successful bloggers (in your niche) and reaching out to them, is a great way to build up your “bloggers network”. With time, you will have a small circle of successful bloggers who know you and know that you are on the horizon building up your own blog! 😉

    Reaching out to successful bloggers and asking them for a short & sweet quote to publish on your blog, is a smart idea to get some free referral traffic! …for sure!

    And the great thing about this is that it is a free strategy and you can implement it many times!

    Re-purposing your old content is also a great way to expand your brand and build up more traffic back to your blog. I personally use slideshare as well. It is a great way to get free traffic!

    You can also rank your presentations and pdf files in the search engines a lot faster thanks tot he Domain Authority of!

    Syndicating your content and also publishing fresh unique and valuable content all over the internet (with a link back to your blog) are very effective ways to build up the traffic flow to your blog!

    I personally love content marketing. I have not had much time to implement it frequently and consistently these past few months but as I am getting more spare time I’m going to be blogging all over the internet once again!

    Content marketing is one of the best ways to build up your brand and it is a very simple concept as well.

    I always say; “do not just blog on your own blog – but blog ALL OVER the internet like a maniac!” hahaha 😀

    If you are just starting your blog – I would say to apply the 80/20 rule. 20% of your time spend it creating high quality content on your main blog and 80% of the time spend it promoting the heck out of that content! …got it?

    That is the simple formula that I have been following and it really pays off in the long run 😀

    Anyways, thank you for sharing such valuable blog post man!

    Keep up the awesome work!

    Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…5 Vital SEO Tools Missing From Your Marketing ToolboxMy Profile

  5. At first I was expecting a post with the usual social networks and social bookmarks for sources of traffic, looks like this post exceeded my expectations. Has relevant info which i m just coming across for the first time.

    I’ll try these tips and see how it’ll effective they’ll work for me. To add to this, sharing to Facebook groups can also enhance blog traffic. I’ve tried it and it improved my traffic significantly.
    Grace Joseph recently posted…Why is My Blogger Template Freezing?My Profile

  6. I’m impressed with this article. Just when I thought I had run out of ideas your article stimulated my thought process and gave me some new insights.

    While I do use some of the techniques you mention a few on them had never even crossed my mind. I specifically enjoyed the portion about Facebook ads a lot of folks don’t realize the potential of this medium, my first 5 dollar add generated 806 clicks and 3 subscribers, it works.

    Thanks again for helping me to realign my thought process a bit. Excellent article!